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Hi! So I'm new around here, but this role play is going to be in a universe I created in a book series I am currently writing. Called Guardians Of Elesis, the role play is about, quite literally the guardians of elesis.
Elesis is a Fantasy Realm, connected to 3 other Realms: Othon, Daret, and Earth. But in this role play, they don't matter that much in the beginning. In this realm, the main species are Shapeshifters and Mersons.
Mersons are a (slightly) original species I made up. They have three forms: Human-like, Fighting, and Water. Water form is basically a mermaid or merman. Human-like is their main form to use most of the time, with gills, webbed hands, a bluish-greenish complexion, and whatever features you would want the merson to have. Fighting is basically the human-like form, but more dangerous: Long, sharp nails; Sharp teeth, horrifying looks, and surprising agility in both land and water.
The guardians are usually those two species. The only thing is No humans. That has been one of the oldest laws in Elesis, due to a war long ago between the Realms.
There is magic, in fact, there is a rule that you must have magic to even be in Elesis!
If you have any questions about certain things in Elesis or the other Realms, or the guardians, PM me, and I'll further explain.

So for the start of the Role Play, you have already been chosen to be a guardian.
I am not going to be to very strict, and this will mainly be a go-with-the-flow type thing. But to get the plot started...

A human, a Cerubus , a hydra, and a shapeshifter have been spotted. As guardians you are to find them, turn them in, and they are to die for evading the law. NO HUMANS ALLOWED
But here's the catch: The human has powers as a time-lifter, someone who has the rare ability to stop time and move things when he's in danger. But he doesn't know. AND, the shapeshifter helping him? Yeah, She's the princess. The only child of the queen, AND the guardians know nothing about those things... yet.
Their job is to find them, but once they find out that their first job is going to be difficult, they run into even more trouble. What trouble will they run into?

Rules: Nothing sexual, as that is already a rule on this site. If you are going to have romances between other roleplayers, please make sure you have the others consent to do that to their character. You may have pets, but nothing huge, or something that gives you a large advantage against your peers. They are called peers for a reason. And last, but not least, EVERYONE IS EQUAL. I am going to be very annoyed if someone is higher than another person. No one is the leader. Now their may be a person who tends to help lead the group and stuff, but no one who automatically leads. Everyone is equal. Please make your posts a little lengthy. I'm not a huge fan of the one sentence posts, unless it is dialog.
If you have any questions, or tips on how to actually Role play on this site, PM me. Cause i have practically no clue what to do, since i am new here.


My character:
Name: Raven Nightfall
Gender: None
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 15
Race: Shapeshifter
Personality: If you screw with them, brace yourself. If you screw with their loved one , brace yourself even more. They will murder you slowly with a wrench, blend you up with a blender, can you, and sell you as SPAM. Don't screw with them. If you had to pick money, power, family, or long life, they would kill themself so they wouldnt have to pick any of them and regret something later. smart and stealthy, and can make decisions fast, but if put in an emotional situation will shut down and have no clue what to do.
Main Form: Raven or A Warrior elf
Warrior elf details: Long black hair, eyes are green, built body shape, pale skin tone, very stern face most of the time, posture is straight, wears armor-like clothing, is 5,8 feet
Distinct features: in whatever form always has a tattoo ( ()
Likes: Nature, Animals, the quiet, being alone, occasional touches climbing, swimming, running, hunting,
Dislikes: Going out of her comfort zone, social invironments, people, more than 2 people around them at once
Quirks: Acts very animal-like, can never sit in a chair right, climbs everywhere
Secret(s): PTSD about her parents, and certain things will cause an anxiety attack, and they will break down
Pet Peeves: being told to do something, having to stay still
Living: In the forest, hand-dug cave, barely big enough for two people
Life history: As a child was abused, but they still loved their parents, parents died at age 11, they ran away into the forest, has been living alone in forest since then.
Skills: Able to hand fight very well, mainly uses either two daggers, or a double bladed sword in combat, good at using axes, bow and arrow, and has very good aim due to being a shapeshifter and having animal-like qualities, is good at combat magic, horrible at enchanting, and can only heal minor injuries with magic.
Pet/friend: Small dragon, (
Dragon's Name: Luna
Role in Story: Guardian

Bloody Eve's character:
name: Baumbi
She's 26, though she won't be able to tell herself her age.

She can be described physically as tanned skin, 5'7", Often carries feathers along her hair. She has a bit of an unhinged, animalistic look, wears the pelts of the respected dead of the forest. Very attractive, hence why Vixen could best describe her.

Personality-wise, she is quite a quick learner, but short tempered. She is a curious girl, though, and often that could get her into tight spots. She doesn't speak to humans, or those she doesn't trust. She has a marking along her wrists, that appears even in her animal form. She prefers the Fox form (Vixens) and Wolf form, but she can shapeshift into other creatures.

Keep in mind, what they don't know is that the forest spirit gave a bit of itself to her, so she has other properties that make her what she is. She has regen abilities, and if threatened, can very well be a force to reckon with...
Baumbi is an orphaned infant. The mother, who ran from her husband who tried to kill her baby, had died in the forest in an attempt to save her. The spirit in the forest had seen her selfless action and decided to raise the infant as a guardian of the forest.

After years of allowing her to explore the vast lands of the forest, she began to develop power of the forest...The ability to shapeshift was the most powerful and important. The Forest Spirit, after watching her grow into age, had finally came to her to tell her of her fate... That her kind that she had left behind, humans, were to capture her for protecting the forests, but to not despair. There was a path she had to take, a path that meant the safety or the ruin of the homes for all to live. Though confused, Baumbi never questioned her adopted parent, and set out to fulfill her purpose, and the first step was to learn about these... Humans.

CrazyDiamondRivers' character:
Name: Rivers Stork
Age: 22
Magic Type: Air, Sand, Fire
Preferred Weapon: Steel Longsword, or Iron Short Sword And Banded Iron Shield
Personality: Very Quiet, And only cares about his job. However, he follows a very strict moral compass, so if he doesn’t agree with an order, he won’t do it. He thinks of his family in many actions he takes, but doesn’t do anything that might stray from his ideals.
Short Bio: His mother died not long after his youngest sister’s birth, and with his father being to weak to work in the family bakery, he had to do something. Rivers was desperate for work, as his family was struck with a terrible virus. He was approached by a kingsman, and offered a job as a Royal Guard. He immediately took it up, and was able to cure his family. He still manages to meet them every time he gets a lunch break. They deeply appreciate the care. Sometimes, he’ll chat with his childhood friend, Hideo, although they’ve grown apart over time. He enjoys exploring secret realms, and knows a bit of the magic language.

LadyPumpkin's character:
Name: Lyndora KinCho
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Merson/Mershark
Personality: She is docile unless provoked. Most of the time she prefers to be left to her own devices. However, if you get on her bad side, she is hot-headed and aggressive. She is loyal to her family and would do anything to protect them.
Physical Description: In her human form she looks almost completely human aside from her sharp teeth, claws, and pointed ears. She also breathes through her gills rather than through her nose and mouth like a human would. She has grey hair and pale skin and is unusually tall and thin. She likes wearing dark Victorian-style clothing. There is not much visible difference between her water and fighting forms. In her water form she has a human-like upper half and a shark bottom half. Her hair becomes darker and her skin becomes grey. Her teeth and claws become sharper. She grows a shark fin on her back and arms. When she becomes enraged, her eyes go red and her endurance strengthens. This is the same for both human and water forms.
Background: Lyndora grew up mostly underwater. She knew she was capable of living on land, but she was content with staying in the ocean. She was born on Earth, but her kind was completely unknown to humans. After her family became sick because of the humans' reckless pollution, they decided to move to Elesis. In Elesis, there were many opportunities to actually live on land, and Lyndora learned to enjoy it. Soon, she started a life on her own and spent more time on land than with her family. This changed quickly when her family was being hunted by a more powerful water dragon. She saved them and a few others from the dragon. She was then chosen as the guardian of the ocean.
Pet: Lyndora has a pet flying fish named Goon. He is able to breathe on land and underwater. He swims when underwater and flies when above water.

Three Guardians and a non-Gaurdian:
Rivers Stork


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Roleplay Responses

"You can go yourselves", I say at last. I head toward the door, where the light from the forest outside shines in. "I'm finding the intruder before he slips out of our reach."
  Lyndora KinCho / Xhzftlr / 1d 12h 27m 38s
Sounds good to me. I assume that’ll be a few days, though, so I’ll just sit back.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 1d 21h 53m 51s
i hear ya loud and clear. I'm back on track now!!
  Baumbi / Bloody_Eve / 2d 16h 30m 53s
Oh, well since Eve made it to where something is going on in the forest, I was going to have a human and their friends being chased by us, because humans are against a law in Elesis. We can have the case of the problem in the forest be them because the human has a rare power called Time Shift, to where basically he can stop time and move around and stuff, and it is having an effect on the forest.

So basically Baumbi and Raven go to the castle, Lyndora can maybe go off to find Rivers and they meet as we, me and Baumbi, go into the castle , then we meet in the forest, find out that a merson, shapeshifter, and human were there, and then we search for them, while having to keep Rivers a secret from any other shifter or merson, because humans aren't supposed to be in Elesis.

Sound good? Tell me if you have any other ideas, or things to add to it.
  Raven Nightfall / RavenNightfall / 2d 17h 35m 20s
There are a few directions... We have an opportunity to make the city, to say the least, make a higher power, and create a situation... But, i must admit... I am a little bummed, too
  Baumbi / Bloody_Eve / 2d 20h 6m 36s
And I don't know what to say at the moment---
  Lyndora KinCho / Xhzftlr / 2d 20h 15m 0s
I’m still running around Elesis or whatever, if it’s me you’re waiting on.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 2d 20h 43m 42s
I rolled my eyes at Baumbi, but before answering her I turned to Lyndora, "Earth has it's own Guardians, they can run their own Realm let's just focus on ours right now." I turned to Baumbi, "My name is Raven Nightfall, by the way, I am definitely not a human. I am a shapeshifter as well. Don't call me human, that is an offense here." I added.
  Raven Nightfall / RavenNightfall / 9d 16h 11m 26s
Baumbi growled as the last of the boney villains were done. She gradually calmed herself, llowing hersself to pick up her young and put them back into the satchel. "Human... What is going on now?" she asked, looking about quietly. "I do not like to be near other humans i do not trust." She kept her eyes on everyone in the room. She had no reason to trust them, not even this human.

She huffed as she observed. They all wore armor and cloth, not of which was a pelt from their kills. She stared upon the stone, and then back to the human. "What are we waiting on?"
  Baumbi / Bloody_Eve / 9d 16h 56m 30s
I’m waiting for you guys to do something. Just keep in mind he’s still running around.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 9d 19h 18m 59s
lol, ok, your turn to post btw))
  Raven Nightfall / RavenNightfall / 9d 20h 40m 45s
Force would make more sense. His dog is staying with him though lol
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 9d 20h 44m 14s
hopefully, we can meet up in the forest, or somewhere on the way there. We are going to need to force Rivers to come with us, or maybe convince him, whichever seems to go more with what your character would do.))
  Raven Nightfall / RavenNightfall / 12d 18h 12m 8s
Nobody even cares about Rivers, who’s still wreaking havoc lol
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 12d 19h 23m 4s
Lyndora paused. [i They might still need me on Earth], she thought. [i But this business in the forest does warrant my presence more than the situation on Earth does. They can handle themselves]. She looked to Raven. "I'll join you. That business on Earth can sort itself out, and I'll be able to help the other guardians better here than there."
  Lyndora KinCho / Xhzftlr / 9d 14h 2m 3s

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