The Fight For Evermore

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[h3 The Kingdom's in peril. Protect it with all of your might.]

Seated in the center of its kingdom, the castle of Evermore overlooked its territories of vast diversities while standing guard over the village that resided around it. Just like any kingdom thriving in the light, forces that reside in the dark focused their assets and power to overthrow Evermore and claim it for themselves. Her majesty, her court, and all those who served her managed to stave them off for the time being, but it was made clear that they couldn't fight them for much longer. Resources were beginning to run out and manpower was becoming limited.

How they would survive this nightmare was still a uncertain...if they could even survive at all.


[h3 Some information before you begin]

When it comes down to it, your character will die from causes of the Infiltrator's overthrow of the kingdom. How that happens is up to you. I do intend for the RP to continue after that, however, with the characters in a purgatory-like state.
The other territories may be mentioned now and then but will not have a role in the roleplay. They may be brought up simply to give a bit of depth to the story.
Evermore is a kingdom of magic and elements. Not every person can perform magic, but does have an element they are able to use and fight with if they choose to. They are as follows: fire, water, earth, air, light, ice, and darkness. Darkness is not available as an option, however, as I only wish one character to have this element and I've already claimed it. I apologize.
If this is beginning to sound a little familiar, it's because it's an elaboration of a previous thread I had done. It explains why the character personalities haven't changed much.
The Princess will not be chosen on a first come first serve basis. She will be carefully picked from the applicants I have received in a week's time.

[h3 Rules to live by]

+The only two genders that are set genders are The Handler and The Princess. All others are changeable.

+ I tried to give the characters personality traits that weren't too restrictive. I apologize if you find this very annoying but please try to stick to their guidelines given.

+ I am looking for literacy! I will start the character count at 1000, I believe this to be very reasonable for our kind of RP. Grammar skills are a must, nothing angers me more when I find the whole post "typd lik ths." Adult language is allowed, but I would prefer it not to get out of control.

+ I would prefer a post from you once a week. I understand that everyone has lives and I am, in no way, any exception. If you're having problems coming up with something, please let me know. I don't want to have thought that you ditched or fell off the planet or something.

+God modding is forbidden.

+Anime pictures, please!

+ Please PM me with your skelly!

+Have fun!

[h3 The Characters and their Personalities]

(x) The Princess - Ruler of Evermore. Very strong-willed and willing to do whatever it takes to protect her people. Is not afraid to stand up to those wishing to do her kingdom harm. A caring person despite her strong personality. Can perform advanced magic.
Magic rating ★★★★★

The Handler / The Guardsman - The person in charge of caring for the princess and making sure no harm came to her. Also is aware of every room in the castle as well as secret passages. He is more a gruff person yet very protective of the princess and ones he considers to be his friends. Can perform very basic of magic.
Magic rating ★☆☆☆☆

(x) The Adviser - The most intellectual person of the kingdom. A typically quiet and secluded individual, the adviser is not afraid to speak his mind and informs the others of things when he deems it necessary. May have a bit of an attitude. Can perform intermediate magic.
Magic rating ★★★☆☆

(x) The Priest / The Mage - A shy individual studying the magical skills needed to protect the people. Even though he appears to be naive he will become very serious when necessary with an intellect to match. Can perform advanced magic.
Magic rating ★★★★☆

(x) The Infiltrator - The reason darkness covers Evermore and, ultimately, why its subjects perish. This individual is part of the kingdom's court and is working out their plans in secret. No one is aware of their evil at the beginning. Can perform advanced magic.
Magic rating ★★★★★

[h3 The Skelly]

Puppet Master:
Birth-given Element:
Preferred Weapon:
Short Bio:

[h3 Meet the Court]

Puppet Master: KyoyaPleasant
Name: Esmeria Ravenheart
Age: 23
Character: Princess
Birth-given Element: Fire
Preferred Weapon: Magic
Personality: High strung, headstrong, A-personality kind of woman. Doesn’t take well to opposition but respects those whom she deems is deserving. Having grown into her position in the kingdom, she has learned the responsibilities of being a confident leader. While she may portray confidence well, she will admit, she has much to learn still.
Short Bio: Having lost their Queen at any early age, Esmeria has grown to be sort of brutish, taking after her Father as she grew into the title of Princess. Evermore being a very influential kingdom, had her learning and becoming an adult sooner then a child should. At 16, the King granted her seats at tactical round tables and aided her in making productive decisions to better the lives of their people. With the help of her internal castle family, Esmeria aspires to be the most impactful Queen this generation has ever seen.

Puppet Master: LadyPumpkin
Name: Snow Harrison
Age: 27
Character: Advisor
Birth-given Element: Ice
Preferred Weapon: A long, thin sword that resembles an enlarged ice pick. The pale blue handle is embellished with small snowflake designs. A family heirloom.
Personality: Similar to her element, she coldly speaks her mind, whether her opinion is wanted or not. She actively gives advice to anyone who she thinks needs it, but tends to be objective and disregards emotions. However, as unfeeling as she may seem on the outside, she gets attached to certain people, who she will remain loyal to no matter what.
Short Bio: Snow was born to a purebred ice elemental family. Nearly everyone in her ancestry was born with ice magic. Her family may not have been true royalty, but they were so proud of their purebred roots, they acted as if they were. As a result, she was spoiled with every book and bit of information she wanted. Eventually that was not enough for her. Once she turned 19, she craved new information and moved to Evermore. King Ravenheart's former advisor was in search for someone to take his place. He took interest in Snow's intelligence and knew she had potential with a little bit of guidance. She took his place a few years later when he passed of the illness that filled his lungs. Snow has been the head advisor for nearly 5 years.

Puppet Master: SolemnYuki
Name: Seth Xian
Age: 11
Character: The Priest / The Mage
Birth-given Element: Darkness
Preferred Weapon: Magic
Personality: Seth is a very shy individual at first, but warms up greatly once one gets to know him. He is always putting others needs ahead of his own and very intuitive about others feelings. He is quiet about speaking his mind but is always willing to help. Seth is a fun-loving child and tends to be insecure around older officials about his young age. He carries around a worn, stuffed dog with him wherever he goes, a security measure from his early days in the kingdom that he never got rid of.
Short Bio: Granted an unusual talent to peek briefly into the past and the future, Seth found himself entering the kingdom of Evermore at the early age of 6. He began to study magic and gain a better handle on his gifts and quickly became the youngest person to hold such a position in the history of the kingdom and the only controller of the darkness element in the kingdom. Seth tries hard to keep the castle and village peaceful, going out of his way to keep the kingdom harmonious and fair. Seth comes from a small village in the far east of Evermore, the tribe that inhabits it once thought to be protectors of the castle and its courts in ancient times. This is why most believe he has such a strong control over advanced magic and was granted use of such a rare element.

Name: Fate Enzu
Age: 19
Character: The Infiltrator
Birth-given Element: Earth
Preferred Weapon: A spear that is long and strong enough to be used as a staff and a walking stick. Fate is hardly ever seen without it.
Personality: Fate is intelligent to a fault, often making morally difficult decisions without a second thought. Since Fate rarely screws things up, they often come off as arrogant, but in a charming, only slightly annoying sort of way. While Fate may seem confident, they are really anything but, often fretting over some miniscule detail that has the potential to wreck a good plan.
Short Bio: Fate was born in a small town to two loving parents who believed their child would change the world. They told Fate this time and time again, and Fate, still a small child, believed every word of it. Fate became determined to change the world for what they believed was the better; a beautifully chaotic anarchy where no one was bound by their feelings and everyone could be free. At the age of thirteen a plan to overthrow order was already taking shape in Fate's mind, but Fate knew that for any of it to matter, they would have to obtain a seat at the heart of the problem. So, they journeyed to Evermore, studying magic, making allies, and pulling strings until finally, finally they were admitted into the kingdom's court, where they have been living for about a year now, helping make decisions and gaining people's trust, all while searching for weak points that could be exploited, and planting a few of their own.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (1000 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

[h3 +]
Staring eyes. Seth could feel them on him, their owners feeling mixed emotions. While most more than likely took his words for truth there were others, however, that most likely thought the young mage was full of shit. Kingdom-destroying darkness in such a short time span? Even Seth had to admit it would be a bit difficult to believe. Evermore hadn't had a war in over a century and were at peace with neighboring nations. Why would such a tranquil period suddenly be brought to an end with bloodshed and darkness? If the small boy hadn't seen it for himself, even he would have some doubts.

Unfortunately Seth wasn't wrong.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, not enjoying being the center of attention, and allowed the violet irises to drop to the stuffed toy in front of him on the table. In order to continue on he needed to pretend the others weren't there watching him....judging him. It was easier to concentrate when his treasure was near, the worn out dog he had named Kimchi, as it gave him something else to focus on besides the adults in the room. A small hand reached out and grabbed Kimchi by a paw, pulling the bundle of cloth towards him. It slid across the polished table easily where it then fell into his lap, Seth picking him up and holding him against his stomach protectively.

[+red "It was only a few hours ago,"] the small mage answered quietly. The silence in the room was deafening but no sound could afford to be made. Not with such a serious accusation hanging over their heads. After another moment his gaze lifted to fall on Emeria again. He could tell she was trying to be level headed about this, trying to emulate her father, but they were two very different people. She was a bit rougher around the edges than he was but had no doubts that she was an excellent ruler.

[+red "It began shortly after the soldiers returned from the Badlands, the ones that are leaving this afternoon,"] he explained in his quiet voice. [+red "I've taken the trip before, it's about a two week's journey there and back. The captain usually keeps his soldiers out on trips such as this one for a week."]

Seth shifted again, allowing his gaze to drift once more and this time fell on those across the table from him. First he saw Faith, the newcomer to the court. They didn't seem up in arms like the rest of them did, leading the mage to believe that this was probably one of the people who thought he was making the entire situation up. Deciding not to dwell on it further he looked away, this time stopping at Snow. Unlike Faith, he could see genuine concern in her eyes. Observing that made him feel a little bit better.

[+red "I'd...I'd rather not delve into details of what occurred right now, Your Majesty,"] Seth spoke once more, looking down at Kimchi who sat in his lap and began to toy with one of the floppy ears. [+red "With your approval, we can discuss it this afternoon. I just....just need to think about something else for a little while."]
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 23h 16m 56s
The first thing Snow did every morning was read. She found comfort in opening a new book and excitement in finishing the last page. Today she had just finished "Fire Magic," the final book in a collection of all magical elements. She started with "Dark Magic" to get a better understanding of the youngest member of the court, then went down the list. As the castle advisor, she had permission to take and return books from the library as she pleased.

She collected all the books in her room and headed to the library to exchange them. Usually she would have brought her sword with, but there was a court meeting today, and that was her next stop. As she entered the enormous library, she smiled. Although she had been living in the castle for years, the sheer size of the library rivalled her need for knowledge. Snow had been reading almost daily for years, but she had only made a small dent in the information available to her. She still had enough time before the meeting, so she grabbed a new book and sat down in her favorite spot in the castle. In fact, she would like to argue that this was the only comfortable seat in the castle. After flipping through a few pages of "Exotic Animals of Evermore," Snow closed the book and made her way to the gathering hall.

Snow silently entered the room, where Seth and and few others were already seated. She noticed the stuffed toy flopped on the table in front of him. It was looking very worn and she couldn't help but wonder why he didn't just get rid of the old thing. The Princess and her guardsman entered soon after and the meeting was set to begin...However, there was someone missing. Snow looked at the empty chair. Fate. She had never liked them. She was always weary of newcomers to the court, but something about their confidence came across as more cocky to Snow.

Just as the first person finished their report, the door burst open and Fate entered the room out of breath. They said they got distracted by a puzzle, and the excuse seemed to go unnoticed by the others at the table. Snow decided to ignore them aside from a stern glance in their direction. The meeting continued as usual. Snow realized that the meeting seemed stale though. When the King was there, everyone was more invested in the discussions taking place. Currently, each person took their turn, a few words were exchanged, and that was that. It wasn't until it was the young mage's turn that things got interesting.

The young boy mentioned a vision he had involving the kingdom being overrun by darkness. Snow immediately looked at the reactions of the court. Each person had their own way of showing their unease: squirming, tapping their feet, or in the Princess's case, straightening up to hide her discomfort. Her eyes settled on Fate. Unlike the others, Fate was unmoving. They remained in their laid back sitting position without moving. Maybe this was their way of showing unease, but she found it rather odd.

Not wanting to get caught staring, Snow looked back to Seth, awaiting his response to the Princess's questions.
  Snow Harrison / LadyPumpkin / 1d 4h 40m 27s
Fate made their way to their seat and sat down, surprised that the court had started the meeting without them, but not too upset about it. Nothing really interesting happened in these meetings anyways, and when interesting things did happen, they were always saved for the end of the assembly. Why, Fate had little idea, but they did know they had missed nothing of importance.
Fate was, however, a little upset about being completly ignored. Yes, there were sideways glances cast their way, but nothing more. It was like Fate had not shown up late at all. It was like all of the work Fate had put into being late meant nothing.
But that was absurd and Fate knew it. Of course their work meant something. It just didn't mean what Fate had intended it to. Rather than being a birthday gift to themself, the charade had been an experiment. An experiment that proved a very important thing. The castle was different when the king wasn't about. The castle was different when Emeria was in charge.
It was cold in the main cabnet. Cold and quiet. Fate sat in a way that said they were very much at ease and honestly rather bored with the situation they were in, but in reality this was not the case. Fate was uneasy. The way the meeting was handled, the way the princess was so smooth. There was not a rough spot to be found, not a chink in her armour. Fate hated her for it. She had to die. Either that or be tortured forever, but even Fate thought that was rather cruel, and more importantly, unreliable. She had to die. Fate wouldn't let her sterilize the kingdom.
Fate was quieter than usual, only adding a couple of things to the conversation, but this was excusable because of the fictional birthday puzzle. Actually it wasn't, but who was going to notice? They barely noticed Fate had shown up late.
And then all was silent. The boy with the stuffed dog was thinking. And everyone was watching him. Fate felt like squirming in their seat, but they didn't dare move.
The boy said the kingdom will be overrun by darkness. The boy said the kingdom will be overrun by evil. The boy was a time-seer. The boy was always right.
Fate was scared.
This could mean a couple of things. Either the princess was even worse than Fate had feared and her tyranny had destroyed everything chaotic and good in the kingdom, or the king had had failed his negotiations and the kingdom was under attack by a neigboring kingdom. It couldn't mean Fate had won. If Fate had won, there wouldn't be any kingdom left to overrun. There would just be people. No leaders. No kingdom.
Unless the boy was wrong...
The princess adressed this cleanly, any feeling she might have about the issue tucked neatly inside herself. As previously mentioned, Fate hated her. Something had to be done.
  Fate Enzu / EffoEverton / 2d 18h 4m 57s
The Princess tried to make herself comfortable in the most uncomfortable chair in the kingdom. The King had a thing for carved wooden thrones that almost every room in the castle had one. One of her Father’s little quirks.

She pushed the red velvet pillow beneath her bottom as the rest of the Court filed in around her and Seth, filling the room with eight or so individuals including their Advisor. He wasn’t her first choice but Father had great trust in the intelligence of scholars... and they were the best in the kingdom.

The last seat was saved for their newest addition to the Royal Court, Fate Enzu, which she didn’t choose on her accord either; another picked by the King. But the King wasn’t here... she was and Fate was late.

Emeria did not wait, proceeding with Court routine at a timely manner so that everyone at the table could speak their share about events, politics and improvements for the kingdom of Evermore. These assemblies were held twice a week, assuring that no one went too long without knowing what was going on in their appropriate sectors. It kept things simple and sweet.

The missing player burst through after the first report had been given. Emeria, never really taken well to interruptions, kept her mouth shut about his tardiness and instead chose to pretend that he had been there all along, keeping the meeting going without a further pause.

Everything was rather normal drabble, mostly consisting of budget or neighboring kingdom requests and trades. It was only when it was the Mage’s turn to speak did she feel the sense of unease. The look in the young boy’s eyes was hard and unwavering. Then he spoke words that she never wanted to hear. [i Peril.]

Emeria straightened her posture, suddenly well aware of all the eyes that were now on her. She had to respond and it couldn’t be in her usual manner... No her Father wouldn’t want that. When people made serious accusations and statements like that, especially at the Court table, they must be taken with a level head. [#FF6500 “Thank you, Seth,”] she said, her mouth feeling dry, [#FF6500 “When did you have this vision and what in the vision specifically makes you believe that evil will be at our doors in a time of three weeks?”]

Specific. Her Father taught her to speak clearly and to the point. She was the leader. She had to remain calm.
  Emeria Ravenheart / KyoyaPleasant / 3d 23h 34m 9s
[h3 +]
A quick glance over the sturdy oak table told Seth that he was the only one there, empty chairs sitting neatly in their assigned places. They most likely hadn't been touched since the last session where insights were given and noble words spoken. The King liked to have meetings at least once a week, wishing to gain insight on the various components of his kingdom. These could get very boring for the young mage and he had a tendency to lose focus, resulting in a bit of missed information. The princess had caught him on one such occasion, the boy giving her a sheepish smile afterwards, but his lack of focus didn't seem to upset her. Perhaps she had grown just as bored as he had.

Seth stepped further into the room, the soft rug of vivid red under him quieting his footsteps, and headed over to the far side where a row of book cases sat. He chose this place to lean his staff, using the side of it in case someone wished to look over the books, and pulled his stuffed treasure up to his chest to hold it close with one arm while violet eyes scanned over the words on the spines of the books. While his staff was often left in various locations, even having gone missing once or twice , the toy dog never left his sight. Some of the fibers were beginning to show their age, having lost some of their rustic brown in spots and various shades of dark thread were visible in the seams. This small animal was a gift from his mother before he made the journey to Evermore; he remembered holding it close as he left the village on horseback and watched them grow smaller and smaller as more distance was placed between them. This was all he had left of them, this little brown dog with floppy ears, and he would treasure it always.

The small mage wasn't alone very long before he heard a voice, causing him to turn around to greet its owner. He watched as Her Majesty made her way in, her handler right beside her, and took her usual spot at the head of the table. She was intimidating to many, especially those that had met her for the first time, as she wasn't a typical princess. Emeria had quite the bold air about her and wasn't afraid to use it, she even tossed aside the traditional pastel palate and chose to don herself in black. Even though she could be rough sometimes as she touted a no-nonsense kind of attitude, Seth found her to be one of the most enjoyable members of the court.

[+red "Good morning, your Majesty,"] he responded with a small smile, still holding the toy against his chest. Seth wanted to tell her what he knew at that moment as holding it inside for so long was painful, but knew he had to wait for the others.

It would be a productive assembly, indeed.

As reports were about to be given, the small mage quickly took a seat at the table and placed the dog in front of him. Since the stuffing was a bit old it didn't hold the animal up anymore, the dog immediately falling onto its side once it was placed on the table. Once the first report was given, Fate burst through the door to join them. At least they didn't miss much, the meeting was still quite early. It was strange, though, as Fate was usually pretty punctual. The excuse that was given seemed admissible by the rest, especially since it was a rather rare event, and the meeting continued on.

Opinions and reports went around the table, each party discussion their sector and what problems or observations they could give: all except for Seth. He remained quiet, keeping his gaze on the table top and examined the grains of wood as he listened to the others. He remained this way until it was his turn to speak and, as they waited for the young mage to gather his words, the room was eerily quiet. All he could hear was the breathing of the people on either side of him. Once he found what words he wished to say, amethyst eyes lifted and focused on Emerila.

[+red "Evermore is in great peril, your Majesty,"] the small boy spoke quietly. [+red "I had a vision this morning; in three weeks time the kingdom will be overrun with darkness and evil. I haven't been able to discern the cause of it or where it came from. If I learn anything more, you'll be made aware of it promptly."]
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 5d 22h 18m 25s
Fate decided that today they were going to be late to the assembly. Normally Fate was right on time, but today was a very important day to Fate. Today was Fate's birthday, and today, Fate was going to be fashionably late.
Fate meandered through the long halls and big rooms of the castle, feeling a little lost despite having practically memorized the catsle's layout. They let one of their hands float up to trace the wall beside them, much like a blind person might. Not that Fate was blind. Earth was their birth-given element, so Fate felt more secure when they were touching it. Fate's feet were never enough; it felt like if Fate was not tethered to the earth in some other way they would float up off of it, never to be seen again, lost forever in the sheer depths of the unforgiving sky.
This was why Fate loved their spear so much. It was long enough to touch the ground and dig into it a ways, so Fate could always feel the earth beneath them. It was also incredibly sharp, thick enough to be used as a staff, and heavy enough to break someone's nose, but not so heavy that it became cumbersome.
The only reason Fate didn't have it today was because of the assembly. Spears, particularly Fate's ugly black killer spear, were not welcome in the gathering halls. To keep the peace, and not arouse suspicion, Fate would leave it in their room on assembly days.
Fate, deciding they had wandered enough, set out for the courtyard, where sat an ornate sundial among other gaudy nothings. Fate planned to wander past it, then turn around as if suddenly realizing what time it was and that they were horribly late to the assembly, before shooting off towards the main cabnet like a bullet.
When they arrived at the courtyard, Fate could only see a couple other people there, and they seemed to be minding their own buisness. Nevertheless, Fate performed their little act. You really never know when it comes to time-seers. Fate was just happy the court didn't have a mind-reader yet.
Fate could be very fast when they wanted to be, and barged through the door almost out of breath, late enough to have been recognized as such by the rest of the court, but not so late they would inconvienience anyone. Taking little gasps between words, they said, [+purple "Sorry I'm late--My mom sent me a puzzle for my birthday--I lost track of time..."]
And you know the brilliant part? Literally no one could prove them otherwise. If something like this could be set up so flawlessly, how hard could it really be to dissasemble the kingdom?
  Fate Enzu / EffoEverton / 6d 21h 30m 57s
[i Breathe in... Breathe out...]
[center [i Breathe in... Breathe out...]]
Ash. She could smell soot and ash.

The worn tile was cool against her forehead as she kneeled against the floor, breathing in the dry air of her private practice room. The rising sun cast long shadows across the tower ground, flowing over her exposed body like a lovers touch. There wasn’t much in the room, just a wall that held her cloaks and weapons but that was all she needed. This was where the leader grounded herself. Here she was free.

Emeria pulled herself upright and raised her arms up and back into a graceful stretch. [i Breathe in.] The princess could feel the heat of her magic traveling up her body to the tips of her fingers. This heat setting her mind hot with excitement, her heartbeat quickened. Father had always said that it was more elegant to learn an element like Light or Water... but Fire always sent her over the edge of euphoria. [i Breathe out.]

The blonde rose to a stand, feeling the flames ignite between her fingers and grow in her palm. She moved her body in flawless and confident motions, practicing the balance of power by training as Father had taught her to control the wild element. The tower was scorched with black from years of mastery that the servants could no longer wash out the ash.

Emeria continued her routine for another hour before there was a knock on the iron door. She tried to catch her breath, the sweat rolling down her strong and toned body, before inviting in the regular visitor.

The Guardsman, her most trusted soldier and one of the only people who knew of the entrance to this room, passed on a message, informing her that her attention was needed in largest cabinet where the Royal Court met. The King had gone abroad to visit another kingdom for diplomatic purposes, leaving Emeria in charge of Evermore while he was away. It was a perfect opportunity to prove and solidify her worth to the kingdom.

[#FF6500 “Thank you,”] she replied with a cocky smile, dropping all her loose cotton garments to the floor and holding out her hand for the clothes in his arms. Unfazed by her bold actions, he handed them over, Emeria dressing in her usual “too dark for a princess to be wearing” outfit. She loved the color black. It was bold and powerful just like her.

Leaving the tower behind, the blonde promptly made her way down to the largest gathering hall. Their youngest member of the court had already arrived, Emeria presenting him with a genuine smile. [#FF6500 “A good morn’ to you Master Xian!”] she greeted the child, taking her place at the head of the table. [#FF6500 “I’m sure today will be a productive assembly.”]
  Emeria Ravenheart / KyoyaPleasant / 7d 19h 37m 4s
[h3 +]
The light from the afternoon sun shone in through the windows, catching a few crystals that hung over the glass and casting small rainbows across the room. It was normally a soothing thing, something that brought peace and tranquility to the boy who resided within the room, but they didn't seem to have their desired effect today. Bright eyes of amethyst followed one of the rainbow smears to eventually stop on a spray of red, one that contrasted greatly with the white of his walls. It had long since dried, being only a few hours old, but brought vivid memories back to the boy with hair the color of blood. Dark and terrible things were in store for the future of Evermore but he wasn't quite sure what to do about it.

The young mage carefully rose to his feet from sitting against the wall and reached out a small hand to pick up his staff. The skillfully crafted object jingled softly as it moved, the metal rings looped inside of the main ornament on the top. He could hear the bustle of people, mainly soldiers, out in the hallway nearby, their strong and gruff voices carrying all over the castle. From his position he couldn't make out full sentences but he doubted it was important to his line of work. It hardly ever was, mostly about their postings and training.

Silently the boy left his room and moved down the hallway, his other hand clutching the paw of a stuffed toy dog. The toy rarely left his side, a rather important piece to the young mage. Not many understood his connection to it but he didn't expect them to. He mostly kept to himself since his arrival a few years ago as he felt rather insecure around the rest of the castle court. They were so much older and wiser than he was, how could he ever measure up? Seth's ability to glimpse into future events was the only thing to gain him his position at such a young age. Her Majesty saw it as a useful tool, something to help them stay one step ahead of anything that may have been thrown at them. Even though the Princess believed in him and thought him to have great value, he still felt the rest of the castle court didn't trust him or accept his abilities. He was a rather negative boy when it involved his relationships with others and prevented himself from getting too close to anyone. He was just too scared of what they would think.

The small mage continued down the hallway and set of stairs, reaching the first floor. His destination wasn't too far away: the largest cabinet. Many of the castle court gathered in these studies but most often they could be found here. Seth was hoping to run into the adviser as he wished to speak with him about a vision he had seen, the reason he had a red smear still painted on his wall. He would even settle for the newcomer to the court, Faith, if he had to. Faith had impressed many people with quick thinking and good judgement calls which had lead to this position being opened. Hopefully some good advice could come from a visit.
  Seth Xian / SolemnYuki / 14d 21h 42m 56s

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