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I'm usually very easy-going and laid back when it comes to post lengths. However i can do longer posts, it just takes me longer to do since i have to watch my nied and nephew periodically and other real life stuff. I normally play females but that doesn't mean I won't try my best with males. I will do all pairings, e.g. mxm, mxf, or fxf

[U things i will do:]
Things in [b bold] i really want to do.

-Master x servant/maid
-Teacher x student
-[B mob boss x wife]
-[B demon x human]
-[B demon x hunter]
-[b single parent x mechanic/doctor/etc.] This idea can be interesting depending on the career of the other character. :)

[I fandoms]
-[b supernatural]
-[b Naruto]
-[b Boruto]
Just a few that I can think of.

[U things i refuse to do]

Pm me if anything catches your eye or you have your own idea

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