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Heather nodded softly. "Hey, don't beat yourself up over that. How could you possibly have known that? It's not your fault Nate. She played everyone," she told him, truly meaning that. The smell of beer also met her nose and while it was nothing to her, she didn't want to imagine what it was like for him. Gently she touched his arm, as the only type of support she could give right now.
Nodding, she looked around. "So should we split up or stay together?" she inquired. There were a lot of variables here that she didn't know. If they would only talk to Nate, because he was the guy and known or if she would be mistake for being one of these questionable women, if she walked around here alone, though she definitely wasn't dressed like one.


Jesse looked to Kenna surprised. "Oh, do you want to go to Cuba with me after all?" he asked with a smirk, but nodded, "Okay, I'll see if I can't get a family meeting under way. Call me when you are done and I'll pick up up." He thought for a moment, running a hand through his hair. "Thank you for in there," he said softly, not one to thank people often. That and he knew she wasn't really excited about being pulled back into this mess.
Pulling out his phone, he tried to call Nate, seeing if they could get together and gather their thoughts.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 3d 21h 54m 14s
"I joined her here once or twice but we met at a flea market- an obvious set up. She showed interest in a lamp, I thought it was cool and sexy. You know the rest. God, I was an idiot." Nate shoved his hands in his pockets to hide the shaking.

The smell of beer both made him sick and happy at the same time. He balled his hands hands in the darkness of the pockets.

"Someone here will remotely know where she is," he said more to himself than her.


Had it been a mistake to not have contact with Jackson? She had enjoyed the sex and the good guy routine was nice. She didn't have time to think on that.

"We haven't gone to the small airport that we had information for. I'll need to get my passport and bags- I'll meet you later? She'll probably want to at least talk to you. Nate, too..."

And Kenna had just Heather that she pressured, maybe Jesse but sex would clear that up. She glanced to him almost unsure at this point.
  Nate / Socasm / 3d 22h 22m 46s
At this point Jesse would have tried the bounty hunter approach, but with the more softer tone Kenna did talk him down a bit. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, he did feel slightly calmer. "She's definitely not done," he agreed gravely, "Will she? She never really stepped into the limelight on her own and now all this..." He didn't want to know what more Celia could do.
Jackson took the sample with a nod. "I will have it analysed and stored in our database. Thank you," he told her, taking the test, "The pleasures was mine. It seems like we might run into each other again quite soon. Good day."
With those farewells they were back on the street. "And now?" he asked, feeling like he needed to do something as he checked his phone, "Nate called." What could he have wanted?


Curiously Heather watched the surrounding as they took the cab. This was likely going to get very interesting fast. The place was about that what one would expect from such an establishment.
Her job was usually not something people liked so it was obvious that she would state it, but she simply nodded at the instructions. Upon being let in, she kept her expression neutral, though she took everything in. That bouncers gaze made her spine crawl. She had a feeling this place would be unlike anything she had seen before, in a bad way.
For a moment when no one was around she stepped closer to Nate as they walked, so that she could ask softly , "So you met her here?" She didn't want anyone overhearing them.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 4d 21h 48m 29s
"Jesse, we aren't bounty hunters. If she's a sugar baby, she'll show up, maybe even st up. There's the DNA and she's not done," Kenna scolded in a softer tone. "Your mother will be fine. She survived this long- what can a spoiled brat do to her?"

She couldn't help the caring undertone before she took the swab and ran it over her cheek. "See, step one is done. Thank you Ja- Agent Hughes for seeing us."


Jesse didn't answer, probably fuming as he should be.

Nate hailed a cab not trusting mass transit right now until in Manhattan they pulled up at an upscale but discreet place. "Don't tell them what you do. Just say you were my secetary."

That might have been obvious but he wanted to cover his bases. He showed his ID to the bouncer who nodded and let them in with a cool gaze after her.
  Nate / Socasm / 4d 23h 48m 29s
Jackson nodded. "We do yes. We can compare it," he assured her with a nod. Well, technically, he couldn't just analyse someone's DNA without cause, but in this situation he would make an exception. After all, if he came to the lab with a sample no one would suspect anything. Still, he got up and found an empty saliva test tube that they could use.
Both men gave Kenna a surprised look at the information she provided. "That's quite alright. You are correct. Still, it would probably be easiest over Brazil, as we don't want to startle Cuba by accident. The connection is better to Brazil," Jackson explained, as he grew thoughtful. Jesse flashed her a smile to silently say she was brilliant. "So we find him and bring him to Brazil," Jesse said, kind of liking that kidnapping plan. .


That would be an interesting conversation. As far as Heather knew, Jesse wasn't even aware she had written the article that had started it all. Oh joy, this will be fun. Taking his phone, she looked to him. "Okay, I can do that, but I don't think for a second I'm letting you go alone. We don't know what will be waiting for you. It might be your mess, but we are finishing it," she told him, placing her free hand on his arm. Of course, Celia could just as well not be there and all this would be for nothing, but they would see. Either way, she began searching through Nate's phone for Jesse's number.
  Jackson / Hoshizora / 5d 21h 30m 53s
"Then I'll give it, willingly," Kenna nodded. "I assume you have his after the assault charge five years ago. He complained about that on the way to the Hamptons."

She turned to Jesse after a second. "That's no man's land since the Cuba Missile Crisis back in the 60s. Or Brazil...and, I've looked into this too much." She flashed Jackson an apologetic smile and waited.


Nate handed his unlocked phone over to her. "You tell Jesse that, I don't get between him and his mom. The poor woman. And, yes, I did. This is my mess and I was the stepping stool for her attempts."

Would she be there? He still had the information of the plane last time given. Probably another dead end.
  Nate / Socasm / 5d 22h 14m 24s
Jackson nodded thoughtful. "Taking your DNA would prove without a doubt that she is who she is and can't wiesel her way out of it. However, that would first require for us to catch her," he pointed out, "She has dropped off of the map after her appearance at the funeral, but we have some leads that we are following. So you would be willing to give your DNA?" It was a good start.
Jesse looked to Kenna when she placed her hand on his leg. It definitely made him feel slightly better. "I'm sure you could contact the Cuban authorities, but I doubt they'll be cooperative. It would be a different story, if he miraculously appeared on American soil," Jesse theorized with a smirk. "Is that your way of proposing a deal?" Jackson asked curiously, arching a brow as he looked to the two.


Heather shrugged. "I never met Adrienne, so it's hard to say, but judging from what you told me I would almost say no. She doesn't seem like the type of person to do that," she replied truthfully, "But we won't know until we ask."
She couldn't help a small chuckle at how he walked out the door. "Might be a good idea. Don't think you want to walk on New Yorker sidewalks without shoes," she agreed before nodding, "Did you really I was going to let you go alone? So where is this so called sleezy hook up central?" She quickly grabbed her jacket, waiting on him to show her the way.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 6d 20h 53m 23s
"To take my DNA if you catch her. She is a 'sugar baby' that knows her way around. She's probably looking for one right now," Kenna said smoothly. Putting a hand on Jesse's leg she looked to Jackson. "Though, it's tangible, there's a connection. Ethan Powell was her sugar daddy and daughter of the chairman, my dad. Whose still alive- probably in Cuba or someplace like that."

She didn't stop thinking about this but knew the pieces fit together.


"Do you think she'll agree?" Nate asked doubtfully. Unable to control the jitters or shaking he paced. "She wants something. I know where to find her...I'm going to go..."

Nate was halfway out the door the door when he looked to his bare feet, closing the door he looked back to her. "With shoes on...and you should probably see sleezy hook-up central."
  Nate / Socasm / 6d 23h 12m 32s
The more Jesse was here, the more Jesse wanted to punch that agent. Everything about him just annoyed him for some reason, though like it was one thing in particular. Jackson nodded at what Kenna said. "Why don't you follow me so we can talk in private?" he suggested and led them to his office. It was immaculate, though the folders on the desk showed a clear work ethic.
"Sit please," he said, gesturing towards some chairs before finding the file he was looking for, "So I assume you figured out that she is your half sister? Yes, I heard about the funeral scene. And now you are hoping that I can provide you with information against her?" It was a neutral question that didn't reveal how he was inclined to decide either way.
Jesse balled his fist. "You already froze our assets and took everything else. Now you want to just watch as this slut defaces my mother and family?" he asked, his voice growing tense, "Don't act so high and mighty." Oh, he wished he could throw a punch. Worst case, blackmail with his one night stand with Kenna was always an option. For his mother he would go there.


Heather was glad starting to become glad that she had banned all liquor from her apartment. Nate didn't need more temptation in this moment. "Information I didn't need to know," she said before nodding, "Sounds good. We can contact Adrienne to get that set up. If we do it soon, then it might be done in a day or two." Countering this as fast as possible seemed best.
She thought on that. "Yes, I would assume that is the case, but proving that won't be so easy. She would naturally say it was sex without money and anything she got from him was a 'present'. We need solid proof, if we want her locked up for good. And the only one who would have that was your father, I'm assuming," Heather told him, growing thoughtful, "And the only place he would consider something like that safe is where no one would get to it. Say, like perhaps a fancy vacation home far far away." She looked to him, assuming he knew what she was playing at.
  Jackson / Hoshizora / 7d 9h 3m 25s
Kenna flashed Jackson a small apologetic smile. Not being honest to Jesse about their day stand didn't seem like an option.

"I think I know who she is, though you probably have for a while," Kenna said more calmly. It would be better if she spoke right now instead of Jesse. "She was at the funeral stirring up the hornets nest and now this..."


"She wasn't that great...too eager...weird vocals. So, we do a piece that counters this to save Adrienne. Jesse and I can handle ourselves. She wouldn't tell anything," Nate went for coffee with shaking hands.

"If she was exposed wouldn't she be arrested for sex crimes? It's illegal to be a sex worker- even a marked up one."
  Nate / Socasm / 7d 9h 30m 29s
That was the question. Why? "Please, this is the best advertisement for her in the world. The right people probably know her. If nothing else, it gets her a new sugar daddy," Heather pointed out, though that thought wasn't very appetizing either.
Should they go public? Thinking on it, Heather sat down on the couch beside him. "That might be a good idea. Counter with our own story, get your side out there, though that could turn ugly, depending on how she reacts," she told him, trying to think how Celia would react, but she was unpredictable, "Though this feels like a complete story. She should have any other ammo left to fire." At least she hoped.


Jesse looked to Kenna, clearly not thrilled at the idea of meeting that agent. Silently he debated in his head on what to do. Finally he sighed. "Fine, we go to him," he agreed before taking off in his car. He tried not to think on that night the two shared nor that that man was responsible for freezing all his family's assets.
Arriving at the FBI headquarters, they were lead through security control before asking for agent Jackson. A moment later the agent appeared in the lobby to greet them, clearly surprised they were there. "Mr. Barlow, Ms. McGuire, I assume this visit has something to do with that article?" he asked, ignoring the glare that Jesse gave him. He too had seen the article.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 7d 21h 53m 27s
"Why would someone do this?" Nate asked in disbelief. "Being a call girl is illegal so she won't be famous. Unless we do make her known. The FBI must know...Christ, I need a drink."

He sat down, tiredly, stabbing his fingers into his temples. "Christ, does this mean we need to go public?"


Kenna paused in the conversation before finding the right words. "Go to Cuba, but first, talk to Jackson. He said they had something about this bitch. I hinted she had more to do."

The thought of a sudden drop-in and acting like nothing happened was bothersome but necessary.
  Nate / Socasm / 8d 5h 23m 52s
Jesse chucked. "You are absolutely no fun," he teased, but he did comply and just dropped her off. God, she was a piece of work, but he really liked that about her.
The weekend was uneventful, but Monday hit him like a prized fighter. Seeing that article, his stomach dropped. Not even for himself. He could handle bad press, but for his mom and Nate. He ran a hand through his hair. Just then Kenna called. "That's an understatement. God, I'm going to kill her. I'll pick you up," he said, already grabbing his keys.
Soon he pulled up in the car beside her. "Where do we start?" he asked, already imaging several forms of torture.


Heather flew over the article, her brows raising. Naturally, much like her piece had been, it was anonymous. "That makes a lot of sense," she muttered, running a hand through her hair with a curse. What were they going to do? This was absolutely terrible, for all of them.
Grabbing her phone, she looked to him. "I'm going to call my paper. I can find out the author of this filth. I'm sure he can tell us more about her, perhaps where she is hiding," Heather told him, "Try reaching Jesse. I have a feeling that he is also quite livid." There was strength in numbers.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 8d 6h 9m 38s
"Just to drop me off, though," Kenna nodded.

By Monday the course was set by the next events. She glanced over the paper before seeing the tell-all story of the mistress of Ethan Powell. Seeing Jesse, Nate, and Adrienne's names in such a light made her swear loudly on the street.

Calling Jesse she went to a quiet spot. "Let's go. They've gone too far."


Nate glanced over the article linked before letting out a loud sound.

"That bitch is going to pay for this. She...wanted to get attention before spilling details. What do we do now?" Nare asked thrusting the phone into her hands. The urge was strong but wanting to kill Celia stronger.
  Rabbit / Socasm / 8d 6h 34m 40s
It wasn't nice to see Nate suffer like this, but she knew that he had to go through this to get better. She was tried to be there for him, support him as best as she could. Somehow, he had ended up staying the whole weekend at her place, not that she was going to complain.
Curiously she tilted her head as he spoke. "Oh come on, don't act like no one likes you. At the very least Adrienne will have tried to reach you. Who tried to reach you?" she pointed out, "But yes, maybe we should check if the world is coming to an end." She grinned to him.


Adrienne nodded understanding. "Of course. Sleep well," she said before turning to some other guests that demanded her attention.
Jesse chuckled slightly. "Let me at least drive you home. My mom would have my head, if I didn't do at least that," he told her, which was true, "Thank you. Let's see if I can't get it around the iceberg. Hope you can salvage that bachelorette party." It was an added benefit that he also wanted to spend just a bit more time with her.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 8d 8h 24m 53s

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