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Roslyn didn’t like the idea of borrowing money but if it came to that then they would have to. He was innocent ad if he was required to get a lawyer at some point then that was exactly what they had to do. Roslyn didn’t know the process moving forward with something like this. When Michael had almost killed her and caused her to lose her baby, the police had been called out to the hospital and took her statement and they dealt with everything from there. They helped her get into a facility and they appointed a lawyer for her for the trial. They were on their own with this one but at least they had each other.

At least Damien seemed to know a little bit of something with regards to the steps that they needed to take now. She was honestly terrified but there was nothing they could do besides this now. Justin had taken things too far in trying to frame Damien for his crimes and he wasn’t prepared to let him tear them apart. She sighed as she glanced over at him.

[b “Did you find her number? I think Henrietta is about the only one who could help us right now.”] Roslyn shook her head in frustration. [b “I hate to think about how many women he had attacked and silenced. All those vulnerable women under his care…”] It made her sick to even think about it.
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“Well, how would you know if you’re asleep,” Damien said with a snort. Giving a faux sense of surprise when she mentioned his snoring. He took a seat at the table and moved toward eating his breakfast. He was happy they had some sense of normalcy for the moment at least. Damien took a sip of his coffee, nibbling on the toast, after adding a bit more strawberry jam. He was soon full, though had picked another piece of bacon to nibble on. Damien knew he had to get back on his regimen of eating right and working out, for the past days since his release he had been slacking a little. It was nice to not have to worry about a routine though. His routine at the facility had been more of a survival thing. He hated the idea of constantly getting through the day based off of a meeting or a drug screening or sessions with [I Justin].

Damien had finished and so had Roslyn, he could tell she didn’t want to talk about everything that was going on, but they couldn’t escape it. “My mother is willing to lend me money,” he said. “But I mean, I haven’t been arrested or charged just yet.” He had a small savings but working as a busboy certainly didn’t pay that much. Damien pulled out his phone then, scrolling to try and figure out if he could find the number of the nursing home that Henrietta mentioned that she had worked at. He finally located the number.

“I don’t want us to use the money they gave you either. If we can stop this from going to the DA, we won’t have to worry about a lawyer [I or] unless you know, they arrest me,” he said with a sigh.
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Roslyn wanted them to enjoy breakfast together before they had a bumping ride to endure because she knew that none of this was going to be easy for either of them, especially if Justin and his wife were completely sold on trying to frame Damien. It was obvious that they had resources at their exposure and some very good lawyers. That made her extremely nervous because all they had on their side was a horrific experience and a bride in which she had taken although she had been given very little time to really think on it which meant that she was pressured so soon after a trauma and wile she was on a significant amount of painkillers. Perhaps they could argue that she was not in the right frame of mind.

[b “Morning love.”] She said with a smile as she leaned into his kiss. [b “Rude, I do not punch or steal the covers.”] She chuckled and took a sip of her cup of coffee. [b “You happened to let me sleep well because you didn’t snore.”] She teased him right back, trying to let this moment last as long as she could. She thanked him when he took the plates and made the way to the table and sat with him, enjoying their breakfast for as long as possible.

[b “So…”] It was time. [b “What do we do now? Can we even afford a lawyer?”]
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Damien had happily fallen asleep, holding onto Roslyn to give her comfort as well as himself. He felt more at peace being beside her in that way. He was glad that he was able to sleep through the rest of the night. Even when Roslyn gently pulled herself away from him. He lamented in the warmth of her spot, clinging to her pillow and trying to sleep in.

Today was going to be an exhausting day and he knew very well that he was going to need a bunch of energy. He eventually knew he couldn’t sleep or stay in bed for much longer and eventually got out. He headed yawned and wiped at his eyes, shuffling for the bathroom. After showering, he felt a little better, but he knew what today would be about. Damien got dressed in some light blue jeans and a burgundy long sleeve. He could smell breakfast cooking in the kitchen. He walked downstairs and toward the kitchen.

“Morning beautiful, smells good.” He said as he kissed her on the cheek. He made himself a cup of coffee. He could tell that she was trying to appear normal and he didn’t want to ruin that for her. “You slept good, no more punching me and stealing the covers,” Damien teased Roslyn. As dinner was coming to finish, he prepared the table and made sure to grab their dishes.
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Roslyn slept well that night which was surprising considering she had slept earlier in the day but the day was truly emotionally exhausting. She woke up the next morning feeling a little better but also scared knowing that this would be the day they went to talk to Henrietta so that she could finally go to the police about Justin. She remembered his threats and she wondered if he had the powers to do any of the things he suggested.

She climbed out of bed, trying not to wake Damien as she made her way into the shower. It was still a little bit scary for her to be in the shower at times, still getting flash backs to the night that Justin raped her in the shower. She made it quick though, as soon as she was clean she climbed out of the shower and made her way back to the room and got herself dressed, as quietly as she possibly could, not wanting to wake Damien before he needed to wake up.

She then made her way downstairs and started to make some breakfast. Roslyn wanted to have a nice breakfast with him, something normal before they were about to embark upon a crazy and emotionally draining ride.
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They hadn’t any food until then and Damien for the most part was content at the moment. “I understand,” Damien said. He sighed out and returned to his meal. It was strange to think that this nice moment was being threatened. He brushed his hand through his hair and began again to finish his meal. His mother soon awakened and came downstairs to make herself a bowl. It was pleasant conversation and for the most part, Damien was able to relax. Despite the nap, he was a bit tired and he figured that the interrogation really had taken a lot out of him.

When you were in those interrogation rooms it was almost like losing all sense of time. The cops would try any and every way to get you to slip up or confess. After years of dealing with them, Damien had become quite good, but he used a lot of energy and he couldn’t believe that defending yourself and proving you were innocent was so hard, but it was incredibly easy to paint him as guilty.

Damien Helped to clean up before considering it was time to head upstairs and go to bed. They could pretend this was all good for today, but tomorrow it would have to be up to them to make sure that they were on top of this case starting first thing in the morning.
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It was nice to enjoy something normal with Damien and she hoped that at some point that they would be able to enjoy moments like these without having to worry too much about everything else that was happening. The last thing that she expected was to have the police taking Damien in to questioning for the assault of a young woman. She knew that he was innocent, but she wasn’t sure that they would be able to beat Justin at this game that he was playing. How could someone like that even exist? Never mind in charge of the facility.

Roslyn took a seat at the table and she waited for Damien to bring some food towards her and she smiled up a him gratefully when he did. Neither of them had eaten anything that day, especially since it had been stressful. She took the moment of silence to enjoy the food and she couldn’t help but chuckle and Damien’s moan as he tasted it. [b “That good huh?”] She took a bite herself and then chuckled once more. [b “I concur.”]

Soo enough they were back to talking about the money. She hated that she had allowed herself to be pressured in that way but there were so many lawyers and she had no time at all to think things through after going through such a trauma. Perhaps a good Prosecutor would be able to use that. She wasn’t an expert on these things though. She looked up at Damien nodded. [b “We will talk to her. Can we perhaps not talk about this tonight? I just want to pretend that we don’t have all…this…you know?”]
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“You’re right she would like that,” Damien said. They’d reached the kitchen and he was already toasting some bread for them and getting the soup in bowls. His mother had done a lot and she was already doing even more by trying to give him her savings for a lawyer. That was money that she had spent years earning and saving and despite all that he had put her through, she had managed to still have love for him. Damien used to feel so bad for his mother, he hated how she stayed with his father despite his abuse. Now though, in her frail and old age, he could see that she was a strong woman and she wasn’t as much as a victim that he’d made her seem as. He wanted Roslyn to see hat. Carrying the food to the table, he made them some refreshments before taking a seat. He dipped his bread in the stew, moaning a little at the taste. It felt like forever since he had last had anything to eat.

Roslyn was right, it would take money for them to move out on their own. “Well, maybe there’s some kind of clause s you can keep the money?” He suggested. “Still, it will more than likely make it seem like you didn’t want the money in the first place. I mean Roslyn you were pressured into the situation; I know it and Henrietta knows it.” He told her with a sigh as he started to eat again.

“We’ll just talk to Henrietta and see any information she can give us that will be of use.”
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Roslyn smiled towards Damien as he came closer and drew her into an embrace. This was everything she wanted. Just being close to him like this just made her remember all the reasons that they had fallen in love with each other in the first place. Even though she wasn’t particular impressed with the fact that she had to admit herself into the facility in the first place, she knew that it had been the right thing and she also knew that she would never have met Damien if it wasn’t for that fact. And God did she cherish this man.

[b “Stew sounds good actually. No point wasting something your Mom cooked for us. Maybe tomorrow we could make dinner for her together? I think she would like that, and I keep wondering how I am ever going to thank her for taking me in the way she did.”] She smiled and took hold of his hand as they made their way downstairs, both getting something to drink before serving up the stew. It smelt delicious and it made her that little bit hungrier.

Roslyn looked up at Damien at the mention of getting their own place. [b “I would like that, but I don’t know how easy it will be. If I am going to step forward and give my testimony against Justin, that money had to go to the cops, right? I don’t know how we are going to afford to get a place but it’s something I definitely want.”] She sat down with her bowl of stew and looked to Damien. [b “I haven’t spent a single cent of that money. Every last penny is still there. I banked it, nothing more. Do you think that even makes a difference?”]
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“I’m fine,” Damien told her with a smile. She sounded a bit calmer, and well rested which was good. He reached his arms out to draw Roslyn in, sighing out contently at her soft warm body. He kissed the top of her head. “Mom made stew, but if you want something else, we can order?” He said with a smile. It hadn’t been that long that Damien was out and the two of them were just getting on their feet. Now this was happening. Well no more, Damien had enough of being treated as though he were some kind of bad guy. He’d paid his dues and he was not going to allow anyone to get in between their life. He hated the thought of that. “Or we can make anything you want?” He suggested, eventually they’d be cuddled up on the couch and watching a movie. He just wanted some sense of normalcy for Roslyn right now. They could deal with the storm tomorrow.

He smiled into her soft kiss, pressing one just at the corner of her mouth before pulling away. “I love you too,” he said to her, kissing her again. “C’mon I’m definitely starving,” he said as he headed downstairs. He made himself a glass of water, pulling the lid off the top and basking in the warm and spicy scent of the stew. “So, I was thinking, when this is all over – maybe we should look toward getting our own place?” He didn’t know if Roslyn was read to make that step just yet, but he kind of wanted to leave this town behind. Not too far, as his other would never forgive him, but he wanted to start a new chapter and build a respectful and dignified name for himself.
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Roslyn changed into something more suitable for bed too and she was glad of it because she was exhausted after the day they had. It was emotionally draining so she was ready to get some sleep and she was so glad that she had Damien to help her. She smiled towards him and climbed into bed, settling right in his arms where she knew that she belonged and where she seemed to fit so perfectly.

It didn’t take her long to fall asleep then and she was in deep, deep enough that she didn’t hear Damien’s mother knocking on the door. When Damien moved out the bed, she ended up rolling over, but she didn’t wake up. She did, however, wake up five minutes later when the door opened again. She stretched and sat up and looked up at Damien.

[b “Hello there. Are you okay?”] She asked as she looked over at the clock. [b “Damn, I’m hungry. Do you want to go and make something together?”] She asked as she started to climb out of bed and moved towards him and put her arms around him. [b “I love you.”] She said as she kissed him gently.
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There was only so much they could do in a day and it didn’t seem to be a good idea for them to just keep on crying about everything that was going wrong. This was life unfortunately and they would have to make things work out in their favor. However, they weren’t going to get that done in a day. Damien took off his shoes and switched into some sweats, climbing into bed and reaching his arms out for Roslyn. He wanted to cuddle her close to him, his hands brushing through her hair then. This was going to be difficult, but Damien believed they had some kind of faith on their end. They just had to round up evidence and Damien knew he’d need a lawyer, which would be expensive.

There was a knock on the door then, his mother checking in on them. He looked to see Roslyn still sleeping apparently and didn’t want to wake her. Damien slowly peeled himself away from her. He got out of bed and followed his mother to her room.
“Ma, if this is about,” he whispered, but she put her hand up and shushed him.
“You didn’t do anything right Damien?” She asked him and she was telling him to look her in the eyes, just to see if he had been lying. Damien crossed the tiny room, so many keepsakes and pictures. He bent on one knee and held her hands.
“I promise I haven’t done anything.” She nodded and patted his hand.
“I know. I made you dinner, a nice stew.” Damien smiled and kissed her cheek, tucking her in before leaving and closing her door. He walked back to the bedroom, peeking to see if Roslyn was still asleep.
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Ir was easier said than done when it came to Roslyn blaming herself. She wouldn't say it out loud but a part of her knew that she would always blame herself for what happened to Caty and for whatever else Justin had done since she had left. However, a small part of her had to wonder if there were any girls before her who felt the same, wishing they had spoken out so that he hadn't have been able to hurt anyone else. There was no use in thinking about such things though. The past could not be changed and right now it wouldn't do either of them any good to dwell on that.

She was to hear that Henrietta didn't work for them anymore. It was likely a mutual decision since she knew what had happened. She wouldn't want to keep working for people like that and they certainly wouldn't want a witness working for them either. A witness could cause trouble so it was best to get rid of everyone and frame someone for their crimes so they can continue with their lives. She wouldn't...couldn't let that happen.

Roslyn looked up at Damien, trying her hardest to find some strength because that would be what she needed now and Damien offered her some of that strength she needed. He had been her strength since the moment they had met. [B "Okay..."] she said with a nod. It was probably best to try and rest now, the stress of this would soon become too much and she didn't want it to mount up too soon. [B "Let's get some rest."]
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“I don’t want you to think this is your fault Roslyn okay?” Damien said as he held her close, his hands rubbing her back. This wasn’t her fault at all. She was a victim in this case and Damien was not going to allow Jason and his wife to use their power and intimidate Roslyn. Enough was enough and the both of them needed to go to jail for a long time. It sucked, because Caty was on the right track. Had he stayed, he wondered if he could have been of any help? It’d taken him to force Roslyn to speak up about Jason and he’d only subtly noticed something was wrong. What if Caty was just good at hiding what he did to her?

Damien knew that Roslyn was more than likely doubting herself, but she had been at his side to defend him and he had helped her through her trial. He was strong, he wasn’t new to this whole business with laws and courts. He just knew this time was different. This time he was actually innocent of his crimes and he wasn’t going to get sent away because of a lie.

“She wasn’t there when I left,” Damien said. She had long gone, and he knew it was because of what was happening at the facility. She probably had signed some kind of nondisclosure, but then again, what were the terms of it? If it was a crime, Henrietta would surely have to cooperate with the police and maybe she could act as their prime character witness. She knew Damien and she knew that he loved Roslyn and would never harm anyone in that way. “we’ll have to see if we can get her information. I remember she mentioned she worked in a nursing home around her, maybe we can get in touch with her.” Damien sighed out then, hearing the disappointment in Roslyn’s voice. He frowned then, reaching to take her hand.

“Hey babe, trust me – after this we will be alright. After this we can move on. Trust me.” He said as he kissed both of her knuckles. “Why don’t we relax? Let’s just get some rest, we’ll have dinner later and we will worry about this tomorrow okay?” Damien had every intention of making Roslyn his wife. . . maybe even trying for a child.
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Roslyn would likely hold some of the blame for a while. She didn't like knowing that if she would have said something to the police back then, Caty might still be alive and that she wouldn't have been attacked by the likes of Justin. It was her fault that he was still free to do so although she also held a lot of blame for his wife who seemed all too willing to let him co tune and cover up his crimes. What kind of woman must she have been to be okay with this and continue to let him see his daughter? It made her feel sick to the stomach.

Roslyn looked up at Damien, tears running down her cheeks as he comforted her. Roslyn knew that this was going to be hard. Going through the first trial had been tough enough but to go through it all again for a trial that she could possibly lose and even be discredited because she had accepted money...she didn't know whether she was strong enough to come out of this easily.

[B "Does Henrietta still work there?"] A part of her hoped that she didn't, mostly because she deserved to work for better people, but at least if she did, her observations would be worth so much more. [B "I hate this. I thought we were really going to be able to move on with our lives."]
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