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How was he not supposed to be upset aboit this? His mother KNEW that he was not over her and KNEW that there had been a reason for them to break up. And now it looked like she had decided to do some of her old meddling. The fact that Madi happened to stick up for her.. Well it reminded him of the old days and he did soften just a little. [b "Yeah...okay.. She's right.. No one should be alone for the holiday."] Cole said and ran a hand through his hair as he studied her.

He had barely registered her words about the pizza shop they ordered from the last time rhey had been to the cabin. And when he did realize what had been asked, the man nodded. [b "Yeah, they stay open later. Even on holidays because they know some people don't want to cook or alone..And they know they are loved. I think the number is in the drawer by the phone. You want to call them and order or should I?"]

Honestly, Cole would prefer if she was the one to call the pizza shop. He had missed the sound of her voice. Not like he said it out loud though.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 250d 20h 33m 25s
Madison had no clue how this holiday vacation was going to play out. She was a little upset with Cara, as she had point blank lied to her. But she knew it was just because she waned Cole and herself to get back together. She had expressed that so many times right after they had ended their relationship.

She looked up when Cole asked about food. She loved cooking with him, they always had so much fun. [b "Do you think that pizza shop is still open? The one we ordered from last time we were here? It was soo good. I can't find anything like it back in the city."]

She smiled weakly at Cole. She had indeed missed him so much. But their relationship had ended for a reason.. It wasn't just some silly little breakup. [b "When your parents get here... Don't be upset with your Mother... It's Christmas, and she just didn't want me to be alone.."]
  Madi / BooBear96 / 254d 8h 27m 58s
When he got it oit of his mother what she had done, Cole found he was angry with her and NOT Madison. Hell he had missed her like crazy and even wanted to see her again. Not like he ever voices it though. It was a feeling that he has long tried to surpress and well that has gone up in smoke the moment he saw her again.

[b "'s not on you. And would be nice to have some company here.. Mum and dad won't be here until Christmas Eve..."] His words were quiet as they were spoken. He actually wasn't sure if they had come across as audible to more than just himself. And he really did hate to see her looking so upset and to hear her stammer the way she did. They might have been exes but something in him still did care for the young woman.

Her stomach growled to answer his question and soon after she looked up at him, shaking her head. [b "Feel like cooking with me? Or do you want to order something in?"] He asked, pulling menus from a drawer he had gone over to and bringing them back to her.

How bad could this really go anyway?
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 254d 8h 2m 31s
Madison's mind was racing a mile a minute while Cole was in the other room. She couldn't make out anything that he was saying, but it didn't take a rocket scienctist to figure out that he was quite upset, which only upset herself because she hadn't meant to just bombard him unexpectedly.

She looked up when Cole walked back into the room. [b "Cole... I didn't... I didn't know that you.. that you didn't want me here.."] she started [b "I promise, the only reason I came today, is because I thought that you... I don't know."] she said, defeated. She just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. It was days before Christmas, and It was her firs Christmas in New York alone. Last year she was with the Alexander's. [b "I can just go back to the City... I don't want to bother you."]

As if on que, as soon as he asked if she had eaten, her stomach growled. She couldn't help but blush as she looked up at him and shook her head.
  Madi / BooBear96 / 270d 5h 32m 29s
Oh god he had missed her. But he had tried SO hard to get her out of his head. That had been part of why he had come to the cabin to begin with. Just the moment he saw her on the porch though forced him to relive EVERYTHING in fastforward up until their breakup. And they both knew that had been hell on earth. The shouting and the whole "I never want to see you again" kind of words. There had been more but the man was trying to drag his ass out of thought.

Seeing that pained look on her face had something in the pit of his stomach stir. She had come all the way out here. Been tricked by his plotting mother. So the least he could do was let her stay. At least until he figured out what the hell Cara Alexander had done this time. [b "No...just..."] He had no words but had let her in and had the door closed behind her.

And when he did, Cole left the room and was on the phone with his mother. It was a short conversation. Mostly her telling him off and telling him to be nice. And when off the phone, he came back to where he had left Madi.

[b "Why don't you stay? It's starting to get cold...and you did come all this way.. Have you eaten?"] Might as well let this play out. And he had missed her, but was TRYING not to act on anything.
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Madison's breathe caught when Cole opened to the door. She felt like she couldn't breathe when she looked up at him. EVERYTHING she had tried, worked so hard to forget, came rushing back. All their memories, EVERYTHING.

[b "H---Hii, Cole."] she muttered softly. [b "I--- You didn't want me here...Did you?"] Her face quivered slightly as she realized that Cole had indeed not missed her. Cara had made all this up... just to.. Just to get them in the same place. [b "I--I'm sorry. I can just leave Cole... Really."] she said softly, but before she knew it, he was shutting the door, with her on the inside of the warm cabin.

She left her bag by the door, as she didn't think she would be staying for much longer. She walked into the kitchen and sat on a barstool and tried to process what had just happened. Why had Cara lied to her? About Cole of all things. [b "I should've just stayed at my apartment."] she muttered.
  Madi / BooBear96 / 273d 4h 10m 23s
He had been watching those silly Christmas movies where everything always worked out. The ones were long lost lovers or exes managed to get back together. They made him almost scoff knowing that in real life those sort of stories ever came true. But hell they made for nice stories for the holiday. Brought cheer and hope to some. But then he also thought them a bit messed up for those that got depressed with the things. On a personal level, Cole was not all sure where he stood. Somewhere in the middle he supposed.

He was on the third movie that morning when a knock came to the door. And he couldn't help wondering who it could be. He knew that his parents would be joining him in the next day or so.. And he KNEW it couldn't be them because they would just let themselves in. So who could it have been?

All of his thoughts were playing round and round in his head as he stood and finally went to the door. He didn't even bother with the peep hole and opened the door. It was when grey eyes fell on the young woman did he freeze. [b "Madi?"] He found himself breathing out, clearly in shock. Everything in him was fighting against his next actions, but he stood to the side and let her in. [b "Why don't you take a seat? I'm just going to the next room to make a call."] And with that he left her. He needed to find out what the hell his mother had done. This had to be her work.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 273d 4h 30m 2s
After exchanging more small talk, Madison went and grabbed a few more bottles of wine, and a bottle of whiskey, for Cole. She was so nervous about how these next few days were going to happen. Part of her was so excited because they had the possibility of getting back together. Could they actually though? They ended on such bad terms. It almost killed her.

She hurried home after buying what she needed, as she needed to pack and what not. She didn’t know what kind of outfits she was going to take, all of this coming up so fast was kind of stressing her out.
The next morning, she packed up her Equinox and headed into Upstate New York. Her nerves were a complete wreck. What if Cole didn’t want to actually see her? What if all of this was some kind of a sick joke.

She pulled into the driveway of the cabin that she had been to once before. Cole has brought her up here to celebrate her admission letter into Criminal Justice. They had the perfect weekend away. She smiled weakly as the memories came flooding back.

She swallowed her feelings and marched up the the front porch with her duffle bag on her shoulder, she took a deep breath and knocked.

[ outfit]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 276d 34m 46s
The young woman had been like a daughter to her. She had taken an instant liking and now that she and Cole were no longer together, Cara was lonely. And she KNEW that even if her son would not admit it he did miss her. He was just a stubborn lad and was needing this push. From the look on Madison's face, Mrs. Alexander could tell she missed him too.

When she heard the spoken words, the woman took them in. She felt horrible for her. It was actually what made her feel NO guilt whatsoever as now she continued with the lie.

[#fd9d12 "It wouldn't be intruding at all. It would be nice to have you for the holiday. And why wouldn't I be sure? He's always saying how much he misses you."] Cara said and looked to her husband who only nodded. John wanted to keep put of this.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 276d 2h 11m 46s
Madison almost dropped the two bottles of wine she had in her hand when she heard someone say her name. She could’ve started crying right then and there. She hadn’t heard that voice in months now, even though it felt like years. [b “Cara!”] she said, with a fake smile. [b “How are y’all?!”] she said.

When Cole has introduced her to his parents, just two weeks after they became an official couple, she felt like she had met a reincarnation of her own Mother. Cara took her under her wing the way a biological mother would her daughter. She invited her to girls day, and just called her when she didn’t feel like going to the grocery store alone. Cole and his father were very close, so they were always doing little guy trip and such, so she and Cara always had some type of plans.

She was honestly shocked with the invitation to go to the Cabin for Christmas. [b “Oh. I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to intrude or anything. I’m probably the last person Cole would want to see..”] she looked into the woman’s eyes and sighed, knowing she was defeated. She couldn’t lie to her. [b “Momma wanted me to come home, but I couldn’t afford the plane ticket. I was planning on kicking it solo in my apartment... Oh are you sure he wants to see me?”] she asked as she put the TV dinners back into the freezer. [b “I’ll go. But only if you’re sure.”]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 276d 2h 41m 35s
Criminal Justice had been his calling since he was a child. Something that he had been inspired by since he loved those old shows like "Law & Order", "CIS", and the likes. So the first chance he had had, Cole was taking classes at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. And he loved them very much. Though now, the man wasn't even too sure of the college because of a young woman he had met over a year ago. Smart, funny, and brilliant. He had fallen and he had fallen hard. He would admit that to EVERYONE but her. Their parting had not been a happy one and he didn't even know where she was this holiday season. He didn't want to care.

Cole had plans to be at his family's cabin for the Christmas holiday and that was where he had ended up. A cozy place that he could remember coming with his mum and dad to since he had been a child. It hadn't changed and it was still even now his favourite place to slip off to and to get away. His hand reached for the glass of wine and he lifted it as grey eyes found their way to the window, a shooting star to be exact. [b [i 'Hopefully this Christmas will be a good one..']] He thought.

[#fd9d12 "Oh my god! Madison, is that you?!"] Came the voice of Cara Alexander as she and her husband, John saw the young woman. They had not seen her since she and Cole had split up. And they had LOVED her so much more than any of their son's other girlfriends. They were still terribly upset that things had not gone better between the two.

The woman was quick, KNOWING Cole would be at the cabin. It was with that knowledge did an idea come to mind. [#fd9d12 "You know Cole's at the family cabin for Christmas. John and I were thinking to join him in a couple of days...But...if you don't have any plans.. Why don't you come too? Maybe even meet him tomorrow before we head out? He's been saying how much he misses you and wishes he could see you."] He hadn't been, but she KNEW that even if they didn't that they were a "match made in heaven" just needed a push.

[#fd9d12 "What do you say?"]
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 276d 5h 5m 1s
It was December Twenty Second and she was alone. Madison had moved up to New York City almost a year and a half ago now, to chase some stupid dream of becoming a fashion designer, which had failed.

Now she was enrolled in classes at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, she was majoring in Criminal Justice. She just wanted to have something under her belt in case life through another rock at her. She wanted to work in a dispatch center though. She had been inspired by Law Enforcement in the last few months, so she thought why not.

She couldn’t afford a plane ticket back to Tennessee this Christmas, she was just going to get a bunch of microwave dinners, cheap wine, and Christmas Movies and hole up in her apartment herself.

[b “Hey Sam!”] she said to the cashier as she walked into her favorite corner store.
  Madison / BooBear96 / 276d 9h 54m 34s

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