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For all the plans, plots, shenanigans, discussions and overall craziness.


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Lol so he gets to learn 2 languages my elvish and the dwarvish.
  Colorful_insanity / 2d 13h 28m 29s
A little something something for ya
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 2d 14h 17m 32s
Awwwww, that's adorable Colorful

Welcome back. It's okay, Riv. It'll be a minute for my post anyway
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 2d 17h 9m 17s
I’m back, guys. Testing is crazy. I’m sorry, but I won’t be on as often.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 3d 17h 1m 45s
I have been amazing...just bisy teaching the boyfriend the language i made.
  Colorful_insanity / 4d 1h 9m 22s
Hey everyone. How're you guys doing? I'm currently working on a project IRL and will start working on my post once it's wrapping up.
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 4d 19h 7m 16s
Your fine..and yes I was sort of I was more giving a break down of it as you wanted to know who's post it was... I went and answered your question along with gave you the information of who was between your post and the one you were asking about yet.
  Colorful_insanity / 8d 6h 45m 45s
Oooh... you were answering my post from before. My bad. Thanks.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 12d 15h 18m 2s
It means Yoruneko has to do a post before I can. I post before northern can. And northern post is before yours.
  Colorful_insanity / 13d 13h 17m 1s
What? What does that even... what does that even mean?
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 13d 15h 49m 51s
I believe rivers to be exact yoruneko, myself, Northern, the. Yourself is your postage order.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 13d 16h 25m 42s
You're good. & yep, It's mine. We're starting a new round now. I have to post in another rp before this one & then you'll post after North. So that's 3 total before your turn.

That's awesome. Lol, gotta love how at the end of the day, you're family but it's his parents problem to deal with most of the aftermath =P

Luckily my lil bro gave me the okay to teach him martial arts stuff, but it happened and would've happened regardless. He has so much fun with it
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 17d 18h 34m 24s
It is the great founder Yoruneko's turn mr diamond...

And im glad he is able to communicate small things like food, drink, and toy, or that he needs to be changed...although his mother doesnt like it and i dont understand why but its not me so.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 17d 18h 41m 26s
So who’s turn is it right now, and how many people will comment until it will be my turn? I just want to know so I can plan it out.
Edit: I’m sorry if I sound impatient. I’m really not.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 17d 19h 19m 4s
That's awesome. I'd do the same if I knew it. I've seen a 2 year old communicate rather well due to sign language. Of course the patent translated, but still, it's wonderful since they physically cant form words even though they comprehend.

That's wonderful he's already showing talent in it. Mine is into so many things, he could be a gymnast, martial artist, mechanic, engineer, or who knows what else as he develops. He's very active and inquisitive & loves to figure out how things work in so many ways rather than just tossing and getting into mischief with it. He does that too, but he's truly bright & athletic. Proud aunty. Love that happy mini human.
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 18d 8h 37m 41s

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