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"A real comedian," she said dryly, "Oh, it's not about who goes first, but who will last." Celia watched him leave, taking another sip of her drink. Sure, he got her there, but this was far from over.


Hearing she wanted food, Jesse smiled before serving her an omelet with vegetables and a glass of smoothie. "I suppose you would be too tired from a long shift to cook breakfast," he agreed with a nod before he brought his food over and sat down opposite of her.
He was about to eat when she spoke and he actually paused. "My, are you actually asking something personal about me?" he asked, playfully astonished before nodding, "She did. Something along the lines of a young man should know how to fend for himself. I enjoy it and you don't look this good by eating only take out. Do you ever cook?" It wasn't something a lot of people knew about him. He took a bite of his food.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 8d 7h 14m 18s
"Work smarter, not harder and not on your back. I'm sure you're worried about yourself, too, suppose we'll see who goes first," Nate pocketed the information. He suppose he didn't get enough credit. He never said anything about not entering the condo.

He started out feeling satisfied.


"Food does sound good. Not used to breakfast after working nights for so long," Kenna took the coffee. "Thanks. So...you like to cook. Did your mom teach you?"

Why did she ask? She sat down and watched him with a smile.
  Nate / Socasm / 8d 7h 34m 30s
"You can encourage me all you want," he had simply said jokingly with a smile before disappearing to the kitchen. It was strange to have someone here in the morning, especially someone he hadn't slept with, but somehow it also felt kind of nice.
Jesse had been so engrossed with cooking he hadn't noticed her until he turned around to see her watching him. "Like what you see?" he asked as he placed the omelet he made on a plate, "Coffee is on the counter for you. Sure you don't want breakfast? Made enough for two?"


Celia watched him, her eyes narrowing. "You are definitely your father's son. Just as much a bastard as he is," she told him lowly, "Wonder how long it will be before the feds decide you could be caught up in all this as well." After all, both boys were part of the company and high up. Surely the feds would investigate them thoroughly.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 8d 7h 56m 46s
"And encourage you some more? Nope," Kenna shook her head.

The bathroom took a little longer to recoup and wake up. Work was tonight and she'd die. She stepped out and walked to the kitchen and watched him cook. This probably would be the only time she saw a glimpse of who he really was.


Nate didn't take the paper. He knew the airplane would be important and cemented she was connected.

"The condo will be safe for a year. Thanks for the help," Nate nodded to her. "Enjoy the necklace and the condo."
  Kenna / Socasm / 8d 8h 11m 16s
Celia regarded him coolly. She knew his father and while Nate didn't have that man's being, he sometimes had moments of it. In her head she weighed the options. "I really don't know where he is. He always mentioned the Caribbean, if he wanted to get away. Some remote place in Mexico or wherever," she told him, "But I do know how to contact the airline that he used." She pulled out a piece of paper to write it down.


Jesse could see the longing to touch his hair. "You can touch it, if you want," he said with a smirk before he also got out of bed. Hearing what she said about breakfast he simply nodded, allowing her to go to the bathroom.
Throwing on a shirt, he went to the kitchen. There he began with coffee and then went on to make a smoothie and some eggs. He did like to cook and you didn't stay in shape by eating fast food. For a moment he did toy with the idea of following her to the bathroom, but he decided against it, seeing her reaction so far.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 8d 8h 40m 32s
"I am my dad's son. I know his techniques Celia...imagine what's all over that apartment. Hairs, fluids, both yours and his. He's already ruined and you'll be the one that can't climb out. Think about it...no more sugar daddies."

Nate stood up with a shrug. She had been fun and putting on his dad's shoes funner.


Kenna rolled her eyes feeling as if she was the one being toyed with now. For a second she wanted to just touch the curls imagining what it felt like. Shaking her head she stood up with a small groan.

"Um, dunno, usually don't have breakfast. I just need coffee," Kenna started to the bathroom.
  Nate / Socasm / 8d 9h 14m 33s
Jesse shrugged, though he couldn't help a small smirk. "Spooning has its merits too. It can be quite comfy," he replied, watching her. She clearly wasn't too much of a morning person. "You're welcome," he said before running a hand through his own hair, "I do. Takes a lot of talent to keep it looking perfect."
It was downright cute to see her like this. Something about that unguarded state was enchanting. "What do you eat for breakfast?" he asked, sitting up finally.


"You give me a lot of credit," Celia pointed out, "Substance. Sounds very serious. Careful you don't get fooled by substance." Still, she thought for a moment. "So let's say I did have information. Why would I just give it to you? Staying in a condo for two more weeks is hardly a fair price. A lot of people are looking for your dad. Plus, you owe me a lot of money from the auction," she said slowly, "And don't threaten me with the feds. If you were serious about that you would have long since told them about me." She wasn't stupid. He could at least work for it.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 8d 9h 37m 9s
"Huh, should have known you'd find some way to end up in the same bed. More spooning, though, than action." Kenna smoothed her hair more. She raised an eyebrow at him and smoothed her hair. "Um, thanks. Huh...you have curly hair who would have thought."

Swinging her legs over the edge not being a good morning person.


"I wasn't the teenage-like girl he was fucking. There's no way you were dealing with his Viagra filled body without an obligation." Nate leaned forward. "Maybe I'm tired of sluts and want substance. Well, that's it I guess. Thought I'd give you a chance."

Nate wouldn't think about the time with her though he still had images of them in her head.
  Kenna / Socasm / 8d 10h 12m 42s
She gave him a flat look. "Then you should be more than happy that all that money is flowing right back in. No harm done," she simply replied with a shrug, not going to back down, "You expect some great insight from me about your father, but tell me this. If your old man won't even disclose information to you, why me? He betrayed all of us." She took another sip of her drink. "If I wanted to get away with a lot of money I would go somewhere where you wouldn't be brought back. Preferably a place I knew," she told him, imagining that's what she would do.
Celia eyed him, tilting her head. "You're keyed up even more than usual," she said slowly before a knowing look crossed her features, "Your brunette friend... She didn't put out. Well, she did look way too proper for you anyway. You just have a certain type." Nate just simply gravitated towards other women.


There had very likely been some cuddling. Jesse knew from experience that he liked to hold women in his sleep. When she began to move he looked up at her. "Or you could stay in bed a bit longer. It's very cozy right now," he pointed out, propping up on his elbow, "That definitely explains why I had such a wonderful night's sleep. Anyone ever tell you how beautiful you look in the morning?" It was definitely true with that slightly messy hair.
  Celia / Hoshizora / 8d 11h 3m 59s
"It's god awful and was bought with the pension fund. It's also a forgery of Tiffany that he said was one for you. Thousands spent on something only worth one." Nate smiled at her. "I'm sure you do. Also...tell me something and I may be able to stop the seize on the condo for two weeks. Just enough time for a new sugar daddy."

Nate couldn't even look at her. She had seemed like fun but she wanted money- a lesson he learned the hard way.


Kenna wouldn't think about when he got back into bed or how many inches had been between them this night. It was just for one night and she'd start her own way again now that there was nothing left for her.

Sitting up she ran a hand through her tangled hair. "Right, I'm going to use the bathroom."
  Nate / Socasm / 8d 11h 36m 44s
Jesse chucked slightly. "I'm sure she will appreciate to know that something she taught me actually stuck, he mused before settling on the couch. It wasn't too bad to sleep on.
At some point in the night he must have gone to the bathroom and instinctively gone back to bed, as he obviously would do on any normal occasion. It wasn't until she spoke that he really started to wake up. "I would think that's what the sunlight stands for," he pointed out, his head still buried in a pillow, not really thinking much yet.


Celia liked this place. Nate's father had actually taken her here a couple of times. It was expensive and very exclusive. With a drink before her, she touched the newly acquired necklace.
She wasn't surprised to see Nate sitting down across from her. "This necklace is beautiful and it was meant as a gift to me. I shouldn't have had to pay for it at all," she pointed out before giving him a long look, "Nate, if I actually knew where your father was, would I actually be here? I don't know. I miss him and that he didn't tell me hurts." She gave a small pout before taking another sip of her drink.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 9d 9h 10m 44s
"I'll tell your mom you've been a gentleman, night Jesse," she said with a small smile. She walked away before she changed her mind. She wouldn't think about what this bed had saw or she could have ended up in it.

She turned over in the bed when she heard movement. "Is it morning already.?" She blinked at the sunlight and him.


Nate found the place where he found his dad and whatever she called herself then. It changed so often. Seeing the blonde head moving around he sat down across from her.

"Did you or my dad pay for that gaudy necklace?" He folded his hands. "All you need to do is tell us where they are."
  Kenna / Socasm / 9d 10h 19m 55s
With one last nod Heather closed the door behind her. It had been an interesting night. She had screwed up with mentioning Kenna, but she couldn't worry about that now. Still keyed up, she went to her laptop to finish the article she was writing on, the father's pedophile nature. It left her with a terrible feeling, but at least after that she would be tired enough to sleep.


When she pulled away Jesse was both amazed and slightly frustrated, though he only smirked. "Very good and very close," he retorted, running a hand though his own hair, "You are something alright."
He looked to her for a moment longer before getting the blankets. "You sleep in the bed. I can't have a guest sleep on the couch. My mother would crucify me," he told her and went to work on arranging the pillows and blankets so it was comfortable for him, "Good night Kenna."
  Heather / Hoshizora / 15d 21h 3m 54s
Most didn't have the issues that he did. Right now he couldn't be sure who was who and doing what. He still smiled and waited for the door to close. How did she know and why would Kenna talk to her?

He hailed another taxi but didn't go home.


It would be so easy to just let this go on and she was sure it'd be amazing. There was still something to prove to him.

Slowly she pulled away from the kiss though still close to him. "Good, not there. Still have some blankets for me?"
  Nate / Socasm / 15d 22h 59m 25s
While she didn't melt and was clearly still being stubborn, he could feel a hint of her yield, kissing him back. Considering where they were before he considered that a win already.
Continuing to kiss her as it grew more passionate, he wrapped an arm around her waist, his other hand still running through those blonde locks. God, he loved that hair.


Heather had to chuckle. "And men always say women are complicated. Somehow I feel that men can be just as complicated," she mused, watching him play with her hair before smiling softly, "Thank you Nate. We both contributed to the success." He had done well as well.
"And I did mean it. We can play pool again any time," she told him, finally opening her door and stepped inside, "Get home safely. Good night Nate." This had definitely been a good night for sure.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 16d 5h 6m 18s

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