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Of course Roslyn was well aware that it was too much to ask Damien not to worry. Of course he would worry and he really had every right to after everything that had happened and how he had reacted when he realised what had happened to her. She knew that he didn't want to ever make her feel like she couldn't say no and simply knowing that already made her feel safe. Of course what she hadn't thought about until she was stepping towards the shower that this was exactly how Justin had raped her.

She had struggled showering at first, asking for the door to be left open and never once taking her eyes off the doorway as she showered but she was getting better, trusting that she was safe here in this home and she had to trust that she was safe here with Damien and she did. Then he made her forget all of her worried because his lips were on hers once more and he was removing the rest of her clothes and she could tell that aside from the hunger in his kiss, he was being careful with the rest to make sure he didn't scare her.

When the shower was on and he indicated for her to step inside she did look at it for a moment before she finally braved stepping underneath in and she kept her eyes on him as he neared her and placed his arms around her waist. [B "I need to face you."] Roslyn whispered, quite embarrassed. [B "I...don't like people behind me."]
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How couldn’t he worry? Damien hated what Justin did, anyone would. And though nothing had been done to him, he still didn’t know how to actually heal from he had done to Roslyn. Though, she seemed to be doing [I well] or at least managing to push past her bad feelings and those memories. He was glad at least that she seemed comfortable in his presence. He watched her as she removed her shirt, still a bit shy around him and he the same. They were still a brand new couple, it would probably take some time before they felt like they could truly express and be comfortable with one another in public after the time in the facility. A time when sometimes all he could hold was her pinky, tightly in his own.

Damien had removed his shirt then. He didn’t want to rush anything, but he’d wanted to be with Roslyn for so long and finally having her there was a dream manifested. His hands brushed back her hair, lips taking hers again as he began to undress her. He’d reminded himself to be careful. Hungrily he kissed her, pausing only to breathe and chuckle lightly against her cheeks as he removed his remainder clothes. “Sorry,” he said bashfully. He turned on the water then, swallowing thickly. He knew how she had been found – Henrietta had told him the gory details. Roslyn had to have showered since then of course – but it was different with Damien there. What if he did the wrong thing? Something that would trigger her by chance? Damien just figured taking it slow would be for the best.

He turned on the water then, making sure it was a decent temperature before reaching out his hand for her to enter before him. He stepped in shortly after, hands reaching up to push back his hair as the water fell. He came to her, arms slithering around her waist.
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Roslyn couldn't help but giggle when he spoke as he tried to suggest that he missed her more than she had. She shook her head and melted into his kiss one more before resting her forehead against his. [B "I'm not sure that it not possible. I've found it so hard to be apart from you. I can't even tell you how happy I am that you are here."] She smiled at the feeling if his hands sneaking under the material of her shirt.

Roslyn sighed happily and then looked at him when he made it clear to her that he didn't expect anything from her. She kissed him softly and shook her head. [B "Don't worry about any of that."] She said, her voice almost a whisper and she reached behind him to turn the shower on. Then she started to take her shirt off and looked towards him with a vulnerable glance that told him she still felt a little nervous regardless of the fact that she was happy to be with him.

All she could hope for was that she didn't think about Justin when they got close. [B "I love you Damien."] She took hold of his hand and pulled him closer to her so that she could kiss him again.
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Having her so close, her arms wrapped around him so lovingly made Damien smile. He would be lying if he didn’t admit that he feared she would recoil from his touch. Did she dream of Justin? Did he haunt her peaceful sleep and turn a dream into a nightmare? That day that Roslyn had finally trusted her feelings and desires, allowing Damien to have her was a perfect moment that was only destroyed and tainted by the brutal attack that Justin had done to Roslyn. It made him sick just to think about it and he seemed to hold her closer then, as tough the monster could be in the corners, waiting for the right moment to attack and ruin what was surely a good thing.

Damien had no intentions of rushing anything with Roslyn. He could work at her speed and do what she felt comfortable. After all their whole relationship wasn’t purely based off of being physical. That was still very new to them and Damien didn’t want to oversaturate it just because they went a few weeks without one another. They had a whole future to which they could dedicate a lifetime of kisses and hand holdings, mapping out each part of one another’s body.

“Not more than I missed you,” he told her with a smile, kissing her lips once more. He had never felt so light; he was sober and in love – the best high he never knew one could have outside of alcohol or drugs. Gently and tentatively he let his hands roam against her spin, planting softly on her hips as they travelled up her shirt. “We don’t have to –“ he whispered, “I mean we don’t need to –“ Damien chuckled against her lips. “Just tell me if it isn’t okay?” He finally managed to get out. He knew all her life she dealt with having to be uncomfortable to please others. Things would be different now.
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Roslyn couldn’t deny that she felt some nerves as she made her way to the bathroom with him. They had been intimate once and then Justin had raped her, completely shattering and destroying everything that they had shared together. If Damien wanted more than just a shower...she wasn’t sure how she was going to react. She had flash backs before and she was unsure whether she would get them again when Damien tried to get close to her hut she had to force herself to push the thoughts out of her mind.

Luckily they made it to the bathroom without bumping into his mother which made things a little easier since they didn’t need to explain where they were going or why they were going into the bathroom together, although she doubted that helps mother was ignorant to the fact that as some point the two were likely to be intimate with each other.

Once they were inside Roslyn let go of his hand to reach around him and shut the door behind him. When she turned back around he was placing a kiss on her lips once more and she could barely hold back the familiar brush of desire that overcame her when he kissed her. She looped her arms around his neck and shrugged happily against his lips. [b “I missed you.”] She said with a whisper.
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Despite how well they seemed to get along at the moment and how much they loved each other, Damien knew that there was a good amount about each other that they were still going to be finding out about one another, especially since they had spent the last few weeks apart and things certainly had changed. He figured Roslyn had come to find a lot about herself now that she wasn’t under the thumb of her ex or inside the facility any longer. It came to him then that there would be a lot of [I firsts] with them – sleeping together in the same bed already seemed like something so simple and yet to be treasured. They hadn’t even really had that much time to be intimate with one another save for that night in the clearing, but this would be different. They could take their time and didn’t have to worry about Justin looming in the shadows ready to attack. “I doubt my mother is just being nice” he said with a chuckle.

“She doesn’t let anyone in her kitchen if she doesn’t trust they know what they’re doing.” The kitchen had always been his mother’s safe zone, sometimes after a really bad fight with his father she would be in the kitchen baking. It was easy to distract two young kids from a black eye, or the yelling when they had a plate full of cookies placed in front of them. Eventually they outgrew that stage, there was no amount of sweets that could make up for the fear that his father had forced into every corner of the room.

“Maybe I’m being a bit too clingy?” He suggested playfully, his lips brushing over her cheeks, a light pink from his actions. “The idea of being away from you is making me crazy,” he said and was glad that she had agreed. Together they headed to the bathroom, glad to see his mother was nowhere to be found as it would be certainly interesting and comical to see her expression as the both of them began for the inside of the bathroom. They didn’t need to do anything truly, he just wanted to hold her close – the right to have access to her body. His lips found hers once more, hands cradling her face gently as he deepened the kiss.
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Roslyn smiled up at Damien as he turned to face her and she nodded. [B "Baking."] She said happily as she watched him near the bed. She chuckled a little when he expressed how much he looked forward to seeing her bake. It was strange how normal things could be for them from this point on. They wouldn't have people checking on them or keeping them separate. They could share a bed together for the first time. Roslyn looked forward to all of the experiences they would be able to share now that they were both free from that place.

[B "I actually found it really therapeutic and it turns out that I'm actually quite good at it! Your mother seems to think so at least. Although, there is every chance that she is just being nice to me considering the circumstances."] She smiled a little and glanced down at their hands united. It just felt so right. She only looked up again because he kissed her cheek and she could feel them blushing a light shade of pink at his actions. They only seemed to blush further when he suggested that she joined him in the shower. However, she had been away from him for that long that she couldn't deny him.

They had only shared intimacy once before Justin had stolen that away from them and she didn't want to let him steal anymore time from them. [B "I would."] She replied as she stood and made her way to the bathroom as she held onto his hand.
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Roslyn seemed to be doing well and he just hoped if anything she wouldn’t be afraid to come to him if she did fee; out of sorts ever since leaving the facility. He would be here though and he knew that it would help them both out if they relied on each other as they started this new path together as a couple. The future seemed bright and it was a bit different for Damien, feeling as optimistic as he was for what was to come.
He chuckled then, “You could never be replaced.” He told her as he looked over his shoulder. He’d finished packing away the items and settled on some leisure wear to put on after a quick rinse. “Baking?”

He found Roslyn sitting on the bed then. He’d never imagine this would happen certainly from the first day he met her. A time when all he could focus on was getting out and Roslyn didn’t even like looking him in the eyes. Funny how relationships worked. Would he and Roslyn had fallen in love or into the same circumstance had they met in a grocery store or just in passing? More than likely not, considering the control that her ex had on her, and yet Damien had some hope that if fate had brought them this close – it was still likely that the two would’ve fallen in love should they have crossed paths elsewhere.

“Imagining you in an apron and baking,” he smiled largely. “Not an image I ever thought would be something I look so forward to seeing.” He sat down beside her on the bed then, taking her hand in his own. He didn’t really have much skill, other than his art and his education stopped after highschool which wasn’t exactly terrible. But with a record like Damien’s if they did checks it was a gamble finding a decent job. He figured it was something he could bring up when he visited his parole officer. “Well I’ll support anything you do as well,” he promised her as he kissed her cheek. “Alright, I need a shower. Care to join?” He asked with a smirk. He looked at the clock that sat on his dresser, time seemed to be flying by. Every second away from Roslyn was a nightmare, he didn’t want to waste any time now that he had her so close.
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It was so nice having Damien home. She had really struggled being without him, although his mother had certainly been welcome company in the meantime. It wasn’t the same though. There were times when his mother couldn’t comfort her in the way Damien could. Like times when she woke up in the middle of the night screaming for Justin to leave her alone or stop touching her. Of course, they had been dreams and Justin wasn’t really there, but it still felt real and his mother tried her best to comfort her. In some cases, it was enough, other times she cried through the night. This was when she first came home though, and things were better now.

Now, having his hand on her back was offering her more comfort than he realised. She smiled and shook her head. [b “You don’t need to apologise. It’s okay.”] Then he was walking away to put some of his things away and she listened to him talking about a girl. At first, she thought he meant a woman of her age, but it soon transpired that he meant a younger girl. [b “I thought you had already replaced me for a moment.”] She chuckled and sat down on the bed and sighed. [b “I’ve been baking a lot actually.”] Roslyn nodded. [b “Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you.”
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Damien looked down into Roslyn’s eyes. He smiled and kissed her forehead. She looked so much happier and healthier than she did when she first arrived at the facility and even more so than when she left. He figured if she missed him like she said she did than just like Damien, she had a horrible time sleeping knowing that their other half was far away. The only thing that comforted Damien was his memories and the few sketches he had made of Roslyn in passing. The only thing he could count on to constantly remember her face. He was glad to see that she had kept his painting and knew that at least his mother made her staying here comfortable. They seemed to get along well enough which Damien was not surprised to find. His hand roamed to her back, trailing gently up and down.

“I love you too,” Damien said. He pulled away then. “It feels good to get out of there. That place was a unbearable and they fired Henrietta –“ Damien stopped then. “Sorry,” he said, hoping that bringing up New Haven wouldn’t disrupt her healing or make her start thinking about a place that had brought her more grief it seemed. He walked toward his bed and gathered the clothes laid out and started putting them in drawers, pulling out some to change into after a shower.

It would be great to finally have a bit of a switch up when it came to his wardrobe. “You know I met a girl in there, reminded me a bit of you. Crazy young,” he said with a chuckle as he shook his head. “She rescued me from eating lunch alone. What have you been up to since I’ve been gone? I’m thinking after my first meeting tomorrow I can work on looking for work.” He said sheepishly, his hands in his pockets then.
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The idea of living with Damien sounded like pure bliss. She was given a good enough settlement that she could buy somewhere and still have a little bit left over and she was already looked into setting up her own bakery. She had been baking alot lately and it turned out she was actually really good at it. She had already seen a space that would be good for her and she was going to make it an arty place too so Damien could do put some of his art around and maybe even sell it. He was so good.

Roslyn looked up at him and smiled. [B "We can talk about all of this later tonight. I've been thinking about out future alot."] She enjoyed her lunch and it was nice simply being with Damien and his mother. The food was nice too and she was excited to get back home and simply be with Damien.

Soon enough that was exactly where they were. She had made sure that he had everything he needed along with his mother and If Damien looked hard enough he would see that the picture he had drawn of her remained on the bedside in a frame. Roslyn sighed heavily when he kissed her neck. [B "Me either."] She said as she wrapped her arms around him and she kissed him deeply. [B "I love you Damien. It means the world to me that you are here now."]
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Damien smiled watching how gentle Roslyn handled him, the care she put into her affection for him. He more than happily fed into her kiss, his hand interlacing with her own while his freehand caressed her cheek. He couldn’t imagine ever finding love like this with the cards he had been dealt and yet he did. Despite all that had happened and everything Roslyn had been through, she still managed to have an open heart for him. The kiss had distracted him from Roslyn’s question, but it didn’t matter as he had spent the last few weeks without her thinking about his and Roslyn’s future. Damien pulled away from the embrace then, kissing her forehead. His cheeks burned as they had gotten quite the bit of attention from the other customers. Though, Damien certainly didn’t care and had no shame as this moment of public affection was all that the couple had ever wanted and what his month without her lacked.

“I wouldn’t mind moving somewhere with you, don’t fancy the idea of staying with my mother as a grown man.” He teased with a chuckle. Though, his parole officer would have to approve the apartment beforehand. He didn’t know how much the settlement that Roslyn received was, but Damien suspected that it had to be [I enough] – though nothing would ever be enough for what Justin had done to her. That was behind them though and Damien had every intention of giving Roslyn the life they had discussed having so many times in the Secret Garden.

His mother soon returned and the waitress with their food. Damien admittedly felt a bit weird on the [I outside] but he could only hope that would eventually become comfortable. Meal finished and paid for, they were soon out of the restaurant and back in the car. Damien felt weird as they pulled into the driveway of his childhood home. There were memories he had blacked out and ran away from his life. It even pained him to see his brother’s bedroom window.

Getting out of the car then, he grabbed his things and followed his mother and Roslyn inside. Things seemed to be looking up, but Damien was unaware of the shit storm at the facility. He headed upstairs to his room. It looked like his mother had thought ahead and gathered him some new clothes which he was happy to see as he needed a shower. He kissed at Roslyn’s neck once they were alone. “I can’t even explain how much I missed you.”
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Roslyn didn't mind Damien's room at all, in fact, staying in there made her feel like she was still close to him even though he was in the institution and she was not allowed to go near him because Justin had been let of his suspension. At least now they would be staying there together. She smiled up at his mother before she left and she looked towards Damien when he spoke.

[b "Mostly waiting for you."] She said as she took hold of his hand, pulling it up to her lips so that she could kiss his fingers. [b "I have been looking for somewhere to live...with you...if that's something you want. I mean, I know that it's soon but, all this time without you, I don't want that ever again."]

She was nervous about what the future held for them but she hoped that whatever it was they would face it together. [b "God I missed you Damien."] She pressed a kiss to his lips, kissing him deeper than she had initially intended.
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They were seated at a table by the window. It felt great, being able to feel the sun or not having to worry about only having a limited amount of time to do certain things. Not having a schedule. That scared Damien and yet the liberated freedom was still enjoyable. Though, he knew he still had a probation officer to deal with: weekly meetings, random drug screenings, and he couldn’t travel further than the miles he was allotted. He also had to find work, which would be a bit hard considering he didn’t have much work experience. He made money for drugs doing odd jobs before he had started dealing drugs which made him enough for a great apartment and of course drugs and women – booze and sex. Everything seemed great before that overdose and before he was arrested. But as he sat beside Roslyn and looked across at his mother, he knew that was a faux sense of happiness. This was true bliss and it was his.

The waiter came with refreshments and the menu then. The food at the treatment center was delicious, but it was beginning to get repetitive to the point of being bland. Though Damien wondered if he only felt that way because he missed having meals with Roslyn. Caty was a nice distraction though, a brilliant girl who had a sure full ride to college for engineering had she not got caught up in drugs. Hopefully this would be the pivitol moment in her life that lead her back onto that path.

“My room?” He said with a chuckle, though it was no surprise. His mother had mentioned that after packing up his brother’s belongings, she had converted the room into an office. “I apologize too late for the major teen angst driven décor.” He told Roslyn as he kissed her cheek. “I figure we can stay until you know I’m a bit on my feet?”

“It’s not rush, Roslyn is a pleasure to be around.” Of course she wouldn’t mind, but Damien foresaw them having a place of their own, maybe creating their own secret garden. He had decided what he wanted then, the waiter taking their orders.

“What have you been up to?” He asked Roslyn as his mother left for the bathroom.
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Roslyn was kore than happy being close to Damien. They had spent so long apart that she didn't want to spend even a second away from him. She laced her hands with his and leaned against him as his mother drove them to the restaurant they were going to for lunch. They where free to be together now and that was more freedom than either of them had in the past. When they were in the facility, they had to pretend and they had to hide their affections and they no longer had to do that.

As if to prove that fact Damien leaned over as kissed her deeply, letting out a moan of satisfaction as he did and she blushed and chucked as his mother told them to break it up. They would have plenty of time for this later of course and she knew that they should try to avoid such public displays of affection in front of his mother.

She climbed out of the car and took hold of Damien's hand and led him inside the restaurant where they were seating quickly.

[I "I put Roslyn up in your old room. I figured you wouldn't mind. I guess that is where you plan in staying for the time being?"
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