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Nothing too complex, just a quick wee search to see if anyone's interested! I'm kind of hankering for writing some spooky gents! Be it for a romance, adventure, some mix!

[font "Times" [size15 [B [u Idea No. 1]]

Contemporary Supernatural/Remember the vamp craze from the 80's-00's?? Yeah that.

[B Oleander "Oliver" Hargreaves] Pale, blond hair, golden eyes, and one very elaborate, specific wardrobe. He owns a nightclub and bar in New Orleans. He's a bit macabre, charming and flirtatious and knows how to bar tend for his darling 'mortal' customers, he'll tease. Let's make a story!

[font "Times" [size15 [B [u Idea No. 2]]

Period or fantasy supernatural drama.

The undead are a real threat, and things like them. Evil, lurking monsters that will manipulate you, hunt you down and eat you, or just straight kill you. Ghouls, vampires, all of those known simply as nosferatu. Undead. Bodies are either found drained dry or just torn apart, devoured. Things in the darkness are a real threat.

What do you do when your dear friend comes to you one evening, begging, knocking, bedraggled and potentially bleeding in the middle of the night to come in? And what do you do when you realize what's become of him?

Potential romance. LGBT+ welcome

Can be a hunter of such things, a noble, just a civilian or noble, whatever you like!

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[font "Times" [B [u Idea No. 3]]]

gothic, supernatural, either period or fantasy

Your character seeks out the haunted mansion in the woods, basically, and the thing rumored to live in it. For whatever reason, for whatever need- be it out of curiosity, a desperate ploy to not be followed by your pursuers .

Your choices of character that greets you and their related mysterious mansions are...

[B Lathander Montesque] a dark haired, vampiric master of a swamp/bayou mansion on an extensive piece of property, that includes a necropolis, and an alligator. Soft spoken, moves without being seen, and silently. The mansion overshadows his existence. It is rumored to be deep in the bayou, abandoned and filled with treasures and luxury and little lights at night, still. If you can find it, and not get eaten on the way.

[B Alptraum] the eldritch, mysterious creature that haunts the darknesses of the forests. A bestial, skeletal face and an unfathomable body, it stands tall, haunting the woods and keeping things out of it. What is it protecting? Is it fey (fantasy)? Is it undead (supernatural/etc)? It lives in the ruins of an old, sprawling stone castle in the depths of the forest. Known as a night stalker, and has made the deeper forests dangerous and untouchable land.

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ef/5f/94/ef5f94098381c0cbc00cb444467ee2a3.jpg]] [B Thomas Fletcher] Period Supernatural. A young shut-in wealthy man who lives in the country estate on the edge of town on a protected property. Rumors abound as to why the once popular, and often visited manse has been dark, people kept away, parties not thrown, and what strange change has come over the young man of good breeding, what happened to the family. Dark hair, almost always wears tinted spectacles, rarely seen in town, often his one serving man is there, no word from the relatives. People wonder if he's even alive anymore, and if it's only the servant who lives, pretending to feed his master. But they are too afraid, beneath their sneering allegations, to go look for themselves among polite society.

[B Melchior DeVoire] Fantasy. In the city of C'est-Vrais, there is a necropolis, great and vast, set on a hill by the river that has been fed by such a large city. In it there's a beautiful, domed mausoleum. People swear they've seen movement. People and things coming to and fro in the night. Rumors of undead, of cults, secret societies, of unhallowed magics going on are abound. Yet no one dares to go in. Plus, it's locked, that deters some folks.

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[B Some Things]

♥ real life comes first. this is a hobby, for-fun type of thing with me. I don't bug about post deadlines, write when you feel like it/have time/energy. it's not homework.
♥ if i get lengthy, don't freak out, I won't expect the same unless you're inspired to do so, just enough that i can use
♥ if i need some further discussion about a post or a plot or what, please don't take it personally. this is a collab and communication is something to expect, i'm not picking a fight, okie?
♥ follow site rules
♥ if you're under 18, I need you to let me know. We are internet strangers and I need to make sure you're being safe/legal with me. Thank you.

[center [+red Any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM me with your favorite dessert!]


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