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So The Title is a working progress but I was looking at writing this as a Wattpad story, but now I am having second thoughts, so I thought I would do it here and see what happens.

Dominic Lupus, Thought he has found the love of his life and left everything behind to be with her. Only to catch her cheating with the one person she told him not to worry about. Now forced to end the relationship and figure out what to do, He can't go back to his pack as he gave up being the Alpha to be Sarah who was just a human. So now he will just try and put the pieces back together until he can move on, but that all changes one night a bar when he meets but the catch is, she's a vampire. How will these two make it work? Will this stop the feud between the Werewolves and Vampires?


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I've never seen her laugh like that, out of all the time we have been together and I think that's what hurt even more. I placed my now empty glass on the table, they stopped when they heard that.
[b" Dom, you're home."] She had replied she sound generally shocked but I couldn't believe it.
I took a closer look at who the man was that helped ruin my relationship.
[b "Alex, I thought you were my friend."] I felt even more betrayed now. Alex had been my best friend for the last five years. I now understand why he just wanted to get close to Sarah.
[b" I think its time you grabbed your clothes and left."]
Alex nodded and run back to the bedroom and quickly got dressed.
[b "Dom, I'm sorry I didn't think you'd be home yet."] She said pleadingly.
I stood up from the couch and walked towards her.
[b " And that makes it any better? You brought another man into my home and slept with him. How does that make it any better?"] I replied with venom in my words.

I had to shake those images from my head and tried to focus on what was happening around me. I realised she now stood there crying. She wiped her eyes and looked at me.
[b "You know he meant nothing right?"] she tried pleading her case.
[b "It doesn't change the fact that you still slept with him."] I replied coldly. I couldn't show that fact her crying was getting to me. Sarah knew that I hated seeing her cry I used to do everything I could to try and fix it. Now, now I just felt nothing. She had ripped my heart out for the last time.
  Dominic Lupus / AThoughtfulWolf / 234d 5h 28m 57s

The wind blew the rain against the windows with loud splats, there was a metaphor somewhere in this. I dabbed my mouth with a napkin to catch any blood on my gums. The victim sat down at his stool and apologized in an automatic tone to the woman he disrespected.

A smile grew on my lips as I heard the words. The bartender stopped for a minute.

"ID, please." He held out his hand.

I slid it over with the same smooth smile. "I'll take a that pink Vodka drink, if you don't mind."

Forever to look twenty was a worse punishment than feeding on the living. I took the drink and scanned the bar, same walls as thirty years ago but without the smell of cigarettes. Maybe the same photographs, too.
  Ida / Socasm / 235d 17h 59m 43s
The rain poured down on us was stood there outside my apartment building, her ash blonde hair had now become a mousy brown due to the mixture of rain. It was breaking my heart seeing her like this but nothing was compared to the pain that her actions ad caused me.

I still remember it very vividly. She had been practically living at in my apartment, I had just finished work and thought I would get some take-out on the way home and have a romantic date night at home. As I reached the apartment door I went to open it only to find out that it was locked.
[i That's strange, she doesn't lock the door when she is home.] I thought to myself as I grabbed my keys out of my pocket and opened the door, as I quietly closed the door, I black everything on the benchtop that was situated next to the front door. I stopped and looked around I couldn't find her anywhere, the scent of the room was different
[i Maybe her brother was over earlier.] I wonder was I started walking towards the lounge. I sit on the couch and let out a heavy sigh after the day I had it felt good to be home. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and unlocked it as I was about to send her a message when I noticed a phone and wallet on the coffee table.
[i "What the fuck."] I said quietly.
I started to feel angry, she had let someone into my home that I didn't even know. I got up from the couch and started walking to the bedroom, only one thought came to my head but I honestly hoped that it wasn't the case. I reached the bedroom, the door was closed and my heart sunk I carefully opened the door, they weren't in there. I let out a sigh of relief.
Until I heard the other shower, all my hopes of this not being real had vanished at this very moment. I calmly walked over to the next bathroom, as I reached the bathroom door, I placed my hand on the doorknob and was just about to turn it before the noises I heard on the other side have confirmed every suspicion that I had. I turned around and went back to my seat on the couch. As I reached the lounge room, I decided that I needed a drink. I grabbed a short glass and poured myself a whisky and ice before making my way to the couch and turning on the TV. I swear no less then five minutes had passed before they ventured out into the loungeroom laughing. Right there and then my heart had shattered into a million pieces.
  Dominic Lupus / AThoughtfulWolf / 235d 22h 31m 55s

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