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Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Might as well have fun with him before she came to her senses.

Kenna turned to face him with a smirk. "Maybe I'm still entertaining the idea or just deciding to tease you. I do remember how to undress myself starting with the straps..."

Satisfied with herself she turned around to reach for the shirt.


"I'm sorry to hear that," Nate said with a sad smile. The thoughts of how she'd know things soon left with the first drink gone. "We'll see after he gets what he wants. He'll lose interest as soon as she puts out. So she told you."

This would cause his department huge issues but also give them what they needed.
  Kenna / Socasm / 25d 3h 48m 17s
It wasn't normal for her to bring up her mother. Why she had done so she couldn't say. After all, this was too personal for a job, wasn't it? "Car accident. When I was 8," she said slowly, the memories from when the police came to their door still vivid in her mind, "You don't need to be sorry. Wasn't anyone's fault. If nothing..., it taught me to enjoy the day as much as I can... Sorry, this conversation just probably went really sad." That hadn't been her intention as she played with a strand of her hair.
And she had screwed up. Damn it, of course why would Kenna normally have told her this? There was no reason. Ultimately she shrugged. "I do think she told Jesse. He seems to be growing on her in his weird way. As for me, well girl talk. Perhaps she hadn't been sure of you yet, but I feel like you should know," she told him before looking to him, "I am sorry Nate. That can't be easy." Somewhere she wanted to tell him the truth, but she knew that he would hate her for it. Perhaps it was best, if she just disappeared from his life and wrote the articles that Kenna wanted. They were as good as done anyway.


Jesse saw that quirk of a smile. "My, is that a smile I see?" he asked slightly teasing, meeting it with his own smirk. Her words made him laugh, not moving just yet. "Well, I wouldn't mind you naked. I would even join you naked so it's not as awkward," he mused, slightly joking.
He did feel that shiver. Not moving, he kept eyes on her. "Sure, you don't need any more help?" he asked, brushing some of her hair over her shoulder, feeling the silky smooth texture. He couldn't help being fascinated by it.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 25d 13h 34m 52s
Nate grew silent with her story and what she said. The thought occurred to him why she knew this or why the blonde told her but not them crossed his mind. He chewed his lip in thought.

"What happened to your mom?" He asked playing with the wings in front of him. As Nate went he kept work life sepeate from his private. This blurred the line for him. "Huh, and she said this to you but not us. I had some idea, though."

He didn't think to question why she knew and the amazing timing.


Kenna's lips quirked into a small smile. It did mean a little something even if it wasn't the same thing. If things were different she might consider him a friend or something.

"What word would that be? Naked?" She laughed lightly but kept the eye contact to show this didn't phase her- only a shiver betrayed at the touch. "A black dress is good for dates. Thanks for the help."
  Kenna / Socasm / 25d 19h 42m 32s
Jesse listened to what she said thoughtfully. It was a stark contrast to his life, one where he had never had to worry about money, even when his father had died. Not really at least.
"I would be lying if I said I knew exactly what that felt like, but... back when my father died and she had had to sell his company, we had lived on less. Sure, we probably had enough to get by without too much hardship, but it wasn't easy. It didn't last all too long as one of the people interested in buying the company was my new step dad," he told her, knowing it wasn't something that he often shared.
Nodding he watched her go to the bathroom before deciding to get some wine. Before he could though he heard her and couldn't help a small smile. "If you wanted me to undress you, you could have just said so," he teased before coming in. Stepping up behind her, he placed one hand on her back, the other on the zipper. Her back was warm and her skin felt soft under his touch. Seeing her look back to him in the mirror, he made eye contact as he worked on the zipper. "I do mean it. You look stunning in this dress. You can keep it, if you want," he told her before the zipper finally came down, "There." Still, he didn't move away entranced by the view of her back and the feel of her skin.


It was a fun time and the food was pretty good. She herself enjoyed bourbon and it was nice to share this with Nate. This did make her realize that his drinking wasn't of an alcoholic nature and more a way of coping with situations he couldn't handle, which was something.
Heather nodded understanding. "He's your father. Of course you want that. We kids are able to forgive our parents a lot. After my mom died my dad went through his own rough patch. It wasn't pretty to say the least, but I still love him. Not the same, but yeah, parents have some leeway," she replied, knowing it wasn't easy for him.
That last part he said was like dumping a bucket of cold water over her head. Suddenly, she felt terrible for lying to him. Sure, she couldn't leak the story because of Kenna, but still she was here. "Yeah, that's good," she agreed before thinking. It would likely ruin this moment, but she was sure that Kenna had told Jesse and didn't he deserve to know as well. "Nate... There is something I need to tell you...," she said softly, making sure it was too loud to overhear and no one was nearby, "Kenna told me... that your father had hit on her that summer she had visited you... She is more than sure that he had done it with other young girls as well."
It pained her to tell him this and she took his hand in hers for comfort. "I know this isn't easy to hear, but I'm here for you," she told him softly, looking into his eyes. Gently she squeezed his hand. It was likely that he would either seek refuge in drinking again, but then at least she would be there to make sure he would get home or yell at her that she didn't know what she was talking about. Heather wasn't sure which she preferred.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 26d 13h 34m 59s
"Almost everything I wear another woman wore. It's apart of saving money. Also I buy store brand and use coupons. If mom had money she never spent it on me- just her and her boyfriends. Don't know if that makes sense to you," Kenna took the clothes from him. "Thanks."

In the bathroom the size of her kitchen she ran into the first problem. "Uh, Jesse..." She leaned her head out the door. "I need help with the zipper."


With one more round came food and drinks for him. The kind he liked whiskey on the rocks, his dad's favorite.

"I still wish he'd come back and say everything was a misunderstanding. He was a good dad until five years ago," Nate admitted. "Maybe he will come back and maybe not. Either way...someone's Going to get hurt. I'm just glad a lot of press hasn't leaked."
  Kenna / Socasm / 26d 20h 20m 17s
Heather honestly could care less if Nate was rich or not. He was fun and genuinely she was enjoying the time with him, even if it was playing pool. With his coaching and corrections, all held very gentlemanly, she had actually gotten fairly good.
Just seeing that smile after two games made her happy as she smiled back at him. "It really was. I almost had you that second round," she agreed with a nod, "So, one more round or shall we go get that greasy food you promised? My treat." There was just something so very natural about this. They still toed a line between friendship and more, but no matter how it ended tonight it had been a good time.


"This is the apartment I use in the city when I'm at work. Just easier like this," Jesse told her as he stepped beside her, "It is. Can't get enough of it. Makes you appreciate things so much more." And he did. He was aware there were more people like Kenna than there were like him.
He arched a brow amused. "Would you really accept clothes that likely some woman left here?" he asked, not really being able to imagine that, "I don't, but I could call a tailor to have things made. Or... You can have something from me." Since he doubted that she would take something from a personal tailor, he went to bedroom, coming back with one of his t-shirts and some sweat pants. "Not for women, but I'm sure you will look more than ravishing in them," he said as he held them out to her.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 29d 2h 54m 16s
Nate approached the situation gingerly. There was enough women throwing themselves at him- something about this craze with younger rich guys. He smiled brightly to her at the end of two games.

"This...this has been amazing...just having a friend to spend time with," he said with genuine happiness.


"Exactly what I expected. I almost forgot there was more than 200 feet apartments like mine." Kenna walked to the window and smiled at the city lights. "Hell of a view...don't suppose you have women's clothing here."

The dress became more comfortable but not that much.
  Nate / Socasm / 29d 3h 34m 46s
Sure it wasn't exactly how he wanted to get her, but he he sure as well would use the chance he got. She was such a beautiful woman that he could hardly resist. Either way, the dinner was delicious. Well, it had to be considering how much this cost, but he didn't mind.
After dinner he arched a brow at her question before smirking. "I guess you'll find out pretty soon," he mused as he opened the car door for her before getting behind the wheel. It was such a nice car and he loved it. The drive wasn't long and soon they drove into the underground parking of a huge apartment building.
Jesse led her to the elevator before pressing the button for the penthouse. "Excited?" he asked amused as the elevator set in motion. His apartment was huge and very modern with some more classical elements sprinkled in. Something that was clearly state of the art was the living room with the TV and the kitchen.


Heather did see his glances and couldn't help an amused smile. He was clearly behaving and almost seemed afraid of something. She wondered if he was still worried about sexual harassment. Wasn't it clear that she was here on her own accord?
Hearing the suggestion, she she looked to him. "Worried you will only be winning otherwise?" she asked teasingly before smiling, "Well, you have been very well behaved so yes please. Maybe you will be able to help me get better." This was fun and relaxing so so far it was a good evening.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 31d 2h 51m 40s
Kenna smiled despite herself. There was a certain charm to him that she saw now.

A smile of amusement crossed her lips, she gave a shake of her head. The dinner went by with some ease though her mind raced at who could be following them. She held the heels in her hands in the car.

"Where is your place anyway?"


Nate glanced here and there but didn't stare. The idea of a sexual harassment law suit didn't sit well with him. He chuckled watching her play. "It's a tough game. Want some help?"

Cliche, probably, but maybe more touching but light.
  Kenna / Socasm / 31d 3h 33m 7s
Heather had to chuckle at what he said. "Maybe if you are lucky, you will get that first action," she mused before nodding, "Play to play it is." She didn't mind either way. As long as it was a fun evening she was good.
Watching Nate, it was clear that he had a lot of practice. She herself was okay. There were better and worse rounds. "Then I get solids," she replied as she eyed the table before going for her own shot. This dress definitely was not made for playing pool, though luckily her neckline wasn't so outrages that anything could fall out, but depending on the angle could give a deeper look. Her first shot just barely missed the pocket. "Looks like I need to play more often," she said as she watched Nate's next shot.


"But there is something so very alluring about a beautiful mess. In a good way. You know how to stand your ground better than anyone else," Jesse told her, truly meaning that. Perhaps that was the allure that drew him in.
He pursed his lips. "So feds very likely," he said thoughtfully, not liking this. He hadn't been spied on yet, "That's definitely not good." Why were they being followed this extensively? Hearing what she said, he couldn't help a smirk. "Weren't you going to do that either way?" he asked jokingly, "Well, looks like this night just got a lot more interesting." He reached his hand out on the table for her to make this more believable.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 33d 1h 14m 58s
"I'd still be good with the first action. Play to play?" Nate shrugged.

With ease he centered the balls and lifted the triangle piece. Sizing everything up he made the first shot scattering the balls around. He didn't mind playing endless hours of these games.

"I get stripes."


"Same jurisdiction without whoring yourself out. Sorry, I wish there was more mystery,. Just a beautiful mess," Kenna admitted with a vague smile. She glanced to the man. "He looks Men in Black, almost."

It dawned on her then. She'd have to pretend. There was something going on they didn't understand.

"I'm going to have to go home with you..." She muttered.
  Nate / Socasm / 33d 2h 1m 44s
Jesse watched her thoughtfully. "Okay, so you live to work," he summarized, "I am sorry to hear that. Well then, if you could do whatever you wanted, what would it be?" He was trying to understand her better. Obviously he knew that he was in a privileged position with his life.
Nodding, he ordered the lobster for both of them and the accompanying wine. What she said made him frown, but he didn't turn to look so it become obvious that the spy had been spotted. "Given the situation of the company probably like 75%. Plus, the feds aren't exactly our friends either. Does he look like someone from a tabloid or the feds?" he replied, keeping his gaze on her as if she was that fascinating.


Heather nodded thoughtfully. "I would hope there is still some left for you, but even if there isn't, couldn't you get a loan? If it's your dream, and that's what it seems like, then wouldn't it be worth it?" she asked, knowing it probably wouldn't be easy with how things were going with this company. Though there was a bit of irony in that he wanted to own a bar with his disposition.
She rolled her eyes at him. "I would hope you are at least slightly more of a gentleman than that," she mused before shaking her head, "I meant, are we doing a practice round first or will we instantly have the loser of the first round pay for the first round of drinks." She was not that kind of women, but she sure liked a relaxing fun evening.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 33d 3h 27m 57s
"That's the thing, Jesse, that's mostly what it's been since emancipation: survival. There isn't time or money for hobbies just trying to get ahead. I couldn't tell you if I wanted to," Kenna shrugged. "Lobster. That's what I'll get."

She glanced around the room spotting a man that had also been attentive during auction. "What are the.chances of being spied on?"


"Smoke aside...yeah...that is if when the business is done being pulled apart there's money for me to do this," Nate pulled down one pool stick leaving her to pick what she wanted.

"Do you want me to be that guy that grabs your ass while you're playing?" He asked with both eyebrows rose.
  Kenna / Socasm / 33d 4h 20m 56s
Jesse gave her his trademark smirk. God, she was by far the most amusing woman he had met so far. "Something else you should know," he repeated thoughtfully, "Though I wouldn't call my interest in blondes strange, I do love old movies. And no, I don't mean something from last year, but more pulp fiction, gone with the wind and many other amazing movies that don't rely on that God awful cgi." He had very strong opinions on that. "Other than that you already know everything about this mess that I call a family," he pointed out.
Hearing that, he nodded and ordered an array of food to cover just about any preference she might have as well as some good wine. "The wine here is amazing," he told her before looking to her, "Now, tell me. What do I need to know about Kenna aside from the fact that you are at odds with your mother and work several jobs?" He leaned forward slightly, genuinely curious about her.


Heather regarded Nate with interest. He was so very different when he was away from the confines of his family. In a good way. "That's some rich history. So you want to buy this place and return it to its former glory?" she replied, "That's pretty cool. So more a bar or a club?"
She had to chuckle at what he said. "My hero," she said, again being overly dramatic, before grabbing two sticks and handing one to him, "So are we just going to play a friendly round and then work our way up to more interesting rounds or go straight to that?" She grinned to him, wondering what he would choose.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 36d 1h 10m 32s
"In self interest, only. Is there something I should know about you other than a strange interest in blondes?" Kenna asked looking over the menu. He had insisted so who was she to refuse?

"Whatever floats your boat," she shrugged. Honestly, she was getting curious and also if she gave him what he wanted if she'd be off the hook.


"Story is that mobsters and corrupt people up till twenty years ago went here. Now it's just...is this....think I'd buy this first and then make it look cool old," Nate beamed. He walked her over to a pool table. "I promise to stay over here and keep pervs away."

It didn't mean he wouldn't look himself.
  Kenna / Socasm / 36d 1h 41m 1s

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