Death Takes A Holiday -

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[b The Four Horsemen.]
[i 1. War.]
[i 2. Famine.]
[i 3. Pestilence.]
[i 4. Death.]

The four big things in this world that is a guarantee, well...that and also taxes.
[+red War], [+blue Famine], [+green Pestilence], and [b Death] were one big "happy" family.
Born at the dawn of time - 3 brothers and the little sister who just happened to be one of the inevitable, Death were created.

The 3 brothers often gave their little sister a hard time speaking on without them, she would have no souls to gather up and cross over.

One day, having enough of their words and there lectures, Death threw up her hands and spoke on that if she was not so important, she would wash her hands of the role she had to play and take a

She did just that.

The holiday was of course, earth.
Dead centre in the middle of LA - Hollywood. A holiday of no reaping of souls and studying the human life that was so important to them.
Everything was brand new to her.
The lights.
The cars.
The smut.

Walking the streets - events soon spiral out of control as Death falls in love.
In love with a man who makes her experience feelings and things she never thought she imagined.


ME - [b Death]
YOU - [b Male role]

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[right [font "Georgia" [b Real pictures]. I am not picky but please, suitable size..]]
[right [font "Georgia" [b Sex] will be timeskipped. No GM or Abbreviations.]]

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