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Heather sighed. She wished she could do something more than organize an auction. She wasn't a justice warrior, but she hated that people got away like this. "Yeah, she may have mentioned that," she said slowly, though truthfully he didn't exactly make a secret of it.
She played with a strand of her hair, a tick she often had when thinking. "I highly doubt that there is anything that people want more than a job and security when they know they are being let off," she replied soberly, "The auction is a start. It gives them some money for a moment. Maybe you have contacts to other firms that might be willing to take some of them?" What they needed was more of a voice. Get the auction out there and possibly even have normal people donate. Could she write an article on that?


Those blonde locks. Jesse had to behave himself to not run his hand through her hair. Hearing what she said, he frowned. "You think he took what you said seriously?" he asked as he thought on it, "Nate and I have also been thinking that there is someone else involved. That sugar baby that our father was seeing. We're trying to find her."
Getting up, he did move over to her with a small smirk. "Well, you had my number so you could have just called me, if you didn't want to see me, so I'm assuming you wanted to see me after all," he concluded happily, "Speaking of, have you had time to think about my offer?" He looked to her with a smile.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 6h 52m 30s
"Parties of drinks and fancy clothing is over done. They won't care, hell, I get bored of them. Jesse just uses it to steal away blondes. I.. Well, the receptionist already told you my problem," Nate mused dryly. "Whatever you'd think the employees would like before the layoffs."

He would need to talk to his step mom on his own it seemed


Kenna hated to admit that he was sexy. The dark curls and tan skin, his glittering blue devil eyes. Attraction meant he'd have his way with her and win.

"It didn't go well. There was an e-mail the day off in my spam...I don't think it was him. Agent Hughes has some leads I gave him," Kenna said. "I don't plan on giving you .y number so I just stopped by."
  Nate / Socasm / 7h 6m 54s
God damn Nate, somehow Jesse had known that their peace agreement wouldn't last long. Now he wanted to get his mother involved. That was not happening.
Their argument had been going on for a bit when Kenna arrived and he perked up. Standing up, he smirked. "You can't get enough of me, can you?" he asked, "What brings you here?" He didn't believe that she would come without any reason.


Somehow Heather felt a bit freer now that she wasn't quite dependent on this, though since she had promised Kenna she still had business here. When Nate saw her return she gave a small grin. "Something like that," she replied before looking at the list, "And here I thought I would get a chance to breath." She couldn't help a small chuckle.
Thoughtfully, she leaned against the desk. "We should weigh the pros and cons of possibly getting a cheaper venue and decorating it more impressively. It could be cheaper and by not splurging too much we might be able to give more to the employees," she found herself saying. God, she really did feel a little more free now.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 8h 6m 43s
Kenna didn't know what to make of seeing Jesse and Nate in the office in a small debate. Knocking on the door she shifted while Nate straightened and opened the door for her.

"Not in prison, yet. Good."

"Not yet," she shrugged and walked in.


Nate had a list, there was the ideas but some of it involved Jesse's mom. That always spelt trouble but Nate wouldn't give uo. He returned to his office to see Heather returning.

"Coffee break? Got a list of possible venues we need to look at booking in two weeks."
  Kenna / Socasm / 8h 31m 59s
Heather could almost see the relief wash over Kenna. It was curious as to why she didn't rat her out, but she wasn't going to question it. Taking the address, she nodded. "I'll see you then," she replied before chuckling, "Oh, I'm sure he will love that. I should get back as well before Nate wonders if I fell down an elevator shaft or something. See you later Kenna."
Walking back to her office, she had to say it was an eventful day and more was to come. She sat down at her desk, trying to sort her thoughts. She doubted Nate knew the truth.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 9h 8m 55s
Kenna smiled.

She hadn't felt this wave of relief in a while. What Heather was doing here she didn't question or care. This woman would be the key to her situation and a true voice unlike her.

"Thanks again. This is the address," Kenna wrote it down. "I should see Jesse and flatter his ego."
  Kenna / Socasm / 9h 29m 48s
If Heather had to guess, she would say the guys didn't. They didn't seem to hold that resentment. Thinking on it more, it was more than plausible that the father had preyed on his sons' women, which only made her stomach turn more. Now she needed the drink. "You know more than anyone would ever know," Heather pointed out before nodding, "I'll be there. Better get something strong ready. I have a feeling we'll both need it." She definitely enjoyed those.
Hearing the last part, she gave a sober smile. "Trust me, I know what I wrote there. I'm in the same position," she told her before the smile turned into a genuine smile, "Then it was worth it, if it actually helps someone." That was the best kind of compliment to get. To hear she had helped someone.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 18h 14m 12s
"I don't know if they know. I just know that...nothing, I don't know anything...yes, drinks. I work at this place we can get drinks after this shift," Kenna nodded to her.

A tired smile spread on her face. "Thank you. And...also for keeping my rent down...everytime my landlord tries to raise rent I threaten to make this viral in the apartment."
  Kenna / Socasm / 19h 21m 51s
Heather looked at the list. Each name was one too many and it was a few. "That's just sick," she whispered as she watched Kenna write everything down. Then she nodded. "Of course. Sources are valuable," Heather replied, "Then that's why you haven't gone to them directly. You think they know about what their dad did?" Somehow she doubted it. Though now she understood Kenna. She didn't like the company, but she liked Jesse and Nate well enough.
She did notice that she didn't speak of her father. "How about we go out for drinks tonight?" she suggested, both to get acquainted but to also slowly work up to her talking abut it, "We have time so you don't have to believe you need to spill everything about your father right now." Trust, that's what they needed. Good source management was important.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 1d 7h 30m 38s
Kenna pulled out a piece on top of the desk. She wrote down the information of those girls names from the summer that she witnessed in his grasp and stars on the names. "You do protect sources, right? I don't actually want Jesse or Nate to b3 caught in the crossfire."

Her dad would take some digging as well as drinks to get brave enough to think about.
  Kenna / Socasm / 1d 7h 42m 28s
Heather watched the beautiful woman in front of her and began to see more. The way she was distraught. At the same time she understood a childhood being screwed up so she understood her. Right now she reminded a bit of a caged animal.
That last part made her stomach turn at the thought. "He has an interest in underage girls," she repeated, as if her repeating it made it more real. She remembered that sugar baby Nate spoke about. Was she one of them? Still at the same time she was glad that Nate wasn't involved in that.
Finally she got up and moved over to her, reaching a hand out. "You got a deal, Kenna," she said, "Fathers can be messed up." But those two especially.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 1d 9h 16m 27s
"Yeah, I just got back from the FBI and he's unraveling what I say. Or someone else said. I've had to build myself a new story after my parents fucked up my childhood- I won't see it destroyed," Kenna got up and started to pace.

"Not Nate...his dad...he liked underage girls. He tried with me and succeeded with others. What do you say, Heather?"
  Kenna / Socasm / 1d 9h 28m 40s
Curiously but also cautious Heather followed Kenna to the empty office. Hearing what she said, she couldn't help a small smirk. "Glad to know you enjoyed it," she mused, finding a little irony in that that article blew her cover. After all, she wasn't a famous journalist or anything.
Watching her sit down, she continued to listen. The exclusive scoop did perk her interest, though it confused her. "You want me to write about your dad?" she repeated thoughtfully, knowing he was an interesting figure, "You say yourself you don't care about this place." While she didn't speak it, the question of why she would offer up her father in exchange for the company was in the room.
Finally she did sit down. "What information do you have on Nate?" she asked as she thought through her options, "When would you want to talk?" Getting her cover blown was not really an option at this point so a scoop was better than no scoop.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 1d 9h 33m 53s
"I loved that one, by the way, about the lack of real rent control," Kenna said when in the empty office. "I won't say anything if say no to what I want. This place...I don't care about it."

She sat down as if her body was made of stones. "I want to give you an exclusive scoop to my father's story and for you to ruin him before he fucks up my life. And...I have some disturbing information on the older Powell."
  Kenna / Socasm / 1d 9h 44m 29s
Heather ran a hand through her hair. It felt like the list of things she had to do for the auction was getting longer, not shorter, but it was actually kind of fun. In her head she was making maps of what she was learning so she could best remember it.
Busy going through the guest list of who had already rsvped and who hadn't, she hadn't seen Kenna until the paper was placed before her. It didn't take a second to recognize the article and that clearly Kenna had figured it out. Considering that neither Nate nor Jesse had spoken to her, she assumed that Kenna hadn't told them yet curiously.
Not letting a single emotion cross her face, Heather looked up at Kenna. "If you want," she replied as she moved some papers together before getting up to follow Kenna. In her mind she was trying to figure out what Kenna wanted. She wasn't really involved in all this.
  Heather / Hoshizora / 1d 9h 58m 50s

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