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NOTHING brings people together like a good party. In the Victorian Ages Masquerades and Costume Balls were the most sought after parties and soirees to look forward to. The thrill of meeting up with anyone under the mask, and a chance to be risky and not get caught. That was exactly the thoughts of two thieves. Unknown to one another, yet they each had the same idea. Wearing their masks, they would attend all the Noble Balls and parties, they would be the most charming and coy, yet playful and mysterious, and then when no one was looking, they would steal away from sight and loot what they could from the home in terms of money, jewels, and other valuables that they could sneak out.
HE was ever simply known as Sir Prize. A devilishly handsome man, hidden behind his mask. Making every Lady swoon over him at the mere flash of a smile. He would make them feel like the most beautiful woman that ever lived, and before they knew it, their hearts and their jewels were stolen away into the night, never to be seen again.
SHE was a dark-haired beauty, pale skin, dark lips, and eyes like Sapphires. She only gave the name Miss Fortune. She could draw the eyes of any man, with her hourglass figure cinched in a sweetheart corset that gave a daring view of her assets without breaking any modesty rules. She could draw a man to blush, smile and bat her eyes until he thought his heart would give out, and he would try to claim her as his own. Then all at once, she and his valuables would be gone, like a Midnight Mirage.
WHAT would happen, should these two thieves meet at the same party? Would they get each other caught? Try to steal from the other? Could it possibly be one of the best love matches one has ever seen? Only Fate can tell......


Lady Natalia Demonas A.K.A Miss Fortune

Sir Alden Williams A.K.A Sir Prize


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Flattery and charm were his game. The main things he used when he was luring in his victims. But with her, that was not at all the point. For the first time in his life, Sir Prize, or when not the thief, Sir Alden meant every word hey spoke. And that in itself was a surprise for the man. He NEVER thought he would find one to "make an honest man" of him. Quite a funny thought since he was more than sure that both had their little secrets.

[b "All of that seems to be quite the flattery. Though from your words it is apparent you want so much more than all the common promises. And what may I ask do you wish to have? Clearly no man has been able to make that offer.. If I may take a guess...would it have to be danger and perhaps excitement? Something no 'proper' young woman would think of?"] Not at all him trying to make any assumptions or trying to say that he knew her. But it was his way of saying she simply did not strike him as being as daft as half of the other young women in the ballroom. From the moment he laid eyes on her and had met her for their first dance, something about her was different. Alluring.
  Thief~ / SheDevil / 8d 22h 25m 47s
The way he spoke of being drawn to her only reflected the way she was being drawn to him. His bright blue eyes like gems calling to her, beckoning her gaze. He spoke of how some ladies were quite beautiful, but then he sounded bored until he spoke of her.

[#3a1256 [b "My such flattery..... and they can try for my attention if they wish, but sadly they are full of promises that I have heard a million times... Money, luxury, spoils... anything my petite little heart would wish for. As if they truly know what it is I wish for..."]] She sighed softly, allowing the sorrowful look to fill her expression as she followed his lead in the dance.

To be honest, she had all of that. What she wanted was a thrill. An adventure. She had not yet married, because she was looking for that one man who would understand what she did and why she did it. But too many wanted her money, or to spoil her with money. She was already very wealthy. She didn't steal to increase that wealth, she did it for the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline of almost getting caught. But none understood that.
  Natalia Demonas / Ravanya / 14d 18h 35m 59s
The young woman amazed him to no ends. Easily did she keep up with him and she was not daft enough to be speaking of the fashions of their time. Nor did she speak of a future she wished to have. No, she kept a topic of conversation and kept it interesting. Even cared to see what he thought. Completely a refreshing change. The fact that their was that lilt to her voice that if he were being very honest happened to draw him in.

[b "Ah, the night has been one of interest. Some of the ladies I shall admit to being rather appalled by and hope not to meet again. And then there are others such as you that I hope I may see more of, my dear. As to catching eyes, the only I wish to for the night are the beautiful ones of you. But I can see that I am not the only with a horde of admirers."] The man said, words soft as they danced and those they passed happened to watch and to whisper.

She was close enough that he could have easily tried to steal something from her. A bracelet, a brooch, or even some coin.. But the man found he did not wish to do so. There was just something about her. Besides, Sir Prize had managed a few items over the night from his other partners that he had danced with.

Amazing how taken he seemed with this one young woman. The spell those sparkling blue eyes seemed to have him under. Something though did tell him to keep an eye on her. After all, one could never judge a book by their cover.
  Thief~ / SheDevil / 19d 23h 43m 36s
She gave him that sweet smile once more. [#3a1256 [b "Oh I do believe I am. I've seemed to meet some very interesting men tonight. Some..... more than others... What of you, Sir? Are you enjoying this evening as well? You've certainly held the eye of nearly every maiden in attendance..."]] she purred back to him as she followed his lead from one dance to another, not willing to give up this talk just yet. She'd rather not feel another elderman trying to rut against her.

She had managed a few trinkets already in her possession. Mostly cufflinks, or jacket pins. Made of golds, silvers, and gems. She even swiped a coin purse from a few of them. It's not easy to do so when they are hefty, but her dresses were made to keep the jingling silent.
  Natalia Demonas / Ravanya / 23d 11h 40m 26s
When she did move closer, there was the moment of an inner groan. She was a little minx and knew how to be a tease for sure. But he was very good and had learned to control any such urges upon growing up. [b "Ah, yes.. that is how some of the young ladies are as well.. Though if I am to be honest, my own style depends upon what you wish it to."] He muttered, eyes locking with her's for just a moment.

And then he did lead her for the dance, all else seeming to fade into the background. [b "Those are my requests.. And it makes me very happy to hear that I am not asking too very much of you."] The words were softly spoken and a smile graced his lips.

Sir Alden, or in this very instant, Sir Prize was one to honour tradition. And he was very much one who respected ladies and their wishes. A value he grew up learning and one he would always keep. His line of work or not, the man just had simple morals that stayed.

[b "Aside from the last dance, have you thus far been having a good eveing, my dear?"] The man asked as they danced. He knew that he had and it had only become more interesting since the moment he had laid eyes upon her.
  Thief~ / SheDevil / 29d 9h 11m 36s
She smiled at the man and stepped closer in their dance, though with the sizeable skirts she wore, no one outside of them would know the difference. [#39116e [b "Well I am still very grateful. Seems the younger ones are too flighty, and the older ones are too ruddy. Which shall you be?"]] IT wasn't a normal tease from any Proper Lady but she couldn't help but to try and get a rise out of this man. Something about him was so different, that if she were not careful, she would end up falling into his bright blue stare.

[#39116e [b "If all you request is a few dances and some company, then I can only be so gracious as to grant such small favors."]] She purred softly. Anyone else would have requested stolen moments or a scandalous kiss behind a closed door. He requested a couple of dances and her company. It was a refreshing change, and even though her line of work choice was not the most honest, she was glad to see that some men had some respect for ladies.
  Natalia Demonas / Ravanya / 34d 18h 42m 1s
The man had been watching the whole time. Between both their partners, the man was sure a reprieve was needed. It had been the aim of his cutting in the way he had. A way to save her and a way also to keep the promise that he had made. Talk about..what was the term? "Killing two birds with one stone". And it was only all the sweeter when he saw that smile of hers and the sparkle come back to her eyes.

It was only when they were at an appropriate place for the dance and in position did bright blue orbs meet another set of bright blue orbs. [b "A true gentleman never leaves a lady to struggle, my dear. They also never go back on their words. So as it would stand, you owe me nothing.. Just this dance and perhaps one more and the honour of your company for a short while."]

Business. This night had been about business. And yet it seemed to have become more. How in the name of sanity had that happened? It was as if this young woman had a spell of sorts upon him. One he could not seem to escape from.
  Thief~ / SheDevil / 34d 14h 25m 40s
She was starting to lose her composure when the song ended and a new dance came to light. She thought she may have to dance with this man another turn as he almost seemed like he wouldn't give up his hold. But that blue-eyed enigma returned asking for the next dance and kissing her hand. She gave an almost relieved yet poised smile. She gave a look of apology to the elder man. [#39116e [b "He did make a promise...."]] she said coyly as she took to step with Sir Prize. She let him lead her to a proper starting place with the song and take a stance.

[#39116e [b "I honestly do not think that I have ever been saved in such impeccable timing before. I suppose I owe you my gratitude, Sir"]] She grinned glancing up to him beneath her lashes. It wasn't that she didn't like a man who knew what he wanted and how, but the man had been out of her comfort zone, and she wasn't here on pleasure. Tonight was business, or at least it was before Sir Prize came into her gaze.
  Natalia Demonas / Ravanya / 37d 18h 45m 48s
The man had been so very curious as to how Miss Fortune would react to his very own brand of flirting. His brand of making a spectacle for all to see. It had been easy to make the pretty little thing blush and giggle. And he did almost feel guilty to use her in such a way. But when his glance caught the very woman he was hoping to make jealous, Sir Prize's sense of remorse dimmed. She was still toying with the young man and it was so very disheartening. So the man kept his own games.

Another dance had come and to be proper and polite, Sir Prize asked another ti dance. Clearly the woman was older and more experienced than the wisp of a girl he had been flirting with before. And she proved to make things awkward, though he kept his manners and as polite as he was able.

The moment the dance was over, Sir Prize sought yet another partner. And since it had been two dances between the last, the man found his way back to Miss Fortune. [b "Care to be my partner for this dance, my dear?"] He asked as he had cut in between her and her last partner, his hand taking hers and lefting it to his lips as he bowed.
  Thief~ / SheDevil / 38d 23m 38s
She had seen out of the corner of her eye, that he was flirting and toying with some wisp of a girl a few years younger than herself. This only fueled her more so to make a display with the young man. He leaned in to whisper of her beauty, as well as a few things no lady should hear in her position. She merely giggled and gave a blush to look to the man coyly. [#39116e [b "Such things you say!"]] she said giving a playful swat to his arm. They danced and flirted, and the song changed and she was asked to dance by another. She gave an apologetic smile to the young man and went to dance with the slightly older gentleman.

This song was one of a slower and closer tone, so the man kept her close against him. His thick suit did nothing to hide his eagerness to get to know her. She kept a sweet and 'oblivious' smile to her features, but there was no mistaking the pressing through her skirts that touched her thigh. She continued to play clueless, but she definitely chose this one to take from before the night was over. a little "traumatic compensation" for putting her through this. The song couldn't be over soon enough.
  Natalia Demonas / Ravanya / 38d 40m 48s
The way she had kept up with every step, every sway, and the saltry saunter she had led them into for the last dance had left his head a little hazy. Never had he met another so frisky and fearless. And never did he think he would again. This young woman was no stranger to being a little minx and driving a man insane. He was more than sure of that as by the end of their dance there had been only mere inches between their bodies and their faces. Had either been "daring" enough, a kiss was clearly right there. But instead, he had chosen to whisper his words just before another had cut in and asked Miss Fortune for a dance. And as he had expected, though to his great disappointment, the young woman had agreed.

Perhaps though it was better to have the break. Her perfume, her scent beneath it, and those sparkling sapphire eyes were a huge distraction. He needed the chance to regain himself and to refocus. However, before he did allow for the other young man to take her to the dance floor, Sir Prize had whispered how he would come for her again in a few dances. A promise he very well meant to keep as she had been the most intriguing of partners.

As he was flirting with the new young woman, kissing her hand and telling her just how lovely she was, a jealousy seemed to spark in him. One he had never known as his eyes did find their way to his previous parnter and he could see the flirting and the giggling. A show? Or did she mean to get the young man's hopes up? Either way, it made him begin to flirt all the more with the other young woman before he too had led her to the dance floor. Two could play the game.
  Thief~ / SheDevil / 53d 4h 22m 32s
The dance went on and she was sure that she had never met a man like Sir Prize. And something told her that she never would again. Every step, every sway, every whisper from the crowd spoke up of the pair as they led their sultry saunter through the dance. When it ended, they were close, mere inches between their faces. She was panting softly and he spoke to her softly in a whisper as he held to her still.

Another came to cut in, asking her for a dance. She smiled to the gentleman and agreed, needing a moment away from that alluring scent he held. Picked - she was sure - to drive the ladies to become giggling girls. But she could smell him beneath the cologne and it did far more than any of his cologne would ever attempt.

He leaned in and whispered in her ear that he would be back for her in a few dances. She felt a thrill of excitement, and it caused her the softest shiver as she smiled in answer. The music began and she took the young one's hand and let him lead her into the next dance as Sir Prize went to another young lady. She wondered if she could toy with the man, and made a deliberate show of giving the new man all of her attention. Giggling, smiling, flirting away into letting the young man believe he had a chance.
  Natalia Demonas / Ravanya / 55d 13h 47m 22s
As he was sure she was aware of the dance to which came with the music had two variations, so was he. The dance they were SUPPOSED to be keeping to was one meant for parties and respectable company. But when she upped the "game" and made things a little more intimate, it had not thrown him. And as easily as before, Sir Prize fell into step with her. The twirls and the closeness and just every step was as if they had danced together for years. She was fearless a partner and he was not willing to disappoint. Again he found there to be more depth to this beauty. One not so shy as she played. Intriguing and troubling to say the very least. And he wanted to see just what lurked behind those sapphire eyes. What lurked beyond the mask she wore. Because the more he was getting to know, just from the intimacy and spark between them, the more he was seeing that this "target" of his would not be as easy pickings as he had originally thought.

She was definitely beauty and grace. But she had not been like any other thus far. She did giggle and seem to enjoy the flattery. Even bat those he assmused long eyelashes of hers. Though there was always a sparkle in the eyes. One that said she enjoyed the game and was even playing one of her own. That had become even more apparent during their dance. Just the ease and the way she had stepped up the dance in the sense they really should not have in "respectable" society. But it had been fun. Daring and he had not even found a want to care. For in those moments, all else seemed to have faded and there had been only she and he and the music around them. Nothing more or less.

As the music came to an end and so did the dance, Sir Prize had yet to let the young woman go. Not because he was about to strike, but because he found he wanted at least a moment more. [b "There were no lies when I heard of your talents on the dance floor, my dear. Truly you are magnificent."] He whispered to her, his own eyes alight with the excitement and the stirrings in which she seemed to ignite within him. So very interesting. And so not like anything he had felt before. What in the hell was it about her?

Before the man could even ask for another dance though, another of the young men who had been watching their dance cut in. He was now asking Miss Fortune for a dance himself. With a faint bow, Sir Prize stepped back and went to move towards another young woman in a powdered blue ball gown who stood not far off from where they had ended their dance. But before he did fully, the man had stopped at her side. [b "In a couple dances I shall ask for your hand again, my dear. God willing."] And with that, he made his way to the other young lady who had been watching him hopefully, asking her for a dance just as the music began again.
  Thief~ / SheDevil / 56d 3h 40m 37s
She had danced with many a suitor and gentleman, and yet, something in this dance was far different. Their steps never missed, their timing as if they had danced together for ages. Even little flirty flourishes were met and kept in time. For a moment, the ball and the crowd were forgotten, lost to the music and the man that danced with her like no one before. What was it of this man that was so different?

She wondered if he could keep with her, and though he was leading, she decided to deepen the intimacy of the dance, as if two lovers were together. The song had two styles of its dance. One used for balls and parties between the respectable crowd. Then a more robust version for lovers. They obviously were not lovers, but if he wanted to be a charmer, she would test to see how well he could up that charade until his true side came free.

For a moment she forgot of her intents and merely allowed herself to enjoy this moment. There was a stirring energy around them that she didn't understand, but she wanted to. He didn't just speak of wealth and all that he would like to show a woman. He played on flattery, but she could see in his eyes, he was far more a predator in watch than he let on to be. And it intrigued her. It called to her, and damn her if she didn't want to see if this beast had claws.
  Natalia Demonas / Ravanya / 56d 10h 39m 39s
This young woman before him was not like the others whom he had flirted with and tried to enchant. There was certaintly more of a personality and for lacking in better words, more "brains". She didn't just giggle like a school girl and turn pink in the cheeks. She gave a bit of challenge and he did so very welcome it as the normal was getting to be a bore. [b "It was not meant to be a form of flattery, my dear. Simply what I have heard and seen for myself as I watched the dances. And I am quite aware of that saying. Though with one as lovely as you, I cannot say that I am not curious what form of a storm may follow."] And as easy and light as the banter was between them, Sir Prize was being quite serious. She did intrigue him in ways no other had.

There was a sparkle in her eyes that he just couldn't read. Her words seemed shy as did her little fluttery look, but he was sure there was more than met the eye. [b "Is it very fair that such a beauty as you grace one such as I with her presence and time?"] He returned, the faintest of smiles gracing his lips. And then he went ahead in his request of a dance and offering a hand out to her. This was not his usual style when he wanted to "target" an unsuspecting young lady. But she was not like his usual game. And he figured that to change things up would make the taking all the easier and sweeter.

Soon, Sir Prize was leading her onto the dance floor, the soft rumbling of chatter and voices around them coming to silence. So many pairs of eyes were now on the pair. And as the music, soft and passionate began, the whispers too began. It was more than apparent there were questions and jealous men and women around them. But as he had said, she was light as the ocean breeze on her feet. Better a dancer than many a young lady he had danced with before. Easily did she fall into step with him. And he found her truly did enjoy their dance having a form of intimacy he would have never suspected and one he was sure he would never feel again.
  Thief~ / SheDevil / 56d 10h 15m 6s

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