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Valentina has been trying to have a baby for a while. Sadly, her husband who left her and filled for a divorce left her before she finally decided to do a IVF procedure. Her hopes and dreams crashed because of her husband. However, she’s determined to get this baby and not spend anymore more.

That’s when ___ comes in. Her best friend. She asks him to be her baby daddy. He can be in the baby’s life as a coparent or an uncle. Whatever he wants. Will him agreeing to be her baby daddy blossom the love everyone assumed they always had? Join and find out!

-Real pics. -In need of a male to join. -400 char limit.


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Kimberly nods. Maybe ice cream will be hard to find but they can substitute it for something else. She grabs her things and began to head out. The only time she stopped was because I guy stopped her and pulled her close him. Talking about what he’ll do to her if she gives him the chance. It was super flattering but he’s too.... not her type and he’s scary looking to be honest. Kim forcefully removes herself from him and wraps an arm around Cole so they can leave and prevent him from reacting.

“Soo... is this how it feels to be singled because it’s aggressive now...” she says still holding on to his arms after exiting the club.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 3h 37m 12s
Not like he had meant to hurt her. Just he had hoped going out she would have an idea of what she wanted. The night was for and about her and trying to make her feel like her again. And when they glare had been shot his way, grey gaze narrowed into a glare of his own. The girls were always so critical. But he did not say so. He didn't need to be starting a fight tonight.

At the dance club, Cole had maybe a couple shots. The liquor wasn't a problem for him to hold. It was just he was trying to stay sober enough to make sure nothing happened. Kimberly was able to dance with him and the others after a little while. What was bad though was the others soon left them because they got hit on and wanted a little fun as they put it.

[b "They'll probably forget we're here too. So ice cream and a walk sounds nice. Maybe around the park? Like you said we can always come back later and see if they are still here. If they aren't....then how do movies back at my place sound?"]
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 3h 31m 52s
“I handled being friends with you.” She says jokingly. The girl knows he’s teasing her. She’s used to it. That’s how the girl grew up. Being teased for now allowing to have pets. Hell, she wasn’t even allowed to go to her cousins house until they put away the dogs and when she got home she would have to quickly change and put her clothes in the washing machine...
what a childhood right...

Kim froze when he asked where they’re going. She didn’t think that far. It bummer her out a little. Crystal smacks coles shoulder. “We got this.” She looks at Kimberly, “Don’t listen to him. We got this. You want to go out so we’ll take you out. We are here to help you.” Crystal says glaring at Cole towards the end of her words.

They took her to a dancing bar. But the girl was no longer in the mood to be out. Freaking depression... the girl had about six shots before she loosened up and get good. Good enough to be smiling and joking around. Even dancing! Only with her friends though. It didn’t take long for the girls to abandon her because they got hit on.

Kimberly stayed near Cole. “It’s just use until they either fuck on the back or decide to leave... let’s leave them and get ice cream. We’ll come back.”
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 5d 16m 59s
He had been told before about the no pet thing. BUT it gave her a moment to think about something else and it even seemed to him that it amused her. [b "So what I got from that.. They didn't trust you and thought you couldn't handle a pet."] He knew those words could earn him a slap, but he was teasing her and trying to lighten her mood a bit.

The sadness wasn't that it made him feel uncomfortable or awkward. It was just he knew she was hurt and not sure how he could help or make her feel better. The hard part had been asking her to move in. More so because he didn't want her to think he was making any moves or something. Truth be told he had always had feelings for her, but had never said because he didn't want to make it awkward. [b "So go out and make sure they don't burn down your house.. And then come back here after and get what you need before we go to my place."] He said, a smile slowly making its way to his lips.

When she ran up the stairs, Cole stayed downstairs and cleaned the "mess" they had made. He was more or less wondering what going out entailed and looked to the stairs when Kimberly came back down. [b "Looking MUCH better. So where did you want to go. And where did you want to drag the band of trouble?"] The man asked as he motioned to the landing above them where the others now seemed to be watching them and waggling brows.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 5d 13h 46m 54s
Kimberly chuckles whipping her cheeks dry. “My dad never wanted one and my mom said she’s allergic to them.” She tells him honestly. Don’t get her wrong, she’s tried many times to get a pet but it was never allowed. A fish. Hamster. Even a freaking pet rock... her parents were strict and complicated.

The girl looks at him. He seems uncomfortable. It made her feel bad. Is her sadness really bothering her friends or just him? She removes the hoodie from her onesie. “Okay. Yes I’ll stay with you. Being here doesn’t help. Plus, we should go out before they burn my house and I’m homeless...” she gets up grabbing a bag of chips. The girl stretches real quick before running upstairs. It scared them. They screamed a bit before they began to cheer because Kimberly is actually showering and getting ready. It still didn’t stop them from taking Max’s belongings and bringing them outside to set them on fire later tonight. Two of them stayed behind to dress Kimberly up. Something sexy but causal. Although, Kimberly isn’t one to dress up for nothing which scares her because they’re going to make her forget her problems...

“Alright we’re all going out now.”
“After we eat. We didn’t spend all of this money for no reason”
“Yes. Eat. Then do god knows what.... I may have to vomit first...” Kimberly warns them as she ties up her hair. Slowly walking away.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 7d 19h 37m 15s
Jotaro: Damn. That is a thick bitch if I’ve ever seen one. I would pipe that shit so hard her nose would bleed.
It was times like these where he wished that he was gay. Then he would be able to relate to the girls, well young women whom he was sat among. The man was only half listening but had caught enough to know that Max was in for hell. And he didn't blame them for doing whatever it was they were going to do. Hell the man deserved it for ripping out Kimberly's heart and destroying all her hopes and dreams.

When the last of the wine had been offered and the thudding came from upstairs, Cole took the sip. He was thinking how best to phrase anything he was thinking. [b "I can help you with the dog... Had a lot when was growing up. And I love them.. Though tell me again how you never had one?"] He asked as he was TRYING to distract her a little with conversation and could hear squealed laughter as a crash was heard. Looked like the girls had found something of Max's they wanted to break right away.

But he was quick to have his attention back on Kimberly when she spoke again and he put the glass of wine down on the small coffee table. [b "Hey I get it and not holding it against you. Anyone would be like 'fuck it' with this stuff. But if you want you can always stay with me...Get out of here."] Again he was TRYING to make her feel better and hoped getting her out of the home that WAS her married house would help.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 7d 17h 23m 8s
Kimberly wasn’t expecting company. The girl was I a onesie drinking wine and watching... horror movies. She can imagine her soon to be ex-husband dying throughout the movie. It’s helping her cope. The girl opens the door looking tired and sick. But it’s just the depression making her look like that.

“I said no many times...” she says walking away from the door to go back in her little corner on the couch. “Is there booze?”
“Yes girl. Beer. Jack Daniels. Hennessy.”
“Chinese food, cheesecake, sandwiches, and dominos pizza. Your favorites. We can order something else you you like...”
Kimberly chuckles and cries a little.
“We were supposed to have a baby. Go to Italy to celebrate the our successful IVF procedure and then get a puppy before the baby is born so they can be buddies... my life is in shambles...” she says trying not to cry. Again. It didn’t take long for her to be attacked with hugs.

They all began to think of ways to fuck with Max. To burn whatever he left at their house. To sell the car she got him. Sell the jewelry he got her. Speaking of which, they took off her wedding ring. They even want her to sell the house and get something smaller and closer to everyone she loves. Her girls friends were first to end the go gather Max’s shit and make a bonfire with them. Kimberly looks at Cole. “I may have rescued a dog... he’s coming I two days... I don’t never had a dog before....” she tells him offering the last bit of her wine. They can hear the ruckus upstairs. They must be having fun going through her closet. She wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a missing por of heels or a dress or two... “Sorry I canceled on our plans. I haven’t felt like going out or socializing lately.”
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 9d 35m 34s
Things were looking up for his best friend and he couldn't have been happier for her. Good job, man she loved, even was going to be starting a family. What kind of a best friend would Cole be if he didn't support Kimberly? They had known the other forever and all he wanted for her was her happiness.

And he thought things were still going well. Or he did until he and the others were told what her piece of shit soon to be ex-husband had done. Going for an IVF and then hit with divorce. Who the hell even did that? Or did that without an explanation?

[b "We thought it would be fun to come and hang out with you. Been forever since we have."] Cole said as he and the others had let themselves in and brought food and everything. They wanted her to feel better and to forget about Max and his dumbass.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 9d 21h 57m 38s
Kimberly always wanted a family. A big family. You would think everything would be right in track with her getting married semi young and them actually trying to convince. All seems right in the world.

Good job. Amazing husband. A newly renovated home. They’re about to go through a IVF procedure and get a puppy. They girl couldn’t be happier. That was until Max decided to file for a divorce. He wouldn’t even give her an explanation! And she just got her eggs sucked out of her! It hurt. She was told to take the day off and boom divorce papers afterwards and he’s the one who’s been giving them problems to ha e a baby. Not her. Yea her thyroids was too high once but it’s been fine for over a year...

Her friends decided to throw her a “Fuck you Max” party to try to cheer her up want to keep her busy.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 10d 1h 19m 46s

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