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This was the first time anyone had ever stayed to help Jackson before. Usually he had to ask someone what happemed and then hunt his ass down. So for Calli to have stayed and to have not run straight out meant she must have at least cared.

"Yeah..he'll be alright. He does this more often then I want to admit. Just he'll be like a zombie and not remember much." The words were quiet and then Bobby gave her another nod. "Would appreciate it. Anything happens call me.."
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 3h 34m 6s
"You did good for a bit, Jack." She smoothed his hair again. "It's okay..."

Calli didn't have an answer for Bobby. What word did people use for her when she got upset or when she walked away? She didn't understand what to think when watching Bobby put him to bed.

"He'll be okay, right?" She asked when Bobby stepped out. "I'll keep an eye on him tonight?"
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 3h 57m 16s
By now, Jack wasn't aware of much. Only thing he was aware of was Calli. But even she seemed far off to the darkness that was starting to seep in. This happened a lot, but this was one fucking time he wished it hadn't. Just BARELY had he heard her words. [b "Sorry..."] The only word he could manage.

It hadn't taken Bobby long to find the two of them. "Goddamn it, Jackson." The man grumbled, moving to where he was all but holding his brother up. He then looked to Calli and gave a small shake of his head. "Sorry he did this and you dealt with it...But now you know just how 'fucked up' he is...This was what he tried to hide from you.. Shoulda told you." He muttered, motioning to the key card in her hand, asking for the room number.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 4h 22m 52s
"Oh, fuck, Jack..." Calli ran a hand through her hair. The tequila left a bad taste in her mouth. For a second the thought of leaving him there crossed her mind but the shake of her head. Instead she guided him to the wall.

She called Bobby knowing she couldn't help move him. While waiting on Bobby she pushed his hair out of his face. "This isn't who you are, Jack...this is a disease." She said softly.
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 7h 10m 36s
This was him. Had been since he started out and probably would be him until the day he died. It was his way to cut loose. And his way to not have to feel a lot of the emotions from his past. The horrors he constantly lived with. But more than that, this was what he meant when he said "you play a part for so long, it's hard to remember how to go back". All of that WOULD hit him like a ton of bricks when he sobered out. Just for the night, he had no worries or cares.

No worries or care was short lived though. Because there was the beautiful young woman, the one who was starting to make him feel alive, truly alive again coming his way. And she looked pissed. The moment she had gotten to him, was the moment she had her hand in his pocket and taking the key. Before he could say anything or try to, she was walking away.

Torn between staying and going after her, Jackson chose to go after her. Though he did not know the room number. Hell his head was hardly on straight by now and he happened to be stumbling through the halls. It took Bobby to make sure his ass even got back to the room. And because of how fucked he was, Jackson was hardly even concious.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 4h 58m 6s
She followed the growing lines of stumbling people to one of the rooms. All the while she felt the anxiety come in waves as more people came in. Calli finally saw a version of him and the reality clamped down on her like steel jaws.

She fumbled for the card key only to swear to herself, he had it. With long strides she walked over to him and took her hard from his pocket. Without any words she walked away though she wanted to punch him.

In the hallway she looked at the room number and started to the elevator.
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 9h 46m 18s
He wasn't quite sure how to explain the party. Something out of the movies probably would have been the best. But he hadn't thought about it and just led her to the lobby and private wing he had mentioned.

Drinks and cards were passed out. And for awhile he did remain with Calli. Was only fair since he had all but dragged her here. But it wasn't him to stay in one place long and after a few drinks he was off to mingle just a little. Drinks made him well...he was able to tolerate people a little more than normal.

How many drinks did he have? He's lost track after five and actually saw a couple of the others doing lines. Seeing it, Jack decided to join them. Relive the thing that started it all for him. And he was laughing with some of the others, saying how he didn't kiss and tell. The man was beyond fucked up between his drinks and the drugs and flashing lights and the loud music coming over the speakers.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 17h 37m 32s
"Private lobby. I'm really moving up in the world..." Calli mused to herself. She didn't know if she'd like this but there was only one way to find out. She remained close to him when they walked in.

She passed a small glance to him now just wondering what sort of party this was. She found out twenty minutes in when she talked to the tenth random person. One offered a card she pocketed without listening to man in the suit.

She stood up putting the drink down cutting herself at three glasses. Where did Jack go? She didn't even hear him leave.
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 19h 29m 25s
And this was where his vices would win out. Since he could remember he'd been drinking. But the drugs and pills came after he made it big. [b "Hotel, private lobby and wing. Always do this "] He said, quietly. At least she seemed like she was excited for it.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 20h 33m 50s
"Hmm, I don't think so, Obi Wan," Calli shook her head. Before the months were through she'd have more nicknames for him. "That does sound like fun. Let's do it. I haven't drank in a bit."

Smoking and drinking. She could control that at least.
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 20h 36m 36s
Jack only chuckled and shook his head. [b "That was all you, darlin'."] He said, Bobby looking between the two. He could tell that SOMETHING had happened and was going to make his brother spill.

Jack handed his guitar off to Bobby. [b "Well there's a party. Drinks and shit. Feel like comin' with?"] He asked her. He was planning to truly let loose and have fun. And that meant he would most likely drink to much and be higher than high.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 20h 45m 57s
"I have a good teacher. You're still absolutely amazing no matter what anyone says," Calli kissed his cheek quickly. It would be obvious to anyone of their closer nature- Bobby would be able to tell right away.

"What usually comes next," she asked taking out the ear pieces. That took some getting used to.
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 21h 34m 49s
This was just how he heard it when they had been writing it the day before in the diner. It had been just lyrics, but he'd always heard a form of music behind words. Eight or twelve notes...but given the chance they could do a hell of a lot.. Say something and people would listen. There was just a magic.

When she sang, his smile brightened and she matched him perfectly. Her voice was soft, sweet and just rang out like a choir of angels. Cheesey as hell that it went through his head that way. But this was one of the best she had been.

After the song, Jackson introduced her again, telling the crowd how "Shallow" had been written by Calli just he helped with the music. [b "You really were fuckin' great."] The man said when they walked off the stage.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 21h 50m 19s
Jackson had a form of magic with music. Shallow had been lyrics and now was a full song his voice went from the rock to something softer. Smiling genuinely she sang her part matching him with her heart hammering inside her chest.

This felt right in a way she didn't understand yet.
  Calli / Socasm / 1d 21h 55m 40s
"I'll be damned. You actually got him to wear them? He NEVER wears 'em and always fights me." Bobby said with a small smile playing over his lips and shaking his head. Maybe this girl was good for his brother. Maybe she could be the one to actually save him from himself.

Jackson turned to Calli and smiled when she came out. It was nice to see that she was smiling, though he knew nervous. He did leave his mic and go to her. [b "You'll do great. Remember only you know..."] He whispered and then went back to his mic and began to play and sing, looking to her when his part was done. It was now all her until the chorus and singing together.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 1d 21h 54m 4s

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