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With one last nod Heather closed the door behind her. It had been an interesting night. She had screwed up with mentioning Kenna, but she couldn't worry about that now. Still keyed up, she went to her laptop to finish the article she was writing on, the father's pedophile nature. It left her with a terrible feeling, but at least after that she would be tired enough to sleep.


When she pulled away Jesse was both amazed and slightly frustrated, though he only smirked. "Very good and very close," he retorted, running a hand though his own hair, "You are something alright."
He looked to her for a moment longer before getting the blankets. "You sleep in the bed. I can't have a guest sleep on the couch. My mother would crucify me," he told her and went to work on arranging the pillows and blankets so it was comfortable for him, "Good night Kenna."
  Heather / Hoshizora / 18d 14h 29m 57s
Most didn't have the issues that he did. Right now he couldn't be sure who was who and doing what. He still smiled and waited for the door to close. How did she know and why would Kenna talk to her?

He hailed another taxi but didn't go home.


It would be so easy to just let this go on and she was sure it'd be amazing. There was still something to prove to him.

Slowly she pulled away from the kiss though still close to him. "Good, not there. Still have some blankets for me?"
  Nate / Socasm / 18d 16h 25m 28s
While she didn't melt and was clearly still being stubborn, he could feel a hint of her yield, kissing him back. Considering where they were before he considered that a win already.
Continuing to kiss her as it grew more passionate, he wrapped an arm around her waist, his other hand still running through those blonde locks. God, he loved that hair.


Heather had to chuckle. "And men always say women are complicated. Somehow I feel that men can be just as complicated," she mused, watching him play with her hair before smiling softly, "Thank you Nate. We both contributed to the success." He had done well as well.
"And I did mean it. We can play pool again any time," she told him, finally opening her door and stepped inside, "Get home safely. Good night Nate." This had definitely been a good night for sure.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 18d 22h 32m 21s
He knew what he was doing, Kenna had to admit, she almost could have melted into the kiss. Slowly kissing back she didn't move forward, though still remaining behind her stubbornness.

At least she could entertain him. It was proving to be fun but for a different reasons than him. She'd entertain him for a minute.


"Go too fast and I'll also be ruining my reputation. This has been a good night...thank you," Nate played with het hair for a moment before he stepped back. "This night was a success because of you, so...thank you."
  Kenna / Socasm / 18d 22h 49m 41s
Heather couldn't help a small chuckle. She doubted that anyone's reputation was as grand as Jesse's. The second time she anticipated the kiss and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He was definitely a good kisser, if nothing else.
They looked at each other for a minute before he bid her farewell. It was hard to decide what to do, especially cause he said very conflicting things. Before he could turn though, she stepped forward, using her hand to draw his his head down to kiss him again.
"Good night, Nate. Unless... you would like to come in, have some coffee or... something. You know, can't have me be the reason your reputation is tarnished," she said slowly, turning to open her door. Either he would follow her in or not. While she wouldn't mind him coming in, she would respect either decision he made.


Jesse couldn't help a chuckle. "You are very stubborn," he mused before nodding, "Of course. Can't have you freezing." That and blankets made any movie night that much more comfortable.
That last part made him arch a brow. He hadn't expected that, at least not after all her refusal. This was practically an invitation. "I do believe I can," he said as he stepped closer and ran a hand along her cheek, pushing some of her hair back, "You sure?" Not that he was going to stop now. Leaning forward, he kissed her, for now more slowly, though he would become more passionate.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 19d 1h 30m 18s
"Can't have my reputation tarnished. It's not as grand as Jess's but it still exists," he leaned forward and kissed her once again for a minute. He straightened out after. She was beautiful and charming but also an amazing assistant.

"Good night, Heather," he said after a minute.


"I'm good with the couch then. Got any blankets I could use?" She stood up with her chin in the air lightly. She had teased him but it didn't mean she wad fully like that. "Unless you're thinking you can convince me."

The big if did make her wonder.
  Nate / Socasm / 19d 1h 52m 5s
Jesse thought on that for a moment. He supposed that some people did. "Some do, yes, but can't people meet up just because they want to?" he pointed out, looking back at her, "Or is this your way of saying you want to date me?" He couldn't help a teasing smirk.
It was nice to do this. He had forgotten how good this one was and her beside him, even if it was mostly a physical presence, was something remarkable. "That was very nice," he said before she asked the question, "Has this experience not gotten you used to me enough that you want to share a bed with me?" He couldn't help a fake horror. "Well, you can stay on the couch, but my bed is more than big enough for two." He looked to her curiously, wondering what she would choose.


Heather arched her brow amused. "Considering there has been a chance or two tonight and you haven't taken them, you can't at least be all bad," she pointed out. That and she had been working with him a bit to see that he at least wasn't chasing after everything that walked, unlike Jesse.
During the cab ride she didn't really think of the situation more, as she would respect his decision. So with that she let him escort her to her apartment. She had just found her keys when he spoke up and kissed her. There was definitely surprise, though she found herself kissing him back.
When they broke the kiss, she looked to him, trying to read him. "I thought you didn't mix business with pleasure," she finally said, playing with a strand of her hair, "Even if it was, what I want is irrelevant, if this isn't what you want." She wouldn't corrupt him like that, though she found she was still close to him, her key still in her hand.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 19d 2h 47m 6s
"Some people may call this dating," Kenna looked at him sideways when he said 'next time'. She did settle into the couch even if she adjusted a few times not used to being still. She watched the movie able to separate herself from the situation.

"I'm going to regret this question but where am I sleeping?" She asked at the end.


"Who says I'm a good one?" He grinned.

In the cab his mind wandered from the situation to situation then to the women next to him. Nate walked her to her door feeling the slowness spread through his system. "Is this what you want?"

He leaned forward and kissed her softly.
  Kenna / Socasm / 19d 3h 48m 38s
Heather nodded. "True. Strangely enough a lot of men seem to think they can get away with a lot of things," she said, "Still, it's bad for the few good ones that get screwed over that way." She didn't want anyone who was innocent to go through that.
She had to laugh slightly at what he said. "Worried I won't make it up the many flights of stairs to my apartment? I did drink quite a bit, but I don't think I'm that drunk. Am I?" she mused before shrugging, "If you want to make sure, you are more than welcome to escort me to my door." She knew of his worrying and if it made him feel better, why not? With that they made their way outside. The fresh air did feel good.


Jesse nodded. "Truer words could not be spoken," he agreed and ate some popcorn. This situation was downright strange for him. He was just enjoying time with a female. When did that ever happen?
He smiled at what she said. "Well, then this should be a very nice experience for you," he said, "Italien food. Then I know where I'm taking you next." He smirked to her before pressing play, placing the popcorn beside them. "I haven't watched this one in a while," he mused, happy watch it again. He did loosen his tie slightly, but other than that he was still in a suit, not really owning anything else. He liked suits.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 23d 1h 55m 59s
"It's dangerous dating in the work pool- mostly for the men, though, most deserve it." Nate wiped his hands and nodded. "Sharing a taxi works out just fine. Think you'll make it to your apartment, okay?"

He wanted to try something but wouldn't loose the rock in this mess.


"Love is overrated, anyway," Kenna smiled amused.

The strangeness of the situation wasn't lost on her. She didn't make friends with men usually- especially those that did chasing. "I am. Those are good memories, just so you know. Those movies and Italian food."
  Nate / Socasm / 23d 2h 33m 36s
Jesse had to chuckle himself. "Dear god, me and in love. I would think that a deadly combination," he mused, finding the thought of him actually falling in love amusing, "Trust me it is. You have not met me when I get on the roll with movies." He smirked.
Listening to what she said, he moved towards his long shelf filled to the brim with movies. "In alphabetical order," he mused and pulled out the one in question, "I believe you mean this one. Then he began you indoctrination into movies early. So you spend your time after school watching movies. That's a nice image." Placing the movie in the right device, he made some popcorn before returning. "Ready for a blast from the past?" he asked, also wondering when he had last watched a movie with a beautiful woman. At least to just watch a movie.


Heather listened to Nate as he told the story, nodding understanding. "I'm sorry to hear that. That really isn't fair to you," she said. It explained even more about him and why he was so cautious.
She couldn't help a smile at the next part. "Thank you. You are quite something yourself," she replied before chuckling, "In light of what you just told me, I'm assuming you mean home. We can share a taxi. I don't think either of us should drive in this state." They weren't wasted, but there had been a few drinks.
Looking to him, she did smile. "And Nate, we can do this again. The platonic pool and greasy food, I mean," she told him genuinely. She would respect his boundaries and even if nothing more would happen, fact was she had enjoyed hanging out with him.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 24d 32m 48s
"Oh, you might anyway..." Kenna chuckled lightly. "If you say so...do you have that Gene Wilder movie...something with Frankenstein. Young Frankenstein. My neighbor loved all his movies and I would spend the afternoons with him in school. Popcorn is fine."

Sitting down on the couch she didn't remember a time she had time to relax.


"There was this incident two years ago. Saw a girl from work when I was just a manager. It went well then we broke up and she filed charges against me for harassment. Dad fixed it but I learned. Keep it outside of work," Nate shook his head at the memory. Jesse snatched her up after that.

Thre kiss felt nice but he grounded himself. "You are something. Do you want me to take you back?"
  Kenna / Socasm / 24d 3h 56m 5s
Heather rose a curious brow at what he said. They were still on that line between colleagues and more. It could still go either way. "I would hope this isn't about taking advantage of anyone. We're both adults and still mostly have our minds straight. We find each other attractive in some way, despite our positions. Ultimately, it's a question of are we mature enough to handle this properly, whether it's a one time thing or happens again," she told him, "Though don't go believing this is something I do every week." Should they do this? If she left, there was no harm done either way. If she stayed it was easier to simply not do this and not mix everything even more.
His word made her laugh though. Somehow, possibly the drinks lightly emboldening her, she couldn't help a smile. "Very true, I could do all kinds of things to you, like this," she said amused before leaning over to give him a quick kiss before drawing back, "Though you are likely right. We wouldn't want that, would we? It has been a long night after all." Perhaps a little coy, but she was curious if he would take this last out. Either way, she did stand up to slowly start leaving.


Jesse had debated on whether or not he should have done more, but to give him some credit he wasn't some stalker that didn't take no for an answer. At least not at first. He was very good at turning those no into yes though.
Seeing her come out of the bathroom in his things, he smiled. "If possible, that looks just as beautiful as that dress," he said, not being able to resist giving her a look over. He was surprised at what she said. "Are you trying to make me fall in love with you?" he asked jokingly, "A woman who will willingly sit though one of my movies?"
Still he smiled. "I would like that. You can even choose the movie and that's a big consent coming from me," he told her, "Popcorn? Or something else?" He had just about anything that a movie going heart desired.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 24d 22h 35m 4s
"Do you really me to take advantage of you? Just take you back to my place and have my way with you?" Natr asked point-blank. He got some of the vibes but wouldn't believe it until she did something. Anything on top of this it would crumble.

"No thanks, you might take advantage of me," he winked to her..


That worked at least. She dressed in peace and put up the dress tempted to take it home.

She'd still feel that touch and see those eyes. He could have gotten her with more work but didn't for now. The oversized clothes felt comfortable on her when she stepped out.

"Want to watch one of those movies you talked about?" She asked attempting to defuse the situation.
  Nate / Socasm / 24d 23h 7m 45s
Oh god, she was a force to be reckoned with. She knew what she was doing and their banter was like nothing he had had before. "I'm sure the former would be a lot more pleasurable for you," he mused before chuckling, "Are you sure it's the straps?"
Naturally it was a joke as he ran a hand along the strap on her shoulder before stepping back. "I'll wait for you outside," he finally said, since he had the feeling she was going to make him work for it even more, "Don't take too long." Once out of the bathroom he prepared some wine for them before looking out of the window at the view, patiently waiting.


"It's okay. Probably goes a long way to explaining why I was always more one of the guys than the girls. Even if I never picked up good pool skills apparently," she mused, though did notice that he wasn't pressing her on any of the matters.
Finishing her drink, she nodded at what he said. "That would seem to be his pattern, but she is smart though. And it makes me eternally grateful to be a brunette," she replied before looking at him thoughtfully, "The more I get to know you, the more you seem like a worrier. In a good way." He did seem to worry about everyone. That was an interesting, amusing thought. Seeing her empty glass, she asked, "Another round?" Though that would likely be her last drink, if she didn't want to get too drunk.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 25d 1h 34m 8s

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