The Fight For Evermore

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[h3 The Kingdom's in peril. Protect it with all of your might.]

Seated in the center of its kingdom, the castle of Evermore overlooked its territories of vast diversities while standing guard over the village that resided around it. Just like any kingdom thriving in the light, forces that reside in the dark focused their assets and power to overthrow Evermore and claim it for themselves. Her majesty, her court, and all those who served her managed to stave them off for the time being, but it was made clear that they couldn't fight them for much longer. Resources were beginning to run out and manpower was becoming limited.

How they would survive this nightmare was still a uncertain...if they could even survive at all.


[h3 Some information before you begin]

When it comes down to it, your character will die from causes of the Infiltrator's overthrow of the kingdom. How that happens is up to you. I do intend for the RP to continue after that, however, with the characters in a purgatory-like state.
The other territories may be mentioned now and then but will not have a role in the roleplay. They may be brought up simply to give a bit of depth to the story.
Evermore is a kingdom of magic and elements. Not every person can perform magic, but does have an element they are able to use and fight with if they choose to. They are as follows: fire, water, earth, air, light, ice, and darkness. Darkness is not available as an option, however, as I only wish one character to have this element and I've already claimed it. I apologize.
If this is beginning to sound a little familiar, it's because it's an elaboration of a previous thread I had done. It explains why the character personalities haven't changed much.
The Princess will not be chosen on a first come first serve basis. She will be carefully picked from the applicants I have received in a week's time.

[h3 Rules to live by]

+The only two genders that are set genders are The Handler and The Princess. All others are changeable.

+ I tried to give the characters personality traits that weren't too restrictive. I apologize if you find this very annoying but please try to stick to their guidelines given.

+ I am looking for literacy! I will start the character count at 1000, I believe this to be very reasonable for our kind of RP. Grammar skills are a must, nothing angers me more when I find the whole post "typd lik ths." Adult language is allowed, but I would prefer it not to get out of control.

+ I would prefer a post from you once a week. I understand that everyone has lives and I am, in no way, any exception. If you're having problems coming up with something, please let me know. I don't want to have thought that you ditched or fell off the planet or something.

+God modding is forbidden.

+Anime pictures, please!

+ Please PM me with your skelly!

+Have fun!

[h3 The Characters and their Personalities]

(x) The Princess - Ruler of Evermore. Very strong-willed and willing to do whatever it takes to protect her people. Is not afraid to stand up to those wishing to do her kingdom harm. A caring person despite her strong personality. Can perform advanced magic.
Magic rating ★★★★★

The Handler / The Guardsman - The person in charge of caring for the princess and making sure no harm came to her. Also is aware of every room in the castle as well as secret passages. He is more a gruff person yet very protective of the princess and ones he considers to be his friends. Can perform very basic of magic.
Magic rating ★☆☆☆☆

(x) The Adviser - The most intellectual person of the kingdom. A typically quiet and secluded individual, the adviser is not afraid to speak his mind and informs the others of things when he deems it necessary. May have a bit of an attitude. Can perform intermediate magic.
Magic rating ★★★☆☆

(x) The Priest / The Mage - A shy individual studying the magical skills needed to protect the people. Even though he appears to be naive he will become very serious when necessary with an intellect to match. Can perform advanced magic.
Magic rating ★★★★☆

(x) The Infiltrator - The reason darkness covers Evermore and, ultimately, why its subjects perish. This individual is part of the kingdom's court and is working out their plans in secret. No one is aware of their evil at the beginning. Can perform advanced magic.
Magic rating ★★★★★

[h3 The Skelly]

Puppet Master:
Birth-given Element:
Preferred Weapon:
Short Bio:

[h3 Meet the Court]

Puppet Master: KyoyaPleasant
Name: Esmeria Ravenheart
Age: 23
Character: Princess
Birth-given Element: Fire
Preferred Weapon: Magic
Personality: High strung, headstrong, A-personality kind of woman. Doesn’t take well to opposition but respects those whom she deems is deserving. Having grown into her position in the kingdom, she has learned the responsibilities of being a confident leader. While she may portray confidence well, she will admit, she has much to learn still.
Short Bio: Having lost their Queen at any early age, Esmeria has grown to be sort of brutish, taking after her Father as she grew into the title of Princess. Evermore being a very influential kingdom, had her learning and becoming an adult sooner then a child should. At 16, the King granted her seats at tactical round tables and aided her in making productive decisions to better the lives of their people. With the help of her internal castle family, Esmeria aspires to be the most impactful Queen this generation has ever seen.

Puppet Master: LadyPumpkin
Name: Snow Harrison
Age: 27
Character: Advisor
Birth-given Element: Ice
Preferred Weapon: A long, thin sword that resembles an enlarged ice pick. The pale blue handle is embellished with small snowflake designs. A family heirloom.
Personality: Similar to her element, she coldly speaks her mind, whether her opinion is wanted or not. She actively gives advice to anyone who she thinks needs it, but tends to be objective and disregards emotions. However, as unfeeling as she may seem on the outside, she gets attached to certain people, who she will remain loyal to no matter what.
Short Bio: Snow was born to a purebred ice elemental family. Nearly everyone in her ancestry was born with ice magic. Her family may not have been true royalty, but they were so proud of their purebred roots, they acted as if they were. As a result, she was spoiled with every book and bit of information she wanted. Eventually that was not enough for her. Once she turned 19, she craved new information and moved to Evermore. King Ravenheart's former advisor was in search for someone to take his place. He took interest in Snow's intelligence and knew she had potential with a little bit of guidance. She took his place a few years later when he passed of the illness that filled his lungs. Snow has been the head advisor for nearly 5 years.

Puppet Master: SolemnYuki
Name: Seth Xian
Age: 11
Character: The Priest / The Mage
Birth-given Element: Darkness
Preferred Weapon: Magic
Personality: Seth is a very shy individual at first, but warms up greatly once one gets to know him. He is always putting others needs ahead of his own and very intuitive about others feelings. He is quiet about speaking his mind but is always willing to help. Seth is a fun-loving child and tends to be insecure around older officials about his young age. He carries around a worn, stuffed dog with him wherever he goes, a security measure from his early days in the kingdom that he never got rid of.
Short Bio: Granted an unusual talent to peek briefly into the past and the future, Seth found himself entering the kingdom of Evermore at the early age of 6. He began to study magic and gain a better handle on his gifts and quickly became the youngest person to hold such a position in the history of the kingdom and the only controller of the darkness element in the kingdom. Seth tries hard to keep the castle and village peaceful, going out of his way to keep the kingdom harmonious and fair. Seth comes from a small village in the far east of Evermore, the tribe that inhabits it once thought to be protectors of the castle and its courts in ancient times. This is why most believe he has such a strong control over advanced magic and was granted use of such a rare element.

Name: Fate Enzu
Age: 19
Character: The Infiltrator
Birth-given Element: Earth
Preferred Weapon: A spear that is long and strong enough to be used as a staff and a walking stick. Fate is hardly ever seen without it.
Personality: Fate is intelligent to a fault, often making morally difficult decisions without a second thought. Since Fate rarely screws things up, they often come off as arrogant, but in a charming, only slightly annoying sort of way. While Fate may seem confident, they are really anything but, often fretting over some miniscule detail that has the potential to wreck a good plan.
Short Bio: Fate was born in a small town to two loving parents who believed their child would change the world. They told Fate this time and time again, and Fate, still a small child, believed every word of it. Fate became determined to change the world for what they believed was the better; a beautifully chaotic anarchy where no one was bound by their feelings and everyone could be free. At the age of thirteen a plan to overthrow order was already taking shape in Fate's mind, but Fate knew that for any of it to matter, they would have to obtain a seat at the heart of the problem. So, they journeyed to Evermore, studying magic, making allies, and pulling strings until finally, finally they were admitted into the kingdom's court, where they have been living for about a year now, helping make decisions and gaining people's trust, all while searching for weak points that could be exploited, and planting a few of their own.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (1000 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Emeria nodded her head slowly, gathering the blank parchment in one neat pile. Alright, that was it. There wasn’t much more to say now. It was time for action- or what little could be done about it. The princess took a long deep breath before unfolding her legs and coming to a stand.

[#FF6500 “Then we must begin before we waste anymore time talking about what if’s. I’ll take Renald and brief the Commander. We’ll keep as many soldiers as we can in Evermore. Seth,”] She paused, [#FF6500 “I expect you to do all that is necessary in preserving as much life as we can... including that... subtle morbidity you mentioned. Snow, please continue to gather in intel from the village and commanders as they come in. I want any crucial information in my hands as soon as possible.”]

Emeria closed her eyes, giving a small bow to her closest advisors. [#FF6500 “Thank you for being here and fighting this seamlessly impossible war. I couldn’t ask for more reliable company.”]
  Emeria Ravenheart / KyoyaPleasant / 99d 2h 42m 31s
[h3 +]
A small hand reached up to toy with the ears of the withered stuffed dog. He hated being the bearer of such news but, even worse, he hated seeing the princess so visibly upset. He wished he had some magical cure-all that would solve this gigantic problem and save their beloved Kingdom. Unfortunately he was coming up empty handed on that front. They all were.

Amethyst eyes flickered between both women, Snow seeming just as upset as the princess about their current situation. Two weeks wasn't near enough time to prepare for the devastation that Seth had seen but, maybe if they thought about it a little longer, they could think of something that would help at least a little. What that was had still remain unseen.

[+red "I can contact the other mages, see if they have any ideas,"] he offered softly, turning his attention towards Emeria. It wasn't much of a solution but it was the best he could do. [+red "In the meantime, I can put up protective barriers on a few rooms; they won't be completely impenetrable but if an attack does arise it'll provide a haven for a little while."]
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 145d 21m 13s
The older fellow seemed satisfied with Fate's answer, and went back to looking at books. Fate stared at the man a moment longer, then looked back at their own book. They found that it was hard for them to concentrate on the words. The man that stood just a few paces away from them bothered them in a way that they couldn't describe. All Fate could connect him to was Seth and a couple of hallways, and yet something about him seemed off.
Before Fate could figure out what was going on, the man started talking to them again, more quietly this time. And what he said alarmed Fate all the more. No one else was supposed to know about Seth's vision! Granted, it was a small shock that was explained away almost directly afterwards, but it put Fate in such a state of alarm that they were especially tense the rest of the conversation. Fate didn't show it, hardly; they were very good at controlling their emotions. Too good, maybe.
[+purple "Honestly, I'm trying not to think about it too much. Protect the kingdom first, have feelings about it later, you know?"]
That the man had said Master Seth was a point of intrigue to Fate, not only because Fate had never been offered a personal servant to his memory, although he would have declined one even if he had, but because that meant their fear of the man was entirely unwarrented. No one could have gotten to the place this man was in right now without being relatively harmless. Even Fate, who had been part of the royal court for months, was still not trusted with a lot of information.
Then Fate noticed that the servant's eyes were green, and everything fell into place. Fate knew those eyes. Maybe not on that face, but they'd certainly seen those eyes before. And it was not on someone pretty.
  Fate Enzu / EffoEverton / 163d 22h 7m 43s
The princess meddled with the parchments between her fingers, trying to calm the nervousness that seemed to overshadow any anger that harbored within her. Every moment that passed, every word that Seth spoke made it all seem for not. Nothing they could do would prepare them for the darkness. There was going to be death and that he was promising. She hated that.

Emeria closed her notebook, discarding any thoughts of battle strategies. [#FF6500 “So it seems like our enemy is not one we can strictly battle with an army. We can’t make a plan if we have no ideas on what the threat actually is. All we can do is prepare defensively. I can post our men in places that protect our assets but I can’t save all of Evermore with my soldiers all spread out. And-”] Her voice cracked, a quiver slightly visible on her lips, [#FF6500 “If it is written in the stars that we must parish at this time, then how do we know if we can even push back the darkness upon return? What makes us worthy enough, save for the fact that we are what’s left?”]

Maybe they should appoint help from elsewhere. Maybe she should send for her father even though he may not make it in time. Options seemed so limited.
  Emeria Ravenheart / KyoyaPleasant / 165d 1h 21m 7s
[h3 +]
Seth adjusted a bit in his chair, pulling Kimchi off of the table nearby and holding him in his lap. Even though the end of the world was closing in on them, having his old friend made it seem relatively okay. Any comfort he could get was helpful to his psyche, he was sure he was going to need it by the end of this meeting.

Violet eyes lifted as the princess spoke again, giving suggestions after voicing her opinion on Seth's choice of words. The small mage bit his lip faintly at that, his grip tightening slightly on the worn dog he kept in his lap beneath the table. He may have been rather bright for a child his age but he was still learning how to speak in a proper manner; he didn't mean for his thoughts to appear that way. All he wanted was to help.

[+red "There isn't much I can do for preventative measures, not in this amount of time,"] he informed them softly. Casting a protective spell over just the castle would take him longer than a week due to how much energy would need to go into it. Hell, casting protection over a single room took quite a few hours to finish. He could, however, take precautions on the next plane.

[+red "But what I can do that will work, without a doubt, is give us a fail safe for when things progress to a level that Evermore can't save itself from."] He wasn't sure if Her Majesty was going to go for it but it was all he had to offer at the moment. Even though it was a last resort, he still felt it was important to have some kind of protection in place. [+red "My magic is strong enough that I can anchor quite a few spirits to this plane and prevent them from crossing over into the next realm; I'm even able to preserve bodies for quite a few decades, at the least. In the event that Evermore does fall, I can keep our spirits here and preserve our bodies so that we can return and restore the kingdom when the darkness weakens. I understand that it isn't the optimal outcome but I think it's best if we prepare for any kind of future possible...even if its one where we don't survive."]


Thaddeus nodded in light understanding to Fate's words. It was best to learn [i not] how to do something before one started in the actual instruction. It made the chance for mistakes lower which also made the castle medic's life a little easier. Green eyes drew themselves toward the shelf nearby again, browsing over the titles before picking another book and adding it to his pile. Luckily Seth didn't require many more books and the older male could soon be on his way to finish his other tasks of the day. That's what it was about: getting things done and crossing them off the list.

[+green "That would be quite a helpful item to have, with our impending doom and all,"] he responded quietly, keeping his voice down to prevent the others from hearing them. [+green "Master Seth had told me this morning, he's pretty stressed about it. But I suppose we all are. How are you taking the news?"]
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 191d 1h 5m 35s
The princess brought her hand to her chin, in a more of a thinking pose then angry. Sure, she would have to go through her own Royal Records after this meeting to remotely figure out why her Father never mentioned it. Though that may take ample time and she knew they didn’t have time to spare.

What young mage Seth said made sense but not in any way that comforted her. This Sophia was one hundred percent. She could have at least been detailed enough so that future generations could continue to work on the mystery. Why wait this long? Why not care?

[#FF6500 “You talk like anything I would ever think of was not going to work,”] Emeria spoke after a pause of silence between them. It painfully made her feel useless as a leader... but that’s why they had a royal court. To keep from making rash decisions. [#FF6500 “The only thing we can do at the moment is keep the regiment from leaving and, I suppose, wait for the next vision... or...”] She gestured to Seth to continue with his hinted idea.
  Emeria Ravenheart / KyoyaPleasant / 206d 16m 2s
Fate, their nose in a book, didn't think much of it when another library goer passed them by. However, when the person passing them by asked them a question, Fate was forced to pay attention. They waited for a short moment to make sure the question was actually directed to them and not someone else, and when no one else in the library responded, Fate replied, [+purple "Yeah, kind of."]
Fate looked up as he spoke. The one who had asked him the question appeared to be a member of the lower court. Fate had seen the guy hanging around the fringes of the upper court though, particularly around Seth. He was probably a friend of the small seer. Stupid kid. Seth, just by being born a seer had earned a place in the court, where Fate had to work for years to earn their place. This is why Fate had to destroy the government. Everyone would be equal then, no matter what godlike magic powers they had been born with.
[+purple "I was thinking of enchanting my spear, but I wanted to experiment with enchantment myself rather than just reading it out of a book. I thought it would be a good idea to know what not to do before I started."] Fate spoke quietly, finding it hard to speak louder. The silence was quite beautiful; it drew your ears to the little bits of chaos in the world that were so often overshadowed. The thump of footsteps, the rustle of paper--Fate thought they would have to hang out in the library more often. But then Fate remembered that it would soon all be abolished in favor of true chaos. And they felt a bit sad for a moment. But it was only a moment.
  Fate Enzu / EffoEverton / 211d 4h 39m 4s
[h3 +]
Seth continued to scrub at his skin until he was sure it was clean, light red marks from irritation appearing from where he washed a little too hard. He wanted to make sure he was as presentable as he could be in such important company but it was a little difficult to do so without a mirror. Luckily both women seemed to understand and allowed him ample time to clean while remaining silent on any spots he may have missed.

The violet gaze focused on each one as they took turns speaking, carefully setting the soiled cloth into the pink water. Multiple emotions seemed to appear in their eyes, ranging from anger and frustration to sadness and maybe even despair. Their thoughts were quite valid, how could generations upon generations know about their impending doom and not take any precautions? Luckily Seth felt that he had the answers.

He carefully picked up Sophitia's account once he was certain both ladies were finished with it, turning a couple of pages and setting it back down on the table. [+red "Sophitia was a special mage, especially since she was from such a remote region,"] Seth explained to them in his quiet tone, mostly to Snow. He knew how important this mage was to her people, she had accomplished many great things in her time. [+red "Most mages have around a seventy to eighty percent accuracy rating, I'm rare in the fact that I'm around ninety percent accurate. Sophita's rating was one hundred and stayed that way even when she grew old."]

The mage then stood, unwrapping the long sash around his waist in order to access the robe that it held closed. He still felt embarrassed about his present state and wanted to remove as much of the red substance as humanly possible. Small hands draped the brocade sash over the back of his chair then carefully opened the once-white robe to remove it. Small trickles of blood had made their way to the layer underneath but it was nowhere near as bad as the silk top was. Sure, it was quite improper to not be properly dressed but this was an outstanding exception. As he worked on this his eyes scanned the stack of books that were sitting beside him, carefully looking over each name on the spine.

[+red "Every recorded vision includes the same points of interest, yes,"] he informed Emeria quietly. Once the heavy robe was off and he was down to his white tunic and pants, he carefully draped it on the back of his chair as well and sat back down. [+red "The problem is the lack of background. It's impossible for the other mages to pinpoint a timeline due to no significant events happening; if it were, say, the middle of the year they would have the festival as a point in their timeline and the court could prepare for it every year after, especially since every mage records it. Lack of recognizable people also makes it difficult to focus on an exact time; the only reason I figured it out was because I recognize some faces. You can only prepare for something that doesn't happen for so long before it becomes a myth in other's minds, a blip in their timeline that doesn't need to be worried about. It's someone else's problem."]

The question was, though, what could they do about it? From what Seth had witnessed and every mage since Emilio had recorded, nothing could save them. At least not on this plane. [+red "But we know about it now. Our normal lines of defense aren't going to work this time and I believe focusing solely on offense is a mistake. I can, however, suggest a more....unconventional method, if nothing else is brought to the table."]


While Seth was busy in his meeting with the court, Thaddeus had a typical and long list of things to accomplish. Since it was later in the day most of it had been scratched off with the [i scritch] of a quill. One of the last tasks required some books from the library which the older male was off to do now.

The room was pretty quiet, as it usually was, people silently looking through the shelves for titles that interested them or ones they would need to complete work. Quite often Seth requested books from the library, either for work or relaxation, so Thaddeus was quite familiar with the room's layout. He required a few books that focused on serious and powerful magic and those were located in the back of the library so that's where the male headed. He paused, however, as he saw Fate sitting at one of the tables, nose deep in a book. The titles on the books were what really caused him to pause, that and the fact that Fate wasn't in the meeting with the others.

[+green "Doing some educational reading?"] he asked the other quietly, turning his attention to the shelf in front of him. After a few moments he carefully selected the book that was needed, the subject on strong magical defense. Moments later another book was pulled off the shelf, an introduction to necromancy. Whatever Seth was doing, it was clear that he wasn't screwing around.
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 210d 22h 47m 40s
Emeria didn’t push the young mage to hurry as he made himself comfortable. She couldn’t imagine how embarrassing it must have been. It was like walking around with a scar that everyone could see and judge. She felt she would never understand that. Unless... the vision came to pass.

When he finally did begin his tale, he spoke of past sorcerers. The Seer’s that recorded the same premonition twice before him.

The thought, the idea that someone had known about this before them and never took the precautions to do anything about it made her blood boil. Father and those before him had sat on her throne and looked at their court members and decided to keep it a secret. Did... he leave because he knew? Did the King know there was nothing they could do to stop this from happening and left her here?

The Princess threw protocol out the window when she displayed her visible frustration. These were her closest allies in the room. She knew she could trust them with being herself. [#FF6500 “Were their visions all as specific as yours was? Did they know the time frame and people involved like you?”]
  Emeria Ravenheart / KyoyaPleasant / 213d 1h 11m 44s
Snow immediately felt ashamed. Although she had never seen Seth after a vision, she knew full well the effects of his power. She simply sat back down in her seat as he explained why he was covered in blood. "Yes, I read about that recently. I was just caught off guard." A moment later a soldier walked in with cleaning supplies.

As the young mage wiped away the blood from his face, she thought to herself. She couldn't imagine being his age having to deal with his powers. Sure, Snow also had to adjust to her own magic, but she was surrounded by supportive family members who experienced the same thing, with the same element of magic. Seth had no one to help him. She was beginning to understand why he carried around that ragged toy.

Snow listened carefully as Seth talked. Although she had not heard of Emilio, she had definitely heard of Sophitia. "I've heard of Sophitia. I'm also from Snowpeak. She's recogized as a legend in my community," she informed. She read through the books carefully as he finished cleaning up. The more she read, the more she realized how dire this situation was. There have been recorded visions for hundreds of years, and only now is this being taken seriously. Why were these future seers disregarded? There should have been plans being made to prepare for this years ago. Snow was now visibly frustrated as she scrambled through her head to find a solution.
  Snow Harrison / LadyPumpkin / 216d 5h 3m 3s
Fate, just a few pages into the book the librarian thought they might also like, A Beginner's Guide to Enchanting Swords, decided that they would use enchanted swords to kill all of the court. They had skimmed through the other two books, one of which had way too many words for Fate's liking. The other one, however, was quite helpful, having a list of dangerous enchantments and what to do to garner them. Obviously, some of the steps must be wrong, since no one would just sell a book like this to any random passerby, unless, of course, they were trying to wreak havoc, but Fate thought they could figure out what. The Beginners Guide had already cleared up a few things. Such as, properly enchanting weapons is actually super difficult. Fate was not deterred.
Fate would use one sword per killing, as the enchantment he liked, The Boomerang, became sentient after multiple souls had passed through it and would start killing without being told to. Luckily, said the book, the sentient sword that bore this discovery was disposed of before it could do any real harm. So, four court members, four swords. Easy-peasy.
The Boomerang acted, as its name implied, like a boomerang, returning to the sender after the kill was made. Fate would have rather just had it hide itself in a dumpster somewhere after the kill was complete, but there were ways to trace enchantments back to the enchanter and Fate knew there would be those bitter that the court and all of government had gone. Fate was the savior of the people! They could not let the people die because of a stupid mistake they had made back when they were a part of the thing that they swore to abolish.
One of the first enchantments The Beginner's Guide suggested was an enchantment that made the weapon unable to be harmed by all but its enchanter. It was a fairly easy enchantment, and the book said that most enchantments meshed well with it. Fate decided they would use this enchantment too. There was a way to bypass the enchantment, but it was not at all practical, and could hardly be done while the sword was flying at your face. Best of all, Fate would still be able to melt the swords once the task was done.
So long as nothing went horribly wrong, this was a foolproof plan. And Fate was happy.
  Fate Enzu / EffoEverton / 225d 7h 41m 33s
[h3 +]
Seth quietly looked over the ladies after stepping out from behind his mountain of books, taking note of their behavior. While the Princess remained calm and collected, Snow showed visible concern. He had almost forgotten that she had never seen the immediate result of his gift, he had always made himself presentable before approaching anyone in the court. Emeria was a different story, the young woman having once entered his chambers during the middle of one. By the time he had finally come back around she had left, the mage's Aid informing him of what had happened. He had been pretty embarrassed by it, not wanting someone so powerful to see him in such a state, and had a hard time looking at her directly for a week afterwards.

[+red "Renald, please step outside and grab a soldier; ask them to bring me a basin of warm water and a cloth,"] he requested softly. The handler didn't normally answer to anyone but the princess, especially if it required leaving her side. The fact that he wouldn't need to go far was helpful, simply taking a few steps into the hallway and getting one of the soldiers on guard duty to perform the task. [+red "I really don't wish to spend the entirety of this meeting in such an unpresentable state."] He couldn't do anything about the robe but at least he could clean up his face so he didn't resemble a stabbing victim. Renald seemed to understand this and slipped out of the room momentarily to do as asked. Minutes later he returned to his post to keep watch over Emeria silently.

The small mage finally sat down at the table next to his tower of books, giving the beautiful adviser a faint but reassuring smile. [+red "Those that are gifted with the Sight bleed when presented with a vision,"] he explained to her in his usual quiet tone. As he spoke, a small hand reached into his long sleeve and pulled out his worn toy and set it on the table nearby. [+red "Most bleed from somewhere on the head, I bleed from my right eye. I was told I have a tendency to convulse, which isn't that common, so the King presented me with an Aid for fear I may snap my neck. I think he tends to worry a bit but I won't argue; Thaddeus helps me get quite a bit of work done."]

Bright eyes glanced over at a gentle knock at the door, announcing a soldier who had brought the items requested. Seth smiled faintly at this, watching as the younger male carried the basin in with Renald's permission and set it on the floor beside the mage. Seth gave him a soft word of thanks before grabbing the cloth and dipping it into the warm water to begin the process of scrubbing his peach skin clean. [+red "I do sincerely apologize for being late but it was out of my control. I did learn a couple of things, though, that we may be able to use."]

Seth scrubbed off most of his face, making it much more presentable, before carefully setting the red-stained cloth into the pink water before looking over at the pile of books he had brought with him. Amethyst eyes scanned over the names on the spines before he found the one he wanted and removed it from the stack. Age had long begun to show on this record, its pages yellow and brittle while the lettering on the cover had begun to fade. It was still partially legible which was what told the boy he had pulled the correct one.

[+red "Most mages are required by the court to keep records, especially future seers and those with extrasensory perception,"] he told the ladies, setting the old book down on the table in front of him. [+red "The first recorded mage with the gift of Sight was over a thousand years ago named Emilio Rossi. He started as a stable boy but his ability was quickly recognized by the royal family and he was given a position of power at thirteen. He was the first one to have the same vision that I had this morning, the one that has us meeting here right now."]

Seth quickly flipped through the pages, careful not to damage them, and stopped near the middle of the book. A long section in fancy calligraphy had been written by the first mage, his account taking up three full pages. He pushed it over to the ladies for them to read before pulling another large book from the pile and opening it to an entry near the end. [+red "The second mage gifted with Sight was appointed twenty years after Emilio, a woman named Sophitia. Most mages that are gifted with the sight come from the Outpost, where I did, but she didn't. She was the first and only one that came from Snowpeak where the ice casters come from. Sophitia had the same vision two weeks after her appointment to the castle. The vision that I had this afternoon told me that every mage with the gift since Emilio has had the same vision. Every one of them. And they're all recorded."]

He pushed that one forward as well before picking up the cloth again and scrubbing at his neck to remove as much of the dried, red substance as he could. He seemed to be making good progress with it since the water was no longer clear. After allowing the ladies ample time to examine the books he had given them as well as any others they requested from him, he began to speak again.

[+red "The vision I had this morning is the same as what's in those books, even if they're worded a bit differently,"] he told them quietly while setting the cloth back into the water. [+red "A dark force covers Evermore staring from the four cardinal points and makes its way inward before finally reaching us. There are no survivors, not even in the remote regions. Whatever this is, its goal is total annihilation of every living thing in Evermore."]
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 231d 12m 8s
The princess did not have to wait long for the Adviser to walk in. They exchanged greetings but didn’t say anything more. Emeria, again, wasn’t so fond of Snow and felt their personalities were on opposite ends of the spectrum. But Father had always said, the more personalities in the room, the more solutions you can uncover and utilize. Essentially, the scholar was very highly regarded.

Time ticked away, their wait turning from mannerly to concerned. [#FF6500 “Doubt he forgot. It was Seth’s idea.”] Doing her best not to jump to conclusions, Emeria began scratching points of discussion across the parchment of her notebook. If the party member was in trouble, Renald would have already alerted her.

After thirty minutes did the door finally open to a stack of books and a tiny stature. Despite her annoyance, she smiled and thought of a more sarcastic quip for the child. [#FF6500 “Fall sleep thinking about how fun this meeting was going to be?”]

Before he could answer, the young mage put down the ancient materials and revealed his disheveled state. Blood ran down his face and into the white robes. Her heartbeat quickened and she focused on keeping a straight face. [i Calm down. You know what the Sight does. Don’t overreact.]

Emeria exhaled deeply, waiting for Seth to sit before asking her questions. [#FF6500 “Are you okay? What did you see?”] Too fast. Slow down. Evermore likes a calm leader.
  Emeria Ravenheart / KyoyaPleasant / 231d 5h 57m 52s
Snow left her room with her sword on her hip. With this new threat realized, she didn't want to be caught unarmed. She just hoped the princess didn't mind her bringing it to the meeting. She felt less anxious walking through the halls, but she couldn't help but flinch whenever she saw someone else walking.

"Get yourself together!" she muttered to herself. As she passed the library, she almost walked in, but she stopped herself. She still lacked the full story, so trying to find useful information would be a waste of her time at this point. She would just drive herself insane. She would have plenty of time to research after the meeting, or at least she hoped.

She walked into the records hall to gather the necessary documents. This place had always left her unsettled, but with her being on edge, it was much worse than usual. Being separate from the rest of the castle, it was always damp and chilled in the cold months, or thick and hot in the warm months. Needless to say, it wasn't very inviting. She quickly left soon after with a stack of folders and papers, making sure to lock the door behind her.

A few minutes later, she walked into the meeting room. She knew that the princess has decorated this room just from the lighting alone. There weren't many occasions that Snow had been in this room. If she was having a private meeting, it was with the king in his private meeting room.

"Good afternoon, your Majesty," Snow greeted as she set the stack of documents on the table. The princess was the only one in the candle lit room. The princess may have felt at home with the dim lighting and dark drapes, but Snow felt more uncomfortable. Bright lighting and light colors were more her style.

She simply sat at the table, waiting for the mage. As 10 minutes passed, she looked to the princess. "Has he forgotten?" she asked. Still feeling uneasy, she began mindlessly flipping through the stack of papers in front of her. Another 5 minutes passed, then 10, then 20, then the mage barged in with a hasty apology. At first she was annoyed, then instantly shocked and worried. The young boy was covered in a dark red substance that she could only assume to be blood. "What happened to you?!" she asked as she stood from her seat.
  Snow Harrison / LadyPumpkin / 234d 7h 27m 23s
[h3 +]
Amethyst eyes observed the fish in their habitat as they happily swam among each other. Seth sometimes wondered what it would be like to have such a simple life as them: eat, sleep, and exist. He used to have a similar life, even if it wasn't as simple, but he remembered when all he needed to worry about was what his mother was going to make for dinner. He missed the small village, what had been named Lycan Outpost, and sometimes longed for his old life. His home was located next to a small animal farm which housed chickens, goats, and a few sheep. Seth loved taking care of these creatures and spending time with them, it was almost as if they were a part of his family. He was aware, however, that his life may not remain so easy since he was blessed with a rare gift.

Seth's mother, a young woman of small build and her vivid red locks always pulled up into a high bun, informed her son of this news early. He remembered sitting down with her behind the house and watching the sun set while she spoke; he recalled her story well. Long ago, in the beginning time, a tribe with mystical gifts bestowed to them from the Goddesses lived near Evermore castle. They provided magical protection and insight to the royal family with their abilities. They were relied upon. Many years passed and a great tragedy befell the royal family, Seth couldn't recall what it was but it forced the tribe to distance themselves and they eventually came to settle into the Outpost. Their time with the Family had long been forgotten but their abilities never were, every other generation one or two babies were born with unique gifts and they were often chosen to succeed the powerful magic users in the castle. The royal family had decided to call them Mages. Seth never met his predecessor, he was told it was a woman and had passed at a young age. Some kind of sickness, if he recalled correctly. The castle had been without a mage for quite a few years before the soldiers were sent on the long trip to the Outpost and he had been chosen.

A sharp pain from behind the boy's right eye ripped him out of his train of thought, causing the bright eyes to shut and his head to drop a little. He tried to pass it off as a mere headache before another one appeared, this one much sharper than the last. A small fist clenched as he tried to suffer through it before the pain dropped to a tolerable level, slowly opening his eyes afterwards and rising to his feet. He needed to get back into the castle and, preferably, up to his quarters but he knew he wouldn't make it. A vision would be making itself known, with the sharpness of the pain he figured it would be in less than a minute. Usually he had more of a warning, the fact that this one blindsided him could mean trouble. The small mage only made it a few steps before his legs buckled under him and the tiny frame collapsed in the garden, his vision becoming blurry before it blacked out entirely.


A soft groan fell from the boy's chest as he slowly began to awaken, greeted by the sight of grass blades and walkway once he opened his eyes. His head still ached a bit but the pain began to lessen, once he felt well enough he slowly turned from his side and pushed himself up to his knees. Blood had pooled under his head from his right eye for the duration of the vision, a normal occurrence, and still remained in a large puddle on the path. The dark substance stained his cheek and the side of his head, the stains even migrating to his once pristine white robe and settling on the sleeve and shoulder. Seth pushed himself to stand, his frame wobbling a bit before it settled, and slowly made his way back inside in order to clean up and change.

That was, until the bell tolled in the tower.

Shit! Had his vision really knocked him out for that long?! He was late for his meeting! The small mage picked up his pace from a casual walk into a run, careful to avoid any obstacles in his way. But, instead of taking the staircase to the meeting rooms, he veered off to his left to access a hallway that only privileged members of the court had access to: the records hall.

A set of silver keys emerged from the folds of the white silk, Seth carefully choosing the correct one and turning the lock on the door. He didn't bother to lock it behind him as he knew he wouldn't be there very long, especially since Princess Emeria and Snow were waiting on him. Apparently, long ago, this had once been confined to a single room but due to how many logs and records the Kingdom had been acquiring through the years it had become necessary to expand it into the long hallway. To make things easier to find, sections had been added and books had been placed in chronological order within them. The section Seth was looking for was near the beginning of the hall, luckily for him, so he didn't have far to go. Quite a few large, leather-bound books were pulled from the shelves, making quite the stack, and he decided these would suffice for now. If Her Majesty required more he could always come back to get them. Once he was finished, the door was locked behind him and he carefully made his way up to the meeting room.

[+purple "I'm sorry I'm late,"] he announced quietly once he stepped in, the upper half of his body hidden behind the large stack of books he carried. He mentally prepared himself for the tongue-lashing he could receive since he was over thirty minutes late. It wasn't until he set the stack down and stepped out from behind it did it appear to the two regal ladies why, exactly, he had taken his time arriving to the meeting. Seth was aware that he was quite the ghastly sight and wished desperately that he had time to clean up before hand.
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 234d 6h 52m 37s

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