The Dybbuk Box

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Be careful with what you open...

There's a legend about these little things. They may not seem like much now, like they're little jewelry cases sealed shut to keep curious hands out of their riches... But, nothing could be further from what its true purpose is...

Dybbuk boxes were created to help disconnect evil spirits and demons from that of humankind. Not too many people have the ability or the stomach to attempt to conceal a demon or spirit, but it was also a job nonetheless that humans couldn't do themselves. It took that of Chosen human beings, those that walked on the thin line between the planes of Living and Dying to have the power.

Witches, though hunted and hated among humans, were the most powerful of beings in existence. They were demon bringers, cursing those that had done harm to their kind, or their family. The best way they would do so would be to offer their bodies and souls to the devil to see their curse through, thus, Demons and tainted spirits from the realm of Hell had made it to the surface to do just that.

The only other powerful beings with the same abilities were Voodoo Masters, or Witch Doctors, as they were named by the Creole that had landed in New Orleans. They use their abilities on the opposite of Witches. They aimed to use the Devil's power to do good, even if it meant their souls were damned for it. They were the reason why there were quite a few human beacons, Mediums, and Spirit jumpers that exist in this day and age.

There is one particular story about a keeper of the records of many Witches and Witch Doctors. She was a seemingly ordinary girl, always stayed to herself, always studied the workings of both Witches and Witch Doctors. So, when the news reported about a killing of her only friend and her family with no other reason: No forced entry, no explanation of the weird way they all died. What she did noticed from the footage was a little box, a box with ancient writing all over it. It was sealed shut with red candles, and she needed to see what had killed her friend... But what she finds is that whatever her friend experienced was far more powerful than what she could ever imagine.


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