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So I like to draw, and I want to draw a manga.
I am not very good at it but if I were to start drawing one, with time, I will get better.
Unfortunately I do not have any ideas for a manga.
I love BL but I cannot draw kissing to save my life xD
The only idea I have is kind of like where the main characters are either in a game like world, or are transported into a game. I really want ideas!
If you have any comment below! <3
Or PM me ^^

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That’s awesome and I love it haha!
I’ll show it to my friend and see what she thinks of it!
  Raids / 11d 5h 12m 48s
Also, I'am using my D&D handbook; along with any other gaming knowledge I have to make my characters up. As well, my own creativity. Our you guys okay, if I come up with new races?
  {~Aurora Knights~} / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 11d 6h 14m 39s
Oh my god! xD Great minds do think alike. You guys were thinking the same thing, I was doing for my characters. Literally my basic idea for my character:

[b Username:] KB-TheBearWhoMauls

[center [b Reality:]]

[b Name:] N/A.
[b Age:] Seventeen (17) years old.
[b Gender:] Male.
[b Sexual Orientation:] He upfront hetersexual. However, secretly; he hides the fact, that he is into guys.

[center In Game:]

[b Username:] ThatBITCHWhoBarelyWear’sArmor!
[b Race:]
[b Gender:] Female.
[b Class:] Berserker.

[b Powers:]
[b Abilities:] Is able to transform back and forth between both male and female forms.
[b Unique Passive:] Anytime strips off clothes or armor becomes stronger, while gaining charisma over time.

[b Weakness:]

[b Rumors:] Due to having a name censored because of inappropriate language, none of mankind can speak the man’s name without being blurred or beeped out in the chat. -Making it difficult for others to hunt down Bitch.

[p Literally me and my sister were joking around, when getting ideas for the character. We ended up coming up with the idea that he should become empowered when taking off clothes. Then came the name with his username. Lmfao. Let me know if it is okay or not. If not, I will change it. Everything is still under construction. This is one of my characters.]
  {~Aurora Knights~} / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 11d 6h 24m 53s
That sounds really interesting!
I’ll run the ideas by my friend and see if she likes them and I’ll let you know!
  Raids / 11d 10h 13m 18s
How about it being focused around a new player in "completely original non-Blizzard MMORPG but oddly similar to it" and his experiences as he progress from zero to hero?

And as for the BL, the character could be in the closet and decides to play as a female because of an online stigma? Or explore the way that the character isn't shy about their interest in the same gender and proceeds as a male regardless? Another option could be that the MC isn't sure about their sexuality yet and it slowly develops.

Just an idea. o wob
  crow37 / 11d 13h 56m 41s
A manga about an alien who came to earth, but like the hot alien, and fell in love with a shy introvert? Lol, or a boy who creates his own online boyfriend who comes to life
  Kuminsan / 11d 14h 33m 8s
Probably around 17. Me and my friend, whom I am making the manga in, but is not on this site, came up with an idea today. We decided that it’d Be a kinda of thing where two people hate each other irl but in the game they play, are best friends.
The manlier person irl is going to be playing a v femalish character in the game and vice versa. It’ll be interesting lol

However I need help with haracter ideas for the one I am creating, which is the more female boy irl
  Raids / 11d 22h 59m 27s
What age are you looking for the characters to be around? I'm in the middle of creating my characters at the moment. I would help me out a lot.
Yes, I am always open for ideas and help! I would much appreciate it.
  Raids / 12d 11h 18m 18s
Mind if I join in? I would be interested in helping write the story line and character development, if we role play it out of course. I like the idea of being in a video game as well BL.
I can help you with the story line if you want me to. Fanfiction is my specialty
  Mason0w0 / 13d 4h 29m 6s
I can draw well if I have a reference. Really the only part I need help with is the story line.
  Raids / 13d 6h 44m 24s
I can help with the drawing parts if you want, babe~. I can draw outlines for you to follow and help with a storyline. I write slightly popular fanfiction for people around school!
  Mason0w0 / 13d 6h 47m 26s

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