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[center [ [pic]]]
[center [font "times new roman" Good evening!

I'm just hoping to find some people who like anime and fandoms as much as I do. You can click the image above for my Anilist account, or, if you don't see a certain show or pairing listed here where the rest of my cravings are, please toss me a PM anyways. It never hurts to ask, right?

If you want a sample post, just ask!

Post length isn't a major concern, but 2+ paragraph replies would be nice!

We can make edits to things, as many of these are things that would be even more fun if they were portrayed in a darker light than the original. Let me know if you like the dark stuff, too.

[center [h3 [b LE ANIMU:]]
[i *M/M preferred but not required*]

[center [font "times new roman" [b Seven Deadly Sins]
[i King x Ban /-/ King x OC /-/ OC x OC]

[b Inuyasha]
[i This is a long ass list of pairs. I'm lazy, so PM me your favorites. xD <3]

[b Hitman Reborn!]
[i Tsuna x Takeshi // OC x OC]

[b Magi: Kingdom of Magic]
[i Judar x OC /-/ Judar x Sinbad /-/ Sharrkan x Yamuraiha]

[b Hunter x Hunter]
[i (older)Gon x (older)Killua]

[b Ouran High School Host Club]
[i Haruhi x Mori /-/ Kyoya x Tamaki /-/ Kyoya x Mori /-/ Kyoya or Mori x OC]

[b A Silent Voice]
[i OC x OC]

[b Soul Eater]
[i Soul x OC /-/ OC Weapon x OC Meister]

[b Tokyo Ghoul]
[i OC Ghoul x OC Human ]

[b Angelic Layer]
[i OC x OC]


[b Treasure Planet]
[i Jim x OC /-/ OC x OC]

[b Atlantis: The Lost Empire]
[i OC x OC]

[b Beauty and the Beast]
[i OC x OC]

[b Big Hero 6]
[i I basically love the whole cast so just ask.]

[b Brave]
[i OC x OC]

[i *classmates, coworkers, married couple, different species, etc*]

[b Metahumans] - [i Hero x Villain /-/ Villain x Civilian]

[b Interpretation] - [i Foreigner x Native /-/ Deaf Person x Signer]

[b Supernatural Investigators] - [i Intern x P.I. /-/ Rival P.I. x Rival P.I.]


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