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Kenna wrapped her hand around his arm and leaned in close as if sharing some intimate words. "All done. We'll know who she really is soon. Can I get out of these heels now?"

Despite herself she loved tonight even if she was eye candy for him.


"I'll send it to a lab soon. Want to stay or get the hell out of here?" Nate asked. He didn't want a drink as much as he wanted to relax and play some games of pool. He tugged on the collar thinking of the conversation earlier.

Would she really not mind if things became more interested?
  Kenna / Socasm / 35d 11h 27m 16s
Jesse waited patiently, though he was a little anxious, even if he would never admit it. He busied himself with phone until he heard her footsteps coming closer and he looked up. "There you are," he said as he rose, "How did it go?" Though he didn't doubt her abilities.


The sugar baby really was almost a teenager. It really didn't help the pedophile angle. Still, she couldn't help feeling that the features were vaguely familiar, but Heather couldn't place it.
Taking the lipstick, she followed Kenna a moment later to not make it suspicious and made her was back to Nate. "Mission accomplished," she said softly as she settled back down on her chair, "And now you will analyze it?" She had the lipstick in her small clutch so she didn't lose it.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 36d 7h 35m 6s
Kenna didn't understand how such a petite blonde caused so much trouble. She looked like a teenager with a devil's smirk. Kenna readied the small black bag to spill and swap lipstick.

She didn't exchange one word but watched as she added more lipstick. Within a moment she passed the lipstick to Heather and walked back to Jesse.
  Kenna / Socasm / 36d 12h 7m 33s
Jesse gave a nod. "I couldn't agree more. Way too flashy. I could think of something much more simple, but beautiful that would be perfect for you," he agreed, "Will do. Don't have too much fun without me." He couldn't help a small smirk at the kiss on the cheek. Though he wished that he could go as well to make sure everything would go well, but it was the girl's bathroom after all, so he stayed seated patiently.


Heather barely had time to register Nate's smirk before he raised his hand. "Are you insane?" she hissed softly, knowing that if she didn't go up that high that he didn't exactly have that kind of cash laying around.
When the bidding ended and she had paid she let out a shaking breath that she didn't even realize that she had been holding. "You are insane," she confirmed before giving a laugh, "Yes, definitely better. Thank you." She gave him a smile.
Just then her phone buzzed and she checked the message. "I got to go. This will get interesting," she said and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze before getting up. Moving to the bathroom, she ran a hand through her hair. "Let's hope she doesn't take years to come," she muttered to Kenna. Perhaps she should stay outside of the bathroom and wait there.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 43d 10h 18m 12s
"I wouldn't wear any of these...too flashy..." Kenna made a small face. "I'm going to the bathroom early. Text you when she comes in."

She kissed his cheek for show and stood up. In the bathroom she waited patiently fixing the make up first wondering when she could go home. She sent a text to Heather saying she was ready.

A second look out was important.


Nate flashed a smirk and rose his hand.

He glanced in her one direction once before he capped out at 25,000 and she paid 30. At least she'd give back the money she'd take. "Is that better?" He asked with a grin.
  Kenna / Socasm / 43d 11h 24m 50s
Heather was relieved to be off her feet. Those heels were killing her after some time. Watching the auction, it was good to see the price go up like that. Jesse meanwhile watched more soberly until the sugar baby showed up. "How can she ever want that?" he muttered as she watched her bid. Feeling Kenna's hand on his leg did make him smile slightly as he placed his hand over hers.
Heather nodded softly at what Nate said. "And she wants that necklace. Just like you assumed. Almost makes me wish that I could bid along just to get the price up of that thing," she replied, though even the starting bid was way out of her budget, "So how do we get to her? When she wants to collect her item?" It would make the most sense and likely cause the least ruckus.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 43d 13h 10m 1s
The auction was a welcomed relief on the feet. Within the first few pieces of jewelry almost a million had been raised. That would give the first layoffs pensions to live on till they found another job.

When it came time to what Kenna thought was the ugliest thing she had seen a blonde more petite than her started biding. She put her hand on Jesse's leg. She came in and so did her part.

Those pieces of jewelry had been in his family for two generations and he was happy to see them go. "There she is...right on time."
  Nate / Socasm / 43d 13h 51m 57s
It was clear she didn't know how to dance. Jesse slowly began to move, so that she could get accustomed to the movements and allowing him to lead. He was careful to allow her move as freely as she could.
"I could definitely see her being like that," he agreed, since she was annoying like that. Curiously Jesse arched a brow. "Oh, and what pray tell do you consider a good time?" he asked, looking at her.


This was an interesting conversation. "Well, glad to know that I'm useful," she replied before almost tripped over her own feet at what he said, causing her to stumble into his chest to keep her balance. What was she supposed to say to that? She was rarely at a loss for words.
"Sorry...," she said, regaining her balance, "It's okay. If I didn't know better, I would say you had some champagne after all." Though he sometimes had those moments were he was very candid. Just then it seemed the auction was starting. "It can't be sexual harassment, if it's consensual," she quietly pointed out, not quite sure why she said that, though she would be lying if she said that she didn't find him attractive.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 44d 14h 22m 3s
Iris shot him a small look but took the positioning. She had no idea how to really dance.

"Probably something dramatic like at the last minute bet or something on the jewelry," Kenna scanned the people. "The blonde doesn't make sense but showing away for a while does. This is boring."

"Couldn't do anything...you're a good asset and couldn't lose you. That and sexual harassment is a bad mark. Doesn't mean I don't want to," Nate said before he blinked. "Shit, sorry...I, uh, should have not said that."

The people started to gather for the auction and he let out that sigh of relief.
  Kenna / Socasm / 44d 15h 3m 37s
Heather had to chuckle. "It's sweet of you to say. I'm sure she thinks of you like a second son. Is Jesse that protective of her?" she asked, finding the thought amusing that this huge playboy was such a mama's boy, "As if he would listen to a word I say. I'm not blonde." She grinned at him.
Feeling him place his arm around her made her skin tingle. Placing her hand in his, she felt her face grow a little red at what he said. "And I'm not even trying to distract you. What ever would you do, if I was actually trying to distract you?" she mused, looking up at him, "I'll take distracting as a compliment. Am I that distracting?" She wasn't a typical beauty like Kenna, but she was happy with how she was.


Jesse arched a brow at what she said. "And here I thought you wouldn't touch me, even if being forced. I am growing on you," he teased before nodding, "A dance would be nice. Or is this your way of keeping me from tearing apart every picture I can find of that man?" He grinned as he held his hand out to her. For now he would focus on this and find that sugar baby. "Think she will show up," he wondered aloud.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 46d 11h 43m 41s
"She's more of a mom than my mom is. Don't tell Jesse that," Nate chuckled. Hw wrapped his arms around her waist and took her hand. She made it hard to keep his mind on business and tramp luring.

"I do have to admit...you're very distracting..." He said with a smile.


"Well, I have came as your date so maybe a dance?" Kenna suggested with a small smile. She could admit he was interesting and the conversations amused her. The desire to sleep with him didn't grow.

Meeting the mom amused her even more.
  Nate / Socasm / 46d 12h 9m 0s
He was actually letting someone meet his mother. That was rare, as in it had never happened. Sure, his mother knew of his more... free style of life so she wasn't exactly surprised that she hadn't been introduced to anyone yet, but this was different.
"It was bad enough telling her that that man had a sugar baby that could be my girlfriend. Now, I'm telling her that he enjoys teens. Bad news keep on coming. I just feel she might... take it better, if it comes from someone who actually... experienced it," he tried to explain before chuckling slightly, "Trust me, it's a first for me too. Wonder if my mom just might actually be speechless for the first time." That was almost an amusing thought.


Heather arched a brow. "Why does it feel like I'm imagining you dancing with Jesse's mom to learn to dance," she mused with a smile, "Seems like Jesse's mother was almost like a mom to you." That was a sweet thought. Taking his hand, she replied, "I know one or two basics so hopefully I'll be fine." She hoped the crash course a friend had given her a while back would hold up well enough.
His words did make her smile. "Thank you. I'm glad I came too. I'm having a good time. As good as it can be given the circumstances of this occasion," she said, "And I did mean what I said. I am proud of you. Everything... it can't be easy on you." This was a lot for anyone to handle.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 46d 12h 53m 9s
Kenna watched his face contort for a moment. Dear God, she actually hated herself for setting this up. Like she owed Jesse some thing when she didn't like him.

She shrugged over the apology. "Be a witness...alright....I can do that. First time meeting a parent of someone trying to get into my pants."


"Of course I know how to dance. Jesse's mom wouldn't let me not know...do you know how to dance?" He asked offering a hand out to her. "You do look amazing. Glad you decided to come."
  Kenna / Socasm / 46d 14h 22m 21s
The offer to dance made her smile. Heck, she was here, she may as well dance and enjoy herself. "I would love to," Heather replied and took his hand before giving him a teasing grin, "Or is this the part where you tell me you can't dance and will likely step on my feet?"
She was helping these people as much as she could and with splitting the time she had between two jobs, she needed a more or less fun night.


Two urged fought for control inside him. One to throw up and another to drink even more. Ultimately, he just stood there, the two canceling each other out. "I'm sorry he did that to you," he told her genuinely. How was he supposed to go about doing this? "I don't want to imagine how many of women Nate or I brought over he preyed on," he muttered.
If she had touched him at any other point, he likely would have felt triumphant. Now, he barely registered it. "How am I supposed to tell her that?" he asked, feeling like there was no way to actually speak of such things, "Maybe... You could come along. As... A witness." It was huge of him to suggest that, but he honestly didn't know how to handle this.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 47d 11h 29m 13s
"Want to dance?" Nate offered her a hand with a smile.

Everything was going perfect. All the stuff for sale was lined up and the proceeds would at least save the people's pensions before they had to lay off. That'd begin next week.


"Other than being called 'Queens' the entire summer he tried with me. He went for...that red head girl with the complicated name," Kenna shook her head. "I'm sorry Jesse. This...if he's found he might get away with some things but not this."

She actually put her hand on his arm. "She should know first before others do."
  Nate / Socasm / 47d 12h 12m 31s

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