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He's human. If talks worked on them, they wouldn't be getting ready to destroy everything over disagreements.
  Alicia Kazeki / TheNeko / 101d 11h 33m 56s
Perhaps the talk would push away from such thoughts.
  Andreana Elenora / NorthernWolves / 101d 12h 16m 24s
Just as he'd equally find it interesting to kill one...
  Alicia Kazeki / TheNeko / 101d 12h 27m 0s
That one has an interesting philosophy, and I’m sure he’d find it equally interesting in talking with a supernatural.
  Andreana Elenora / NorthernWolves / 101d 14h 3m 55s
Humans & their backstories.... shows just how entitled they are. At least this one can follow orders.

Andreana, they'd destroy everything before the tea even brewed.
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 101d 14h 5m 42s
Tea and biscuit time with your character should be fun.
  Andreana Elenora / NorthernWolves / 101d 14h 34m 37s
I will oblige to that which you ask. I will provide more backstory
  Andre (Warlord) Lordes / Mikeymickeymike / 101d 14h 38m 29s
Ay. Glad youll be on a lot more. Also, while waiting for Cita.... Mikey, u can post.
  TheNeko / TheNeko / 101d 21h 4m 51s
oh well I should be on here a LOT more now that the boyfriend's house has wifi also with it instead of weather permitting trip up to the library when other things aren't going on.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 104d 18h 56m 44s
I'm glad you figured it out. Yeah, the site doesnt work well with secure photos. Gotta remove that s after http or it'll do that.
  TheNeko / TheNeko / 104d 22h 38m 21s
Yeah my photos works again... :) it was the links were double Httped up again as I had forgotten that ES puts that on the photos now a days and I went through and got rid of the double ups.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 105d 8h 35m 27s
Sorry for the delayed update. Cita can now post in the main thread.
  TheNeko / TheNeko / 105d 16h 55m 55s
Ill just go through and likely redo the links tomorrow
  Colorful_insanity / 122d 11h 43m 42s
Yep. Bc then u can go around it or do something about it. For example, just use ur phone or reset your connection or something
  TheNeko / TheNeko / 122d 11h 58m 44s
right that is extremely helpful to know whats causing it.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 122d 12h 2m 11s

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