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Calli didn't mind the lack of sleep that night, she felt amazing in a way she couldn't explain. Good sex lasted only an hour this was something else even with the repeat performance in the morning.

"Wait till he puts those ear pieces in, that was our agreement," Calli grinned to Bobby. She couldn't keep her eyes off of him when he performed. Taking a deep breath she walked to him with a smile.
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 21h 59m 44s
First rime in his life he ever had been called sweet. The usual were "jerk", "asshole", and others. So for her to say he was sweet made him blush the slightest bit as he leaned against her hand that was on his cheek. He could do this. Could show one night of passion that hardly anyone saw. Lord knew that they both really were simialr in a sense. So..letting it down for one night could not hurt. Actually had been the best fucking night of his life. [b "Well...you're pretty sweet yourself, darlin'.."] He muttered jus before she kissed him and he kissed her back.

The next day, they had finished the ride into Phoenix and were actually on time. A first for him which had Bobby looking at Calli with raised brows. "Whatever you did with him..keep it up, please." The older man mumbled.

The show went smoothly and then it was the last song. One NO one had been expecting and Jackson was introducing Calli to come out with him. Time to show how amazing she really was.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 22h 29m 0s
"You're really the sweetest man I've met." Calli smiled with warmth. Resting one hand on his cheek she brushed over his cheek bone softly. This being the few times she showed the inner warmth.

Leaning forward she kissed him softly. She could do this for tonight as a form of going past her.
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 23h 11m 45s
VERY seldom did he let his guard down and show this side of himself to people. He didn't trust them enough. So for him to do it with her.. Well it was a way of saying and showing how much he came to trust her. How much he cared. And that was the thing that scared the hell out of him. He. Cared.

Jack had moved to being propped up himself so that way his gaze met hers that was locked upon him. He couldn't understand why no one had ever said those things to her. A fucking beauty and amazing person in her own right. She deserved to hear it.

[b "Maybe cause it's just how I see you. Should know by now don't say what I don't mean. And hardly say anything less I find it worth sayin'."] He wasn't the greatest in expressing himself, but he hoped she understood what he was getting at.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 23h 21m 1s
That passion he wore on his sleeve was unlike anything she felt before. Everything was right there if she looked just right- good and bad. She didn't have to pretend. She almost felt safe right there.

"Very amazing," Calli propped herself up on her elbow looking at him. "Perfect, halo...you're the the first that ever says these things to me. I...I don't get it...not that I'm complaining."
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 23h 26m 26s
When he saw her in clothes, Jack had never been disappointed. But when they came off.. Well she was hella fucking beautiful. Like a sculpture and pure art. Just the curves of her body and the slender arms and legs... All of it was to die for and add the dark hair that tumbled in waved down her back...A pure beauty and one to drive him crazy at that.

The kisses did something for sure. But actually being with her was even more amazing. God he hoped they didn't have neighbours, and if they did..well it was to their horror and chargrin. Because he didn't regret this. The best he had had in a long time. Probably even the best he would ever get.

[b "It...more amazin' then could have ever imagined. You...well you are fuckin' perfect.."] He whispered as he lay at her side with his arms around her. Thing was he meant everything he had just said.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 23h 41m 22s
Behind the beige clothes hid an impressive man. Calli didn't bother to hide her satisfaction in him and the muscles. The kissing filled some part of her that hadn't been interesting before. All regret evaporated as the night moved on. Hopefully there weren't neighbors.

She curled into him contentedly. "Wow, that's...unexpected."
  Calli / Socasm / 2d 3h 39m 0s
It was her nod that had his a little surprised. She was hella fucking beautiful and she had agreed. But then it looked like neither of them were fighting anymore. Why fight it? Oh yes..this was the PERFECT way to possibly ruin a good thing. Whelp he'd never been smart anyway.

And soon, Jackson's hand was in hers and he led her back to the bed.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 2d 4h 12m 46s
Last chance to not ruin a good friendship with sex, Calli. Said the little voice. You can be more than urges.

She glanced to the bed when finished with the last button. She nodded leaving no room for the other voice to resist. She wasn't a good person and he was amazing looking.
  Calli / Socasm / 2d 4h 56m 35s
It wasn't like he hadn't tried to reign himself in. Just the kiss back at the bar had started this and since everything just built on itself. The last straw had been seeing her in the tub and her uttered words. A fucking idiot would feel nothing..

The space between them was soon good and a groan had found itself slipping from him when he had pressed closer, one of her arms around his waist the other hand in his hair. She was a little minx and knew just how to make a man want her.

She soon was undoing the buttons to his shirt with both hands and when she had done, Jack was lifting the bottom of her shirt and guiding it up. Sparkling blue eyes never left her as he drank her in. He did give the smallest of motions to the bed.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 2d 5h 7m 5s
The room between them was gone she wrapped one arm around his waist, the other hand tangled through his hair. His thinly veiled desire radiated to her as she deepened the kiss.

Unsatisfied with this she started on the buttons on his shirt with both hands.
  Calli / Socasm / 2d 17h 25m 39s
This kiss was not as gentle or sweet as the one that had been meant to be a fake and to detour the men watching earlier. It showed more passion, more lust...things he had been feeling but up until now had NEVER let surface. There was just something aboit this girl that was so fucking addictive. And now she knew it too

He was completely lost to whatever power she had. And he found he liked it. The kiss and the way she pressed closer. He even found himself pressing closer, a hand finding its way into her hair. More...he definitely did need more..
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 2d 17h 44m 50s
Calli melted into the kiss. Wrapping her arms around his neck as best as possible. She had to open her mouth and say something, the natural instinct wouldn't be squished.

That kiss alone proved addictive as she pressed herself closer to him.
  Calli / Socasm / 2d 17h 56m 9s
This girl was pure torture. The fucking worst part was he was impulsive and he was fighting a losing battle. Jackson had JUST managed to regain a little of his sanity when she said her words and touched his shoulder.

[b "Cold showers never did anythin'...actual..."] But he cut his own words off.

She would hate him for this. Hell he would and already DID. But before he knew it, Jack did give in and turn, pulling her into a not so gentle kiss. He just couldn't fight it anymore.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 2d 18h 50s
Calli played with the edge of her hair getting more tangles from the ride out. Really she was just trying to get that voice that whispered 'go for it' in her ear.

Instead she listened to the second voice.

"A cold shower," she said with faint amusement touching his shoulder for a moment.
  Calli / Socasm / 2d 18h 8m 20s

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