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Nothing too complex, just a quickie wee search to see if anyone's interested!

[font "Times" [size15 [B [u Idea No. 1]]

Back in the 1980's, the world has been opened up to the existence of the supernatural. Vampires, now public, and then in the 1990's demanding be made legal citizens have been making movements in the undead community for human rights.

To an extent, they've won. One must obtain an order of execution and employ a hunter, now strictly patrolled and licensed. Unless it's proven to be in self defense, it's considered as much murder as Karen from down the street.

Slowly, other creatures are being recognized but the title of 'monster' is still hanging in the balance.

Looking for either a hunter, or a vampire, either newly turned or old as hell and adjusting to life in the 'light'. Or something in between! Let's make a murder mystery.

[u [B Idea No. 2]]

Something steampunk! And potentially supernatural would be lovely.

There are the big, central few cities in the region, closed off to the areas around them despite relying on them for resources. The farmland still sits in darkness, with carriages and horses and candles and some areas still have gas lighting. Things move in the dark, here. The electric hum of early lightbulbs, and the pump of the giant, belching machines that drive the industry are awakening those things that slumber in the minds of the superstitious.

And one peculiar family, a wealthy, old-blood name that's been known to be on te fringe since who knows when is looking for a new in-house staff! And you, a city-born young individual is looking for a new horizon. Think of the connections working for such a well to do, established family could bring! Naiveté and/or a lack of knowledge about the region you're going out to will bring many adventures with it, in the countryside, and the crumbling, sprawling estate and the lively, strange family within it.
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[B [i Suggested] Guidelines]

♥ real life comes first. this is a hobby, for-fun type of RP. I don't bug about post deadlines, write when you feel like it/have time/energy. it's not homework
♥ if i get lengthy, don't freak out, I won't expect the same, just a minimum of 3 or so paragraphs
♥ follow site rules
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[center [+red Any questions, comments, or concerns, PM me with your favorite dessert and let's chat!]


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