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"All those genius fried foods. Yes..."

She'd go with madness and a dash of girly feelings. Cooking with him in the kitchen she felt a sense of peace and oddly closer than their time together in bed. The Chinese Ravolis with sweet pepper sauce turned out wonderful.

Rose welcomed Jack with a hug when she returned with Rowland. While Rowland and Calli debated Rose pulled him outside. "I need you to do something for me."
  Calli / Socasm / 13m 52s
Jack never left himself this open before. To actually give in and to tell her.. Well it came down to that he was going soft OR he finally lost it. It was too early to tell, so now it was a just go with it thing..

[b "It's nice to hear those words...almost thought it would be 'get the hell out'.."] He said with a small smile. And then he nodded. [b "Alright..haven't been in years, so wonder how it's changed."]

When she mentioned the food, Jack chuckled and nodded. [b "Always up to tryin' anything once...Want help?"]
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 50m 19s
Calli either finally grew a soft spot or became the next victim of a flawed romance.

"I'm glad you came," Calli kissed his cheek. "A state fair sounds like fun, let's do that. Now back to cooking. Hope you like heat and strange food combinations. I'm making Chinese ravolis."

She walked over and put on the gloves starting on the Chinese peppers.
  Calli / Socasm / 1h 16m 45s
[b "Wouldn't say it if wasn't. Don't really use useless words..."] He said quietly as his eyes had never left her.

For a moment, Jack was frozen. He was almost afraid how she would react and take in his words. She had seen him fucked up and broken.. So when she gave the gentle kiss, he had JUST managed to return it before she pulled back.

[b "Dinner..? Or state fair?..Date's up to you darlin', but would like to take you out.."]
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 56m 32s
Calli gave him a sideways glance. "Is that what you really mean to say?"

She did smile despite herself. She may have seen him in a terrible way but this side somehow melted her. She walked over to him and kissed him softly she pulled away for a second. "I wouldn't say no to a real date."
  Calli / Socasm / 3h 30m 51s
So she was suspicious of his being here. Okay..thst was fair. Would be the same if it was the opposite foot. He just didn't know quite how to say it without admitting something he was scared shitless to admit.

[b "Convinced Bobby to book a couple shows here. Last minute drop outs and took up the slot... And came because do care about you.. Never lied there."] His words were low as he spoke them. He wasn't even sure if he thought it or said it.

This really was NOT what he was expecting to be doin'. But it was just his luck.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 3h 28m 46s
"That depends, Jack, tell me what you're really doing here. You have other stuff to do than follow me," Calli glanced to him starting to put the groceries away leaving what she was going to use out.

She felt some thing in the air and didn't like it. No one said these things to her. She pulled out the gloves and cutting board.
  Calli / Socasm / 4h 44m 37s
She wasn't the only one with anxiety. And for him it was MUCH worse when he cared about the person or had fucked up.. Well her case it was both those things. But he was trying to mask it best he could. [b "It is beautiful here...when can actually make it 'round..."] Jack said quietly.

He did look to his own phone on the counter. There was a text from Bobby asking if he had been able to find her like he wanted. And asking if he was being good. [b "Love spice...Is that sayin' I can stay for a bit?"] Jack asked, shoving his phone back into his pocket, blue eyes locking on Calli.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 5h 10m 31s
"Never been here but it's amazing. These houses for one...and the spices are amazing. Rowland moved here and took Rose from California to watch her," Calli answered, looking back to him seeing the anxiety on his face.

She glanced to her phone seeing she had three hours to make this. "I guess I should hurry then. Do you like spice?"
  Calli / Socasm / 10h 4m 4s
It had been good to see her again. Almost too good and had even made him feel calmer and more relaxed than he had in the last two days. But that was the WORST thing he had to come to terms with. And he was barely grasping that when she had let go and moved away. A action that had in its way hurt. But they had seemed to be going back to being strangers.

When she had let go, Jack watched her a moment. And then said nothing and followed her to the car, helping grab what she couldn't manage to take. It wasn't too much and he did leave the bags on the counter as she was putting them away.

[b "So..how's it been being back?"] The man found himself asking. He was honestly wondering and just he guess longed to get her talking. Even if just a little. Damn it Jack...
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 14h 39m 42s
Let go, no attachment...that little voice said and she listened.

Seeing Rose like this felt like her heart was in a blender. What would he do to what was left? The stone heart felt better. She walked to Rose's car and opened the hatchback.

She grabbed a few of the bags. Inside she welcomed the air conditioning and started on the groceries.
  Calli / Socasm / 18h 53m 7s
When she said it went for a good cause, Jack was sure he had an idea of what se meant. And he had to admit that he admired that she had done something like that. [b "Can't be any worse than Arizona..."] He mused with a small smile.

His arms did stay around her for a minute longer. Did he want her to stop? No..but would it be better? Those questions JUST crossed his mind when she asked if he cared to help her out. [b "I'm here, so might as well make myself useful."] He said, smile coming to his lips as he looked to her.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 3m 25s
"Thanks. It went for a good cause and I can't stand the heat down here...it's awful, I'm sorry, it just is," Calli found herself smiling. She rested her head into his chest for a second. "I could stop if you want. Care to help with the groceries?"
  Calli / Socasm / 19h 17m 3s
His eyes had followed her hands to her hair and that was when he noticed that it had been cut and was shorter. It fit her though and he had to admit it made the shape of her face easier to admire. Her eyes easiet to see.

[b "The new hair looks good by the way."] He mumbled trying to fill what he was thinking was becoming awkwardness again. It was obvious he was NOT used to this kind of thing. Not used to admitting that he actually missed and needed someone around.

When her arms were around him, his arms easily slipped around her. [b "Only just starting?"] Jack asked, trying to tease her some and lighten things.
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 19h 6m 36s
Calli played with the ends of her now shorter hair missing her built-in anxiety reducer. The cost was worth it and helped with this damn weather.

She didn't remember that being said very much. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him. "I was just starting to miss you, too."
  Calli / Socasm / 19h 32m 50s

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