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She let him guide her, looking around in awe the entire time. "I can tell." There were no words for how amazing the gardens were. She loved how much thought he had put into tonight.
  Lillith Wilke / iPride / 231d 17h 16m 8s
Jackson smiled wide, "I've been planning this awhile." He said as he led her into the gardens.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 233d 9h 59m 55s
"Oh my goodness. This is beautiful!" She hopped out of the truck and stared out at all the lights and beauty. She was amazed that he would do that for her.
  Lillith Wilke / iPride / 233d 10h 2m 39s
“Happy Anniversary baby.” He said getting out and opening her door for her and kissing her gently, “Dinner just us in the gardens...as long as you want to stay.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 233d 11h 31m 2s
She heard him say he loved her and her breath caught for a moment. Even though they had been together for a year, it still amazed her that he really loved her of all people. She was about to stutter out that she loved him too when they pulled up to the gardens and she was left speechless yet again.
  Lillith Wilke / iPride / 233d 11h 36m 23s
He smiled, “I love you.” Soon they pulled up to the lighted gardens, it looked like something out of medieval times.
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 233d 11h 39m 21s
"Well, that wasn't vague at all," she said as she rolled her eyes. "I'm sure I'll love it though. You picked it after all." She reached over and took his hand.
  Lillith Wilke / iPride / 233d 11h 40m 40s
“It’s somewhere you’ve never been and it’s also somewhere we have never been together but I hope you love it.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 233d 21h 14m 6s
She smiled and took his hand, waving goodbye to her parents as they left. "So, where are we going?" She had been trying to narrow down possible places he would take her all week.
  Lillith Wilke / iPride / 234d 14h 54m 52s
“No you look perfect.” He said not used to seeing her wear a dress, hopefully the next one he would see on her was a wedding dress.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 234d 15h 2m 50s
"Am I too dressed up? I can go change..." She looked down at her dress. She didn't make a habit of wearing dresses and maybe she should just go change. She was nervous, not sure where he was taking her or what they were doing.
  Lillith Wilke / iPride / 234d 15h 25m 36s
Jackson was dressed up but still wore jeans. He had rented out an entire garden to have dinner with her and to ask her to marry him, he had even gotten her parents blessing.
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 234d 15h 28m 31s
Lillith stared at herself in the mirror. Her mother had bought her a very bright sundress that she had been waiting to wear for a special occasion and she figured that their first anniversary was the perfect time. She took a deep breath and walked out of her room and downstairs to meet Jackson. She was still surprised that it was a year later and they were still together. She had assumed that he would get tired of her as most other guys had in the past.
  Lillith Wilke / iPride / 234d 15h 31m 26s
A year later Jackson was waiting on her to get ready for their date. Today was their anniversary and Jackson had an engagement ring in his pocket.
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 234d 15h 37m 20s
She nodded, trying to imagine what a life with him would be like. She had never thought she would ever actually have a serious relationship with another musician. "Thank you for always being here for me."

-You can skip time if you would like.-
  Lillith Wilke / iPride / 234d 15h 53m 15s

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