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Willow is a member of an elite organization called Sapphire Hope. This organization is the lead in technological and scientific research in the time Willow is from, going so far as to have created time machines. Now on occasion, Sapphire Hope will send their elite members back in time to attempt to uncover historical artifacts or to properly document the events that have occurred during times long since past. However, they have always avoided sending their members too far into the past, because once the world was unlike anything their science could explain, during a time of magic. At this time magical beasts roamed the land, dragons ruled the skies, and Wizards held power as a unified government around the world. There were simply too many risks to justify sending someone that far back in time. 

Though as fate would have it, a time would come when they would need to send someone back that far. Dragons had gone extinct around the same time as magic was eradicated, though millions of years later, they have reemerged, and are now setting the world aflame. Willow is sent to the past to find out a way to defeat them, as nothing they've tried so far has worked, but will she actually bring an end to the attacks when she learns that Dragons are the source of magical energy in the world and doing so will cause genocide of all with the ability to tap into the magical energy in the world? Or will she work alongside Oliel to restore magical balance to the world and defy her superiors?


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She was not sure how her words would be taken by the other. She wasn't even sure if it even made sense. Half of what she said were things she had learned on other missions she had been on. Things that could and would cost her dearly as magic was forbidden and nonexistent in her time and world. Of course, none of that she could say. But the look within Oliel's eyes did happen to help the blonde relax some. It appeared the other young woman was more than interested in what she had to say. In things she had learned but was not at all allowed to share with anyone.

The word vomit that slipped from Oliel happened to draw her own attention. And it was so much more than she could have ever hoped for. [#f72279 "It was something that they were working towards...A way to better understand it. I think...well believe they wanted to be able to put it into subcategories so that way they could better understand the gifts and talents of particular wizards...Though I can see where Arden was coming from...because many would want to brush it off for fear of what they do not understand..."] Her words yet again were soft and thoughtful. She didn't want it to seem like she knew too much. Because she was playing as if she knew next to nothing or had VERY basic knowledge, which she did.

[#f72279 "Honestly, I think it is amazing what he can do. Being able to predict the future or to explore the past. But then I've always liked things that are not common and others would shy away from. If I may be so seems that you do as well?"] Margret asked, her own excitement seeming to bubble over more than was meant. Even if she wanted to help it, the young woman couldn't help it. It was just so nice to finally find someone who actually understood and didn't think her to be too strange or out there. To have someone who she could talk to and ask questions to.

It was not long after the both of them had spoken did they come to a run down brick home with a small and overgrown garden. It was something out of the picture books she used to love as a little girl. And it was like magic to her. The inside was even more magical to her. Just seeing everything made her feel like a small child and she wanted to get into and see everything. Bright eyes went to the other woman when the question came her way and she nodded. [#f72279 "I would very much love the full tour. Your home seems so..its amazing."] She said softly, a light pink rising in her cheeks as she spoke.
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Oliel is patient and quiet, listening to Margaret explain what a seer is and in doing so she ignites a fire within herself. Her expression does little to hide the excitement she feels, her ocean blue eyes are almost as wide as the smile on her face. She bites her lip to attempt to keep herself contained, but the moment Margaret is finished speaking, Oliel cannot help the word vomit that comes out.

[b [#B22222 “So they’ve begun to create sub-sections for magic users then? I have been working on theories for sub-sections for years at this point. I’ve tried to get Arden to let me send them in, but he’s always said that the council would brush them off, [i ‘magic is magic, you are either good at it or you’re not’]”]]] Oliel says in a tone mocking Arden’s particular accent. [b [#B22222 “I mean sure, we distinguish that certain magic has certain effects and so on, but there isn’t any further explanation on why certain wizards are able to do certain things and so forth. But with the whole Seer thing, that makes perfect sense! A Seer has visions, things that they can do to either predict the future or investigate the past, that’s exactly what Arden does. People have never really liked the fact that Arden does it but when it’s put into the light of it being a particular power that as a Seer he has, it completely changes the perspective!”]] Oliel does her best to keep her voice down as she speaks, trying to not let the excitement wash over her.

After Oliel has finished talking, the two women come across a slightly worn down brick home. It’s small and overgrown with ivy, the garden that surrounds it looks almost like a forest of greener that is bursting at the seams provided by the simple wooden fence. The only clear place is the path leading to the house itself, a simple dark wood door stands between them and the inside. After a quick incantation, Oliel opens the door for Margaret and allows her to enter first.

The inside of the home is much more put together. The initial room they enter has deep grey walls with the far back wall being lined with wooden bookshelves that are packed with things ranging from pleasure reading to tomes, from crystals to canned ingredients, from plants to skulls. In front of the shelves is a black leather couch with a white blanket that has small designs of plants on it. Plants hang from the ceiling in glass containers shaped like diamonds and floating all around the ceiling are small balls of light, similar to fairy lights. A few tables are scattered across the room, covered with more plants and vials scattered around.

[b [#B22222 “So, would you like the full tour?”]] Oliel asks, after giving Margert a moment to take in the initial room.
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The black cat was in her arms and looked more like that of a stuffed animal would back in her own time. Pretty much limp but observing near everything around the shop and taking it in. It would seem that Hannah was paying better attention to the words spoken by the other woman than Willow happened to be. Which was not a good sign as she could not afford the distractions. Or to seem distracted and like a an excited child who was facing a new adventure.

Claws in the arm was what woke Willow from her almost dazed state and she glared down at her robotic feline. [#f72279 "My attention is dreadful. And if she had me trying anything else chances are it would have been quite botched. Possibly go up in flames. Hannah keeps me on task...well for the most part or as best she can."] That was a direct truth. One, sadly of so few and far between. It almost had her feel guilty for her lies as she felt an odd sense of...would connection be the right word? to Oliel.

Those thoughts had to be pushed from her mind as they soon left the shop and others seemed to whisper about her companion. Bits and pieces hit her ear, but she was not at all sure of what was meant. Why any of it was said. All she knew was the other seemed quite upset. [#f72279 "It means one with supernatural ability...I know magic falls under that definition.. But in the case of a seer...they know things. Can see the future. Events to come..some can even see what has been. It's not a common gift. So when you told me what you do of Master Arden...that was what came to mind."] Came her soft response as she took a side glance at the other.

All of that she should have not known. After all, magic and any mention or knowledge was forbidden.. It had died out. But she was so very curious and hoped Oliel would help her learn...even if just basics.
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[size15 [kaushan+script [center The request really does strike Oliel as odd. Based on Margaret’s physical appearance alone, she should already be a rather capable wizard. However, she does know that there are some wizards who are very old school when it comes to teaching magic. It’s an issue she had encountered with her first mentor, she almost shudders at the memory. Oliel gives a short nod, turning her attention back to the paperwork in front of her. [b [#B22222 “That would be fine, though once Arden has calm down in a few days he’ll be testing out your skills as they are. Until then we won’t really be able to gauge what your natural abilities are. I’m sure there was a reason Lady Hopkins had you studying tomes for so long, and Arden will want to know where you stand with your knowledge level before moving forward.”]] She admits, finalizing the paperwork on the counter.

With the last bit of cleaning finished Oliel walks over to the door, her satchel slung over her shoulder and holds open the door for Margaret. [b [#B22222 “Since it’s still relatively early in the day, I’ll show you to my house first and then I can give you a tour of the town.”]] She offers, seeing a few people gawking at her, knowing that they are judging her as always. Once Margaret is out of the shop, she casts a locking spell on the door and turns her attention to her hair, pulling it up and into a tight bun. Not that it will stop everyone’s whispering.

Caoimhe rests on her shoulder, ruffling her feathers against her neck in attempts to sooth the dread that is spreading throughout her. While it does help, there is only so much her comforting can sooth. Instead, Oliel turns her attention back to Margaret and something she had mentioned previously. [b [#B22222 “So, I’ve got a question about something you mentioned earlier. You referred to Master Arden as a Seer? I’m not familiar with that title. What are seers?”]] She asks, leading them towards her home.
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Blue eyes looked to the literal brewing storm around the man. Or rather the one that hovered within the shop just above where he sat. Those once gentler eyes had turned dark and cold. Could he see through it? Did he know this was a lie? Or did Hannah actually touch on a truth that would sit heavily with them all? Something that was MUCH different than other jobs she had been sent back to do? Honestly, there was no way for Willow to know. But what she did know was somehow she had made this man very upset as he stormed up the stairs and had given her and Oliel the order that he had.

To say that she was confused was an understatement. In all the times she had traveled to, this one was the most perplexing to her. But it was also thenone that had quite literally been lost to history. Or her history in the very least. And just everything about it felt so very different. Called to her on a much deeper level. A level that the young woman had no way of understanding. What was worse was for the time she could not ask questions. Her mind merely was set a buzz and all she could do was watch the other young woman in wonder and amazement. It was clear she knew what she was doing and had dealt with it all before. And the workings...her quickness and sureness in taming the storm fascinated Willow to no ends. Captivated her in ways she did not know she could even be captivated in.

[#f72279 "This was actually one of the most interesting things that I have seen. You see...I am just a beginner and so have a very basic understanding. My former master thought having me read and learn first would be wiser.. But she did not get the chance to really teach me how to practice..."] The words were soft and thoughtful as they fell off her tongue. Almost sounded so true that she almost believed them herself. [#f72279 "You said that it is wise to leave an orb...Does this sort of thing happen a lot? He...what is what is called a seer? Has an understanding and knowledge but not always sure how or the way? Sometimes it will come in visions or flashes..?"] Again she spoke softly as she was trying to better understand just what she had walked into.

Her eyes then went around the shop and for the first time, the mild discolouration stood out to her. But she had not been paying it enough attention until Oliel had mentioned it. [#f72279 "I know this odd request...but do you think you may show me around..? Perhaps even try and teach me basics? I would very much like to learn.."] Those words she had NOT thought through, but were out there. She even had turned sparkling blue gaze upon the other as she was straightening the papers at the desk. She truly was hopeful that she may.
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There is a brief moment of silence as Master Arden looks over the scroll handed to him. The air changes, growing cold and heavy, Oliel doesn’t have to look up to know that a storm cloud is building in the glass dome. Immediately as the storm cloud begins to build Caoimhe takes off into flight, immediately releasing the curtain to cover the glass dome. The black velvet curtain stretches over the glass dome, blocking out the sun and causing the room to be illuminated only by the roaring fire. Arden stands quickly and begins to cross the room, silently at first before stopping at the bottom of the spiral staircase and saying in a cold tone [#808000 [b “Oliel, until further accommodations can be made Margaret will be staying with you. I want you both to take the rest of the day off to get her settled in. Before you go, close up.”]] and with that he quickly walks up the stairs and into the first room, flicking his fingers to open and slam the door.

Oliel gives Margaret an apologetic smile before getting up and beginning to close up the shop. The storm still remains hanging in the glass dome, but now it’s begun to spark with electricity. Oliel walks over to the wall of staffs and picks up one with a dark crystal tangled at the top of an ash wood staff. She walks over to the edge of the storm, slams the staff down three times, chanting a small saying in a strange language before a translucent orb surrounds the storm cloud, she moves the staff over to the coffee table and moves the centerpiece off of it, revealing a hole in the center of the table. She puts the staff in the hole and leans down to press something on the underside of the table. From what can be seen it looks like silver stakes jut out from the table to stabilize the staff, but what can’t be seen is that Oliel allows a parasite made from quick silver to bite her finger, just enough to draw a little blood. This acts as a payment for the parasite to do one task for them. If a mere mortal were to be bitten, they would slowly go mad with power and end up killing themselves by offering too much blood to the parasite and causing them to die from blood loss. This is also further enforced by the fact that the more blood the Quick Silver Worm gets the large it gets and the larger it gets the more magical the task can be. Though for wizards, their ability to do magic prevents the magic of the qs worm from working on them, it also sates the hunger of the worm for a time, something mortal blood doesn’t do.

With the staff stabilized, Oliel rushes to a back room, leaving the door wide open so it can be seen inside, it looks like an odd freezer, with solid blue crystals jutting out from the walls and ceiling. Upon closer inspection a thin barrier can be seen surrounding the crystals to prevent them from being touched, inside the room are five rows of shelves filled with several different kinds of ingredients, though all clearly the kinds of things that would need to be in a controlled temperature location. She comes back with two vials of blood, closing the door with her foot before rushing over to the staff. She opens both vials and pours them over the crystal which surges with power. Oliel surrounds the glowing crystal with her hands and repeats the same chant as before, this causes the glowing in the staff to ebb away and then glow once again.

Now that that’s done, Oliel turns her attention to Margaret [b [#B22222 “I’m sure there are much more interesting spells in Grantsworth than this, but this is one of our best sellers. The storm globe.”]] She says pointing over to a glass cabinet filled with little balls of storms in varying stages [b [#B22222 “It’s one of the drawbacks of Master Arden’s abilities, he creates massive storms when his emotions get out of control. You can always tell what kind of day it is going to be with him by just taking note of how light or heavy the air feels.”]] She says cleaning up the table from the tea. [b [#B22222 “Also, even if he doesn’t tell you to, you always want to prepare an orb before closing up, because sometimes he has these… um…. Not exactly dreams, but not exactly visions either. It’s something different or perhaps deeper than that. Anyway, point is he’ll create storms in his sleep, and the last time I didn’t put up an orb before closing I came in the next morning to the whole place being flooded and lightning scars on the walls. It took weeks to get the burn marks off of the walls. If it weren’t for the barrier around this place, it would have probably flooded the whole village.”]] She admits, moving her attention to the papers on the counter once she finished cleaning off the tea set.
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[#36f415 [i 'Willow you cannot just say things like this. I understand that you are playing the part that you were given.. But both of these two are highly clever and well trained. I was able to find more and they had become the best of the best in these times.. Though the mentor you would have had was Lady Eliza Hopkins... and there were a few of her friends here... Just.. look in your bag I did manage to get a scroll that would match and help with all of this. I swear without me you would be done for.']] Hannah thought to the young woman, all the while rubbing against her and purring. The cat had to act like..what was the word that had been used? A familiar and she did hope she was managing at least better than Willow seemed to be.

Blue eyes sparkled as she listened to what Hannah was telling her along with Master Arden. There was so much more to all of this. And what was more, there seemed to be a kind of..draw to this mission. One that she had never felt before. [#f72279 "Lady Eliza Hopkins. She had been my mentor. Hannah just reminded me that I did have a scroll from her.."] Came her soft words as she reached into the "Mary Poppins" bag and withdrew the scroll that her cat had told her about.

Before she handed it over though, even "Margaret" studied it. The writing was so very different than she would have expected. And it even felt more real than things that Hannah had faked for her before. Why was that?

She shook her head and handed the scroll over and her hands once more were in her lap as she sat straighter. She could not help her eyes from going back and forth between the pair. What was happening? It was like everything around her was changing. Thoughts and memories.. Like there was some kind of calling about this place. Would the other two find from this that she was not from this place? Or was it all seeming to change for them too? If it was...then this was a first ANY of this had happened.
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[size15 [kaushan+script [center Oliel can’t help but burn with interest in what advance magic Margaret has brought with her from Grantsworth, the capital of the magical world. Though she can’t help but wonder why she would be sent all the way to Glenwood. Not only is Glenwood on a different continent, but it’s also a small town built in the middle of an enchanted forest intended to be a place where the council sends the more undesirable wizards. Though there are only a few that have been sent here in the recent few decades, as the population has advanced since the original founding of this village. Which means there are only a few people in town that she could have been sent to see. Oliel looks over at Arden and she can tell that he’s also realized this.

[#808000 [b “Who was your mentor? I may not be the Wizard you were sent to see, so while I am still very willing to take you on as an apprentice, you have a responsibility to still meet the wizard you mentor sent you to meet. They may be expecting you as well.”]] Arden says after taking a swig of his flask. After tucking the flask into his pocket, he snaps his finger and the fireplace roars to life, warming an unusual chill that has settled over the building.

Oliel sets her notebook down on the small table in the center of the chairs and picks up her tea, realizing that it’s going to be a while before she will be able to ask her questions and that she is meant to simply remain quiet until Arden has finished speaking with her. Though there is a part of her that wants nothing more than to ask Margaret to show them one of the more advanced magic she’s brought with her.
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The excitement shown ny the other young woman was enduring and very much reminded Willow of herself sometimes. Like when she had first come to this time and all she wanted to do was explore. Was it really that she and Oliel really weren't that different? That the stories she had heard all her life weren't true? Talk about a new level of confusing. But she had to shake that off and gave a small smile.

[#f72279 "The bags like these are new. I still have no idea as to how they really work. But I would very much be willing to show you as they do seem quite bottomless...Like a blackhole or something."] She could not help the answer she had given. And what was even weirder was the bag only seemed to work in that fashion for her. To anyone else, it was simply a bag. So that was fun to explain when it came down to it.

The man, Master Arden came back and took his seat with a flask of a drink and brushing his hair from his eyes. For just one moment, Willow did allow herself to picture the man in his youth. And she could have sworn he would have been attractive. Well he still was, but that WAS not the point and she shook her head lightly, brushing golden hair that had fallen into her face back. [#f72279 "There is no need to be sorry... It...with everything you just explained it is quite understandable."] Her words were soft as he spoke, though she did find herself stiffening when he mentioned "Sapphire Hope Knights". What the hell were those? Were they linked to? And her face did pale at the very thought.

Crystal gaze fell to her lap and her hands folded in it as she listened to what else was to be said. [#f72279 "Thank you very much. I do look forward to learning more...and very much appreciate everything.."] Came her soft words as she looked up. When she did, Willow's eyes did go to Oliel. She did wonder if the other knew what was going on.

[#f72279 "Is there anything else that you would like to know?"] Willow asked softly. Her question honestlt wondering if they did. But in her way, the young woman was asking if Oliel could show her around a but. There was just something more comforting about the other girl. Maybe, just maybe they could talk a bit. And she could at least show her her bag. Willow was curious if the bag would work for the other young woman or if it would be like back home and only work for her.

[#36f415 [i 'Willow..what are you thinking? Are you trying to ruin your mission?']] Hannah thought as she hopped up on Willow's shoulder and nudged her human. The cat then looked between the other young woman and the man in the room. She was worried that this was already going to hell in a handbasket.
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[size15 [kaushan+script [center There is something about the nonchalant way Margaret answers their questions, which causes Master Arden to become unsure. He sits back in his chair, putting the map back where it belongs with a little flick of his fingers. He takes a sip of his tea before continuing, [b [#808000 “And where are your belongings?”]] He asks, looking over the edge of his cup.

With her response of a bottomless bag, Arden simply gets up and walks away, needing something far stronger than what he currently has to drink. Meanwhile, Oliel is beaming at her responses.

She sets her tea down and moves to the chair beside Margaret, [b [#B22222 “I didn’t realize that magic had advanced that much in the big settlements. Is it true that Grantsworth was built under a dragon’s den? That must be why the magic is so advance, that close to a source and all. How much does the bottomless bag weigh? Do you have it on you now? Can it hold furniture? Gosh, teleportation is going to blow up in popularity. I wonder if it’ll allow you to go to undiscovered locations, though that probably wouldn’t be safe, would it? I need a notebook!”]] Oliel says jumping up from her chair and going behind the counter to grab her notebook and quill.

Master Arden approaches his chair first, a flask in hand. He runs a hand through his dusty brown hair, pushing the locks from his eyes as he does so. [b [#808000 “I apologize for the accusatory questions Margaret, though I’m sure you understand. A stranger from far away walking into town with no knowledge of the advance magic you’ve learned is a bit startling. Especially with the Sapphire Hope knights becoming more and more of a problem lately. We had to set up new wards just last week to prevent them from entering after the demolishment of Cresal everyone’s been a bit on edge.”]] He says with a sigh before taking a swig of his whiskey.

He leans back in his chair again and adds [b [#808000 “I’m sorry about the loss of your mentor, it’s hard to get a consistent teacher nowadays with so many wanting to go out adventuring. Though if you’d like I could take you on as an apprentice. Normally I don’t take on help, Oliel being a special case, but I would really benefit from what knowledge you bring from Grantsworth. The council hasn’t been very vocal lately, too afraid because of those damn knight attacks.”]] He says, just as Oliel returns.

Having heard the conversation through her connection with Caoimhe granting her enhanced hearing, she returns to her original chair. Knowing that now is not the time for excitement but instead is the time for solemnness.
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The shop and this visit was more than uncomfortable. The elder man whom she now sat actoss from seemed nice enough and so did the young woman. But even in jer time, Willow had come across people like that. Seeming nice but have a form of secret agenda behind it. Besides...Wasn't that what she herself happened to be pulling? Not to do any harm, but to learn about the dragons in her time? To try and understand how and why magic was lost and fell out of history?

Her hand was absently running over Hannah who had taken to watching the other animals in the room. Like them, she was pretective of Willow. She would fight and she would defend. She may have been android like, but she still looked like a real animal and had the feelings of one. So as she now lay in Willow's lap, the cat was on high alert.

When asked about the tea, the blonde shook her head. She tended to like it natural and being able to really taste the tea for what it was. Slowly did she lift her cup to her lips, but was quick to set it down when Master Arden spoke. So the man was as sly and clever as she had assumed. The fact that he pulled up the maps after her HUGE blunder proved that. As did the words that he spoke. "Wise old mage" indeed.

Bright blue eyes went to the map as she stidied it and then to the other two humans in the room. How could she get out of this one? Well they were magic thenselves. AND she was not ready to let it be known who she really was. WHERE she really came from. First rule of time travel.."Be careful in what you say and do.." She had broked that with the situation she now sat in.

[#f72279 "I did come from there as I told you. And it had been by magic. That is why there looks to be no dirt or tatters and why it was as quickly."] Probably was not the best way to go.. But what could she really do? She needed to be here. She needed their help.
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[size15 [kaushan+script [center Arden moves to one of the chairs by the fireplace, one that would be facing the seat Margaret is standing by. He takes a seat, watching Margaret carefully while Oliel busies herself with making some chamomile tea. When Margaret mentions where she came from Oliel looks over her shoulder at Arden and he holds a hand up to her, signaling for her to be quiet, that he’s taking care of the situation for both of them.

When Margaret asks where they are and how long they have been here for, Arden seems unphased by this, almost as though he was expecting this question to come out. Oliel stiffens a bit at the question but simply finishes the tea. She carries the tray of tea to the table between the four leather chairs positioned by the fireplace. She sets the tea on the table and waves her hand towards the fireplace, causing a fire to roar to life. Oliel sits down in the chair beside Arden and pours tea in each of the three cups she brought over. She prepares Arden’s tea how he prefers it as well as her own.

Meanwhile, Caoimhe has settled on the metal railing of the second floor overlooking the entire bottom floor, watching Margaret closely. Oliel knows that Caoimhe would attack at the first sign of danger based on the position she has taken, likely going after Margaret’s familiar Hannah first. Salvador, Arden’s familiar, is curled on the back of the chair Arden is sitting on, eyes trained on Margaret, also prepared to protect his master if it came to it.

Oliel asks [b [#B22222 “Would you like any cream and sugar for your tea?”]] which is shortly followed by Arden responding to Margaret’s question [b [#808000 “We are currently located in Glenwood, I came to town about 15 years ago, from the capital city Silverstone. Oliel here was born and raised in Glenwood.”]] He says, picking up his tea and sipping it, waiting for Margaret to sit down before continuing.

Once she’s sitting Arden waves his hand and a rolled-up map comes from a nearby bucket, meanwhile Oliel hands Margaret her tea. When the map is between them, it unrolls so that Margaret can see it. [#808000 [b “Though I do have a question for you Margaret. You said you just arrived in Glenwood, yet you clearly aren’t prepared for traveling. As you can see Glenwood is here on the map, and Grantsworth is all the way across the Silver sea, here. So, the question is, where are you really from [i Margaret]”]] Arden says, two fingers held in the air to control the map. While he’s speaking, the map that is unrolled is a world map, the structure of which has similarities to what Willow would recognize from her time but is overall very different. When he brings up both Glenwood, a small gold star appears on the map, on a smaller continent on the southern portion of the map, in the middle of the continent, then when mentioning Grantsworth another golden star appears on the northeast portion of the map on the largest continent on the map, also very inward of the continent.
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[#36f415 [i 'She's not very trusting and much more observative than many in our time are. So you will have to be very careful in the way that you speak and think out your actions.']] Hannah was watching the woman before them. Particularly the facials and the changes within her eyes. Not that it was fully known what the cat was doing. But she WAS Willow's helper.

[#f72279 [i 'I will try and be careful...But you know this task is not at all easy. No one has ever been this far back before. Or dealt with this sort of thing..']] Came her reply to the little cat as bright blue orbs stayed on the woman and the now snow white owl who had landed upon her shoulder. Watching them ALMOST made Willow think of herself and Hannah. ALMOST if her cat wasn't robotic but seeming lifelike.

She was silent and her hands were at her side. But when the help had been offered, a smile graced. [#f72279 "That would be very kind of you. We are in need of someone who might be able to help. So anyone you may know will be perfectly fine."] Margaret said as she walked with the other towards a shop that was not far at all.

Hannah had by now jumped back onto her shoulder and now rested across them. It was when they went into the shop was there an electric current felt within the air. One so odd and so very foreign. [#36f415 [i 'They are truly magic...']] The cat thought, nuzzling Willow as the young woman had stiffened with the snake that had come in. She had always been a little nervous with snakes. This had never changed.

She took a breath and gave a small bow of her head to the older man. [#f72279 "Hannah and I came from..Grantsworth..."] Came her soft words and slowly did she move closer to a chair that had been motioned to. But she did not sit as she turned to face the man and woman, sparkling blue eyes going back and forth between them. She had so many questions as there was SO much she didn't know. Yet again it was like this time called to something deep within her. Something she could not place.

[#f72279 "Forgive me...but what is this town called? And how long have the two of you been here?"] It all slipped before she could stop herself and she squeaked when Hannah showed Willow she had made a mistake, digging her claws into her shoulder for just a second. She had done it and now she had to see what she had actually done.
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 300d 3h 15m 37s
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[size15 [kaushan+script [center Oliel listens intently to Margaret, her hands clinging to the notebook in their grasp. Though something is clearly off about what she’s saying. Oliel looks over Margaret once again, taking her appearance into greater consideration. For someone who has come from far away there isn’t a lot of dust around the hem of her dress, she doesn’t have any kind of satchel for provisions, no weapons to fend off the creatures she would have had to pass to get to this town. This is all very off.

Oliel looks down at the book in her hands, weighing her options quickly. Her lack of sleep is beginning to affect her a bit. She knows that she can’t make this decision on her own, she needs to involve Master Ardan. He’d know what to do, though he’s not going to be happy to see her back at the shop. Oliel snaps her fingers before saying [b [#B22222 “Of course, I’ll take you to Master Ardan’s shop, he’ll be able to find someone to take you on and get you sorted out.”]] By the time her statement is done a snow owl lands on her shoulder, nuzzling ever so slightly against her face before taking in the sight of Margaret and Hannah.

Caoimhe tilts her head to the side, clearly unsettled by the two in front of her mistress [b [#696969 [i “These two are wrong,”]]] she says, sharing the thought telepathically with Oliel. [b [#B22222 [i “I know, Master Ardan will get it sorted out.”]]] She says, leading the two of them to the shop. [b [#B22222 “This is Caoimhe, she’s my familiar, we’ve been together since she was a hatchling. She fell from her nest at a young age and I’ve had her ever since.”]] Oliel says, looking over at Margaret as they head towards the shop, doing her best to appear as though nothing is wrong.

The walk back to the shop is a short one, and Oliel opens the door for Margaret once they arrive. Ardan is standing behind the counter with a bright smile once they enter [b [#808000 “Welcome to Ardan’s craft, how may I—Oliel what are you doing back here, you are supposed to be resting!”]] Ardan’s tone becomes harsh as he sees his apprentice entering behind the stranger.

[b [#B22222 “I know, I know, I was on my way back when I ran into Margaret here. She said that she was an apprentice of a mage from a town far from here and that her master had passed away. Though she was instructed to come here to apprentice with a new master before her master passed. She just got here and didn’t know where to turn to and asked for some help. I thought where better to take her than here.”]] Oliel says, closing the door behind her. She silently charms the door, ensuring that no one can exit or enter the shop.

Arden tilts his head slightly, making eye contact with Oliel, reading her thoughts briefly, before simply nodding in understanding. [b [#808000 “I see,”]] He says, a smile returning to his face. A massive snake slithers its way up and around Arden, settling on his shoulders and examining the two individuals and their familiars. [b [#808000 “Please come in Margaret, I’m sure you’re tired after quite a journey. Where did you travel from again?”]] He says, gesturing to the plush leather chairs near the fireplace directly under the glass dome.
  Oilell / --Stardust-- / 297d 19h 53s
[#36f415 [i 'Remember to be very careful here, Willow. For the sake of this mission, you are Margaret Stewart and since this woman is clearly magical, a mage from the sounds.. You are to say such is true about you. You are new here and are in search of a master since your old has passed on.']] Hannah thought, nuzzling against Willow's cheek before hopping down and sitting at her "mistress'.." feet.

Upon hearing the soft voice of the other young woman, Willow's eyes had come up and she could not help the softest of pinks from rising in her cheeks. The redhead before her was beautiful and she noticed had a a softer complexion than she would have expected from one who studied magics. But then what had she been expecting? A quick shake of her head was given and she offered a small smile before she spoke.

[#f72279 "It appears that neither of us were paying attention.. Still I am so very sorry for having just walked into you."] Again her words were soft and she was trying to listen to Hannah without making that look too obvious. This was already not exactly an ideal situation or way she would have been expecting to meet someone. But then, did anything ever happen accoeding to plan? She was just lucky to have met someone at all.

A hand came up and slowly fixed her hair as when her "familiar" had hopped down some of it had fallen out of place. [#f72279 "I am W---Margaret...or more likely to be called Maggie.. I never listen when called my proper name.. And this is Hannah. She has been with me since I was a little girl.. I always did feel bad for the reputation of black cats. They really are no different than others...Just associations are dreadful thigs.."]

Hannah nudged against Willow and mewed, motioning to Oliel. She was telling the young woman to get back on track.

[#f72279 "I am sorry... I am easily distractable... But Hannah and I are new here. We came from a far away town looking for a new master to help us learn. You last passed on and before she did told me to come here... Do you think you could help me?"] Maggie asked and gave an almost puppyish look. Though she was acting, a part of her wasn't. In this time, she really was a stranger and she was in a sense "out of place".

She had done the very first part of what she was meant yo do. But now she had A LONG way to go. And as she had done, sparkling blue eyes stayed on the other woman. Now she had NO idea what was even to come.
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 300d 3h 15m 23s

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