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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/VFQogLH.jpg]]

[center [font "Times" They were the worst. The most unfortunate. The most tainted.]]

[center [font "Times" With so much depth to their stories, you would drown in it all simply trying to understand their self-destructive lives. They were the crowd you’re mother warned you about. The friends to drive away you significant other. They were the influence to fuel your adrenaline. To sedate your anxiety. To numb your pain.]]

[center [font "Times" They were no good people.]]

[center [font "Times" They were misery’s company.]]

[font "consolas" [right [u [b Mo l l y;] Danielle Reed - 26 ]]]
[center [font "Times" Like a modern day vampire, She rises at sun down. eager to find anyone to feed her high. Maybe she's a sex addict, maybe she's just a nut. Or maybe her reasoning for a lack of self respect, come's from childhood trauma and a pattern of toxic relationships. But she's no victim to the reputation she's been given. In fact, she prides herself at the idea that her life is a spiraling mess and no one can do a damn thing about it. She is liberating. She is convincing. But she is not one to express her own vulnerability.]]

[font "consolas" [right [u [b W h i s k e y;] Joshua Price - 26]]]
[center [font "Times" He is the definition of rage. Allowing alcohol to consume the better part of him. When the liquor kicks in, its like all his grudges and his hatred come out. But still, no one can predict when these violent episodes will come. Or what it is that triggers them. Don't let this handsome charity case fool you , He is a nothing more than a ugly trap.]]

[font "consolas" [right [u [b A d d e r a l l ;] Vivian M. Rose - 25]]]
[center [font "Times" She is a perfectionist, and by far the only one able to mask her choice of poison. She keeps busy with her success and avoids the true conflict she has with herself. Indulging in drugs such as Adderall. She doesn't believer her issues to be as destructive as the other three. Yes, she may have her vices, but to her, that is all it is. ]]

[font "consolas" [right [u [b L e a n ;open]]]]
[center [font "Times" Depression can be a bitch. But she more deadly when accompanied by anxiety. This man finds comfort in a mixture of downers and weed. His whole life he has numbed himself from any kind of real emotion or reaction to anything. He is transparent, and he prefers it that way.]]

[font "consolas" [b Rules & Requirements]
[font "Times" Real pictures.]
[font "Times" 1500 characters Minimum.]
[font "Times" Post weekly.]
[font "Times" Post only when it is your turn.]
[font "Times" Be true to your character.]
[font "Times" Be creative with their story]

[center [font "Times" When requesting to join, include your characters full name, age, and role you're looking to fill.]]


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Joshua was every thing but annoyed once his eyes landed on the person who had collided beside him. Her hands soft as she handed him the bottle. She smelled good, definitely a bit on the loopy side probably from a pill considering how dilated her eyes were. Beautiful cat shaped eyes that were beginning to distract him. He wasn’t much of the social type and honestly had plans to drown himself in liquor, home and alone. “Sorry, long day,” he mumbled as he apologized for his less than nice attitude and behavior.
This had been a routine he had gotten himself for the last 3 years. Life had taken a turn for the worse when he lost his girlfriend to suicide. He’d been running from that reality for years. He hadn’t even been able to date properly. Joshua had tried his hardest to make things work – take a girl home from a bar. It never went more than one night – hell two weeks if he could manage to keep his head on straight enough to remember to follow through with plans and keep up with texts.
“Outfit?” He asked her with a raised brow. Admittedly the conversation was taking up time from the bottles he had inside his bag. She had reached out to play with his hair and his eyes closed at the sensation. Had been a while since he had experienced the sensation. That could’ve been why he allowed her to take him by the hand, dragging Joshua toward a group of strangers. “Uh Joshua,” he stammered reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck as he could already feel the crippling anxiety.
“That’s no – I’m not really a people person.” He said – voice husky with a hint of a Southern drawl indicating the male definitely was not born in the area. Joshua eyed the crew – an eclectic bit of people. Judging from Vivian’s demeanor, he was sure they were definitely a bit [I out there]. He had friends sure, most he left back home – but for the last few days he had been keeping to himself. He was starting to think though that maybe attending this party wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Maybe he needed to get out. His mother surely had expressed that last he spoke to her as she had gotten worried about him.
“I mean maybe I’m down.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 233d 9h 29m 4s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/VxH08aO.jpg]] Lips aggressive, pressed to his neck, ready to bite at any moment. The alluring scent of desperation clouded the room, as she continued down from his neck to his chest. Finger intricately placed at his wrist, keeping them locked above his head so that he couldn't dampen the mood.
Vivian smiled as she reached just the edge of his torso, a smile hidden behind shadows as she maneuvered her way back up, her hands releasing their grip and she sat up straight on the man. Parts cleverly touching,
"So are we going to keep this game up or are you going to just finally give in, [i candy man]." her smile finally visible, Vivian moved back and forward on the male, keeping his attention on one thing, so that she could obtain another. "Fine. . ." the word pressed against the mans teeth as Vivian finally let something slip in, her smile shifting into a pleasure.

Carefully dressing herself, the woman looked over her shoulder as the man known to most as candy man laid perfectly satisfied. A small cylinder waiting in his hand, "I'll be taking that!" she said, slithering back on top of the male, her lips colliding with his. For a moment she allowed herself to sink back into him, hands beginning to explorer, but in true Vivian fashion, she bit down on his lower lip before releasing herself from him. "Lets go get something refreshing to wash this stuff down, then head to Greek row." Vivian danced around the room, her dress moving with the shadows as they teased at her thighs, a jean jacket covering everything but her cleavage. A hand full sat on her chest, just enough to satisfy, but it was her hips and ass that got the real attention. Made it hard to ignore her.
Wandering the isles, Vivian's eyes explored the store. Her attention switching from one color to the next pattern. Ideas filling her head as she used her hands to create. Palm pressed against a small note pad used to sketch quick doodles of future dresses. Yea, she was kind of a fashion designer. Something that required a lot of time, focus and [i adderall]. "Hm. ." a finger was pressed against her bottom lip as she decided what her drink of choice would be. Vodka was defiantly out of the way since it made her sad, Tequila was a little to crazy; shed end up in bed with two girls and the candy man watching from the side. "Aha!" she quietly decided she would go for whiskey. Dropping to her knees, she playfully grabbed at the liquor, secretly slipping the orange pill into her mouth.
Happily looking around for her escort, Vivian per usual, wasn't watching her step and bashed right into some poor soul. The sound of a bottle clinking and clanking echoing through the store. "Wow, I am so sorry." she said with her usual smile, hoping it would ease the possible frustration of this man. Reaching down, she placed it back in the males hands. "Whoa. . ." her almond eyes first noticed his curls. They played with one another, almost as if they where begging for Vivian's finger to join in on the fun. Reaching out, her hand collided with his locks, and then her eyes with his.
"This hair deserves to wear one of my outfits." she said with a bite of the lip. The candy mans voice finally becoming clear, possibly making plans with some clients. "Vivian.." she introduced herself before dragging the stranger to the others. "Lets bring this guy, he has booze."
  Vivian M. Rose / Avanesa / 248d 19h 2m 22s
No one really understood withdrawal if they had never experienced it. They didn’t understand the shaking, the tremors out of nowhere – the inability to focus. Joshua was at work struggling to take the customer he spoke to serious, his hands in his pockets of the dark blue jeans, foot tapping with impatience. He nodded then, promising to resolve the situation, happy to see the woman was finally satisfied before she left.
It was the same thing every night, he’d been working late nights lately due to an incompetent staff and a manager willing to suck him dry as long as she could. He wanted to quit, but the money was good enough to keep his on bedroom apartment and allow him to buy as many bottles of cheap liquor as possible. Whiskey, being his preference for the latest month. Joshua eagerly closed the gates of the store before he had grabbed everything, eager to get the hell out of that place.
He always felt like he was running: from his reflection, his emotions, memories – his addiction. There was never a moment he remained still. Too sober for the night, he had gotten into his car, heading to his apartment then. He couldn’t even think of the place as [I home]. It hadn’t been home since [I she died]. It hadn’t been [I home] for the last three years. He was eager to peel off his clothes once inside though, peeling off the stupid dress shirt he had to wear for work, the black shirt he wore underneath an accurate depiction of the male’s personality. Monochromatic, his whole world was as simple as possible now. There had been a time when he looked at the world through rose colored glasses, but that was a past life.
Though a needy man, addicted to the taste of liquor, he wasn’t stupid and lucky for him there was a liquor store just down the street. Dark brown eyes located his keys and phone, slipping it into his pocket as he traveled through the halls of the apartment building, opting for the stairs because the elevator meant the opportunity for conversation. He talked all day, he was tired of talking – just wanted to drink until he fell asleep.
Hands trudging through brown rebellious curls, he could only breathe when outside, moving briskly, sweating despite the coolness of the night as he wanted nothing more than the familiarity of the hot liquid scorching his throat. He had walked into the shop, grabbing the familiar bottle of the Jameson, a bit much, but it was the anniversary of her death. [I Live a little]. He had no care as he had exited then, plans to go home and drink the night away. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he hadn’t been paying attention, knocking into a girl, clumsy shaking hands dropping the brittle bag that carried the fragile bottle.
“Fucks sake.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 249d 9h 28m 8s
[center [font "Times" Picture this. Empty streets are filled with the faint smell of cheap vodka and menthol cigarettes. There's no christmas lights to guide you. No background laughter to ease paranoia. Not a car, Not a bike, Not even the homeless. And yet, they’re at it again down this sketchy road. Heading for the most convenient party store on the block. “ So what are we doing again? ”]]

[center [font "Times" “We’re going to find the Ice cream man. But I have to pee first.” It's roughly 1:50am and Danielle’s determination to be beat the clock has her stumbling into Frankies with her heels in her hand. Immediately the cashier scolds her. She’s intoxicated and she doesn’t even attempt to straighten her posture or look somewhat aware of her surroundings. She hands her friend a lump sum of one dollar bills. Tip money, but not from bartending and walks straight past the coolers and towards the restroom. “ Buy the cheapest biggest bottle you can get! I’m going to use the bathroom.” ]]

[center [font "Times" This was every Friday, every Saturday and every Sunday. Nights filled with liquor and then some. She and whatever friends she could gather up would spiral until morning or until someone ended up at the hospitals Emergency . How was this humanly possible exactly? How could something that small, take in that much all in one night and still remember it the next morning...]]

[center [font "Times" Her friend immediately spots her being escorted out and the questions start up again. “ Who’s the ice cream man?” she says. Passing back whatever money she was left with, and the bottle of jager. “You’ve never heard of the ice cream man?” Danielle breaks the seal and rinses her mouth with the bitter taste of licorice. ]]

[center [font "Times" “The ice cream man is the man with all the goodies, if you know what I mean. And he isn’t that easy to get a hold of. Usually you have one small window to find him, and if he isn’t here, then he’s got to be in east town. At a college frat party or something. It's just a matter of finding a ride to get us there in the next ten minutes.” ]]
  aмerιcana / CherryCola / 249d 10h 7m 42s
[font "Times" [b before we get started...]]
[font "Times" I wan't to go over a few things so that we have a better understanding of where we're starting, and how we're going to go about it.]
[font "Times" All four characters know each other through mutual friends. There for, you characters does not have to be buddy buddy with one another. If you decide to make enemies feel free to. Just have that conversation with the writer as a heads up [i we do have the chat box for a reason so utilize it.] We'll be starting the story with all four characters sorting out plans as far as where they'll be going once the bars close. This should make your interacting a little bit easier.]
[font "Times" We're still short one writer and one character. If you would like you may post your introduction, but we won't be able to move forward until the last spot is filled. If worst comes to worst I will fill it myself so that we're not waiting centuries to start. Also, I do plan on having a sort of posting order so that no one falls behind and that will be determined by who's already posted an introduction and who hasn't]
[font "Times" The purpose of this thread is to help with character development, so we'll be more focused on the personalities and the relationships between the four, rather then an actual storyline. [b Your character is the story.]]
[font "Times" if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask me. Either in the group chat or through a private message.]
[size14 ~ C.c]
  aмerιcana / CherryCola / 249d 12h 24m 40s

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