The Valkyrie Incident

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Even though she sat encased in armor, minus the helmet, Erika did not feel safe as usual. Not everyday did enlisted personnel sat outside a general's, five stars at that, office after many a oversight, added pressure from the presence of an unknown male individual. Meeting up with a general by itself added enough fear, if a five star general had figured out how much oversight, but a male? If they were a politician and somehow, through whatever means, learnt of this and had decided that enough was enough, that prognosis looked bad for both General Hill and her.

More likely a mere unruly private would be court martialed and kicked out while a general wouldn't feel any consequences.

Erika straightened out, startled by a thunderous and reverberating boom. That had come from the General's office, but no screams. And then the yelling started. Aside from hearing the distinct male voice Erika could not discern what he was yelling about, the doors and walls muffling the words to mushed alien syntax. If that file that the Lieutenant carried was indeed on her, then Erika wasn't surprised with him yelling although she did feel sorry for General Hill. Even without reading about rank or name, one would fill with shock at the number of destroyed guns, blacklisted by the master-at-arms, number of 'accidental' hospital visits, and some rule breaking. More shock would come from reading the length and amount of oversight.

Some things came back around biting you in the ass. That, that was nothing more than karma.

Then the yelling abruptly ended with no more noise. Had the male calmed down and continued talking quietly with General Hill? Was he still fuming and quietly snapping at General Hill? Or was he instead fuming and not even making any eye contact with General Hill? Either way with any of the three options General Hill would bear the full brunt of the male's anger and frustration. Not good, not good at all. And that be putting it lightly!

The door opened, and the male voiced reached out, [b "This is truly the darkest hour of the Alliance, if they are willing to promote an 18 year old undisciplined shit stain to a Field Lieutenant..."]. Erika bit her tongue, the words hurting her persona. But, the male, he was right. One could have an extensive records of worthwhile actions against the enemy, but it would not hold on its own if the behavior boiled down to [i '18 year old undisciplined shit stain'].

[+red "Private, you've been promoted to Field Lieutenant. The General would like to see you now"], the second time hearing the promotion phrase. This, no this couldn't be happening. She'd been stuck as a PFC for a ridicolous amount of time passing over an equally ridicolous number of promotions due to the aforementioned shit stained behavior, and now all out of the blue she jumped from enlisted to being an officer. It would also be equally unfair for anyone else deserving of a promotion, no doubt she'd be receiving many a scowl or dirty look.

[+red "Pri, Lieutenant?"]. Erika snapped out of her mind stood up, left facing and saluting the Lieutenant. Both of them expressed confusion as Lieutenant Smith saluted back, neither of them knowing what was about to occur.

After the exchange of salutes, Erika took a few seconds to calm her nerves with a few deep breathes before entering General Hill's office.

The moment she stepped in Erika could feel the eyes all over her. One pair belonged to General Hill, stressed and tired yet still retaining an intent gaze. As to the second pair, interesting to say the least. A pair of glowing red eyes, it was like having a dead person attempting to read all your secrets. Except this glowing red eyes person was very much alive and had already read all her secrets from the file, and probably had noticed her black hair in a tight bun along with the glassy green eyes with a 'spunk' gleam in there. Another detail would be a weather worn yellow Nordic cross on a dark blue background half-blended into the right grey shoulder part of the armor, a symbol of a country long gone from the surface of this war torn planet.

[+orange "Lieutenant Svenson"], Erika turned to face General Hill and went to parade rest, all attention on the general. [+orange "That is King, although he prefers Field Marshal, Marcus Walker. Both of you have been assigned as a team on an infiltration mission for locating, securing and returning with what intelligence believes is the cure for the Valkyrie virus. You will follow all of his orders while you are out on the mission, no more of this nonsense. Is that understood?"]. Erika, after sliding into the position of attention, saluting General Hill, [+purple "Yes General Hill"]. [+orange "Good. Now, both of you get out and start preparing for this mission. Godspeed to both of you"].

Dropping the salute, Erika turned to this walking hunk of metal named Marcus Walker, waiting to see if he had any orders for her.
  Erika Svenson / NorthernWolves / 187d 4h 29m 47s
The Head Quarters main chambers was blistering of soldiers running around with folders and flies in hand. Some were answering calls on radios from the commanders out in the trenches of the front. Among the chaos was Lieutenant Jin and the Armored male in tow behind her. His optics still glowing red as his heavy breathing deafened the clattering heels of the young woman in front of him. Even though his head was focused forward, the eyes behind the optics was observing everything happening in front of him. Noticing the unnatural chaos as it seemed most of the women stationed here were pretty new at their job still. Soon the two approached an ivory door with two Guards stationed on either door way. They hesitate to salute as they both look at aw towards the male. "Wh-What are you two waiting for!!! H-H-He is here to see General Hill, she re-requested for him!" Jin nervously shouts out as the two guards snap out of their trance and nod. Both reaching out for the door handles and proceed to open it. Jin huffs, before turning on her heels to face the male. "I guess these two are new around here?" The male asked Jin, before she sighed in defeat. The male chuckles and pats Jin shoulder before walking in through the open door, the loud clanking of his armor being heard before the doors close behind him.

The office of a General is usually a testament to their achievements and their accomplishments. Sadly though, this office was a hammy down to the current General. Which sat in her ebony office chair, this 33 year old woman sat there in her dress blues from the Grand Democratic Federation of Jo as she was finishing up some paperwork. She seemed very very stressed, but understandable since 5 years ago she was a simple captain at the time. Now she was a 5 star general, and having to do everything. The blonde haired woman then looked up with her greyish eyes as she smiled softly. "Ah... Squire... Oh wait no, that isn't your rank anymore... Your King Marcus Walker, isn't that right?" Hill stated as she rested her elbows on the desk. Placing her hands in front of her lips as she leans up to them. Marcus sighs as he stands before her. Looking away from her, "I refuse that fucking rank... Just because I am the last member of a failed nation, doesn't mean I am of nobility... Though Field Marshal Walker has a nice ring to it." He says as he looks back at her. Hill cracked a smirk as she then leaned back. "Yes, it does... For now though, I have some bad news..."

Why does she always start a conservation with "bad news". Marcus isn't here to receive a reward, he is here cause she has either orders to send him to the facility, or a new mission. "Alliance High Council Command has asked all 180 bases to make 2 man teams and send them deep behind the Empire lines... Their mission is to locate, secure and return with what intelligence to believe to be the cure for the Valkyrie virus." Hill states as she looks at Marcus. She expects that behind those optics his eyes must have widen. "Command advised me, not to choose you for this operation. Your to valuable how they put it...." Hill states before being cut off by Marcus. "As a sperm bank? Fuck that... I don't give a god damn what High Command 'Advises'. Unlike everyone else here and in the front, I have gone deep behind enemy lines. Destroying supplies and killing their VIPs. I am needed for this mission cause of my extensive knowledge of what is past the Empire fortified trench line." Marcus spoke up towards Hill, right as another Lieutenant enters from a side door. Marcus quickly turned to look at her, then proceeded to cross his arms and focus on Hill again. "Like I said, I don't give a damn what Command Advises. Put me on that mission." He sounded like he was giving Hill an order as she looked at him. ".... If you let me finished... I would have told you that I did select you for the team... You will be the team lead, your partner though... Well Lieutenant?" Hill says as she looks towards Lieutenant Smith. Smith snaps to attention and salutes, she was also carrying quite a thick folder in her other hand. "As requested by you, Ma'am. I have picked up Private First Class Svenson and her folder." The officer spoke mighty confident, Hill would gesture for Smith to hand the folder off to her. Marcus though, reached out and intercepted the folder. He looked at the cover of the folder, "Erika Svenson..." He read to himself, his voice un heard thanks to the oxygen mask. He turned and opened the folder to begin reading everything about this PFC... He basically made it half way through as he growled in anger and proceeded to slam the folder on the desk. The loud audible crash not only silenced the General office, but the entire floor. "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ON ME! YOU ARE GIVING ME A PRIVATE WITH MORE ERRORS AND RED MARKS THROUGH HER ENTIRE 2 YEAR CAREER AS A SOLDIER TO FIGHT BEHIND EMPIRE LINES!?!? YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH SOMEONE WHO IS BLACKLISTED BY THE MASTER AT ARMS OF THE ENTIRE BASE!? SHE HAS BROKEN MORE FIRE ARMS THEN CONFIRMED KILLS!!! SHE HAS ONLY SEEN FRONT LINE COMBAT 4 TIMES!!! SHE HAS MORE INJURIES THEN HALF THE CASUALTIES IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!" He continued to yell at Hill, slamming his fist into the red wood desk as he was yelling. He then pushed away from the desk in anger as he placed his hand on the side of his helmet. "Jesus fucking battling Christ Hill.... She is charged with 5 different crimes, one of them being court marshalible and that is the fact she broke into the facility to meet with her now dead boy friend, but that was before she joined the god damn military. Hill she is a loose cannon from these reports, and Loose Cannons are going to do more harm then god damn good..." He states as he sorta calmed down, looking out the window to the air field. "I know... She was our only choice due to the fact that her family was citizens of the Empire before the war... She knows their culture and their language. She could be more of an asset then you think... Just take her under your wing, train her and hell you may even end up respecting her more..." Hill assures towards Marcus as he stands in front of the window. He refused to respond to her as he was only seeing the negative of his new battle buddy.

Hill sighs and looks towards Lieutenant Smith. "Bring her in, I will brief her of what is going on... Also inform her that she is now promoted to Field Lieutenant..." Hill finishes and waves Smith off. Smith snaps to attention and proceeds to walk out. As she opened the door, Marcus made one more comment. He made sure it was loud enough so Erika can hear, "This is truly the darkest hour of the Alliance, if they are willing to promote an 18 year old undisciplined shit stain to a Field Lieutenant..."
  X-000 / 189d 23h 14m 52s

Most soldiers when located inside the armory usually were left up to their own supervision, meaning the master-at-arms trusted the individual, or individuals, to do whatever needed to be done without any stupid happening. Now Erika Svenson never pulled a stupid inside the armory, but the master-at-arms still glared angrily while standing somewhere close. No master-at-arms appreciated when the same soldier returned with damaged equipment consistently, especially when said soldier's name was recorded on the watchlist.

Only a singular reason allowed for the oversight that the superiors graciously bestowed upon Erika Svenson: the saving soldiers, exploding, burning, supply disrupting record against the Empire. Despite such an extensive record Erika Svenson passed over many a promotion which she didn't care for in the first place, dedicating all energy to a personal vendetta against the Empire.

Erika Svenson gave no fucks to the master-at-arms' glare, she respected them as a person and their rank, focusing on replacing the barrel of her [ rifle]; Technically it was more machinegun than rifle, but Erika also didn't give a damn. The previous mission Erika ran on a gun bashing streak after expending all the bullets in the cylindrical drum, either butting with the stock, drum, or stabbing with the barrel. The stock and the drum came out perfectly fine, the drum having a few scratches, but the barrel was an error 404. The only sign of a barrel had even existed were a few metal spikes where it had unevenly broken off of the receiver, the other in the safe cover of the receiver perfectly fine but the entire thing had to be replaced.

With the gun broken down into the individual components Erika decided to give it a good cleaning. Even though there wasn't anything to clean it gave her some time to think about a most bugging manner. Recently she'd been dragged, from her point of view, into team training drills and missions, specifically two member teams. The lack of actual missions utilizing those drills and training missions left confusion, it felt as if they were training her for something but for what no one knew. Not bad when one had something to do, but when there was nothing to do the thought ate away.

After finishing with the cleanse Erika scrutinized the barrel, checking for any imperfections. Finding none Erika reassembled the gun, smiling after hearing the firm clack of the charging handle.

Erika stood up to walk to the range to fire the gun, a bit weird considering she'd just cleaned it but the new barrel had to be tested. The master-at-arms walked away, only to be replaced by an officer. Erika instantly slid into the position of attention, saluting the Lieutenant, [+purple "Good afternoon Leftenant Sunderland"]. The Lieutenant took a few seconds before giving a crisp salute, [+blue "At ease"]. Erika dropped back to the position of attention, waiting for the Lieutenant to speak whatever it was.

Another few moments of silence before the Lieutenant looked back with a very serious face. [+blue You will be meeting with General Hill, don't make a fool out of yourself"]. Meeting with a general? Erika had had talks with some high ranked officers, mostly about her actions, but never had she caught the attention of a general. What sort of punishment would be happening?

As the Lieutenant turned around Erika grabbed her rifle, also noticing the Lieutenant holding a thick chunk of text; Erika wouldn't be surprised if that turned out to be her infamously impressive record, but she could be wrong about that.

Even though two people walked the sound of footsteps made it look like one, Erika matching the Lieutenant's steps with military precision. The walk itself wasn't long, but some waiting was required. [+blue "Wait here until you're called in"], the Lieutenant walked into the General Hill's office where a conversation, was that a male voice, was happening. The only people on base were female, but that one voice had definitely been a male. Mass confusion filled Erika's consciousness as she sat down, trying to figure out how there was a male here. All the surviving males, about 300 of them, had been pulled back somewhere deep and safe after the virulent virus attack, not a single allowed to serve in the military. Was this some sort of politician?

Erika stopped herself from trying to answer the question, the question would be answered. Or maybe it wouldn't be, depended on how General Hill was feeling.
  Erika Svenson / NorthernWolves / 191d 16h 25m 54s
[right Sector 25; Halmiora Highlands]

A once lush green grass land of the great nation of Halmiora. A massive area that many tourists would visit, sadly now it is a barren wasteland. Another battle ground in this war against the empire, a war that has been going on for 35 years now. Most don't remember how it started, all we do know is that the Empire and Alliance of Nations are all that remains. The Alliance used to be 35 nations fighting against the Empire, but now it is only 4 nations left. This was the result of the most recent attack by the Empire, an endgame tactic.

A single [ Helix] VTOL flies over the waste lands as it was leaving the front and towards the 55th Alliance base. The loud roaring of its jet engines fill the barren land as the aircraft travels. Inside the aircraft sat 15 soldiers, 14 women hailing from the 4 nations of the Alliance. Most of them were chatting and relaxing, even removed some of their combat gear so the crampness of the armor. Though they get to enjoy being out of their armor, the only male of this combat team was still locked away in his black armor. He sat on the ramp, his red optics made it look like he was looking out in space. Instead he was watching the scenery rush by. Sighing in his oxygen mask as he sits there alone. Ever since the Valkyrie Virus was unleashed on the many nations of the Alliance, infecting and killing every known male in the Alliance territories. The attack may have happened 5 years ago, but the impact was grave. 31 nations fell apart, 6 billion males of all ages dying, several miles and nations being taken by the Empire during the madness. There is only 300 healthy males in the Alliance territories; Most are politicians, some were in hospitals and only 10 were in the military. The Alliance ordered that all these men be transferred to a secluded clean facility to keep these men healthy and fertile. It was a directive 2 Alpha by Alliance command, but this male refused. He was not going to give up fighting for his nation and his brothers... Even if he is the last of his own kind. He was a knight through and through.

He snapped back to reality as he heard the intercom, the pilot informed the passengers that they have arrived at the base. The slight feeling of shifting by the aircraft turning to the right as the skids started to deploy as the engines shift towards the ground. The view quickly changed from dead grass to concrete and iron. Automated defenses scattered around to protect the facility from air borne attacks. The one view that never got old for the male to see was the thousands of women stationed here walking around. He chuckled softly as he remembers his first deployment to this base. It was 6 years ago and he was a simple squire at that time for the 8th Knight Regiment of the Kingdom of Halmiora. Now he is simply known as the Black Knight of a dead nation. His chuckle went dead as the skids touch down on the tarmac. He sees 25 armored women standing in formation, the rotation unit towards the front was waiting for the VTOL arrival. The man grabs his [ rifle] before slowly standing on his feet. As he stepped off, he experienced the one thing that alienated him from his own comrades now. The women all could not believe what had just walked off. It was like a slap to their face as a living male was walking past them. He hated the stares as he walked on, it didn't help that his armor made it obvious who he was.

He walked towards the 2nd most secured and clean building on the base, the barracks of his unit. He was placing his rifle on the gun rack, when the pattering of heels entered his head phones. He turns his head, seeing a Lieutenant of the Gilmik Republic. "Lieutenant Jin.... How may I help you?" He asks, his voice muffled due to his oxygen mask. She was breathing heavily before standing at attention. "G-General Hill request you in her office... She knows you just got back from your mission behind enemy lines, but you are needed now..." She says, looking at him as she whimpered softly. The male nods and sighs as he wave her away, telling her to lead him to the office. She quick clicks her heels together and proceeds to walk a head as the heavily armored male to the Headquarters.
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