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JoJo heard whimpering to his right, and looked down. He saw a werewolf pup, one that was pretty beefy for its age. The fire reflected onto his face frightened it.
“Oh? More vermin? And a child, at that? You’re that pathetic that you need a child for backup? Jeez... it must have come behind me. Time to put you out of your misery.”
He pulled out his silver dagger, and flung it at the wolf. It glinted in the flames light as it twirled. The wolf whimpering loudly, then howled in fear, then made a sickening crunch when the dagger met it’s target. It hit the youngling right between the eyes. JoJo walked over to retrieve it, and pulled it out. As he did so, tears rolled down the sides of his face.
“Are these... tears? Why... should I care? They’re all vermin. I have to kill them... yes... that’s right... I have a job to do.”
[pic http://i.imgur.com/t1fuSif.jpg]
[h3 [center Within Stone Walls]]
Trees swayed slightly as a breeze blew past. It seemed darker in the western grove, it always seemed that way. It was completely silent, where animals and birds should be making their presence known, there was absolutely nothing.
Further in the trees and deeper into dangerous territory for all outsiders, the tall spires of what must have once been a grand castle stood against the bleak sky. It seemed dark, until one drew closer. In the windows, some of which were broken, light flickered inside, as well as the shift of movement here and there. Outside the walls, tall werebeasts of different shapes and sizes stood guard along the perimeter. This was only a small part of the clan. This very castle being the heart and home of the Crimson Stalkers.
[center [b [u *The Throne Room*]]]
Ragged flags flapped against the stone walls. Leading down the center of the massive room, a worn, red carpet stretched outwards, coming to rest upon the steps that led to a throne. Sitting upon the worn throne, sat a giant of werebeast. The creature's fur was pure black, claws glinting in the dim light of the torches that lined the walls of the great room.
Standing just below and on the right hand side of the throne, stood another, intimidating werebeast. The creature stood seemingly at full attention. The creature's muscular arms were folded behind its back, tail resting behind it. Silver blue eyes stared straight forward, making no move or sound. Notably upon its right shoulder, were four, jagged lines, scars.
[#8b0000 [b "So, let me get this straight,"]] the seated beast growled, [#8b0000 [b "You let a lone wolf live, and escorted them out of our territory? You are well aware of the consequences of this action no?"]]
Kneeling on the rug before them, was another werebeast. This one seemed much smaller, a single long, jagged scar running down its left shoulder. It remained with its head looking towards the ground, not lifting its gaze to meet the others as it responded.
[I "They were a pup sir, they stumbled upon just the outskirts of our territory. Sir, surely letting..."]
The werebeast never finished. With some unspoken word, the beast below the throne suddenly lashed outwards, claws tearing through the other's left ear with ease. The other whined, reacting with grabbing its now shredded ear, blood dripping through its claws.
The creature on the throne gave a disdainful snort, flexing his claws, [#8b0000 [b "Silence! You know your orders. To disobey, means one will be given a punishment. For now, you will be made an example; you will be stationed in the middle of the courtyard, a warden on either side of you to make sure you stay in place. You will remain with one ear shredded, and not be given any food or water for 4 days."]]
The beast didn't even glance over as it spoke, [#8b0000 [b "Lieutenant, get this mongrel out of my sight."]]
The one only bowed their head, then took hold of the now branded 'mongrel', pulling them out of the throne room.

[center [b [u *The Courtyard*]]]
[#191970 [I "You really should've known better,"]] The large werebeast's voice was soft. He knew better than to speak outloud for any other's ears.
The werebeast before him was currently cradling the remains of their mangled ear. They were silent for several moments, then responded, [I "I know...but I just couldn't bring myself to kill a pup. So young, they have a life ahead of them...unlike us...stuck in this prison."]
The large werebeast sighed, [#191970 [I "Hush, the wardens are here to begin your punishment."]]
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He sneered and grinned at the monster, looking down on it. He hoped this would set it off. JoJo now regretted throwing down the holy water... he wished to fight some more. Usually, they run away because of the heat. But maybe... this one seemed stronger than usual. So it was a gamble. He also didn’t have any intention of dying. If he were to, he would fail his father. And his mother... screw her.
This thought set of a gale of laughter from JoJo, and it made every creature in the vicinity run away. The fire reflected in Jonathan’s eyes, making them appear to glow.
JoJo grunted and smiled as he took out his secondary Steel blade, twirled it in his hand, then stabbed the beast in the neck. He pushed off of it and landed on a fallen tree.
“Heh...” He spat out blood, then wiped some off of his cheek. Then, he took out one of the bottles of liquid, and threw it on the ground, creating a pillar of vibrant blue flame. The heat emitted from this was intense, even more so for the werewolf. It spread quickly, creating a wall between the beast and JoJo.
“Come on.” He took out the Vampire Killer, and grinned crazily. His eyes were piercing, like a hungry wolf.
“I’ll kill you before you even take a step. This is Holy Fire. It will burn a supernatural being for eternity, and nothing can douse it. It grows smaller over time.”
[Center [font "Times New Roman" [i [b [#DC143C moon phase // waning gibbus
o c t o b e r]][P ]
The trees swayed gently against the brisk autumn breeze in the woods near the waterfall caverns that Neomi Atlas called home. She was born and raised here, but everyone who had made up the lively clan were long gone now. Their lives withered away and spent as humans. Some even considered the place to be haunted but Neo knew better, it was only the mist here and herself.

One of her pure white ears flicked, her bright eyes opening lazily to take a look at the dim colored hues reaching over the cliffs and into the treelines. It could have been either dusk or dawn, Neo couldn't tell but she did know it was time to get up and hunt for something to eat.

Neo stood on all fours, stretching her limbs and yawning before trotting out of the cavern she'd been resting in. Hunting wasn't very hard, living next to the falls and cliffs left plenty of fish, birds, and sometimes the occasional rabbit or rare deer. She would sometimes have berries when in human form but it was very uncommon to find her out of her complete wolf form within the circle. Today was a fish kind of day.
[Right [pic http://i.imgur.com/2fjJMBL.png]]
The wolf jumped into the water, swimming against the currents in order to reach a small sandbank island in the center of the miniture lake that also connected itself with the stream. Neo had her eye out for salmon tonight because if she caught one she'd be able to cook it in human form rather than raw. If not she'd just eat whatever she caught om the spot because honestly no other kind of fish was worth the effort and she was too lazy to leave the territory's circle. [P ]
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[b [center [i Waning Gibbous ]]]
[sub [center [b - 1 -]]]

[i [#333399 "Break you?"]] a male responded from within the darkness.

[i [#333399 "How about I rip you limb from limb?"]] The male asked as the same danger came suddenly hurtling with great force back at its owner. It was followed by a rather large pitch black wolf baring its fangs.

The beast growled as it charged the man with a star-shaped mark on their neck. Lunging its pointy pearly whites and snapping it jaw as it pounced off the ground and tackled the guy with enough force to knock the wind out of a human. It aimed to sank its teeth into the guys flesh.
A man was walking through the forest in silence, looking forward. His stride was powerful and swift, yet made almost no noise. There were claw marks that tore through the blue silk longjacket he wore, the blood crusted over and long stopped. It’s sleeves had been possibly torn off, revealing a black shirt underneath It’s neck came up to his cheeks, but were pulled aside ever so slightly enough so that you could see a Star-shaped birthmark on his neck, inherited from his Joestar blood. He wore a white silk band that wrapped around the back of his head, the ends flying in the wind. The only thing on his arms were leather wristbands.
The pants he wore were white, and he wore black leather boots. A whip with a handle like a cross is chained to a loop in his belt, alongside a sword on his back with the words LUCK engraved, but with a P written in what looks like dried blood before it, spelling Pluck. There were several bottles of liquid that reflected the sun into a rainbow on bandolier around his chest.
His name is Jonathan R. Belmont, an elite hunter and growing stronger each battle. A man of few words, he kills anything supernatural, and anyone who gets in his way is screwed. He helps the poor, as if he was a powerful Robin Hood. If you’ve stabbed him in the back, watch yours... he’ll do much worse than stab it. He’s killed many werewolves and vampires, and never looks back on it. To him, they’re no more than a deer is to a hunter.
His honed ears alert him to a twig snapping at his right. He slows to a stop, and looks up, smiling.
“Give me a Break...”
With sudden and vicious speed, he whirled around and threw a dagger at the approacher, knowing if it was a strong hunter, they would dodge with ease, but if it was a werewolf or a vampire, they would get hurt, but not enough to die instantly. It would If it was a silver dagger, maybe.
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