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Her intuition had been right on the money. Heather watched the coverage of the interview with some of the other employees. Working for a small newspaper, she almost had to beg her boss to let her follow the lead when it first started. By the time he agreed she had already signed a contract with the company, just in time to not be suspicious. "Bet you wish you hadn't come here now," one of her colleagues mused to her. "You're just worried I'll steal a job from you," she replied with a slightly teasing grin which was mostly good natured. Looking at Jesse on the screen, she wondered how he slept at night knowing what he and his family had done. Likely next to some blonde, if rumors were true.


This was fun to do, especially if it pissed off Nate. Actually, anything that annoyed his step brother was a plus. That was one of the reasons he had gone after Nate's assistant. She had been passable. What more could you expect from someone associated with his brother?
He played nice for a bit longer, always keeping an eye on the blonde, imaging how she would feel, until she left and he got bored of this. Standing up, he simply said, "Now I believe you have enough to spin your news for a week or two. Thank you." With that he walked off the stage, more than sure Nate would have something to say about his performance, but he didn't care. All he cared about was that blonde and he would find her.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 16d 7h 53m 45s
"He's not even selling candy to his grandma," Jill muttered behind the scenes.

"Told you so. I also need a new assistant," Nate sighed. "He broke another one...someone not blonde."

He needed a girlfriend, a new job, maybe a new life. Nate stood where he was supposed to and scanned the crowd as the questions grew from the reporters. Stick tk the cards and they'd be fine.


Kenna saw the tell-tale signs of an agent and tapped their shoulder, introducing herself. The agent and her walked out to talk. She didn't hear any more of what he said over the roar of questions.
  Nate / Socasm / 16d 10h 4m 44s
She was definitely stunning. From the look of things she didn't really belong to the media, but he couldn't quite figure out how or why she was here. She definitely wasn't an employee, though with her expression she might as well have been. Most weren't walking around all too cheerful lately.
The conference went about as can be expected. A statement from their pr person and then interviews. "I can assure you that no activities took place in this company," he said casually in response to one of the questions, though he couldn't help adding the slightest hint of a smirk. God, this had to be over soon. He would need to catch that blonde later. Soon this conference would be over.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 16d 12h 29s
That bastard would drag her into this situation even if he had good intentions.

Kenna walked through the crowd. FBI would be here, they always were according to movies, in a sea of suits and button up shirts. This was a mistake. She ignored the man speaking when she saw a pair to the side with a serious look.

She wouldn't be stuck with this Robin Hood money.
  Nate / Socasm / 16d 12h 15m 17s
Jesse half listened to the woman next to his step brother. Of course, he knew how to act, but then again even if he did screw up, people would chalk it up to his eccentricity. There was definitely a plus to that. He gave a simple nod at the instructions when he realized she had stopped giving instructions.
Listening to Nate, he chuckled. "Unlike you, I don't leave it by eye sex, don't worry," he replied, though he had never really been a fan of his brother, "Don't worry, I wasn't planning on inviting you to my after interview plans anyway." Of course, he knew what Nate meant, but didn't really care.
Just then they were announced and made their way onto the stage to excessively plead their innocence and that nothing had happened. Scanning the crowd, he was quickly drawn to quite the fetching blonde in the third row. Now she was good for the evening.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 16d 12h 52m 17s
"Answer only what's on these cards. Do not get defensive and please inspire confidence," Jill said to Nate's right. "This has to go perfect before the press gets worse."

"Don't have eye sex with any blonde reporters, you might get a disease," Nate added. "Ten minutes and then questions and we're done."

Done being around each other for the day, Nate meant.
  Nate / Socasm / 16d 13h 27m 47s

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