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Valentina has been trying to have a baby for a while. Sadly, her husband who left her and filled for a divorce left her before she finally decided to do a IVF procedure. Her hopes and dreams crashed because of her husband. However, she’s determined to get this baby and not spend anymore more.

That’s when ___ comes in. Her best friend. She asks him to be her baby daddy. He can be in the baby’s life as a coparent or an uncle. Whatever he wants. Will him agreeing to be her baby daddy blossom the love everyone assumed they always had? Join and find out!

-Real pics. -In need of a male to join. -400 char limit.


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The way they were going, Cole felt like the two of them were in high school again amd not fully grown. Which honestly and oddly enough the man was okay with. It meant that they were still them and that they still had some spunk left. They weren't quite getting OLD. And to the bet which she had proposed, a smirk played over "handsome" features and he nodded. [b "I'll take that bet. If we make three, then Kimmy you lose."] He teased and reached out to take the hand she had offered. Why not make the crazy bet?

When she moved away from him, grey eyes were on her. She seemed a little skittish. Hell...if he was honest, even he was a little nervous. She was beautiful and he already in some ways admitted to the fact that he had been the idiot to let her go. Could that have played into any of their actions tonight? And would they even remember when the night was done?

[b "Yeah, I can get the pizza. We don't need you looking like a clown with shoes that are too big. Or tripping for that reason either."] Definitely was the man teasing her about it. It seemed they both had had the time to calm.

Soon, everything was laid out. And it was ALL over. But hey, meant there was breakfast and lunch. So he didn't mind that Kim may have overdone it just a bit. Besides, the night was meant to be a fun one and a free one. Splurging couldn't kill them. [b "Fair. And since you made the apology.. I should too. I'm sorry for drunk me. Actions or words. Please don't end up killing me."] He said and soon had a piece of pizza to line his stomach before they began with the drinks. It would most likely be a long night and he was sure somehow one he would not remember the end of. Cole and drinks were not always the best of friends.
  Cole Alexander / MourningGlory / 75d 5h 2m 42s
Is she this broken and/or lonely that the girl couldn't be happier to be doing this. This flirty and reconnecting... whatever you’ll call this. Oh lord! Is this what friends with benefits deal with? Is this how it really goes?

Her lips open to say something but they quickly close. Clubbing was nice but this, this right here is way better. Although she was overdressed in the beginning. Kimberly chuckles. [b ”Yes. I believe it was the first movie for the franchise and sure. I bet you dinner, home-made or paid for, that we won't last two movies drinking. Would you like to accept this crazy prediction bet?”] Kimberly says extending her hand for him to shake it.

Because of her unpure thoughts and her loneliness in almost everything romantic and sexual, Kimberly stood up when he sat down next to her. Her excuse was she needs to use the bathroom. Well, she did but she needs to also splash cold water on her face. Fuck, she can't. She has makeup on... Screw it. Shell wash it off. Why not.

Several minutes later Kimberly was going to rejoin him when he phone rang. The pizza guy is here! The tiny Kim in her head was dancing with excitement. [b ”Pizza is downstairs. I’ll get it. You may start the movie.”] Kim runs to the door but then stops. Crap. All she has is heels. She doesn't feel like wearing them or going barefoot, [b ”Don't hate me but can you get it? I don't have shoes and something tells me yours won't feet me.”] she claps her hands together and smiles widely. The second she movies away from the door there was a hard knock.

[b ”There’s a God!”] she says excitedly as she opens the door.

Kimberly over did it. There’s way too many boxes but at least they’ll have breakfast, right? Everything was spread out everywhere. From dining table, coffee table and the kitchen counter. At this point they should just get some blankets and lay on the floor with the food surrounding them. [b “Is it weird that I’m scared now? Not that I’m going to back out, but know I’m sorry for whatever drunk me does or says.” She says making sure the booze was close by. They got an extra set of shot glasses just in case. Napkins. All is good. Set. Ready. Bam. Movie is now playing.

Would it be wrong to take a shot just cause? Yes? No? A slice of pizza for now should be good.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 132d 6h 19m 57s
Just the teinkle in her eyes had been a nice change. They had been so dull and lifeless that he had wondered if his best friend was still in there. And the truth was, he and she had had MANY fucked up nights by playing games like the drinking one they were about to embark on. But they ALWAYS thought enough to stay sober enough to not do something they both may regret. Tonight, however it looked like it was all care to the wind and no fucks given. One night of complete freedom. [b "Iron Man all the way through End Game? And to add one more.. All the times Loki 'died' but didn't?"] Cole asked, giving a faint smirk.

Pizza had always been a go to food for them. And was still one of his favourites. The idea of their game only made him more excited for it. [b "A lot better version. If I remember.. as kids we chose the most disgusting of the Harry Potter Every Falvour beans when doing stuff like this. I remember getting sick off the damn things."] Came his words with a chuckle and shake of his head. [b "Waiting for the pizza to start might actually be the best. I mean we do have the other snacks you brought out.. But that pizza is calling my name."]

He watched as she took the seat and then went to the tv and the glass case beside it where all movies were kept. The man was skimming the titles and pulling each oit that they would be watching. Or attempting to watch for the night. Funny how this all worked out. Was this something out there TRYING to tell them something? Hell it was a funny way to go about it.

[b "You said Iron Man first right?"] The man asked, popping the disc into the player before he took the seat beside her and passed over both the dvd and tv remotes.
  MourningGlory / 132d 16h 33m 58s
Her eyes twinkled. Yes, a drinking game will be fun! [b “Oh, okay. What about Marvel movies? From Iron Man to... whatever we’re up too now. We’ll take a drink when there’s a fight scene. Something explodes. There's a reference to another Marvel movie. SHIELD is mentioned. Stan Lee pops up for a cameo... we’re going to get fucked.”] Kim says wiggling her eyebrows. Kim loves marvel. Especially Thor. Just... yes...

Kim is more excited for the pizza now. They need food so they don’t get too drunk too fast. She grabs one of the mini pies made out of bread to start putting things in her stomach. [b “This is going to be fun. A better version of our old hangouts. Gotta love being adults and being able to drink.”] She says bringing the snacks to the living room. Minus the pies because bread pies isn’t tasty. The one she had was thrown into the trash. [b “Should we wait for the pizza? I ordered a lot... it’ll be breakfast.”] Kimberly says getting comfortable on his couch.

The girl doesn’t want to me too controlling here. It’s his place so she’ll let him turn on the TV. A she sits there she couldn’t help but to watch him. It has been forever since they’ve done something like this. Weird how fate or whatever has them both broken and reunite yet again. The girl smiles before looking at the tv. She shouldn’t be thinking like this.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 154d 3h 19m 49s
The whole thing was crazy. They had been meant to be out having fun. Drinks and the likes. Coming back to his place had been meant to be relaxing for them. BUT his ex had been there and it turned into a shit show. Melly was pissed off and he was sure that she would be going to Kim's ex..soon to be ex-husband and telling him that the two of them had been cheating and fucking the whole time. They hadn't been. That had been their exes and he was sure of it. "Guilty conscience needs no accuser" and by their accusations it was them admitting to it.

His head really was a mess with his thoughts. Running wilder and wilder. [b "Yeah, guess I did learn from you."] Cole didn't touch the comment of her marrying the wrong man. He literally had thought of the Taylor Swift song "You Belong With Me" SO often when it came to his bestie. But of course none of that he could or would be saying anything about. [b "Dominos is always too"[ He had forgotten that she had mentioned pizza and was going back to cover his ass.

It was when she poured their first shots did he smirk. [b "Why not use one of those games we see online? You know pop in a movie and take a shot everytime we hear a certain word or phrase said?"] He asked her. If they ended up having some fun..well the drinking could be blamed. And truth be told..maybe it was something they both needed..
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 162d 15h 3m 12s
God, their exes are going to be so mad. Well one of them already is. She deserves it though. Cheating, why cheat? Just leave if you're unhappy. Then again she can't talk. Her soon to be ex-husband left her for many reasons, but him fucking someone at work and fell in love with her is one of the reasons. She kept that part out. Right? She doesn't remember. Kim doesn't even know what day it is anymore. She's even soaking in depression for a while. The fact she's showered and out the house socializing is crazy for her. Not to mention making it with another guy. Not just any guy. Her best friend. Her go to person. Her ride or die person. Her person...

”Dominos it is then.” she says leaning against the doorframe. The girl lets out a small but loud chuckle. ”Agree. Think your ex will go to mines and tell him the were fucking now? I hope not... He will hit me. He was crazy jealous and hated your guts. He hit me once when he was pissed drunk once because I got home late after hanging out with you and the others. He accused me of fucking you all night.” she puts her phone down after ordering. ”Damn. See, you listen. You learned how to clean because of me. Maybe I did marry the wrong guy.” she says half jokingly. ”Ready for a shot?” the girl asks shaking her shoulders. Right now is a good time for one.

Isn't anyone else hearing what's going on? Of course not. It's just them. But still. They enjoyed each other. Enjoyed kissing each other. Each. Other. This is new and crazy. “Okay. So before we start drinking.. shall we set rules and so fuck it?” [i’Fuck it. Not each other,’] she says in her head. Although if it happens the can blame the alcohol. She’ll be a good sport and never talk about it... “Also, what are we going to watch?” She asks as she pours them their first shots.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 185d 3h 7m 58s
The drinking question had been a silly one and he knew it. But he had also had to ask after what had happened. [b "We can just stay here then. Turn it into a house party for two."] Cole said with a small smile.

His arms moved around her and he hugged her back. The kiss was something he could not get off his mind. Sweet and softer than he could have ever imagined, and he had MULTIPLE times. And she was definitely a good kisser. Top three? two. MUCH better than his ex. Those thoughts had been goinf through his head and his eyes met hers. [b "'re a great kisser too. Much better than my ex and half the girls I have kissed..."] Maybe not smart to say, but the words just kind of slipped. And he nodded to the shower and soon was leaving her to get one.

The shower he had taken kind of had to be a cold one. He had kind of been a little bothered and it helped. It was maybe fifteen minutes..or twenty, he wasn't sure when he was back in his room and just changing into a pair of grey sweats. The knock came and the door opened. Grey eyes went to her and he smiled. [b "Pizza, chicken wings, and just anything?"] He asked, chuckling at her next words. [b "So we kind of agree? I mean about better kissers than out exes? And I know...they both kept making those jabs.."] Cole found himself muttering with a shake of his head, using a small towel to dry his hair before joining her.

The truth, they could have...and a part of him wanted to. Had always wanted to. Just how did you go about something like that without making things awkward as hell? [b "See I matured since high school and know how to clean my messes. You used to tease me about it all the time."] He said and gave her a playful nudge.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 185d 16h 42m 9s
“Oh I’m always down to drink. Although, my desire to go home to back is no longer there.” Kim replies playing with the sleeves to one of his long sleeve shirts.

There’s still something running in her mind. The kiss. His lips. It’s still surreal that they kissed and she enjoyed it, oh so much. He’s a good kisser. One of the top 3 kissers in her book. Kim took a few steps to close the gap between them to hug him. “You okay? That must’ve been weird for you... this may or may not make you feel better but you’re actually a good kisser.” Kimberly says chuckling. The girl runs his back as she continues to hug him. “You do need a shower though...” she whispers taking two steps back.

Kim walks to his dresser to get her phone. With today’s society there’s a app for everything. EVERYTHING. Mini Bar Delivery, is the app she used to order several bottles and obviously have it delivered to them. While he showers she raids his kitchen to make snacks. Nachos. Mini churros. Mini toasted apple pies with bread. Yes, bread. Got to love Pinterest and Instagram. Oh and French fries because why not... right?

When the drinks got there she made margaritas, a few shots ready, and had everything set up in the living room. His place seems to have changed. A few pictures missing, new trinkets... crap. They should have more food. Not just snacks. “Hey, what should we order to eat?” She asks tapping his bedroom door before opening it. “We’re all setup [i boyfriend.] Don’t tell me ex-husband, but you’re a better kisser than him. Our ex’s always assumed we would leave them for one of us.” She says rolling her eyes. Although, it could’ve happened. A good kisser can make a girl weak and other things could happen. “Oh and your please is actually clean. It’s surprising.”
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 194d 23h 56m 51s
Over half of Kimberly's reactions were not what he had expected. Her kiss had been to die for and her hand..the way it felt when she had tapped his ass. Maybe they had taken it too far? Or maybe there was just that want to piss Miranda off? Hell if he knew anymore. All he knew was for a FEW minutes he had been able to show Kim just a little of how he felt without having to worry about the consequences of the actions.

For a moment grey eyes did stay on the doorway that Kim had left through before he turned back to Miranda and saw the hate and hurt welling up in those bright eyes of hers. A silence fell as he took in her words and Cole shook his head. [b "I gave you MULTIPLE chances, Miranda. We both know that. And each time you made the same promises. I wanted to believe you..I really did. Yes it had to be one ever got me the way she did.. So do me a favour and just go before this gets any worse. I'm sure you have some other hot date to meet."] Came quiet words.

The sad part to this..he did still care about her. Just couldn't let her break him more. And he waited for his ex to leave before he went to join Kimberly, his eyes meeting hers. Her so had caught him offguard. [b "I..did you still want that movie and the deinks like we planned on? Or?"] Now he seemed just ae much at a loss as she did.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 195d 14h 17m 58s
He kissed her. Cole. Her best friend. Ever. It was slightly weird, but damn he can kiss. Is he kips usually plump and soft? Can he put on lip balm and kiss her again?
Oh and can we please talk about that as grab?! Me-to-the-Fucking-ow! If she was intoxicated and his ex wasn’t here they couldn’t had sex. Cause, phew.

“Damn. That was let’s fuck right now kiss but we can’t... unwanted visitors... I’ll go get the shower ready... for the fun we spoke a out.” She says giving him a quick kiss and tapping his ass before walking away. Her shoulder brushed against his ex. The girl wanted to do more but didn’t. To make her leave with such anger she even took off her top to leave a trail of clothing to make it believable. She did turn on the shower for him and put on one of his shirts.

The girls raids his room. Smelled some of his cologne. Placing her favorite ones up front and the ones she doesn’t like behind. She even began to play Pony by Ginuwine. It makes it more believable, right? But she played the song for herself.

Okay, why is she getting cold all of sudden? A bit frustrated she gets up to go look for some sweats. When he finally showed, Kim looks at him. “So...” she says wondering if they’re still gonna do as planned or something.


Miranda blood boiled. Nor the kiss or ass grabbed should’ve happened. Ever ounce of her hates her. Kimberly. His best friend. Since the day they met she never did like her. It was her job to serve her man at the party but Kim butted in telling her what he would and wouldn’t like.

The girl wanted to hit Kim as their shoulders brushed against one another. It took everything in her to not pull her hair. “Her of all people. Her. It’s like you couldn’t wait for me to fuck up so you can be with her... she won’t make happy. Not like I could. Take me back. I won’t ever cheat on you again. Please. I love you.” She says pleading to him.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 212d 19h 33m 13s
Part of what the man had said was to get under his ex's skin and to piss her off. But he had meant every word. Truth was there had always been something there for Kimmy. Feelings that he just could not bring himself to tell her about. Mostly fear stopped him or the fact that she was always with soemone else. So he could do it this way. Tell her without telling her. Only thing he hoped for was that she would not be asking him if his words were really meant.

Miranda looked at the two, face red with her anger. But then a smirk came to her lips. "All words until you prove it." Came the shrill and irritating voice. The voice that Cole now could not believe he had ever thought to be sexy.

A retort was on the tip of his tongue but then he saw the wink that was given. Before he could say anything, Kimberly had moved in front of him, gotten on her toes and signaled him for a kiss. This could either be really weird..or really nice. The man hoped for the nice and so he leaned down and returned her kiss, a hand moving into her hair and the other finding her rear to pull her closer. They had to make it look good and convincing, right? But then he couldn't deny some part of him had wanted to do this for a very long time.

When he did pull back, the man was panting the faintest bit as he forgot air was a thing. Grey eyes then went to his ex who was staring wide-eyed and open mouthed at them. [b "Believe us now?"] He asked, arms moving around Kim.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 213d 6h 48m 9s
Cole whispers in her ear before pulling her close to him. Her emotions blocked her hearing. Well just for him. Kimberly is ready for this bitch to say something stupid so she can swing. God, she wants to fight get. Maybe just fight in general would be nice.

Her expression softens hearing what he said about her. It melted her heart. Made her wonder if he really means it or is just saying it to get his ex mad.
[b “Exactly and you’re ruining the mood. At least we know now what everyone kept saying about it. We are a perfect match. Can’t befit took us this long to figure it out. Right babe?”] she says looking up at him smiling. Giving him a wink with her right eye since she can’t see it.

Although she is ruining the mood. Maybe the snacks needs to e replaced with booze. More booze. Hopefully she won’t ask him if what he said is true. She doesn’t need to catch any feelings. It’ll be like the superhero act that Oprah Winfrey mentioned or was it a saying she heard in a movie and someone said Oprah Winfrey said it...

What if she tries to kiss him? It’ll be weird but it may make his ex super mad and leave. Kim is curious to see what happens. Kim got on her toes and pulls down in his shirt to signal him. All of their friends would be mad that they’re missing this...
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 222d 34m 23s
The man got the shock of a lifetime when they walked into his home and there stood Miranda. They had broken up and he had NOT seen her sincr. Ignored all her calls and texts. Surely she would have gotten the message that he was completely done with her and her games? But the fact that she was standing there and insulting Kim when they came in proved otherwise. How stupid could she be? And the fact of the matter that Kim was wanting to kick some ass did NOT help much either. He knew that he had to do something before things went from bad to worse.

[b "Sorry.."] Cole found himself whispering to Kim when he moved to her side. An arm draped around her shoulders and he pulled her against him, hazel gaze locked on his now steaming ex. [b "We were out having a nice date night and thought to come back here for a little fun. Not that it should matter to you. You do NOT own me and made clear you don't want or need me. Found out you also went to Brian, Kenny, and Alex too. So really my moving on and being with Kimmy shouldn't shock you. She is ten times the woman you will ever be and have ever been."] Cole said.

He was praying that Kim wouldn't kill him for this. And he was hoping that she would pick up the act.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 222d 1h 37m 19s
Ok,she’s not that bad at remembering where things to. It’s not her fault she wanted to reorganize a few things. But whatever. It’s okay. She’s not going to be butt hurt about it.

After they paid for their dessert Kimberly orders a lyft. Amanda was the one who drove them In her oversized SUV. “I’m pretty sure around this time I would’ve cried myself asleep.” She says resting her head on his shoulders feeling fatigue.

“Hey did you receive Hellens’s wedding invitation? I haven’t spoke to her in years. I think she just wants all the gifts she can get.” She says staring out the window. Hellen and her used to be good friends. Almost inseparable. Everything changed when she moved. Hellen practically cut contact with everyone two months after moving. At least that’s how it was for Kimberly. Which is why she isn’t too sure about going to the wedding. She hasn’t reached out in years and now this? How did she even get her address? Kimberly expresses to Cole that she doesn’t wish to go for that reason. They’re strangers now. She’s not going to waste a good dress and money in a gift for a stranger.

When they got to his place Kim took off her heels. It began to bother her. “Alright. Let’s get this over with.” She says eagerly waiting to go pack so they can have a movie night and eat junk food like the good old days.

“It’s. Only. Been. A. Month....” was all Kim heard as she steps into her friends home. “Out of all the bitches you could fuck you pick her. This... this bitch. Is this pay back?”

Kimberly made a face. First of all aren’t they broken up? Why is she here? Most importantly why is she calling her a bitch? That heffa will get smacked. “Watch how you speak to people. I’ll Picasso that face of yours...” Kim says pointing a finger at her.

Miranda takes a step closer to them and smacks Kim’s hand. Talking about don’t put your hands in my face. This and that. Kim began to sway. Her patience is being met right now and if Cole don’t do something Kim will release hell on his ex.

“Like are you the reason why her husband left her? Why are you going to fuck a friend you told me not to worry about?” [i Kim chuckles when she heard Miranda say Cole was going to fuck her. That’s not what’s happening. They could... if... they wanted too. They are single and sex is a good way to make someone feel better... right?] “ Said I was sorry. I’m not ready now but I will be, eventually, Coley.”

Kim shakes out of her imagination when she heard her call her best friend Coley. What is he going to do? Shall they pretend to be dating? It will give them joy to see her suffer. She’ll be up for it. Wait, what if it does lead to... Nah. She needs to stop thinking about sex. Maybe she’s missing the intimacy already. Blah. Kim places a hand on his back to show him some support. Hopefully he can get powers for like five minute so he can ready her mind. [i’Let me fight her. It’ll be good for the both of us.’] she chants to see if he’ll eventually get them gifts and read her kind.
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 229d 23h 56m 23s
A brow was raised when she said he didn't need to help her with cleaning. He KNEW her and knew that she needed to move EVERYTHING. Kim when she cleaned really cleaned. There was hardly any dust or dirt that survived her. [b "You mean I DO need to help because everything is going to be moved. AND it will all end up in a different spot..which means your mom will want it to be put back. We've been here and done it, Kimmy or don't you remember?"] The man asked with a chuckle and shake of his head.

Her next words made him laugh all the more. Of course the alcohol would be needed. Not like either of them drank all that much or often. Just it would be a nice way to relax and unwind. [b "Nah, might be fun to have a few drinks with the movies and celebrate. I mean we could always look up one of those drinking games and see why people like them."] Cole said, a smirk on his lips.

She had seemed to start feeling awkward and his words had just been meant to make things lighter.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 233d 16h 10m 33s

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