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On a clear night, stars lighting up the sky - came noise of two cars driving alongside a dirt road. The engines revved and purred, tyres skidded along the gravel as the drivers behind the wheel gripped their wheels and tried to out smart and out drive the other.
The cars in question were not trouble but it was the drivers that were. In one, with the windows blacked out was a girl - rich, snobby, looking for adventure when the car her Father bought her for Graduation as he was too busy to see his only daughter graduate was stolen by herself and 2 single friends who simply wanted to go for a drive. In the other, a boy, along with his friends, simply on their way home from the diner, were egged on by the joy riding Princess for a race.

As luck would have it, the girl had none. It was with the two cars getting close to each other side by side - bumping that the two lost control and both plowed into a wooden fence of a farm and her car hitting the frame work of a silo that rested in the field. A silo that collapsed and fell onto the barn, completely destroying the structure.

Again, having no luck, the girl's father came to see her when hearing of the accident, landed the reckless daughter and the joy riding boy in court to sort out punishment. The ruling was final, the prissy Princess was to stay on the farm until completion of the structure and knowing what true hard work of the land was otherwise, she would be put in a female holding facility. Little did the know, the farm she crashed into was owned by the Boys Father.

Its simple, she didnt know what work was, never woke up at 4am to milk cows, feed chickens, pulling wheat. She cetainly wasnt going to take orders from the boy who would kick her bed to awaken her from her sleep. They did not get along. They would get into fights as they were both stubborn, but what if one day - things changed? and she stopped making excuses....?


Needing a person to play "the boy" ...
Literacy is a must. I cannot handle only 4 sentences written. Be creative. Thrill me!
Real pictures are prefered...

I am open to ideas.

This was just a quick plot. I do hope you an join so we can make something great. PM me.. :)
I dont do skelly's. Honestly. Why waste time? Let's just get on with it! Lol..

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