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Kenna smiled.

She hadn't felt this wave of relief in a while. What Heather was doing here she didn't question or care. This woman would be the key to her situation and a true voice unlike her.

"Thanks again. This is the address," Kenna wrote it down. "I should see Jesse and flatter his ego."
  Kenna / Socasm / 55d 13h 10m 2s
If Heather had to guess, she would say the guys didn't. They didn't seem to hold that resentment. Thinking on it more, it was more than plausible that the father had preyed on his sons' women, which only made her stomach turn more. Now she needed the drink. "You know more than anyone would ever know," Heather pointed out before nodding, "I'll be there. Better get something strong ready. I have a feeling we'll both need it." She definitely enjoyed those.
Hearing the last part, she gave a sober smile. "Trust me, I know what I wrote there. I'm in the same position," she told her before the smile turned into a genuine smile, "Then it was worth it, if it actually helps someone." That was the best kind of compliment to get. To hear she had helped someone.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 55d 21h 54m 26s
"I don't know if they know. I just know that...nothing, I don't know anything...yes, drinks. I work at this place we can get drinks after this shift," Kenna nodded to her.

A tired smile spread on her face. "Thank you. And...also for keeping my rent down...everytime my landlord tries to raise rent I threaten to make this viral in the apartment."
  Kenna / Socasm / 55d 23h 2m 5s
Heather looked at the list. Each name was one too many and it was a few. "That's just sick," she whispered as she watched Kenna write everything down. Then she nodded. "Of course. Sources are valuable," Heather replied, "Then that's why you haven't gone to them directly. You think they know about what their dad did?" Somehow she doubted it. Though now she understood Kenna. She didn't like the company, but she liked Jesse and Nate well enough.
She did notice that she didn't speak of her father. "How about we go out for drinks tonight?" she suggested, both to get acquainted but to also slowly work up to her talking abut it, "We have time so you don't have to believe you need to spill everything about your father right now." Trust, that's what they needed. Good source management was important.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 56d 11h 10m 52s
Kenna pulled out a piece on top of the desk. She wrote down the information of those girls names from the summer that she witnessed in his grasp and stars on the names. "You do protect sources, right? I don't actually want Jesse or Nate to b3 caught in the crossfire."

Her dad would take some digging as well as drinks to get brave enough to think about.
  Kenna / Socasm / 56d 11h 22m 42s
Heather watched the beautiful woman in front of her and began to see more. The way she was distraught. At the same time she understood a childhood being screwed up so she understood her. Right now she reminded a bit of a caged animal.
That last part made her stomach turn at the thought. "He has an interest in underage girls," she repeated, as if her repeating it made it more real. She remembered that sugar baby Nate spoke about. Was she one of them? Still at the same time she was glad that Nate wasn't involved in that.
Finally she got up and moved over to her, reaching a hand out. "You got a deal, Kenna," she said, "Fathers can be messed up." But those two especially.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 56d 12h 56m 41s
"Yeah, I just got back from the FBI and he's unraveling what I say. Or someone else said. I've had to build myself a new story after my parents fucked up my childhood- I won't see it destroyed," Kenna got up and started to pace.

"Not Nate...his dad...he liked underage girls. He tried with me and succeeded with others. What do you say, Heather?"
  Kenna / Socasm / 56d 13h 8m 54s
Curiously but also cautious Heather followed Kenna to the empty office. Hearing what she said, she couldn't help a small smirk. "Glad to know you enjoyed it," she mused, finding a little irony in that that article blew her cover. After all, she wasn't a famous journalist or anything.
Watching her sit down, she continued to listen. The exclusive scoop did perk her interest, though it confused her. "You want me to write about your dad?" she repeated thoughtfully, knowing he was an interesting figure, "You say yourself you don't care about this place." While she didn't speak it, the question of why she would offer up her father in exchange for the company was in the room.
Finally she did sit down. "What information do you have on Nate?" she asked as she thought through her options, "When would you want to talk?" Getting her cover blown was not really an option at this point so a scoop was better than no scoop.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 56d 13h 14m 7s
"I loved that one, by the way, about the lack of real rent control," Kenna said when in the empty office. "I won't say anything if say no to what I want. This place...I don't care about it."

She sat down as if her body was made of stones. "I want to give you an exclusive scoop to my father's story and for you to ruin him before he fucks up my life. And...I have some disturbing information on the older Powell."
  Kenna / Socasm / 56d 13h 24m 43s
Heather ran a hand through her hair. It felt like the list of things she had to do for the auction was getting longer, not shorter, but it was actually kind of fun. In her head she was making maps of what she was learning so she could best remember it.
Busy going through the guest list of who had already rsvped and who hadn't, she hadn't seen Kenna until the paper was placed before her. It didn't take a second to recognize the article and that clearly Kenna had figured it out. Considering that neither Nate nor Jesse had spoken to her, she assumed that Kenna hadn't told them yet curiously.
Not letting a single emotion cross her face, Heather looked up at Kenna. "If you want," she replied as she moved some papers together before getting up to follow Kenna. In her mind she was trying to figure out what Kenna wanted. She wasn't really involved in all this.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 56d 13h 39m 4s
Kenna could only do one thing when she got home. Scream into a pillow imagining killing that miserable bastard. Then she cleaned her entire studio till nothing was out of place.

Seeing one of the papers she saved she found that woman.

Within an hour she walked up to the desk and placed the paper down on her desk. "Let's talk."
  Kenna / Socasm / 56d 13h 49m 19s
"It does Ms. McGuire, thank you," Jackson assured her. It was definitely a lot of information to go on that they would need to look at. "You're welcome. Do get home safely," he said, almost wanting to offer her a ride, but knew that would be an outrages overstep of power.
Her reply made him pause, wondering if she simply didn't want to admit it or if she honestly didn't know. "Just... Be careful," Jackson ultimately said, as he couldn't really say that they believed that Jesse was involved in some way, "Sleep well." Standing up, he opened the door for her.


Jesse wouldn't admit it out loud but he actually liked that idea. Instead he gave a simple nod. Dear God, were they actually getting along? "Very well, then we will each do our part and tonight perhaps we should rummage though our old man's stuff to see if we can't find anything worth auctioning off," he said as he started to rise so he could go to his office and start making calls. Also to call Kenna and see how she was fairing.
Heather had stayed mostly silent during all this. It didn't seem her place to interfere in their plans. Still, she loved the idea that Nate had thought of. It showed he genuinely cared. However, she also realized now why was his new secretary as Jesse had no more than once glanced towards her this entire time.
When Nate addressed her she nodded. "I would love to help," she replied with a nod, though she had the feeling it would be a long day, "Tell me what to do and I'll be all over it." She gave Nate a small smile.
  Jackson / Hoshizora / 57d 21h 29m 51s
"I really do hope that helps. He's been a horrible person to me but stealing this money from all those people just takes the cake," Kenna offered a smile to him. "Thanks for the food. It will help on the ride back."

She gathered it all up. He seemed like such an honest, hardworking guy with good lucks. "I'm not sure what you mean."


"Maybe we could use it to raise money for this pension fund. We are going to lose people that will have nothing even if we fix this. Two for one I guess...he shouldn't have fled if he didn't want to keep his shit," Nate shrugged and glanced to Heather. "Are you up to helping set up a guest list for a party?"
  Kenna / Socasm / 57d 23h 12m 37s
Jesse tried to remember back to that event. Truthfully, he couldn't remember a lot of the event itself, mostly because he had stolen away with one of the blondes that were presenting the items. "I remember something like that," he replied, folding his hands, "Not sure if any amount of good press will help us, but it's worth a try. I'm sure our old man won't mind us using some of his many expensive things. I'll also call some people to donate something and to convince them to come." He was just more charming than Nate, but that wasn't hard since he was often drunk.


Jackson watched the blonde. She sure was hell bent on getting out of this mess, but then again few people reveled in it. "We will look into it," he promised with a nod, "Thank you, Ms. McGuire. I think we are done for now. I'll contact you in case we have more questions or to keep you updated." That would hardly be a punishment.
Getting up, he did pause for a moment. "The man that escorted you here earlier... Jesse Barlow, perhaps you should stay away from him," he found himself saying. Sure, he was wrapped up in that whole mess, but at the same time he couldn't deny a part of him didn't like the idea of her being with a man like that. After all, Jesse's infamy was well known.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 58d 12h 50m 23s
"Do you remember the time when she came to a...family auction for charity to try and get that diamond necklace wearing that lace dress? I think something like that might work and gain good press. I can set it up today."

Nate didn't have the mind to pull as many strings as Jesse did but when not drying up had a social prowess. He tried to not fixate on the brotherly bonding here.


Kenna took the paper with the e-mail and corrected what was wrong. She added dates to the side.

"That's the dates that lead up to him going to spam. It'll be in my deleted foldet that's saved on the server. And..." Kenna scribbled the address of her mom's real address and number. "And my mom's real address, she'll remember the details."
  Nate / Socasm / 58d 13h 10m 13s

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