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Roslyn didn’t have anything to feel sorry about and she certainly didn’t have to anything to do with what was going on entirely. There was no reason for her to feel guilty considering that this was all a ploy for Jason and his ex-wife to get out of trouble. In reality there were good workers at the facility who had done their best to help the patients out. Yet, what Jason was doing was wrong and illegal and certainly he should be in jail for it.
“Look, I think it will do good to tell them what happened, they have to put it into evidence for both sides.” There was no way that Roslyn’s statement could be ignored even if there were ways to discredit it. Damien pushed the hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. He knew having to relive that experience could be incredibly traumatic for Roslyn as well.

Damien still remembered how frail and lost Roslyn looked in that hospital bed. A precious moment they had now cinders and ash after the fire that Justin had caused, ruining that moment forever. Roslyn had grown through this though. She had had worked so hard to heal after the trauma she already endured with her ex. “I know it will be hard, but I will be at your side and maybe it will help.” They couldn’t possibly have much evidence against Damien, no matter what they tried to create, it was impossible that it would be any intimate evidence between the two.

They had always been just friends. “Maybe we should try to locate the first cops that showed up? Even if you didn’t file charges, there has to be record of them being called to the facility. We can even depend on Hen,” he said knowing the nurse would back them up.
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One thing Roslyn hadn't told Damien was that the money she had been given was sat in a bank account and she hadn't touched it. She intended to one day when they were ready to buy a house together or when she was ready to set up her business but for now, she kept the money safe and did not spend a penny of it. The new clothes she had bought came from Damien's mother who wanted her to have some nice clothes that fit since she was back at a healthy weight and the rest of the money she had came from selling cakes to locals. It wasn't much but it was enough for her to start saving something aside from that money she had been given as a bribe.

Damien had been supportive of her taking that money and so had the nurse at the facility. Now, she was regretting that decision almost instantly and she wanted to go back to that moment and refuse because it would make this moment that much easier. Hearing him say that they could have prevented this broke her heart. She would forever blame herself now for what happened the girl she had never met.

Tears stung her eyes and she found herself in his arms as she allowed the tears to fall. This was such a mess and she had no idea how to get out of it. The police would not look to her favourably for this and she knew that she was going to endure something equally as stressful as her trail and she wondered whether she would end up reversing any of the progress she had made inside the facility with her eating disorder with the return of a familiar stress.

[b "I'm so sorry."]
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Damien his suggestion for Roslyn would be hard to take and of course she was possibly nervous about speaking up considering they had paid her off and it wasn’t like Roslyn hadn’t been using that money. He worried that this would bring on an unnecessary and insurmountable amount of drama to their lives. “They will believe you,” he said to her. “They have to believe you. I mean – you’re not a bad person Roslyn and that’s what I tried to tell you when this happened.” He shook his head. “We should have told earlier. It wasn’t right what Jason did and maybe we could have saved Caty.” Damien of course was more so feeling guilty himself about what was going on. He didn’t protect Roslyn and he didn’t protect Caty either. Damien was real down on himself about that.

He could see that Roslyn was visibly upset and Damien knew more than ever that he had to offer her comfort. Damien held Roslyn close and kissed her on the forehead. “All of this will be taken care of,” he promised her with a small smile. Damien rested his chin gently on top of her head. This would be the start to some very stressful next few weeks. Of course, the case was getting stronger against him. It’d come the time that Damien had agreed was the moment they should tell about what Justin did to Roslyn. It was a difficult decision and Damien figured the case would be dismissed and his name cleared, but Jason and his ex were definitely trying their hardest to make sure Damien took the fall for the crime.
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There was barely a word exchanged between anyone in the car on the journey home. All she could do was think about what the cop had said to her but she knew none of it was true. Damien wouldn't betray her and he certainly would hurt another person, not in that way. This was just their way of covering everything up and trying to hide the fact that Justin was systematically raping his patients. How long had this been going on for? And how in the hell could his wife just help him cover it up and pretend like nothing was happening?

When they arrived home, there was still this silence between them all and his mother didn't stick around to speak. She really hoped that she didn't think her son could be capable of something like that because Roslyn knew that he couldn't be.

Roslyn stood in the kitchen watching Damien for a moment, her stomach twisting in knots as the silence continued but the knots only tightened when he spoke. She knew this was coming. [B "Damien...they...paid me off. They won't believe me...and Justin said he would be abento make the courts believe him and get Michael freed."] She was scared, more scared than she had ever been but she knew that she couldn't let Damien take the blame for something he didn't do. After a few more minutes of silence she simply nodded, knowing that this was the only way.
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Damien was glad to see Roslyn, but he was sure she was in distress and he didn’t know what the cop had fed her but hope the lies hadn’t made Roslyn think any different of him. He held Roslyn tight, avoiding the gazes as they all exited the station.
“Damien,” his mother had said as they were all in the car then. He knew she was worried, and he also knew that this had greatly upset her. “Do I need to worry-“
“I didn’t do anything mum, honest.” Damien sighed out then, knowing that this was going to be stressful and if they had already considered him already a person of interest, Damien was sure that this harassment was not going to stop.

The ride home was quiet. Sure, it was obvious that Caty had a crush on Damien and had there been same moments the two had gotten closer than needed, yes. Though he hadn’t crossed any boundaries and Caty even knew that he had a relationship with Roslyn. H talked about Roslyn constantly.

Still, he was troubled by the thought that his past would be called into question and him going against high paid lawyers and a group of professionals didn’t really give him any fait or hope that this would all end favorably. They’d entered the house then, his mother retiring to her room to rest and he knew the look of disappointment on her face too well. Damien sighed out and headed into the kitchen for a glass of water, anything that would help cool him down as he was more than angry at this point.
“We need to tell them Roslyn.” He finally said.
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It felt like a slap in the face to hear her suggest that Damien was seen kissing Caty. There was no way he would even bring her up in conversation if he had anything to hide but she didn't believe a word this woman was saying to her. The whole time she spoke, claiming that the staff had seen them kissing, she shook her head. It wasn't true. She just knew it.

[B "None of it is true. He would remain faithful to me and he would never start a relationship with someone so young. They are lying. Whatever statement she made...it's not real. This is what they do, they lie and they cover things up!"] He was trying her hardest not to get angry then but it was becoming hard when this was all happening again. She could have put a stop to this if she just had the courage to refuse their offer.

It was clear that there were no more questions and all she had to do was wait for Damien to come out. She was more than relieved to see him and she rushed to her feet and rushed towards him, taking his hand. [B "Can we go home?"] This was the last place Roslyn wanted to be right now, especially since she wasn't allowed to say anything specific about Justin or his wife.
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Donna could tell Roslyn was getting defensive and who wouldn’t if someone you love was being accused of a horrible crime that would lead to someone’s death?
“According to staff, Caty and Damien were seen kissing. Caty was eighteen, Damien was quick to start a relationship with you – with you gone, do you think he cared enough to remain faithful? Still, don’t you think it strange that after Damien leaving, Caty felt comfortable with making a statement with the head of the facility about Damien’s advances?” Donna had to reel Roslyn back in if she expected any help in this investigation and Roslyn wasn’t going to do so willingly. Though, it did surprise her then to hear what Roslyn had said. It was true the once married couple had been the ones to offer up Damien’s name. Donna thought then, Roslyn becoming a familiar face and she began to recall the call regarding an assault at the facility early on. Though, Damien’s name was also involved in that which didn’t necessarily make him innocent, but certainly didn’t make him guilty.

Damien had spent the next hour explaining his way out of every question and while he was frustrated, he knew losing his temper wouldn’t help him at all. Besides, he was innocent. He knew that Justin and his wife were trying their hardest to clean this all up and brush it under the rug, but Damien knew they had to slip up and there was no way in hell he was going to go away for a crime he didn’t commit. He wanted to fight this, even if it would mean the world knowing what Justin had done to Roslyn. If they’d stuck up then, Caty could still be alive, and Damien was beating himself up over that fact.

Seeing as he wasn’t placed under arrest, after the interrogation, he was free to go. However, it was known that the officers would be keeping an eye on him. Damien sighed out in relief when he saw his mother and Roslyn. He wanted to get out of the station and quick.
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Roslyn didn't know if the woman was trying to intimidate her but it certainly felt that way with her simple movements and the way she noted down seemingly insignificant information as though it could be the thing that put a nail in the coffin for Damien. She glanced towards his mother who was sat beside her and she gave her reassuring smile before the female cop before she started to asked questions about their relationship. She was scared about saying the wrong thing but she she couldn't lie about their relationship. She just knew the woman was insinuating that Damien could have easily tried to form a similar relationship with Caty and when she refused he forced himself on her. Damien would never, that much she was sure of.

[B "It was after he had been my mentor for a while. We formed a strong connection and we fell in love with each other. The relationship we had was not the same as the relationship he had with Caty. She was too young for that! He would have seen her as more of a little sister than anything else."] She glanced up at the woman and shook her head. [B "Don't try and turn our relationship into something it isn't do you can try and justify why Damien is the only person you are looking at in this attack. I can pretty much guarantee that the person who gave his name was either Justin or his wife "]
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Damien was uncomfortable, he knew too well how these interrogations went and it was going to start out friendly before they started twisting his words. He wanted to ask for a lawyer, though he didn’t want to come off as guilty. Still, Damien had nothing to hide and if he told the truth then everything would work out in his favor. At least, that’s what he hoped would happen. He officer, named Dexter he soon learned, had Damien sit down at the table, the door slamming shut making him tense up. It was a bit cold in the room, but Damien just tried not to freak out. He hadn’t been arrested and he had to remind himself that. He cleared his throat then; glad the cop had offered him water before sitting across from him. The silence was deafening.

“So, Damien, tell me about Caty.” Damien looked down at the cup of water, taking a sip and trying not to show how jittery he was.
“I mean, I don’t know what to say – she was a good girl. I helped her through treatment.”
“So, you two were pretty close?” Dexter said then. Damien was caught off guard for a moment, but knew he had to play this off smart
“Well yeah, I mean as her mentor we hung out quite often.”
“And how was she when you left the facility?”
“She was – I mean she was upset I guess, but she was fine.” Damien frowned then; he should have paid more attention. He should have asked questions. He was always so cryptic when it came to tell her to stay away from Justin – but as far as he knew, she hadn’t had any contact with him. Had she?”

The female cop, Donna, stirred her coffee a bit before taking a sip. She was already scribbling in her notepad then. “The same way he helped you. And you two are now in a relationship correct? Did that start before you were in treatment or after he became your mentor?”
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Roslyn wasn't allowed to ride with him in the car and they wouldn't let Damien go in his mother's car for some reason. They were treating him like he was guilty of some sort of crime but Roslyn knew him better than anyone and she knew he couldn't never have assaulted a girl. He wasn't the type. It made her feel sick to think that Justin had hurt another again, that if she hadn't have taken the money then she might have been able to put a stop to this but Justin and his wife were far more powerful and had far more connections than she had. Now they were trying to frame Damien for something he had done and that was something she really couldn't stand for.

Once they arrived at the station they took Damien away to a room for questioning and she hoped that the knowledge of her being there would help him through this. They were led to a separate room and a cop sat down with them, seemingly using the opportunity to question her too. She took the tea and took a sip bit that was all she could manage.

[B "He was her mentor. The newer residents get paired with older ones as part of the process they need to go through to get discharged. He cared about her and helped her the same way he did for me."] She was careful with her words, not wanting to say too much in case she was trapped into saying something that meant they could twist her words.
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Damien was glad that Roslyn was willing to come with him . It did make him feel a bit more at ease, still this situation was worrying him, and the news was unsettling. He had to ride in the patrol car, though Roslyn and his mother could follow in her car. Damien bounced his leg nervously in the back seat. He couldn’t believe that Caty had committed suicide. His stomach turned at the thought of an assault and it didn’t take long for him to know who was behind that. Though why was Justin out to pin this against him? Had Caty decided to speak out? Was her suicide really a suicide? Damien wanted to suggest Justin as a suspect, but he worried then about Roslyn’s safety. She had also taken the money in exchange for not pressing charges. Justin could walk if they brought this up, accusing Roslyn of simply lying to protect her lover.

He sighed out and rested his head against the seat. This seemed like a fight he couldn’t win. He was really starting to worry. If he ended up being charged for this, he would be going to prison for a long time. Things were just starting to look up for him. He was not going to put Roslyn through this, leaving her alone after all they had been through.

Finally reaching the station, he was led to an interrogation room. They had led his mother and Roslyn to a small lobby and offered them tea. Though, surprisingly one of the female cops also sat at the table.
“So, no one is being charged as of yet. We’re just figuring some things out. Now, Roslyn isn’t it? Did Damien ever mention anything about Caty?”
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There was not a chance that Roslyn would let Damien face this alone. Of course she couldn't imagine why the cops were here in the first place. He was staying clean and he had a job and life was good. She knew that Damien wouldn't risk his freedom or their general happiness by making a mistake and turning to drugs. So, she just held onto his hand as tightly as she could and made sure that he knew that she was there for him.

When the police wouldn't state their business at first she was concerned and even more so when they said that they needed to go back to the station. Roslyn didn't blame him for taking a step back and she brought her other hand up to rest on his arm in a show of support.

When the cop mentioned the girls' name she knew who it was. Damien had mentioned the girl before and told of the fact that he had become her mentor and that she was a young girl. There was no way Damien would have hurt her and to hear that this was linked to a suicide completely broke her heart. She couldn't deny that she had felt a similar way a couple of times.

[B "I'm coming with you."] She looked to the cops for a moment. [B "Whatever information you have on this is wrong. Damien wood never hurt anyone! Especially not a young girl he cared about."]
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“You don-” He was stopped mid sentence by Roslyn taking his hand though and squeezed tight as they left the bedroom and down the stairs. Sure enough, there were two cops standing there, his mother there beside with a look of worry on her face. She was wringing her hands together and he knew she worried that he’d gotten into trouble, that she had gotten her hopes up. Damien had been [i good]. No drugs, he’d had a beer with his coworkers sure, but for the most part he had been on the straight and narrow. Things were going well for them. Why would he throw it all away?

“Damien McCarthy?” The male cop asked. Damien swallowed thickly and nodded.
“That’s me. What’s this all about?” The two cops looked at one another.
“We can talk about this at the station.” He said as he stepped toward Damien, to which he stepped back, squeezing Roslyn’s hand tight. Nothing came good out of going down to the station.
“No, I have rights -- I deserve to know why I’m being accosted by two cops”
“Let’s not make this difficult. You’ve been indicated as a person of interest in a recent assault case reported by the New Haven facility. An assault linked to a recent suicide.” That really took Damien by surprise.
“This had to be a mistake, I haven't been there for weeks. I left on -”
“Do you know a Caty Park?” Damien nodded slowly.

“I knew her inside - we were [i friends].” It was becoming clear then that she was the victim of the suicide - but assault?
“You’re not under arrest, but we believe this conversation is better discussed at the station.” He sighed out, knowing that this was not going to be over.
“You don’t have to come.” He told Roslyn, though he did wish for her to come. He just hoped this would not end badly.
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Roslyn still carried some of the fear that Justin had left her with but she wanted to move passed it, promising herself that she would not allo him to ruin the intimate moments she would have with Damien within their relationship. This moment was once of many to come and as long as she kept reminding herself that she was safe, she seemed to do just fine.

It was helpful that Damien seemed to understand her needs and paused when she needed a minute to gather herself and the fact that he was so understanding just made her fall in love with him that little bit more and she finally gave herself to him completely, allowing a full and complete union with him after spending their time apart.

They spent a few more nights after that getting reaquainted with each other and in the day time they planned parts of their future together but the most important thing was for Damien to get a job and when he secured one they were both happy that they could start finding some sense of normal again. As normal as they could be until the police arrived on their doorstep.

[B "The cops?"] She had no idea what it could be about and Damien didn't look like he knew either. [B "I'll come with you."] She said as she took hold of his hand and went downstairs to be greeted by two cops.
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Damien could see how she hesitated but was happy to know that she at least trusted him to get into the shower. He could see her sheepish smile, head ducked just a little as though embarrassed about asking for them to face one another. He would only go as far as she would let him, being in her presence was more than he could ask for. He still thought about how he saw Roslyn after the attack. It made his stomach turn and he hated that he hadn’t gone on to get revenge against Justin as he wanted. He could only hope that karma would do its job. If anything, that place was behind them and everything that came with it – Roslyn and Damien were now more than capable to actually start a new life.

He brushed his hand against her cheek. “I understand.” He told her. He bent down some to kiss her, softly at first before deepening the kiss. Temptation became the most of him and he couldn’t help the drive to devour Roslyn. There were times when she drew away it seemed and when she had to pause. Damien made sure to tell her they didn’t have to continue, but it only took a moment for her to breathe it seemed or maybe recall just where they were and who he was before she would nod to proceed.

Damien, just like in the field, had been careful and patient, but the connection was undeniable. Newfound strength allowed him to hold her, each movement seeming to push them pass the limits of intimacy. Damien had become a little exuberant, but it felt more than great to finally be with her in person and at the pinnacle moment he declared his love for her.

Damien’s first night had gone just as he hoped it would. He was slowly finding it easier to assimilate to society. The only downer being his work was less than satisfying as working as a busser, but he knew Roslyn’s plan of maybe opening a bakery. He had just gotten finished getting ready for work when there was a knock at his bedroom door. Pausing in his moment of kissing Roslyn, he found himself opening it to see his mother who looked in distress.

“There are cops downstairs for you.” She said then.
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