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I kinda got that...It's more of a decision of which one do I want to use if I even want to at this point.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 55d 16h 27s
& it can't be the main characters right now.
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 55d 16h 12m 8s
Huh? What do you mean? He hunts supernaturals, so it's any characters that aren't 100% human.
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 55d 16h 13m 9s
that is more of a matter of who to post with that could be considered supernatural.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 55d 16h 17m 21s
if u wanna go ahead & post in the side thread, anyone can go for it now. It's open
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 55d 16h 19m 25s
Good to know I was thinking of something else to throw into the side story to go
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 55d 16h 21m 40s
I have some laws up in the side thread. Hope they look legit enough. Started back on my post for the main one. Hopefully can stay awake long enough to finish it tonight. If not, oh well. There's tomorrow.
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 55d 16h 27m 22s
Anyone wanna join my New Rp thing? Anyone hu hu hu?
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 56d 13h 11m 36s
And done...with all four different Regional dialects versions..and 3 of the four written versions.
  Colorful_insanity / 56d 13h 14m 51s
Thank you. Lol. Of course you will, Mr Human Computer.
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 56d 13h 21m 41s
No worties ive been working on my language which i will likely zip through the rest tonight
  Colorful_insanity / 56d 22h 25m 36s
I'm glad you found more distractions, Riv.

Decides to created the laws first & then continue writing up my post for the main thread. I may add more later on if something comes to me, but I'll let you guys know at that time. Luckily, my job is closed tomorrow so I should be able to get everything up by the end of it.
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 57d 3h 37m 16s
Ok. I understand. I’ve been waiting. I’m working on an rp with someone else as well , so I have something to distract me.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 59d 1h 58m 6s
Diamonds i do have to agree with wolf. Patience is a virtue especually when it comes to group rps
  Colorful_insanity / 61d 21h 1m 16s
Sounds good.

Sorry bout that.

  CrazyDiamondRivers / 62d 1h 33m 2s

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