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[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=152709 [pic https://i.imgur.com/zxwddyw.jpg]]][center [sedgwick+ave+display [size20 [#3333ff Hunter]]]][center [sedgwick+ave+display Huntsmen & Huntresses]]

[center [h3 [b Ranks]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/KVP3sWV.jpg?1]] [size14
[size10 [#3333ff [i Must fight in groups of 2 or 5]]]
[b [#bfbfbf F - Rank: ]| ] [b 21 ~ 30 |] [i [#bfbfbf Rookie]
[b [#a6a6a6 E - Rank:] | ] [b 31 ~ 40 |] [i [#a6a6a6 Novice]]
[b [#bfbfbf D - Rank:] | ] [b 41 ~ 50 |] [i [#bfbfbf Experienced]

[size10 [#3333ff [i Can fight solo ]]]
[b [#a6a6a6 C - Rank:] | ] [b 51 ~ 60 |] [i [#a6a6a6 Full-Fledged]]
[b [#bfbfbf B - Rank:] | ] [b 61 ~ 70 ] | [i [#bfbfbf Experts]
[b [#a6a6a6 A - Rank:] | ] [b 71 ~ 80 |] [i [#a6a6a6 Veterans]]

[size10 [#3333ff [i Legends]]]
[b [#bfbfbf S - Rank:] | ] [b 81 ~ 90 |] [i [#a6a6a6 Masters]]
[b [#a6a6a6 SS - Rank:] | ] [b 91 ~ 100 |] [i [#bfbfbf Hero]]
[b [#bfbfbf SSS - Rank:] | ] [b 100+ |] [i [#a6a6a6 Gods?]]

[center [h3 [b Meister Classes ]]] [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/GcZJCxv.jpg]]

[center [i - Offensive(Attack) ARMs -]]
[b [#800000 Slayer: ]]| [i Melee fights -adept at swordsmanship and generally overwhelming close-mid range combat.]

[b [#800000 Dragoon:]] | [i Fearsome sharpshooters. Dragoon excel at welding various projectile firearms. They tend to use special ammunition to exploit the weakness of certain creatures. mid-long range combat.]

[b [#800000 Ranger:]] | [i Classic crossbow , bow & arrow wielder.
Archers wield either a crossbow or the classic bow & arrow combo. One hit one kill wonders. Rangers tend deal more damage effectively than Dragoons. They NEVER miss their targets. long-mid range combat.]

[b [#800000 Barbaric: ]]| [i The most usual of ARMs classes as well as one the more brutal. Hunters who specialize in this class damage their foes by applying direct force. Range vary on the ARMs weapon form.]

[center [i - These classes use Defensive(Protect) ARMS -]]

[b [#800000 Healer]]: | [i Always in high demand considering the way they drop like flies. Healers are skilled individuals capable of treating and/or healing wounds/curses inflicted by supernatural means and other wise. Close range combat.]

[b [#800000 Mage: ]] | [i Individuals capable of wielding mana effectively. They usually control one element like Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Light , or Shadow. close-mid range combat.]

[b [#800000 Tamers:]] | [i Individuals who learn to bind the souls of various beings to themselves under contracts and command creatures to fight in their stead. Tamers are rarely seen but not unheard of they are highly frowned upon in most of the hunter community. Despite this a Tamers weapon are the familia in service. Close-mid range combat.]

[center [i - These classes cannot wield ARMS - ]]

[b [#800000 Cursed]]: | [i Humans that aren’t quite human anymore, either through being turned or other means like being cursed, ect-. Range depends on the Hybrid.]

[b [#800000 Hybrid]]: | [i Hybrids are born as hybrids. They are not transformed or infected nor can they be affected by curses . More often than not they are regarded as monsters and a scourge to humankind and treated as an outcast or hunted down- if not in service to a Tamer. They are worse than the Cursed. Range depends on the Hybrid.]]

[b [#800000 Familia]]: | [i various supernatural creatures contracted and binded to a Tamers soul. They aid, serve, and protect their Master. Range depends on the Familia itself.]

[center [h3 [b Hunter Clan Skeleton ]]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/SdLefeD.jpg?1]]
[b [#a6a6a6 Puppeteer: |]] [i - Username of Clan creator- ][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Clan Name: |]] [i - What is your Clan’s Family name? -][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Founder: |]] [i - Who was the first in your family to Hunt? -][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Origin Story: |]] [i Who, what, when, where, why, how? -][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Territory: |]] [i Any family owned homes or businesses? - ][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Relations: |]] [i Is your Clan Passive, Neutral, or Aggressive towards the supernatural, other Hunters, and Humans?][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Clan Traits: |]] [i What runs in the family? ][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Extra info: |]] [i Extra extra read all about it!][hr ]

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Also, at some point, JoJo and Howl should meet, and, like, team up.
Cursethewhitecat is low key the kindest user I’ve met yet, tbh. And they’ve watched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, so... [insert happy Josuke face]
[b Puppet Master: | ][i [#660033 cursethewhitecat]]
[b Puppet: | ][i [#660033 Howl S. Cromwell]]
[b Alias: | ][i [#660033 The Mender ]]
[b Age: | ][i [#660033 27]]
[b Gender/Identity: | ][i [#660033 -Male - he/him]]
[b Sexuality: | ][i [#660033 Heterosexal ]]
[b Race: | ][i [#660033 Hunter]]
[b Personality: | ][i [#660033 - N/A -]]
[b Bio: | ][i [#660033
Son of the infamous Huntress “Red Revy”. Howl grew up never knowing his father nor a place to call home. Around the time he turned seven his mother left him in the hands of another Hunter Clan to train in his class of choice. It was this clan that he learned the ways of healing and even inherited an ARMs known as Sacred Sling. This caused a feud between the two Clans that lasted five a good three years before a truce was called. Since then Howl has carried on as a hunter in the shadows. His everyday life is that of a doctor. ] ]

[b 2 Fatal flaw(s): | ][i [#660033 His ARMs Sacred Sling, prevents him from doing fatal attacks so when facing something that must be killed.
Howl suffers from insomnia from years of hunting. ]]

[b Class | ][i [#660033 Healer - Tamer]]
[b Rank | ][i [#660033 B]]
[b ARMs | ][i [#660033
[u ARMs name:] Sacred Sling |
[u Type: ]Defense |
[u Ability: | ] Healing
[u Ornament from: ] White Bandages with a thin silver trim. |
[ Weapon Form: ] Sacred Sling take form of free flowing Bandages able to heal and restore anyone to optimal health.

Its weapon from resembles a long white segmented strip with red trim. The ARMs itself never physically separates from its user and the bandages are quite versatile capable of being used to Track, Trap, Shield, Bound and Heal. a notable feature would be that the bandages are able to change length as well as regenerate if torn, brun, shredded, ect

When used, this particular ARMs glow a faint silver as it wraps itself around the target of howls choice and begins to glow red. It reverses any and all damage. The whole process takes time depending on the amount of damage the target suffered.


[u ARMs: ] Red Fates
[u Type:] Defense
[u Ability:] Contracts & Bindings.
[u Ornament from: ] Made from his very own Fate String. Red Fate takes the form of a simple silver ring with a thin crimson thread looping round it. It cannot be removed by anyone other than the one who put it on.
[u Weapon Form: ] Red Fates is a rather nasty Blood pact between Howl and his Familiars. While the ring and thread glow a bright blood red, and an inscription is revealed as the thread become like barbwire. Piercing howls flesh releasing a soft pulsing sound that reflects howls heart rate may be eye catching. It is his blood that becomes this ARMs true weapon form as it becomes the literal binding in his blood pact.

That being said, when Howl is forming a contract all he needs to do is get the intended famila to either consume or mix some of his blood. By mixing or ingesting his blood with others howl can form temporary or permanent contracts with Familiars.

Temporary blood pacts last until certain conditions are mate. While permanent last until that Famila’s death. A red barbwire like tattoo appears around the necks of his famila, signifying that a deal was struck.

Familia contracted to him will aid, serve,and protect him until the blood pact is filled or until death. Should his familiar disobey a command or intended to harm/kill him that famila will suffer a harsh backlash punishment.
Hi guys!! I don't do group roleplays often so sorry if I'm rusty.

I just joined as a lone wolf and also created the Mad Dogs clan.
  neo / nyfeli / 60d 21h 15m 31s
[i Not that original I'm sure, but I thank you. Castlevania forced me to remove my glasses and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure never failed to keep my attention.

They are indeed overpowered just like the legends about them. I hoped as a Hunter you will find it a challenge to do what Hunters do best.

We shall be using the main thread to post.

Ah, well allow me to welcome you to Elite Skills. Feel free to ask me for help anytime I'd be more than happy to lend you some assistance anytime. ]
  [ Lucid ; Malison ] / Cursethewhitecat / 60d 21h 42m 28s
The werewolves seem way more powerful than hunters, not gunna lie. But strategy always wins over brute force so....
Also, how are we gonna rp? Are we going to all clamor over the same reply section? Or will the be different rp threads for different pairs of people, and they will all eventually cross over? That sounds easiest. I’m new to this site, so I don’t know much about it. XD
  Jonathan R. Joestar / Rivers_Stork / 62d 19h 3m 45s
Epic. Awesome and very original oc. Way more original than mine. XD most elements I took from Castlevania, and I took the names from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
  Jonathan R. Joestar / Rivers_Stork / 62d 19h 9m 42s
[b [#800000 Puppeteer: |]][i cursethewhitecat]
[b [#800000 Clan Name: | ]][i Scarlet ]
[b [#800000 Founder: |]][i Seras Scarlet of the Crimson Cloak]
[b [#800000 Origin Story: |]] [i Once upon a time, there was a girl who wore a red cloak. Her family was devoured by a wicked beast. Only she survived the ordeal thanks to the intervention of a nearby woodsman. However she would not let that monster go free nor any other creature who dared to harm innocent lives. So she took to the woodsman. He taught her many a good thing like how to survive in the woods, how to wield an ax and best of all how to Hunt.]

[b [#800000 Territory: |]][i None. ]
[b [#800000 Relations: |]][i Strictly neutral to all things unless-]
[b [#800000 Clan Traits: | ]][i Only blood related members share Scarlet’s daunting red eyes. These eyes only appear red in shade/darkness else wise they appear indigo or shades of blue. Non-blood related clan members share the Scarlet family tradition of wearing something red regardless if hunting or not.

Non-blood related members are rare, however are gifted an ARMs with a red thread attached to it. This red thread it referred to as a Fate String by members and represents Seras Scarlet's Crimson Cloak. A special ARMs that chooses the next heir and leader of the clan.]

[b [#800000 Extra info: |]][i Believe it or not but the Scarlet Clan is one of very few neutral Hunter clans. They only hunt within reason or for a good reason, thus their standing within the Hunter community isn’t quite stable despite their deep hunting roots.

Being a Neutral Clan. Scarlet members mark themselves as hunters and allow others to recognize them by their bring red Fate Strings to humans its a beautiful string, to fellow Hunters and werewolves that bright red thread has a faint red glow that is accompanied by the smell of iron. Yes, this may make them obvious targets for enemies however it is supposed to serve as a fair warning.

You are either born a Scarlet or you are reborn by the hands of a Scarlet. Meaning it is exceedingly rare for someone to take up the family name without having some sort of blood tie with the Scarlet Family first. Hence members often referring to each other with some sort of family role.

Few in number, yes. But never lacking. Scarlet's are if nothing else resilient Huntsman & Huntresses. They often produce talent individuals]
[hrl ] [hr ]
  [ Cromwell; Howl ] / Cursethewhitecat / 62d 19h 15m 24s
Full Name: Jonathan Richter Joestar-Belmont
Alias: JoJo, Joeboy
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 163 lbs.
Sexuality: Possible asexual. Straight? Bi? He’ll sleep with anyone, but Doesn’t care much nor have time for romance. But, if he had to choose his dream someone, it would be a petite mage girl.
Race: Human-???
Theme Song: Jotaro’s Theme

The Vampire Killer/Whip of Alchemy. When not in use, it resembles a large cross attached to a belt around his waist, but in combat, it’s a whip that can split into 3 ends, catch aflame, or turn into a very long chain mace.
The Sword of Luck and Pluck. It resembles a normal sword when sheathed, but when in combat, it glows a faint blue. Under a full moon, however, it reaches full potential, and shines a vivid blue. During this time, it can cut through nearly anything.
Secondary Weapons: Steel Dagger, Holy Water, Holy Cross
Appearance: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fantendo/images/b/bc/Richter_HOD.png/revision/latest?cb=20181111024238
Class: Slayer
Type: EXTREMELY offensive
Puppeteer: RiversStork
Rank: A
Clan(s): Belmont-Joestar
Clan Creator: My great grandfather, George Belmont
Clan Backstory: He was the protector of his village, killing any evil that came near. But, the village was on the edge of a forest known as the Great Big Black, a place where evil beings gather. The then leader of the werewolf clan and George waged a great battle that destroyed much land. George emerged victorious, but at a fatal cost. Luckily, he evacuated all of the villagers before this happened, including my great grandmother, who was 4 months pregnant. She gave birth to my grandfather, and then my mother, Lisa Lisa, came along and became a hunter as well. She married Joseph Joestar, a fellow hunter, and I was born not soon after.
Bio: He went through grueling training as a child due to his mother, so she and JoJo are not on speaking terms today. It’s hinted that he’s caused trouble for her by doing something forbidden, and wether he’s running away from this or truly traveling and slaying is unclear.
Fatal Flaws: When his Belmont heritage is mentioned, he tends to go berserk, leaving many openings. He also has a sensitive nose, eyes, and ears due to his near superhuman senses, so if attacked with loud noise, rancid smell, or bright light, he’ll lose a sense for a moment.
Territory: None. My parents own a retirement cottage, but that’s it. I’m a traveler, hunting evil wherever I come across it, while learning about different cultures.
Relations: Aggressive towards supernatural, neutral towards hunters, passive towards humans.
Clan Traits: Star Shaped birthmark on the right side of neck (from the Joestar side. Unnaturally strong and fast due to Belmont blood. Can sense supernatural forces thanks to the mixture of the two clans.
Extra Info/Personality: Generally helps the poor he comes across, and to them, is a Robin Hood type character. He prefers to travel alone. If he sees another hunter in battle, if he feels compelled, he will help. Usually keeps a cool head, but when angered, destroys anything that looks potentially dangerous or threatening.

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