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Heather nodded. "If that's the case, then he might actually be okay. As for the company... it could be good. A definite cut from the person that ruined it," she theorized, "But it could go either way." It was hard to say how the market would go.
"Nate doesn't hate his father. He told me that there is a part of him that still cares about him. Of course, maybe he is also happy to no longer be burdened with this. Who knows?" she told Kenna, sighing before taking another sip of her drink. Perhaps Kenna was right and she was completely overreacting.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 1d 4h 28m 37s
"Jesse doesn't have any love for this man. That's all for his dad. If anything this will liberate him and his mom. I don't know about the company," Kenna said with a mirthless smile. "You don't mourn people you hate. But Nate might be different."

Kenna should call Jesse and ask about the news but couldn't seem to pull out her phone.
  Kenna / Socasm / 1d 5h 7m 55s
Heather watched Kenna thoughtfully. Should she run that story? "Thank you, I'll consider it," she replied, though for now she would likely just keep it under lock until she had more information or decided to drop it.
"A normal life does sound good. No lies, two jobs or anything like that," she agreed with a nod, finding that almost nice. The question was good. Sighing, she tipped her head back. "That he accuses me of being the reason his father committed suicide," Heather said, because that was honestly how she partially felt, "This is just... worrying if he's okay. As someone that has experienced something similar." After this, there would never be more than friendship and ultimately, she was just worried. "And what does the person say speaking as someone I can consider a friend?" she inquired, giving her an amused look.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 3d 4h 32m 10s
Maybe Adrienne had been right. This wouldn't change the past and frankly was just exhausting.

"If you want to run what I gave you, I won't stop you." Kenna picked up a shot and took it. She wasn't easily drunk. "I think I'd like to get back to my normal life now. Speaking as a bartender: what's the worst thing that could than just checking on Nate?"
  Kenna / Socasm / 3d 5h 59m 42s
"To be fair a lot of women would give up, if they knew their husband had a sugar babe and was a pedophile," Heather pointed out before giving a mirthful chuckle, "After today and me publishing that article, I doubt he will talk to me." He was more likely to blame her for his father's death.
She arched a brow at what she said. "You're really willing to just walk away from this? It feels like we are more at the beginning of something than the end," she replied, "And you wanted revenge on your father so much. Why the sudden change of heart? Just because no one will care?" Something told her there was more to this than the knew. Though it was true that the FBI had vastly more resources than them.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 6d 14h 15m 49s
"Jesse never talks about him and Adrienne...she just seemed like she gave up. Acted as if he was already dead. Maybe Nate will talk to you about this." Kenna shrugged. There was a ping of doubt but knew shitty people were rarely missed.

"Maybe...the feds should just take over. We've done some and I don't know...no one will care about my dad unless he killed his partner."
  Kenna / Socasm / 6d 20h 36m 41s
Kenna's more rational thoughts pulled her back as well. They had to focus. "It's possible. From everything we know about him he really doesn't seem like the guy to roll over and play... Well you know what I mean," Heather replied before arching a brow, "You don't feel a little sorry for the brothers or at least Adrianne?" Nate had lost his father who he admitted to still caring for. She had lost her own mother and knew the feeling.
She thought on the next part. "The name would fit. If that's the case, Celia is even more twisted than we thought. Nate has that DNA test from her that he should get the results from," she told her, "If we can get our hands on that we could find out more about her and what she is involved in. Maybe I can get him to show it to me. As a plus we might find out more about your dad as well." Her head started to think on things. "Question is how big this something is," she muttered, wondering how much could possibly be involved. The biggest something had implications she didn't even want to speak out.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 7d 15h 41m 12s
"Suicide...he doesn't seem like an asshole that'd make it easy on them," she said before noting the concern. "You fell for the boss..I thought only blondes did that."

Her mind drifted to Jesse and Adrienne for a second before she shook her head.

"We have a blonde that starts with 'C' that went around with my father, and a blonde that was the sugar baby that you told me that Nate had been involved with. I think she's the same woman and wasn't just a good fuck but apart of something."
  Kenna / Socasm / 7d 21h 39m 8s
Heather had been between happy and guilty most of the day. Momentarily she forgot about that as she met Kenna who told her about what she had found out.
Though when the news broke the guilt came back full force, almost paralyzing her. Simply looking at Kenna, she couldn't utter a word, her stomach churning uncomfortably. This was her fault. That was all that echoed through her head. Never had she imagined this would happen.
Groping for anything, she too downed her drink, hoping it would numb something. It didn't. Several times she tried to speak, but couldn't. Finally she muttered, "That can't be true." Though obviously it was. She ran a hand through her hair. Her brain was everywhere. How would Adrianne take the news? From Adrianne it jumped to Jesse and then Nate. "Nate...," she whispered, not wanting to imagine what he must he feeling right now. The glass in her hand shook slightly.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 8d 4h 53m 54s
The news broke that night when they were at the bar talking over what Adrianne had told her. The guilt began to set in before.

Kenna looked away from the television to Heather unable to mutter a word. Instead she took a drink when she never did when at work. Putting the glass down she let out a breath.

  Kenna / Socasm / 8d 5h 36m 38s
It was a lot of details. With the way the article was written, he didn't doubt any word of it. These women existed and likely more did too that hadn't wanted to speak or the journalist hadn't found.
"The question is if it was all willing or if he paid them off in one way or another," Jesse replied grimly, knowing that the later had further implementations, "This is likely only a small number of women. There will be more once this picks up speed." This will make things for the company even harder.
He arched a brow. "She is familiar? With the way this is written it's likely someone from inside the company, but do you realize how many women there are?" he asked, making a mental note to put someone on it to find this person.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 16d 6h 33m 16s
"Those guys have more skeletons than clothes- I've seen his closet, too. See you then," she smiled.

Inside the look on their face said everything. Even Kenna didn't know half the details but the other girls did. "I told him to fuck off and he was gross. I guess others went for it." She saw one kiss and almost threw up. "She should be familiar."
  Kenna / Socasm / 16d 6h 46m 52s
Heather chuckled. "No more coffee runs. I won't miss those, but it was helpful to be on the inside. Never tried bartending but that could be interesting," she replied before nodding, "Thanks. Nate said he wouldn't tell Jesse but you never know. See you tonight." Hanging up, she made her way home. From there she would work on her article and wait for tonight.


When Jesse saw Kenna return he stayed emotionless. The article was horrible and while there was no love lose for that man, he wanted to know who the journalist was.
Making sure his mother was busy, he moved towards her, taking her into another room. "My mother will not hear about this until after lunch," he told her solemnly, "Fuck, this is messed up. The article reads even worse than you told it." He ran a hand through his hair, taking a deep breath. "The article is well written. Who wrote it?" he asked, knowing she knew something.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 17d 4h 9m 2s
"No more coffee runs? There's always bartending. I'll see you at nine," she said wirh a chuckle. "I'll get back in and try to cover your ass if Jesse finds out it was you."

She wouldn't lose much though had come to like him. Even entertained the idea of sleeping with him but would live without that. She walked back in nodding at Jesse at the alarm on his face.

She knew and was just beginning.
  Kenna / Socasm / 17d 5h 24m 51s
Heather couldn't help a small chuckle, running a hand through her hair. "It definitely is. Both good and bad. Kind of crazy to think I'm breaking the internet. Bad because I was with Nate when he found out. As you can imagine he wasn't pleased and now I'm sadly out of my secretary job," she told her, though the last part of that sentence was said with sarcasm. She would miss juggling two jobs.
Nodding, she replied, "Sounds good. Can't wait to hear it. You met his mom? Wow. If Nate hadn't told me that he adores her, I would have some serious questions of what she is like. Then til tonight." There was no turning back. She had chosen this road and she would walk it.


Jesse had used the moment his mother was using to concentrate on cooking to see why his phone was blowing up. It was that story. Every word was agonizing to read and made him sick. He didn't know what to feel, but what he did know was that he would keep this from his mom at least for the duration of lunch. Where was Kenna anyway? Had she read it yet?
  Heather / Hoshizora / 19d 6h 37m 32s

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