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Lucas thought, then smiled and conjured a small fire in his hands, using his wings to block out the light it made and started to cook. "I guess you could call me a man of many talents." Lucas said with a hint of a smile, though it was obvious he was mostly making jokes for his sake.
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 9h 56m 43s
[pic] [left Avia gave that a little thought. She still felt like there were pieces missing. They needed more information to go on, but if Lucas was right and his father had known at least some of what would happen then going to the forest elves might give them some answers.

[#0b90e3 “I suppose we’ll see when we get there.”] She hoped they would make it there safely. When they stopped she watched him conjure the tent and tilted her head. He used magic so casually. It was fascinating. Avia looked down at the ground,[#0b90e3 “Oh, a little. I wouldn’t want to hold you back though. I hope we’re far enough..”]

Avia was trying to downplay how tired and hungry she really was, but as if on cue her stomach growled. Her cheeks felt a little warm, embarrassed her stomach had betrayed her and exposed the little lie,[#0b90e3 “Ah, I guess I am hungry.”]

The first step was laying out the blanket the innkeeper had been kind enough to send with them, which revealed the contents of the basket. It seemed he’d thrown in whatever he had on hand, and hadn’t packed light. She saw several bottles, raw vegetables, a couple of whole loaves of bread, a massive slice of a wheel of cheese, and bits of dried meat. She wasn’t even sure what else might be buried with the rest since the basket was big and very full. [#0b90e3 “I… think he overpacked. Let’s see, um… Should I make a stew or… No, a fire would be a bad idea right now. Someone might see, someone we don’t want to meet.”]

Avia sat down on the edge of the blanket. Even with the sky visible, here among the trees it was starting to get dark fast. They wouldn’t have much more daylight to eat by, so it was probably good they stopped when they did, or they would be eating in the dark.]
  Yavanna / 15h 1m 53s
Lucas nodded. "Yeah, the Clan leader is an old friend of dads. Trusted him with the records he needed to keep out of prying hands. Maybe..." Lucas laughed quietly. How could he be so stupid? "My dad had a very rare gift. The gift of foresight. He could see the future. Maybe... maybe he knew this would happen... and brought the records we were looking for there." Lucas replied. He wasn't going to admit it, but he was enjoying being with Avia, holding her hand. He looked around and conjured a tent from nowhere when he found a good clearing, where they would be safe. "This should e a good spot to rest. You must be exhausted." Lucas said. The way he spoke... there was so much caring in his voice.
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 1d 9h 2m 11s
[pic] [left Avia was glad to get out of the inn. She took a breath of fresh air and let it out in a sigh. The innkeeper was right, she needed to rest soon. For the moment they needed to get away from the inn, so she kept hold of Lucas’ hand while they walked.

They had gone out the back and were making their way off the road, which was more isolated and made the going a little slower. But they were much less likely to run into trouble. It seemed like a good idea to avoid other people, at least for tonight. It would also be easier to find a safe place to spend the night. She kept an eye out for that while they walked.

[#0b90e3 “The forest elves. I wonder what it’s like there. Have you been before?”] She figured he had. He was a prince, afterall. He probably got to travel a lot. Probably usually much more comfortably than the way they were going. But why were they going there? [#0b90e3 “Why there, though? Would it not be better for you to return home?”]

She felt like there was something she was missing. Continuing to the human kingdom obviously didn’t make sense, but wouldn’t his own kingdom need their prince now?]
  Yavanna / 1d 16h 39m 22s
Lucas nodded and thanked him, taking Avia's hand and guiding her away from the inn, from all the bloodshed. He wished he could tell her how he felt, as he himself knew already that he was falling in love with Avia, but he knew that with both of them so troubled, it was hardly the right moment. He had a slight feeling that Avia sort of knew how he felt, guessing so from how hard he had tried to protect her. "To the forest elves then." Lucas said. [I Why dad? Why did you want me to go there?] he couldn't help but think
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 2d 8h 11m 6s
[pic] [left Avia nodded. It had to be someone else. The fact that he might have met her father didn’t surprise her much. Her father did work as a guard in the castle. There was probably some other Alexus Clearwater.

She appreciated the gesture and put her hand over his,[#0b90e3 “Thank you.”]

The innkeeper waved his hand dismissively, his expression was serious and dark,”Not your fault, boy. If anything I should be saying sorry to you. Your father… He was a good man. Get the sons of bitches responsible for this.”

In the kitchen the girls that had been working were huddled in a group whispering to each other reassuringly. The innkeeper pulled a basket off a wooden table and handed it to Lucas. The basket was pretty big and had a cloth big enough to be a small blanket bundled on top of what seemed to be a large quantity of food. Some of the weight of it was because he had taken the liberty of including several bottles of wine, figuring it was what he had and they might enjoy it,”Here, for the road. Stop before too long and make sure the girl gets a bite to eat. You don’t want to hang around too close, but the girl needs some rest.”]
  Yavanna / 5d 2h 48m 37s
"I don't think it was your father, Avia." Lucas said soothingly. "I met him when I was a little boy, he's a great man. I think we should be more worried about this "X" character." Lucas said, thinking like the soldier he was. "Hey Innkeeper, I'm so sorry this happened." Lucas said genuinely, now putting his hand an avia's shoulder to reassure her. His hands were surprisingly gentle for a man to just took down an entire squadron of assassins
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 6d 7h 22m 33s
[pic] [left The guard gave a stiff bow that clearly hurt some injury,”I will do my best, Majesty. Please stay safe.”

With the king dead he knew that whoever tried would only want the prince dead more. He hoped the prince would be safe on this journey. Then there was the girl, who he wasn’t sure what to make of.

Avia couldn’t imagine objecting to going with him. It wasn’t the way she had originally meant to go, but with the current situation continuing to the dragon capitol didn’t seem like such a good idea.

The innkeeper had emerged from the kitchen after tending to a few of the frightened girls that had been working. Once they were fine he came out to see what had happened and swore. Avia looked at him, taking in what had happened in his inn. He had to sit down for a moment and rubbed his face.

Avia responded to her name and slowly made her way to Lucas. She frowned as she read the note, her head by his shoulder. She had to read it several times. Alexus Clearwater. [#0b90e3 “That has to be a mistake, or… someone else with the same name. Because that’s… that’s my father’s name.”]

She took a step back, obviously shaken by the news. She looked a little unsteady on her feet, like all it would take was a little gust of wind to knock her over,[#0b90e3 “It has to be someone else. Why would he…?”]

The innkeeper stood up,”I wouldn’t go jumping to any conclusions yet. News will trickle in sooner or later and give you the whole picture. What’s important is we get you two out of here before anyone comes poking their noses around looking. You have a destination?”

The guard supplied it,”His Majesty is setting off to see the Forest Elves. With the young lady.”

The innkeeper nodded at the information,”C’mon, I have some food for the road you can take. The girls going to need it. When’d you last eat, little lady? Whatever it was, I’m sure I can find something better.”

[#0b90e3 “Oh, um… this morning. I had…”] Avia had to pause and think, slowly walking toward the kitchen. She hadn’t quite realized it, but the innkeeper wasn trying to change the subject to distract her because she seemed distressed and he couldn’t stand watching,[#0b90e3 “Well, I’d run out of bread again so I found some vegetables and uh, that was about it…”]]
  Yavanna / 7d 2h 14m 46s
Lucas took a shuddering breath, and looked at Avia, placing his hand on top of hers. In a surprisingly steady voice he said to the guard "Go back to the kingdom, inform everyone of what had happened. I have to take avia with me to see the Forest Elves." Then, he walked over to each assassin and searched them, finally finding a bloody note, which he used magic to clear so he could read it.

[I The contract, paid in full by must be fulfilled. You must kill the Dragon King, the half-breed prince, and anyone who might be with them. Failure is not an option


Breathing shakily, Lucas said "Avia... I think you need to see this."
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 8d 10h 46m 49s
[pic] [left It was like watching a different person fight the attackers off. Not one of them managed to touch her, but not for lack of trying. The first had only targeted her because she was in the way. After realizing he was protecting her a few tried to distract him by keeping him busy protecting her, but it didn’t help them.

What was left was essentially a massacre, but not the kind the assassins had in mind. They were nearly the only ones dead, though quite a few of the innocent customers had been injured in the confusion. More by each other than the assassins.

Avia followed Lucas toward his father, her heart still pounding frantically. Everything had happened so suddenly, and was over so fast. She wasn’t the only one approaching Lucas, one of the guards had survived the attack and got there first. He was badly bruised and had a long cut on his arm, and another on his face. He paused to take in what had happened. The king was dead. He had failed to protect him, but at least the prince was still alive.

“Majesty,” it was how he usually addressed the king,”We must get you to safety. Out the back.”

The guard looked at Avia when she took another step closer and touched Lucas’ elbow,[#0b90e3 “I’m sorry about your father. He’s right though, we should get out.”]

Her eyes were still a little wide. Some of it was wanting to get out of here, away from the death and blood soaking into the floor. She was also afraid that these attackers weren’t the only ones. A fear the guard shared.]
  Yavanna / 9d 1h 27s
Lucas, knowing she was there, simply shielded her with his wings and cast a spell to give himself blades of pure light. He snarled and charged at the immediate attacker, and for the first time, Avia could see the fighter in Lucas. Gone was the kind, gentle Lucas she had known. This Lucas was out for blood. He was angry, and now nobody could calm him down until the deed was done, and all the attackers were dead. When he finally calmed down, the swords vanished and he pressed a bloody hand to his mouth, as if to ask [I What have I done?]. He then ran to his father, who in the confusion was stabbed. He was dying. He looked at Lucas and whispered "You... must... go... to the...Forest Elves... Protect... the... girl..." and with that, he died, no more than an empty husk
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 9d 9h 49m 28s
[pic] [left [#0b90e3 “A bad feeling?”] Avia wasn’t sure what he meant. Nothing seemed wrong to her. She let him take her bag, but didn’t immediately go back upstairs. She looked around, but to her it just looked like a normal inn. The leader, who was standing near as he could reasonably get to the king while nodding and pretending to listen to a story, noticed that Lucas seemed to be suspicious. For a moment he was irritated. They kept having to move up their plans thanks to the prince, and now they couldn’t afford to wait any longer or he’d see it coming.

Then he pulled his knife and shouted,”Now!”

Things changed in an instant. The leader and several other men near him lunged for their targets, taking out guards and going for the king. The men who had made their way to Lucas sprang into action at the same time, taking aim at the prince. None of the attackers cared if anyone got in the way, their blades were as ready to draw the blood of bystanders as well as their intended targets. While the attackers made their move those not in on the plan started to panic at the sight of blood, which only made the space more chaotic and dangerous. Chairs and tables were overturned. Clay dishes shattered on the ground.

Avia was as surprised as anyone else, but instead of running she froze. She was right beside Lucas, which made her nearly as much a target as him for the moment.]
  Yavanna / 9d 22h 16m 11s
Lucas could sense something was wrong and whispered to her "Head upstairs, I have a bad feeling..." He then took the bag from her, which looked effortless to him. Lucas looked around and spotted the seemingly drunk men, and could smell that they hadn't drank. [I Something's not right here...]
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 10d 8h 57m 41s
[pic] [left Avia went to get her things. It didn’t take long to put her cloak back on and her bag on her back. It was heavy, she wasn’t lying about that. She’d tucked away a book and some papers along with clothes and various supplies she thought she would need, like blankets, pots and pans, and soap. She had been glad for what she packed, even if it did make her back and shoulders ache from day to day.

She returned and smiled at Lucas,[#0b90e3 “Ready, I’ll just return the key.”]

While the innkeeper was away in the kitchen several men had moved into position, getting ready to make their move. They wandered, seemingly drunk, to talk to guards or people at tables near where Lucas was waiting for Avia. The plan was to get the king and prince in one swoop, but with the prince seeming ready to leave they couldn’t afford to wait until everyone was asleep. They needed to kill him and the king before he had a chance to leave, and they couldn’t afford to wait since their co-conspirators would be dealing with the royalty of the other kingdoms in a matter of hours or days. If any of the three groups waited the remaining royals would surely guard themselves too well to allow for another attempt. At the signal of their leader they would launch into action.]
  Yavanna / 12d 23h 59m 59s
Lucas looked back at the innkeeper and managed to avoid, with difficulty, rolling his eyes. What he did do though is walk over and place a small pile of money on the counter. "Sorry about the mess." he said, somewhat sheepishly before walking back to his original spot to wait for Avia, and to carry his stuff for her.
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 14d 7h 22m 16s

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