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"You're her mom. She should have YOU wrapped around her finger." Iroas laughed.
  -Mason- / 1h 27m 21s
Ira cooed and instantly fell asleep for her grandfather.

Misha smiled and said. "She's gonna have you three wrapped around her fingers."
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 12h 44m 10s
Eli came back with baby Adam.

Iroas handed Ira over to his dad, "here."
  -Mason- / 13h 1m 13s
Illios smiled and shook his head slightly. "Mind if i hold y granddaughter?"

Misha sipped his tea and smiled. "if iroas will share."
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 13h 4m 15s
"OH STARS WE LEFT ADAM AT HOME!" Eli teleports back home.

Iroas laughed and gave Ira a binky.
  -Mason- / 13h 29m 6s
Illios snickered and kissed his cheek. "Welcome back, babe." He said and hugged him.

Misha smiled at Eli and blinked when ira hiccuped another fireball.
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 13h 31m 2s
"Or from mom's.." Iroas snuggled her.

Eli came back with the tea, "should not have worn a dress. A guy tried flirting with me so I dumped the tea on him and had to make more.."
  -Mason- / 13h 51m 13s
Illios smiled and watched her blinking when she hiccuped a little fireball. "Um... Alright.... Guess she got that from my side."

Misha blinked as well but smiled.
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 13h 54m 48s
Eli nodded and ran off.

Iroas was still nervous but he was being careful and protective of his baby.
  -Mason- / 13h 56m 58s
Misha watched and smiled. "Can I have some tea?"
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 15h 2m 12s
Iroas nodded and took his daughter into his arms, holding her close.

Eli smiled, "Do you want anything, Misha? You must be tired.."
  -Mason- / 18h 12m 49s
"we'll catch her." Illios said standing close by.
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 18h 14m 39s
"I don't want to drop her cause I get nervous.." He looked over at his dad.
  -Mason- / 18h 15m 19s
Misha nodded and smiled up at him. "Do you want to hold her?"
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 18h 17m 56s
Iroas nodded silently and walked over. He looked down at their daughter and smiles, "She's so cute.."

Baby Ira opened her eyes and looked at her parents.
  -Mason- / 18h 30m 55s

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