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Heather continued to nod. "When are sugar babies not expensive?" she scoffed with a shrug, "Yeah, he must be in deep to steal from the company. Perhaps." Curiously she listened to that last part. "He does seem to be good. I mean, I've definitely met people worse than him," Heather agreed, deciding not to point out his obvious good looks, "I did notice he was a little out of it this morning. Does that happen often?" He clearly wasn't happy with this job.


Jesse gave a nod as a thank you and paid his beer with a generous tip. Slowly he moved over to the pool table. "So that's where the very specific rejection of our meeting came from," he said casually, leaning against it, "So I thought I would come to you. May I buy you a drink?" He looked to her, doubting that she would agree, but who knew? Perhaps they could have a game.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 66d 6h 15m 30s
"It has to be true. Mr. Powell has an expensive sugar baby and was getting hit by a big divorce. We just didn't expect that he'd steal from the company. I'd look for another job," the woman leaned forward. "Nate's a good one when he's not...well..plastered."

The gossip might be damning but at least it was true.


Kenna groaned and scrubbed at the pool table harder. At least Sal was here to take the order and she'd be able to finish the deeper clean before it got ruined.

"There ya go," the man handed him a cold beer.
  Nate / Socasm / 66d 8h 17m 59s
Heather listened to the receptionist with a nod. "They really don't seem to get along, but then again they seem totally different," she said, knowing she wouldn't willingly hang out with someone so different from herself, "Think the allegations are true? What kind of drama is there?" Receptionists always knew a lot. It was likely that Nate wouldn't miss her in the next hour with his calls.


It wasn't hard to find Kenna. At least not after he had her name and given it to a close friend of his who knew his way with computers. An hour later he had a whole portfolio on her and knew where she worked.
Entering the bar, Jesse looked around. It was almost empty, aside from one or two patrons. He could spot her behind the bar, stocking up. With a smirk he settled at the bar. "I'll have a beer," he said, ready to enjoy the moment when she spotted him.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 66d 18h 58m 35s
"You better get used to that. Those two hate each other, it's gotten worse since Nate's dad was leaving Jesse's mom for his sugar baby. I should have quit before this place went to hell," the receptionist told Heather in a weekend. "The drama is endless here."

Nate wouldn't be disturbed for a whole hour while he made the calls.


The nap was a failure so she went to work early. A twelve hour shift on a Friday would cover most of the utility bills. The almost empty bar at six meant she had time to stock up and clean a lot deeper than others would.

The mindless work soothed her mind.
  Kenna / Socasm / 66d 22h 22m 50s
"I want a solution for this company which involves doesn't involve prison and will keep it afloat, but you never cared for the company anyway," Jesse retorted, glaring at him, "And I will find a solution." He knew Nate would never put his back into it for this company or fight for it.
He watched Nate stalk out before turning to his own work. Jesse knew his brother would never understand him. For now he needed to talk to Kenna again.


Whatever had happened in that meeting it had clearly agitated him. Heather nodded at his instructions. "Okay," she said and watched him enter his office. After a moment she went to the small kitchen to brew a coffee for Nate.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 67d 7h 46m 56s
"Do you want to lose everything or want to not go to prison? There are only in blond men in prison." Nate glanced to him. "I'll take losing everything than sitting in federal prison."

Nate slammed the door behind him. He ignored the looks as stalked through the offices to his own. He tried to relax when he stopped at Heather's desk.

"I'm making calls no guests please."
  Nate / Socasm / 67d 9h 6m 57s
Jesse gave Nate an unimpressed look. They never liked each other, even back when they had met. Sometimes he wondered how they had not killed each other at some point. "Because you actually believe they will give us a fair shake? They will take everything apart and leave it in ruins," he said, not being a fan of the FBI, "The only reason you are for that is because you are miserable here." It was clear and Nate wasn't any good at the job either.
"When have our conversations ever gone anywhere?" he inquired, not impressed by the glare and simply looked back at him, "Very well, I have better things to do than this anyway." He got up, gathering his things.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 67d 9h 36m 30s
"Or we could let the FBI handle it and sort out those board members. Hell, maybe even sell what's left of the company and wipe our hands of each other." Nate glared st him. They hadn't gotten along since the day dad introduced him to Jesse and his mom.

"This is going no where and I've got calls to make."
  Nate / Socasm / 67d 10h 36m 29s
Jesse watched his older brother.. They had never really gotten along. They were just too different. "I don't exactly see you coming up with great plans," he retorted, watching him sit down, though still fairly animated, "I would say we follow the one lead we have. We have a part of the money. That's a solid lead that will lead us to that man. Find that man and we can find our father." That and it would have the benefit of having to spend some more time with Kenna to figure it out. God, she was stunning.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 67d 19h 50m 29s
"Yeah, and what do you plan on doing other than telling people there's nothing to worry about. Dad and one- if not more- accomplices are out there. And there's only one lead that we know of," Nate fumed as he paced. "What do you have planned then?"

He sat down holding his hands still in his lap.
  Nate / Socasm / 67d 22h 55m 50s
Hearing what she said, Jesse couldn't help smirking slightly. Oh, he would have a blonde tonight, but he would definitely have her for sure. There was something about her that he couldn't place and it was enticing.
Going back to his office, he got some work done before he met up with Nate. Jesse nodded at the suggestion. "Glad you have realized that too," he replied dryly, "I'm all for investigating ourselves, but how would you do that? You realize we have a lot of employees?" That and it had to be a done rather secretly so not to scare the people responsible. Though perhaps it really was their father. He wouldn't put it past him.


Heather did note that he didn't answer the question, but it was too early for that, though she couldn't help wondering about it. "Noted. Sometimes I feel like I already have one," she mused before arching a brow, "How did that happen? There had to be a lot of force behind that."
Nodding, they quickly ate their lunch. While it was hasty, she did enjoy it surprisingly. Thanking him for joining her for lunch, she went back to work, organizing some things for Nate and then worked on her own stuff.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 68d 21h 19m 7s
"Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night. I heard blondes are the perfect antidote," Kenna called out in the lobby. She disappeared into the crowd. At her home she got the call from the agent asking to look at her phone records.

Any sleep she managed was fitful with wondering how to catch up on bills fast.


Nate chuckled. "Never ask about the lives of the rich- you'll get a headache." He said and nodded about the heels. "I've gotten a broken toe from those things. Never again...we've got twenty minutes before people spot me."

For a hasty lunch it was nice to have. When he got back he joined Jesse in his office.

"There's no way we can keep this under wraps now. We need to investigate ourselves, too before it's all gone," Nate played with the water bottle.
  Kenna / Socasm / 68d 21h 38m 19s
Heather couldn't help a small smile. "There's a small irony to that. Most moms would want their sins to play a monkey in a suit," she pointed out, "Then why do you continue in the company? Sorry... That's probably overstepping something." She didn't quite get that. She felt slightly intrigued, even though she knew she shouldn't be and had just been way too nosy.
The thought of a tuxedo t-shirt made her laugh. "As long as she doesn't have to wear high heels that kill her feet, I'm sure you can find a compromise," she mused. She found the thought amusing, though she understood it. He clearly didn't seem happy with this job.
It was nice to see him in this place where he seemed more comfortable." I'll try just about anything once, but yes, pastrami sounds good, " she said as she looked around, taking in the location.


She... God, she was infuriating and so enticing at the same. Jesse couldn't really describe the feeling she created inside him. He looked at her as she leaned against the elevator wall. "You would be right on both accounts, but you are wrong on that last part. Both will work eventually," he replied with a smirk. He had no problem playing the long game.
When she stepped out of the elevator, he looked after her. "I can't wait to see you again, Kenna," he said, waving casually. He would not give up that easily.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 69d 6h 48m 52s
"To open a bar in SoHo and not play a monkey in a suit. If I ever make it through this I'll never wear a suit again," Nate laughed at the dry joke. "The future bride will just have to deal with the tuxedo tee-shirt."

At the corner store he waved to the owner. Ernie knew all of the family and still didn't spit on them. "Best Pastrami around if you like that."


"How noble of you especially at the nights when you'd enjoy them. I know you want in my pants and make this mess go away. Neither will work," she leaned back against the elevator. "I'll let the FBI know if there's any changes. Agent Jackson is very eager to nail this case."

She couldn't place Jesse. She wasn't trying either. The moment the elevator opened she stepped out.
  Hadley / Socasm / 69d 12h 3m 39s
A woman that actually defied him. When had that last happened? Jesse wasn't sure he remembered a time. Somehow that made her even more attractive.
Truthfully, he couldn't remember the other blondes. He did note though that was a very specific alternative she thought of. "Well, it wasn't me that tormented you, so you're technically blaming me for something I didn't do," he pointed out.
Just before the door on the elevator closed he stepped inside, a more serious look on his face. "I am sorry they did that to you. I didn't know it was happening, otherwise I would not have allowed it," he told her in quite a serious tone, at least for him serious.


Heather was honestly surprised that he had agreed. Still, she simply nodded. Perhaps it was a stupid idea, in case someone of the media saw and recognized her, but chances were that most were back in their office typing away about the conference. "Sounds good," she agreed, "Why? What did she say?"
Thanking him for opening the door, she couldn't help noticing he was very attractive, but knew better than to start something with someone she was trying to get information from. "Lead the way," she said, falling into step beside him.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 70d 9h 21m 26s

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