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This role play is pretty much for me to use since there are problems going on with editing and deleting character profiles. So, carry on everybody! Nothing to see hear...

[center [h3 Gamer's]]

[right [center [size30 AVATAR:]][pic]]

[b Username:] KB-TheBearWhoMauls

[center [b Reality:]]

[b Name:] N/A.
[b Age:] Seventeen (17) years old.
[b Gender:] Male.
[b Sexual Orientation:] He upfront hetersexual. However, secretly; he hides the fact, that he is into guys.

[center In Game:]

[b Username:] ThatBITCHWhoBarelyWear’sArmor!
[b Race:]
[b Gender:] Female.
[b Class:] Berserker.

[b Powers:]
[b Abilities:] Is able to transform back and forth between both male and female forms.
[b Unique Passive:] Anytime strips off clothes or armor becomes stronger, while gaining charisma over time.

[b Weakness:]

[b Rumors:] Due to having a name censored because of inappropriate language, none of mankind can speak the man’s name without being blurred or beeped out in the chat. -Making it difficult for others to hunt down Bitch.

[center [h3 Hollow Howl's:]]

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