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Kimberly tried so hard not to laugh. This boy eats anything. Hell her mother purposely added something to one of her stew to make it taste weird and he enjoyed it. Yet he still managed to eat pizza with her because Kim refused to eat that abomination of a stew.

Reminiscing about the simpler times made her smile. Although to be honest she should stop smiling because she doesn’t need to be judged for smiling for no reason. The girl rubs her lips together a few times to hide the fact she’s smiling at old memories that isn’t being shared with him.
“Alright, We should surprise her one day then. I’ll even clean her house so she’ll be in a better mood and no you don’t have to help... unless I need help moving something.” Okay another thing about Kim that may or may not have been mentioned is that she loves to move everything when she cleans. No dust will be left behind!

Kim nods at his demand to change before helping her pack. It’s a good call to be honest. She should change too. She’s been away from her pjs for far too long! “Cool. Cool. Should we stop by a liquor store to get something tasty to celebrate or we can grab one of the many, many gifts I received... oh a coworkers gave me a green apple Jack Daniels. Would I sound like a alcoholic if I was to say we should bring a few bottle...” she asks awkwardly as they wait for the check.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 244d 12h 54m 24s
The thing was, Cole did regret the fact that he had not asked Kimberly to marry him after high school. Both their families adored the other. She literally had been adopted by his family as a part of it. And his mother had spent a good amount of time calling him an idiot for letting her get away. He only had because she seemed happy with the guy she was with AND even he could admit that he was too young and dumb. Probably wouldn't have been the man or husband that she wanted or needed. So on his mind, Cole had saved them. AND he had managed to save a friendship that meant most to him. That wasn't a bad thing right?

Of course all of that had to be going through his head when she was talking. So for a majority the man had to act like he had been paying attention. Only when it came to her mother and the words there was he somehow able to check back in fully. [b "It might be nice if we did. I mean get her and your dad off your back. And I missed her cooking."] He teased and now gave a waggle of his own brows. It really was half meant as a joke but half serious too. More than that though, the man had wondered how her parents had been doing.

[b "Packing and movie night it is. God knows adulting is hell and we need a break. Though I wanna be able to change before we start the packing at your place."] He said with a smirk.

The thing was..he didn't know that his bitch of an ex would be at his place when they got there.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 244d 5h 50m 18s
Hey, it’s not her fault she gives people she cares about good gifts. Is she suppose to give people socks for Christmas? Who wants socks... but she does understand him. He technically doesn’t have a say. Her soon to be ex-husband that is.

She kept every receipt for when it came to her husband. Well ex husband. He was always ungrateful. Not that Cole knows but she got both him and her husband the same watch. Just different colors. Cole liked it but her husband... not so much. He kept it but never wore it unless she asked him too because they’re going to a family even. Even then it’s a hassle to get him to wear it. Maybe she is better off without him. Right?

“I got this. I can call Shaun and ask him to help. So it was stolen or my ex took it and I want it back. I got proof I paid for them... maybe just the recent things. But I getting the Jeep back. My dad wants it. He said he’ll pay off the rest of the payments and to get it towed to his place.” She says giving him a playful yet evil smirk as she wiggles her eyebrows.

Her parents tried to prevent her from getting married. Her mom always had a thing for Cole. Always wished they got together because of how close they are. Maybe her mom was on to something... “My dad was so mad that he said he would’ve gave you his blessing to marry me after high school. That made Matt so made her broke my favorite vase. World war 3 almost happened at my place... speaking of my parents. My mom keeps asking about you. How about we surprise her sometime this week? I think she may be going through something because she mention how we used to build forts as a kid and she would make use snacks ... I think she finally hit menopause...” that or maybe because Kim can’t have a baby is making her mother reminisce. Kim is actually a IVF baby. Her mother couldn’t get pregnant the natural way. It seems to be a sad time for everyone. Just thinking about it is bringing her down a little.

“Okay, ready to go? Since I’m in a good mood I say we go back to my place to pack. Oh when we get to your place can we have a movie night? Like the old, old, old days!” Junk food, movies, pjs, occasional deep conversations. Life was good when they were younger. Adulting is hard and annoying.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 254d 12h 40m 21s
The chuckle and sparkle in her eyes made the man curious as to what could be going through her head. But at the same time, Cole almost didn't want to know. She was able to smile again and even seemed lighter than she had all evening. So that was a good thing and he didn't need to know what was in mind.

[b "The damage control might be harder than it sounds. Well the getting things back that you gave him part anyway. If I remember, Kim you were generous with the gifts. He won't want to give them.up easily."] His words were quiet and thoughful as he spoke them. More of a gentle reminder that her ex could be kind of tricky and spikey when he wanted. Cole had never told Kimberly, but the other man had NEVER like him because he always assumed there was something going on between the two of them. Not like he didn't sometimes wish that was the case, BUT she was his best friend and he knew where to draw lines.

A small shake of the head was given and another smile crossed his lips as he did reach across the table and give her hair the very gentlest of tugs. [b "You know me better than anyone. So of course I'm sure. Wouldn't have asked if I wasn't, silly."] Cole muttered and then went back to his treat, studying her to take in her reaction.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 254d 12h 52m 48s
Kim chuckles. See. It’s not such a bad idea. Hell he can but that husb-end, husband friend. The girl wouldn’t oppose to it. There was some attention around the time they met. Nothing ever happened though. As you can see. Not to mention, he also knows that love is overrated. See, a perfect match already!

Cole is too kind to her. He’s willing to have her stay with him until she gets a new place after selling her house. “Oh I already blocked him on ever social media. Just need to start doing some damage control like cutting off his phone line and taking back everything i got him... but yea. Are you sure you can have me stay at your place?” She could help pay the bills and clean.

Kim may drive him insane with the cleaning. Especially when she goes on a full on cleaning mode. From ever corner. Top to bottom. Music blasting. Candle being lit after cleaning a room. Did we mention she moves furniture as she cleans? She’ll accidentally rearrange things too. He’s going to hate it. But at least he’ll come home to a cooked a meal from time to time. Depending if she gets home before him. Ha ha, hike before.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 258d 5h 50m 57s
He had been surprised she had agreed to the weeknd het away so easily. But then why shouldn't she have? And before he could really say anything she was speaking again. Saying how she wanted to plan it and take her car because it was newer than his and had better gas. At this rate..He really couldn't care and was just content to see that she seened to be lightening up and looking forward to something. That really had been his goal.

[b "Love is overrated. Maybe your plan to marry a friend and do the two house thing could work.. I mean.."] What the hell did he mean? He wasn't THAT drunk or foggy headed. He just wasn't good with his thought process. At least not at the moment. And so he did go back to eating his treat and listening to her.

Slowly he shook his head. [b "No, you didn't say that. But probably better. Means you can cut all ties and have the life you want. If you want...can even stay with me while you look for something else."] Did those words really slip from his lips? Well she was his best friend..But he had also always felt more. Just never said. Maybe she would just take it as he wanted to help.. He hoped she would anyway.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 258d 8h 26m 40s
“Perfect. I saw we go too...” she pulls out her phone to look for a random place. “Playa Hawaii. Sounds nice and it’s a five hour drive. I’ll plan everything out. We can even take my car because it’s newer and better on gas... no offenses...” she says chuckling.

Kimberly is actually excited. She didn’t think he would saw yes to her crazy idea. She had to remember they’re out so she should be be on her phone right now planning everything out. This is by far a good moment. One she hasn’t had since... what’s his face.

“Love sucks. I think at this point I’ll marry someone for money and they can get their green card or marry a long time friend. If they can deal with me for years being married shouldn’t be too bad. We can still live apart of get a two family house and be neighbors.” She says jokingly. Although it doesn’t sound too bed to be honest. Either or can work.

“Did I tell you I may sell the place. I think it’s best. We got the house together... he left. I’m the one who paid all the bills so he can get like 10% of whatever i sell it for... but i do still want a puppy and a baby and maybe a newer car. Like a model from this year. Not last year...” she says making face for certain things.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 263d 12h 51m 23s
She hadn't known any of that because she didn't want her to. She seemed so happy with her life and how it had been going and so why should he ruin that and bring her down? Well she was his best friend, but that was just how he saw it. Cole had always been happy for her and wanted the best for her.

[b "You did warn me.. But you know what they say.. 'Love is blind'.. And when it came to it I was blind.. and want to give Ty a chance."] The man said as he took another sip from his tea. But he could not help a chuckle when she mentioned them beating up the others ex. Tempting as it was, that really wasn't his thing.

A smile came to his lips and he nodded. [b "All for the breakup weekend. It would definitely give us something to think about. How about do it next week?"] The man asked, happy with his own treat. Something that was safe and he knew he liked.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 263d 22h 13m 30s
Her heart sank. She didn’t know any of this. She wasn’t there for him. Yet here he is for her. “Jesus... didn’t I tell you Tyler looks like a fuckboy you can’t trust... and to be honest I never liked her. The feeling was mutual apparently” she stops as the server delivers their things. She takes sip of her tea. “What if you beat up my ex and I’ll beat up yours?” The girl asks grinning. Although, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. She’ll be down with it. Help release some anger and other emotions.

“Sure. I saw we both need it. Oh. What if we go away for the weekend. We can call it a break up getaway. Watcha say?” She asks eating he skillet cookie. The pretzel is a weird taste with the cookie and ice cream but it somehow blends together.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 265d 14h 12m 26s
[b "Hey, anyone would be lucky if you chose them. I mean what's not to like? Funny, smart, beautiful.."] He was being honest in how he saw her.. But knew given what happened and the fact that she still had his hand that she would think he was joking. So that was a good thing, right? Didn't need to make her feel weird or awkward. And he sure as hell didn't need to ruin the relationship that they had.

Ice cream was what they had been looking for, but nothing seemed to be open. Well no frozen treat place anyway. But they did come across a small café.. A "sweet bar" of sorts and he had chose a chocolate lava cake and a breakfast tea. Easy and something he was familiar with. And sor a moment he was just watching Kim before he took a sip from his own tea.

[b "Eh, they've been well just that. Miranda and I broke up about a month ago. I wanted to take the next step and she didn't. Found out she had been cheating the whole time with my now exfriend Tyler. And so just been pretty busy with work. The highlight of everything has been getting to see you and to hang out.. Though wish it would have been under better conditions. We have to plan a day to do something, a "friend" date or something."] He wasn't poking fun and had actually meant it.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 265d 3h 50m 54s
Kimberly grins. “Maybe i can find a baby daddy if I keep this up.” She says jokingly. Either she feels safe or she’s used it it, but Kim hasn’t let her friend go. Being single isn’t her thing.

So far no ice cream shop is open. She stops seeing a weird but cut looking cafe. If it is a cafe. “Let’s go here.” She says dragging him inside anyways. They were seated and handed a menu. Which seems like it’s only desserts and tea... weird but okay. She got a chocolate chip cookie in a tiny skillet with preténdela, ice cream and some chocolate drizzle. Weird but okay. Again! Then got a Grey herbal tea. Hot. “So. How’s everything with you?” She asks as they wait for their tea and dessert
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 268d 2h 24m 54s
Cole had to really try not to punch the man who had grabbed onto Kim. He probably would have had she not gotten free heraelf and grabbed onto him. It had been disgusting and he was actually happy she had chosen to keep with their oce cream plan.. Well coffee or something like that probably would be easier to find than ice cream. But still the plan to go out and leave the club.

[b "Yeah, single life is like that. Girls aren't always easy either.. But hey at least you know you still got it."] The man teased and gave her a gentle nudge as the continued on their way out of the bar.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 268d 2h 53m 50s
Kimberly nods. Maybe ice cream will be hard to find but they can substitute it for something else. She grabs her things and began to head out. The only time she stopped was because I guy stopped her and pulled her close him. Talking about what he’ll do to her if she gives him the chance. It was super flattering but he’s too.... not her type and he’s scary looking to be honest. Kim forcefully removes herself from him and wraps an arm around Cole so they can leave and prevent him from reacting.

“Soo... is this how it feels to be singled because it’s aggressive now...” she says still holding on to his arms after exiting the club.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 269d 13h 3m 9s
Not like he had meant to hurt her. Just he had hoped going out she would have an idea of what she wanted. The night was for and about her and trying to make her feel like her again. And when they glare had been shot his way, grey gaze narrowed into a glare of his own. The girls were always so critical. But he did not say so. He didn't need to be starting a fight tonight.

At the dance club, Cole had maybe a couple shots. The liquor wasn't a problem for him to hold. It was just he was trying to stay sober enough to make sure nothing happened. Kimberly was able to dance with him and the others after a little while. What was bad though was the others soon left them because they got hit on and wanted a little fun as they put it.

[b "They'll probably forget we're here too. So ice cream and a walk sounds nice. Maybe around the park? Like you said we can always come back later and see if they are still here. If they aren't....then how do movies back at my place sound?"]
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 269d 12h 57m 49s
“I handled being friends with you.” She says jokingly. The girl knows he’s teasing her. She’s used to it. That’s how the girl grew up. Being teased for now allowing to have pets. Hell, she wasn’t even allowed to go to her cousins house until they put away the dogs and when she got home she would have to quickly change and put her clothes in the washing machine...
what a childhood right...

Kim froze when he asked where they’re going. She didn’t think that far. It bummer her out a little. Crystal smacks coles shoulder. “We got this.” She looks at Kimberly, “Don’t listen to him. We got this. You want to go out so we’ll take you out. We are here to help you.” Crystal says glaring at Cole towards the end of her words.

They took her to a dancing bar. But the girl was no longer in the mood to be out. Freaking depression... the girl had about six shots before she loosened up and get good. Good enough to be smiling and joking around. Even dancing! Only with her friends though. It didn’t take long for the girls to abandon her because they got hit on.

Kimberly stayed near Cole. “It’s just use until they either fuck on the back or decide to leave... let’s leave them and get ice cream. We’ll come back.”
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 274d 9h 42m 56s

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