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[center [pic https://imgur.com/LH17u33.jpg]]
[center [size10 [font "Serif" Some say that you always gain by giving love. That love can cure all things in this world. If only that were the case for Aurelia Vasquez. She had given all her love and then some to Nash Cloverfield. In the beginning, things were amazing. They hung out every day, talked on the phone for hours, surprised each other with romantic dates or gifts. It was pure bliss and true love. Nash was someone that Aurelia hung onto with every ounce of her being. Of course, all wonderful things must come to an end.]]]

[center [size10 [font "serif" When Aurelia and Nash hit senior year of high school, things seemed to spiral out of control. Aurelia took her studies seriously. She was looking for colleges she could attend for her dream career. She was working her butt off and saving every penny. On the other side of the ladder, Nash wasn't taking anything seriously. He became involved in the wrong crowd. He started partying daily, drinking, skipping school...soon, drugs were involved. Not just your normal recreational marijuana. Prescriptions. None of it out did his alcoholism.]]]

[center [size10 [font "Serif" Soon, all these bad omens started taking effect on the twos relationship. Aurelia constantly tried to get him to stop. Would follow him to parties and drag him away. She loved him with all of her being and couldn't stand seeing him this way. Nash had tried multiple times to stop but all failed. He refused to go to a rehab center to get help. When high school ended, Aurelia packed her bags and got ready to start a whole new chapter of her life. Nash had begged her to stay but their relationship became too toxic. As much as it broke her heart to leave, she had too. Maybe he would realize he was just burying himself further and further into a black hole.]]]

[center [size10 [font "serif" After Aurelia left, Nash began to ruin himself at a whole new pace. He slept with every girl in town and then some to rid his memories of her. He drank every morning, every afternoon and every night. He slept from friends house to friends house. The toxicity that she left him to figure out ended up consuming him. She was in his thoughts every waking moment. Sobriety wasn't an option.]]]

[center [size10 [font "Serif" Now, years later, Aurelia comes back into town after completing her college degree. She moves into a little apartment for herself and starts to settle down. She even gets together with some old friends and starts to really enjoy her time. That is until a familiar face shows up at her door step.]]]


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