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[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=152709 [pic https://i.imgur.com/7tJMPuX.jpg?1]]][center [h3 [b [size20 Hierarchy]]]][b 1-2 | Alpha | [#bfbfbf Leader.][hr ]1-2 | Beta | [#a6a6a6 second incommand.][hr ] 1-2 | Gamma | [#bfbfbf Elders oldest & wisest of the pack.][hr ] 1-4 | Delta | [#a6a6a6 Messengers & negotiators. Risk task delivering without offending.][hr ] 1-4 | Epsilon | [#bfbfbf Guardians of the pack. They keep an eye out for trouble, ward off intruders, and are responsible for the safety and well-being of the pack.][hr ] 1-4 | Upsilon | [#a6a6a6 Spies. They infiltrate other packs territories to simply keep tabs. Reporting back to Alpha. High risk duty that often results in death in order to protect the pack.][hr ] 1-3 | Zeta | [#bfbfbf Generals that take direct orders form the Alpha during times of war or crisis. They lead small parties of Eta.][hr ] 2-8 | Eta | [#a6a6a6 Warriors of the pack. Led by Alpha, Zeta or Epsilon during skirmishes and wars.][hr ] 1-5 | Theta | [#bfbfbf Menders Master healers of the pack. Menders in general requires very advanced regeneration skills, as well as extensive knowledge on such things as herds, medicines, poisons, and most importantly the human/ beast-man/ wolf bodies.][hr ] 1-2 | Lota | [#a6a6a6 Healers in training.][hr ] 1-4 | Pi | [#bfbfbf Pack Therapists metal and physical.][hr ] 1-2 | Omega | [#a6a6a6 Troublemakers often used as scapegoats by the pack or have offended the pack in some way as to be treated less than a dog. ][hr ]

[center [h3 [b [size20 Ancestry]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/LHW80wq.jpg?1]]
[b Breed | [i Info] | [i Parent]]
[b Lycan ]| [i - [#bfbfbf Monstrous entities neither man nor wolf. The Origin of werewolves.]] | [i Lycan + Lycan / Lycan + Human]

[b Pure ]| [i -[#a6a6a6 Half blooded descendants of Lycans.] | [i Lycan + Human / Lycan + Pure / Pure + Pure / Pure + Human]

[b Half ]| [i - [#bfbfbf Half blooded descendants of Purebred werewolves.]] | [i Pure + Half / Half + Human ]

[b Mix ]| [i -[#a6a6a6 Those turn'd due to being bitten/scratched]] | [i Lycan / Pure / Half ]

[b Dog ]| [i - [#bfbfbf recessive were-gene. Dogs are the descendants of individuals who’ve in the past “cured” themselves of the werewolf curse. Most are unaware of their family history and think of themselves as normal humans. However should a Dog be bitten/scratched by a werewolf on a full moon the curse will return.]] | [i Lycan / Pure / Half / Mix ]

[center [h3 [b [size20 Nature]]]]
[b Werewolf's all possess extremely accurate senses allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel more than normal creatures. But their individual nature is different. - Two natures max -][size10 [b

Strength | [i - [#bfbfbf Possess strength beyond that of a normal person. Examples lifting up vehicles with ease, smashing through walls, or crushing bones like a toothpick. Control is import as not to accidentally damage the environment/living things without meaning too. ]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/NfD7Avk.jpg?1]]

Speed | [i -[#a6a6a6 Speed nature’s can catch-up or even outrun moving vehicles, they are highly likely to beat you to the finish line even if you had a head start and was half way to it! Werewolf's of this nature should avoid sudden stops and making contact with objects/lifting things to avoid self injury.]]

Regeneration | [i -[#a6a6a6 Are often the healers of the pack. They can recover from minor injuries in the blink of an eye and broken bones within a few hours. ]]

Prowling | [i - [#bfbfbf The stealth ninja of the pack. You won’t see or hear them coming until they’ve already hit ya! Their great at camouflaging themselves in their environments without trying and can hide their presence from every rank except alpha. Its highly suggested for Prowlers not to get caught and in case of getting caught to simply get out of sight!]]

Leaps | [i -[#a6a6a6 Jump longer and higher distances than normal humans. Leapers can jump the height of three story building and land safely without the aftershock. However that aftershock can be felt with anything higher than a three story building so Leapers should take heed as not to accidentally cripple themselves]

Reflexes | [i - [#bfbfbf Drastically affects how werewolf's can dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch thrown/falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others have no time to react to. Examples such as dodging bullets, catch flies in mid-air,ect]]

Durability | [i -[#a6a6a6 These werewolf's can sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects. Durable enough to be bullet proof or get hit by a moving vehicle and walk it off.]]

Howl | [i - [#bfbfbf Howlers are werewolf's who can freely manipulate the tune and freely of their voice. This allows them to easily imitate various sound or noises create by the world around them. Howlers are capable of emitting sound strong enough to damage hearing, cause fear, or paralyze.]]

[center [h3 [b [size20 Phasing ]]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/XTQL1nm.jpg?1]]
[b [#666666 The transformation process is more often than not involuntary, since new members of the pack have not yet learned to control it. Phasing generally speaking, should naturally occur around the time a werewolf child turns nine. Again late-bloomers and those recently turned are the expectations.

A Werewolf’s appearance varies in both human and wolf forms.

Human from - They are indistinguishable so long as they don’t give in to their inner wolves nature and their heightened senses.

Wolf from - Their pack traits tend to stand out along with their massive body and height.

Were-beast from - although it is a from usually reserved for under the light of a full moon some werewolves are capable of Phasing into this double edge monstrous form.

Beware of Partial-Phasing: Partial-Phasing is when a werewolf new to Phasing gets stuck in shifting mode. You know that sudden and violent process? It makes ones senses almost unbearable and the pain. Well there's a reason Partial-Phasing often leads to death... That being said. . .It is crucial for those new to Phasing to learn as fast as possible how to properly shift between their forms.

[center [h3 [b [size20 Pack Skeleton]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/lvTv2Ir.gif]][hr ]
[b Puppeteer: |] [i -[#a6a6a6 Username of pack creator.]][hr ][b Clan Name: |] [i - [#bfbfbf What is your pack called?]][hr ][b Founder: |] [i -[#a6a6a6 What is the name of your packs maker?]][hr ][b Origin Story: |] [i - [#bfbfbf Who, what, when, where, why, how?]][hr ][b Territory: |] [i - [#a6a6a6 Anyway claimed territory to defend?]][hr ][b Relations: |] [i - [#bfbfbf Is the pack Passive, Neutral, or Aggressive towards Humans, Hunters, and Other Packs?]][hr ][b Pack Traits: |] [i - [#a6a6a6 Eye, Skin,Fur colors?]][hr ][b Curse:|] [ i [#bfbfbf Anything notable about your clans werewolf curse? ]][hr ][b Extra info: |] [i - [#a6a6a6 Extra extra read all about it!]][hr ]

[center [h3 [b [size20 Hollowbane Pack]]]]

[b Puppeteer: | ] [i -[#a6a6a6 Cursethewhitecat]][hr ]
[b Clan Name: | ] [i - [#bfbfbf Hollowbane]][hr ]
[b Founder: | ] [i -[#a6a6a6 Werin Creed]][hr ]
[b Origin Story: |] [i - [#bfbfbf Werin a warlock betrayed by his own kind and forced to become something else to do the bidding of others. He eventually broke free. Hunting down all who wronged him. He forged a pack of his own design by inflicting his curse upon wolves and mankind alike.]][hr ]
[b Territory: | ] [i -[#a6a6a6 The heart of the forest. Though Hollowbane lays claim to anywhere the blue flower blooms.]][hr ]
[b Relations: | ] [i - [#bfbfbf Passive-Aggressive to Humans, Aggressive to Hunters, and Neutral to Other Packs?]][hr ]
[b Pack Traits: | ] [i -[#a6a6a6 Eyes tend to vary in color, Skin as blue wolfsbane, Fur commonly black or shades of grey. In human from members curse mark appears as a blue tattoo of either a bite or a scratch mark. ]][hr ]
[b Curse:| ] [i - [#bfbfbf Pack members of hollowbane are immune to poisons. They get their blue skin pigment from the blue flowers they indest and often sleep in thus it is dangerous for other beings to come in direct contact with any member of hollow bane as they can easily be poisoned.

True to the silver bullet. Members of Hollowbane cannot simply touch silver as the precious metal is the equivalent to acid.

Members run a high risk of forgetting that they were ever human to begin with. Slowly they become wild wolves who only on full moons regain human form and memory. ]][hr ]
[b Extra info: | ] [i -[#a6a6a6 - Hollowbane the pack as a whole are currently only 9 members. Only four are aware they are “human” the other five roam the woods as “wolves”.

Town folk lore speaks of shadow like wolves who wander the streets in the dead of night to gobble up evil spirits and bad children. On new moons the towns people often wear some kind of blue garment to ward evil off. ]]

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  nyfeli / 1d 7h 52m 55s
Well then, I’ll just scoot on outta here, I guess.
This is werewolf territory. Please leave before the werewolf god/goddess/pantheon throws you out
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 1d 19h 6m 31s
New phone who dis? I made Skyrim, and I don’t remember you.
  Todd Howard-Chan / CrazyDiamondRivers / 1d 20h 7m 50s
Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't posted I've been waiting for all the others to get their characters first posts in and I'm also in the hospital. I will post when I see everyone get a chance to post.

Hope the rest of you are doing well!!
  nyfeli / 1d 20h 16m 23s
I understand. I took what you said as a joke as well. I’ll do that in the future to avoid confusion.
It is not so easy to understand a joke from someone who is a stranger, especially in written form. For future, you could add ‘XD’ at the end
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 2d 7h 7m 28s
I’m sorry if I’ve pissed you off. I don’t godmod, and I was joking.
Here's a word of advice: Don't test my fucking patience

We're here to enjoy writing and seeing how a story will develop. This means being civil to fellow roleplayers
If you even try to godmod my character, I will do the same to your own, and trust me, your character won't be getting up from mine if I am forced to godmod

I don't godmod, but I will if someone does it to my character without my permission
  :-:WW:-: / Dragoncita / 2d 7h 39m 58s
No, but you guys do swallow. That’s kinda weird, tbh.
Least we don't blow >.>

Haven't even finished my response yet -w-
  :-:WW:-: / Dragoncita / 2d 7h 44m 11s
Ya’ll suck you’re all gonna die once JoJo’s done with you. He’s a beast
[b Puppet Master: ]|[i hextheblackcatt]
[b Puppet: ]|[i Nova Sterling]
[b Alias: ]|[i ARMs, Glutton. Silver eyes]
[b Age: ]|[i 17 ]
[b Gender/Identity: ]|[i Female]
[b Sexuality: ]|[i unknown]
[b Race: ]|[i Werewolf]
[b Personality: | ][i n/a]
[b Bio: ]|[i Hailing from icy north a blood descendant of the Dust Howlers tribe. She had been accidentally poached as a wolf pup. But when the poachers opened the create she was a small girl of the age of three or five as feral as a wild animal. Growling and biting with a fear some strength. It didn’t take long for her to end up in the hands of hunters.

Being so young. They took the opportunity to raise her with the intention of being a Famila for hire. Shes spent her life being tossed around by different Tamers for various hunts. If it wasn’t for her ravenous appetite, lost of control during full moon, and her nature she might of had a more permanent master. ]

[b 2 Fatal flaw(s): ]|[i
She doesn't know her own strength. Often accidentally causing some sort of damage/harm to both herself, others and the environment around her.
She cannot swim. If she gets wet shell become heavy and move slower. ]

Werewolfs only
[b Pack: ]|[i [s Dust Howler], None currently ]]
[b Rank: ]|[i Lone]
[b Mate: ]|[i Currently none]
[b Pedigree: ]|[i Mix]
[b Shifting: ]|[i Controllable with the exception of full moons]
[b Nature: ]|[i Strength/Reflexes]

wolf form:
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ur3ZnSa.jpg]]

[b Puppeteer: |] [i hextheblackcat]
[b Clan Name: | ] [i Dust Howlers]
[b Founder: | ] [i Unknown]
[b Origin Story: |] [i Long ago there lived a starving wolf who lived in freezing world. Food was scarce the nights lasted for what seemed like an eternity with the exception of days where light lingered this frozen world with warm. It was during one of this days of light that the wolf stumbled across a strange two legged creature.A human woman who was draped in a fur pelt. She seemed to be resting on the shoreline of ice when the wolf attacked. The beast killed and devoured her along with even the seal pelt that clothed her. It was after this that the wolf had shells tossed at it as a group of seals cursed it.

“You monster how dare you eat our sister we Selkie folk shall never forgive you! May our sisters flesh and bone be your undoing!”

The wolf growled “I’ll eat you too”. It charged the seals who then fled beneath the icey waters and jumped in after them only the wolf began to glow. Suddenly the wolf became a two legged creature too! Its cries for help as it began to drown were answered by a fishing net and even more two legs. These humans mistook the wolf in human from as one of their own. They took the wolf back home with them where the wolf eventually began to live amongst them until shifting back into a wolf again.]
[b Territory: |][i None here. Dust Howlers hail from the north. It is rare to see them outside the frozen regions.]
[b Relations: | ][i Aggressive towards Humans, Hunters, and Packs] alike.
[b Pack Traits: | ][i - In human from members commonly share pale skin, white or blonde hair, and sapphire blue eyes. In wolf from they share silver fur with bluish-silverish eyes. Thick soft fur and bushy tails.

If an individual is turned only their eyes will share the packs trait. So mix-breeds fur depends on their natural hair color...]

[b Curse:|][i Dust Howler are originally arctic wolfs who gained the power to shift after their ancestor devoured a selkie. Due to the selkie's curse Dust howlers can’t not swim. Any time they come into contact with a water source. Members began to feel drained of their own energy and their body become heavy like stone.

Only under moonlight will a Dust Howlers fur regardless of their natural color transform as white as snow with a faint shimmer of silver. Their eyes become sliver.

Shifting comes easy to even mix breeds, but none are free from full moon madness.]

[b Extra info: |][i - Dust Howlers are known as the berserk tribe. They thrive in cold climates, which is why the pack is rarely visited by hunters.]
  Nova / hextheblackcat / 3d 2h 17m 38s
[i The current moon phase will be waning gibbous. Also I shall post some time later today]
[b Puppet Master: | ][i [#333399 cursethewhitecat]]
[b Puppet: | ][i [#333399 Creed Weirn]]
[b Alias: |][i [#333399 The Immortal Monster, Devourer of Beast, Hellhound]]
[b Age: |][i [#333399 He is believed to be well over fifteen-centuries old. ]]
[b Gender/Identity: |][i [#333399 Male]]
[b Sexuality: |][i [#333399 Unknown]]
[b Race: |][i [#333399 Lycan]]
[b Personality: |][i [#333399 unknown]]
[b Bio: | ][i [#333399 Founder and Alpha of Hollowbane. Creed ‘s presence within the town is of the recursive Weirn family. They run a nature sanctuary to preserve the dwindling native species of protected black wolves. However Creed himself is known as a veterinarian in town. He takes this role to blend in.]]
[b 2 Fatal flaw(s): |][i [#333399
Full Moon Madness a tale as old as time.
Immortal monster yes, but even an immortal monster is still vulnerable to things such as disease and pain.]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/nlu50Rs.jpg]]
Werewolfs only
[b Pack: |][i [#333399 Hollowbane]]
[b Rank: |][i [#333399 Alpha]]
[b Mate:|][i [#333399 Seeking a worthy one]]
[b Pedigree: |][i [#333399 Lycan]]
[b Shifting: |][i [#333399 Controllable with the except of full moon nights.]]
[b Nature: |][i [#333399 Regeneration / Prowling]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ghy8tnA.jpg]]

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