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The next day there was a family emergency. His cousins kid was sent to the hospital. A very bad and sudden peanut allergy. It’s strange because he used to eat peanuts and now it seems like he had the only episode. Chris’s and his kid went to go visit. Distract the little with some company and allow his parents to go home and change and/or eat.

Chris was sitting on the chair while Elle was on the bed with her cousin playing games with his switch. He sat there quietly reading. His cousin and his wife were iffy about leaving. Took forever but they did. He would glance up every time he sees someone in a scrub pass by. He was told to call them when someone comes in to give them the results of his blood work. The little boy seems to be doing better. The hives are still there but it’s not as bad and he’s breathing on his own. That’s good. Although he’s starting to get hungry himself. Maybe a cup of coffee would go a long way.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 258d 4h 24m 21s
Madison was deep in conversation about the interns and who would be going into what speciality when she heard a little voice beside her. Then her AirPods were next to her. She hadn’t even noticed that they had fallen out of her purse. [b “That was so nice of you, sweetie. Thank you so much!”] she said before she watched the little girl walk over to the table of men. She assumed that one was her Father, as the little girl was now climbing up in his lap. She smiled softly before turning back to her own group.

She noticed someone dancing out of the corner of eye a few minutes later and she couldn’t help but grin. That little girl was just about the cutest thing she had ever seen, and her father, or the man she assumed was her father, wasn’t bad to look at either. She waved at the little girl who was now giggling. [b “She’s precious.”] she said simply before turning back to the group and taking a bite of her salad.
  Madison / BooBear96 / 277d 10h 7m 9s
His dad came by early to drop of Elle. Everyone welcomed her. A few of the cafe workers and his friends. It’s one of their favorite place to eat at. The love his kid because she’s adorable and silly. She would wave high and greet everyone. She stops at a table near her dads picking up a pair of headphone. “Here.” She says placing it on the table next to the blonde.

“Elle.” Her father said softly.
“Coming.” She replies hopping away.

The girl sat on her dads lap. Dancing as she waited for her food to get heated up. Well replaced for a warmer one. Did I mention they adore her? Her smile normally makes others smile. She waves the girl giggling. Chris looks at the girl her kid is waving too. The little one is too friendly for his liking. He simply smiles at her as well before talking to his friends. Elle at by herself like a big girl. Very slowly the group of six because a 4.5. The half being Elle.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 280d 3h 52m 58s
One of the other girls had asked everyone what they planned on doing for the next two nights off. It was the first time she’d had more than one day off in almost a month. [b “I have to go sign a new lease for my apartment tomorrow morning.”] she explained. [b “I’m looking at the Avalon Riverview. It’s only a 17 minute commute versus my 30 minute right now. Plus I can finally get Piper back in with me. It’s pet friendly.”] Piper was her cavalier king charles spaniel.

She was born and raised in New York City, so crazy crowded traffic was all she had ever known, but she sometimes thought that it would be nice to move outside of the city once she had settled down. It was probably a pipe dream though.

She glanced down when her phone rang. It was her Fathers secretary. She caught herself before she rolled her eyes in front of the entire group. She silenced the call before sliding her phone back into her pocket. She looked up when the food was brought out to them. [b “Oh that looks good.”] she said. [b “Thank you!”]

She glanced up as she heard of the men that was sitting across from the mention something about dinosaur cheerleaders. She simply rolled her eyes and went back to her salad. If only they knew.
  Madison / Boobear96 / 286d 13h 20m 39s
The guys began to eat. They even looked around judging others and they ordered. Especially people who have salads. Most of the guys don’t get why they can’t simply work out and still enjoy a delicious burger and fries or donuts. Chris didn’t give his two cents.

To be honest he was in his own world enjoying his food. That was until he saw his high school coach. The old bastard walked towards them to reminisce and ask Chris and Alex to help train the new team. Apparently they’ve been having bad luck for two years straight. Alex said hell yeah. He loves bossing people around. Chris on the other hand wasn’t too sure because he has a kid. She’ll be there shortly since his dad is meeting him halfway to drop her off so Chris can go home.

“Maybe they can be our dinosaur cheerleaders.” One of them said out loud pointing at the girls behind them.

[center [ His daughter Elle]]
  Chris / Simply_Random / 288d 6h 52m 47s
While she and the other nurses she worked with were deep in conversation about the new travels nurses the hospital had hired, she had a moment of that awkward eye contact with a man at the booth across from them. She smiled softly, just being friendly. She couldn’t help but giggle slightly when his head turned all of a sudden, she realized that he was excited about the food.

She herself was on a diet, so she’d ordered a Caesar Salad with half a cup of grilled chicken, lite Caesar dressing. Her Father was throwing a party to raise funds for a non profit, and he expected the entire family to be there. She wanted to loose the twenty pounds she had gained since switching to night shift. Her eating habits had become terrible.

[b “I honestly just don’t know what to think about these new nurses. I heard that half of them literally just graduated. We’re basically just going to be training the first month.”]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 288d 7h 14m 26s
Chris is friendly with everyone until they give him a reason not too. Today’s group of friends is an odd mix. Mixed between the stylish, nerds, weird awkward ones and then the fuckboy one. Childhood friends gathering together to catch up. It was the awkward one to pick the place and not surprised that he picked a cafe. Well, lies, they are. They assumed it’ll be a arcade or some sort of game card tournament like last time.

Of course Chris ordered the most expensive thing. The NY Strip Steak Frites and a side of macaroni and cheese to go for his little one. Chris isn’t a fan of the cafe. He feels out of place for some reason. It doesn’t help that the waitress seems to be flirting with everyone and touching them. He’s not a fan of the whole flirting and touching thing. Like grow up. Unless she’s actually young and like older guys then simply don’t touch him because that’s disgusting... you could tell his uncomfortable. Even with a faint smile on his face so his boys won’t notice it too much. He’s eyes locked with some girl for a few second until he smelled a plate of food that was being passed down in front of his face. Now he’s smiling. For the food of course. Cause he can eat. He’s a human disposable garbage.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 288d 9h 35m 56s
Madison was a twenty two year old Pediatric nurse at the New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley-Komansky Children's Hospital. She graduated as one of the top in her class at Columbia University School of Nursing, with a Bachelors in Nursing and a minor in Spanish. She was fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language. She was born and raised in New York City. Her Father was the Mayor, and her mother a long time homemaker, who focused on keeping the house clean and raising the children. Her family was old fashioned to say the least.

She thought her Father was going to have a heart attack when she told him that she was going to Columbia to major in Nursing instead of Law or Political Science like he had wanted. This was her life and she was going to live it her way.

It was her first day(night) off in seven days, and she was out having lunch with her friends, celebrating the fact that they had made it through that week short staffed before the travel nurses came in. Their supervisor had been raving about the BlueBell Cafe on Third Ave, so they had all agreed that they had to try it out.
  Madison / BooBear96 / 288d 10h 9m 47s
Chris isn’t your average McSteamy. Yes he may go to the gym 4-5 time a week, go out to parties occasionally, has his own place and looks like a fuckboy. However, Chris is a manager to a hotel and is a single father to a beautiful little girl. Yup. He’s a father. Full time. Full custody.

Long story short, middle school sweetheart just upped and left them when the baby was two months. It’s literally the typical my dad went to get milk and never returned. Except it was mommy who went to get milk and never came back.

Chris was out for lunch with some friends. His kid is in daycare since he obviously works. It’s a nice daycare. She learns a few things. Gearing her for pre-K... next year...

The guy is so nice it gets mistaken for flirting. No one has seen him flip his shit since being a dad. Then again only a few selected people knows he’s a father. Others think it’s his little sister considering his parents play a huge role in both their lives. They’re great help and amazing grandparents. Plus, his mother loves having her granddaughter. It’s like having a daughter she never had.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 290d 5h 37m 53s

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