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[center [size11 Natalie rolled her eyes at Vinicius’s attempt at sassing her back. She noticed how the boy averted her gaze, it was nice so she decided to suppress the part of herself that was tempted to tease him over it. Which was actually really hard because the majority of interactions between Ravenclaws were full of sarcasm and thinly veiled attempts to one up each other at being the biggest smartass in the room. It was amusing how the other houses seemed to think they were these shy bookworms, because if you wanted shy, you’d better look for a Hufflepuff.]]
[center [size11 Unlike her compartment mate she tossed her clothes into her bag. There was no way she was going to waste time folding her clothes when her book was waiting for her. The characters were being idiots and not realizing that they were in a mutual state of pining but that was par the course for most romance novels. Natalie pooled her cloak in a pile next to her so she wouldn’t have to bother adjusting it while she sat down and did her usual bit of unconsciously adjusting her position.]]
[center [size11 [b [#070B59 “Sixth year already,”]] Natalie’s chocolate brown eyes darted up suspiciously at Vinicius as he attempted to make conversation. [b [#070B59 “What are you looking forward to the most, hmm?”]] She arched an eyebrow at the boy in accusation. Vinicius didn’t make conversation with people, especially not people who knew him well enough to know there was nothing harmless about any of his questions. [b [#070B59 “I think I’ll most enjoy the addition of nonverbal spells. I’ve already mastered a few but it’s always nice to guidance of professors.”]]]]
[center [size11 She groaned at the mention of nonverbal spells. Natalie was shockingly bad at them. Her father said it was because she was too rigid and hated to lose control thus her wand didn’t respond well to any attempts because her magic was reluctant. [b [#070B59 “I’m not looking forward to that part of our curriculum. Flitwick started us on some last year in my advanced Charm work class, I nearly set a Slytherin on fire. Not my best moment trying to brush that off,”]] She probably didn’t need to admit any of this but everyone already knew about the incident in charms so it wouldn’t hurt to talk about it.]]
[center [size11 [b [#070B59 “However, I have advanced Potions this year. We were supposed to study Felix Felicis but after the Slytherin quidditch team tried to use it last year to cheat again Gryffindor I’d heard they removed it from the curriculum. But we [i will] be covering Amortentia. I’ll be placing bets on which idiot smuggles some out and tries to drug their crush. At least one person does it every year,”]] She couldn’t help but laugh at the mere thought. It was always a disaster and yet someone was always desperate enough to try.]]
[center [size11 The train came to a rolling stop, as they were finally on Hogwarts grounds Natalie whipped out her wand and shrugged on her cloak. With a simple incantation her trunk floated just a few inches off of the railing above her head and would follow her to whatever carriage she chose. As the two Ravenclaws exited the train they were practically consumed by the crowd. A head of her she could see her younger brother exiting the train with his Gryffindor friends. She couldn’t help but scan the rest of the crowd, craning her head to make up for her small stature, to see if Casey had already made his way over towards the booming voice of Hagrid as he called out to the first years. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to see her youngest sibling before she was forced to move on with the rest of the students.]]
[center [size11 Natalie followed Vinicius, she probably could have gone elsewhere and found others to sit with but she’d rather take her chances on sitting with the platinum blonde than risk running into one of the [i “nice”] Ravenclaws. At least Vinicius had character.]]
[center [size11 The taller of the two seemed to find a suitable carriage and climbed in and Natalie followed suit, settling in next to her housemate. As she pulled her book out once more, she noticed the figure sitting down across from them. Ezra Bollinger. A sixth year like them but in the Hufflepuff house. As she’d heard he was as much trouble as Vinicius and the two were quite the pair. [b [#070B59 “Do you want me to leave so you can spend time with boyfriend?”]] She tossed at Vinicius dryly, her body language indicating that she would rather have her teeth pulled than actually move.]]

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[center [size11 [b [#D20000 “Bloody hell, are you trying to get yourself killed?”]] The boy who had pulled him back into the carriage yelled at him once the brunette was secured. Camden reflexively flinched at the noise. His stomach was sinking and his cheeks burned. He’d never been good at being yelled at, at least he’d gotten over his tendency to cry whenever someone raised their voice at him. Though even as that thought crossed his brain, he could feel a prickle in his eyes. Fortunately, the tears didn’t fall but his eyes had grown glassy with moisture. ]]
[center [size11 Camden muttered out another [i ‘sorry’] as the other boy rain a hand through his hair. [b [#D20000 “You almost died and you’re apologizing?”]] Well, in his defense, he wasn’t apologizing for the part where he almost died but for the part where the quidditch player had saved him and then yelled at him. [b [#D20000 “If you really want to pet the thestrals you should have just asked.”]]]]
[center [size11 Blue eyes widened a bit and his eyebrows knitted together as dumbly repeated back, [b [#f2da3f “Ask,”]] he paused trying to piece the suggestion together, [b [#f2da3f “the thestrals?”]] The Hufflepuff couldn’t see the creatures yet he was somehow meant to ask them if he could pet them? How was he supposed to know if they agreed? He’d never heard them make any noise, but maybe you had to be able to see them to hear them? Suddenly his mind was whirling with confused notions about the thestrals. ]]
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Wells pursed his lips and scratched his head. He vaguely remembered the blonde. She had been a little trouble the year before. The captain knew he needed to find a new seeker after theirs had graduated the year before. Sighing, he smiled sheepishly.
[b [#741500 "Mati you'll have to teach about all the players this year."]] Wells suggested.

The tawny-haired boy rested his head on his elbow and gazed out the window. He watched the trees go by as the train grew closer to the station. His mind wandered. He wasn't sure if he should bring it up to his keeper. Deciding she would understand him most, he opened his mouth.
[b [#741500 "James Monroe offered me a spot on the team after graduation if tryouts go well and I don't know what to do."]] He babbled. He knew Matilda wouldn't judge him for not knowing what he wanted. Most would jump at the chance but Wells had his fears. Would he be good enough? Was he capable of such a huge opportunity.

As the train squealed to a stop like Wells during the Great Feast. It was dusk by the time all of the students were off the locomotive. First years were being wrangled by the woolly groundskeeper Hagrid. Wells grabbed his bags and took Matilda's hand as the two made their way towards their carriage. He had gotten comfortable enough with the Gryffindor and didn't want to lose her in the crowd.

Before climbing into the carriage, Wells gave the skeletal equine a pat on the face and a scratch behind the ear. The thestral shook her massive head and nudged at the boys hand. Grinning from ear to ear, Wells was excited to start the year as a teacher's assistant in the fifth year Care for Magical Creatures. The captain had discovered his knack for creature care and ran with it.

Settling in his seat next to Matilda, he spotted the Hufflepuff from before. The underclassman was oblivious to the two as he inched towards the edge of the freight. Wells watched curiously unsure whether or not to just ask. Before he could make a decision, Camden had leaned too far over and disappeared from sight. Without thinking, Wells reached out a strong arm and scooped up the boy before he could fall to the fast moving ground. Pulling him effortlessly into the seat, Wells let out a sharp breath.
[b [#741500 "Bloody hell, are you trying to get yourself killed?!"]] Snapped Wells. Cam's meek response softened Wells flustered expression. Running his fingers through his now messy hair, Wells sunk back into his seat and shook his head with a smile. [b [#741500 "You almost died and you're apologizing? If you really want to pet the thestrals you should have just asked."]] Wells let out a laugh. It was going to be an interesting year.

[center [pic https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/b31b31a9-1df1-47e2-956b-fb699352719a/dbhpvd4-c9334d70-7747-4571-9035-0f3e6bba4d30.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcL2IzMWIzMWE5LTFkZjEtNDdlMi05NTZiLWZiNjk5MzUyNzE5YVwvZGJocHZkNC1jOTMzNGQ3MC03NzQ3LTQ1NzEtOTAzNS0wZjNlNmJiYTRkMzAucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0.A-Ad5JxNVZk86RbSwmjceeofVcyxbD6I2U15-3Pt02Y]]

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Ezra was surprised that he actually enjoyed the train ride talking to Cam. Although Ezra's preferred company was the ancient creatures of the forest or the comfortable silence that was his own, he rather liked having someone to listen to. Maybe this year the Hufflepuff would try to make friends rather than finding clients. Vinicius Spalding's pale, angular face flashed through Ezra's mind causing the boy to shutter. [i What the fuck?]

Once Ezra was off the train, he gathered his things and turned to Cam but to his surprise, the other Hufflepuff had been lost in the sea of black robes. Sighing, Ezra scratched his head. For a moment he toyed with the idea of turning into a wolf and making his way to Hogwarts on his own but he knew better. He wasn't in the mood to get chewed out. That is to say if it were even possible for him to [i get caught.] Ezra had acquired a certain [i magical artifact] during his first year. It wasn't before long that the boy had been sneaking around the castle and once he was brave enough, off grounds.

Deciding he would be better this year, Ezra found an empty carriage. The thestral pulling it gave him a push searching his pockets for treats. Reaching into his backpack, Ezra pulled out a paper bag full of jerky. His grandmother had perfected a dried meat recipe targeted towards all of her favorite carnivorous creature. Careful not to get his fingers bitten off by the winged horse, he said his goodbye and climbed into the carriage.

Ezra wasn't really surprised when two Ravenclaws joined him in his carriage. Of course it was Vini and Natalie. Ezra didn't know Natalie personally. All that he could gather was the girl hadn't figured out that being on the Quidditch team [i wasn't a personality trait.] Ezra didn't have anything against her. He quite liked the ruthless bitch archetype whether he would admit it or not. Settling into the corner of the bench, Ezra kept quiet hoping maybe the two wouldn't notice him. He was rather good at being invisible.
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[center [size11 [b [#f2da3f “That’s fantastic Cam. I am really happy for you. We will have to go out and explore together this year,”]] Ezra’s smile was practically blinding with happiness and Camden could admit to some pride in the praise he received from his older housemate. The pride was more because Ezra was so accomplished an animagus that to have him congratulate the boy made him feel as if he’d actually accomplished something of great difficulty. Which he had. But even still.]]
[center [size11 The two boys talked for the majority of ride, laughing and getting on quite well. Ezra spoke of his home and all the magical creatures he’d been taking care of and Camden mentioned his family vacation to Hong Kong and the two phrases of Mandarin he’d managed to learn; [i “Nín hao, hěn gāoxìng rènshì nín”] and [i “Wo bù huì shuō zhōngwén”]. Telling Ezra what they meant had earned him a heartfelt laugh from the other boy.]]
[center [size11 As the sun set and train drew near to the Hogsmeade Station Ezra changed into his Hogwarts uniform while Camden focused his attention on his hands with a blush. It wasn’t a secret that Camden was gay, a point which his roommates liked to tease him on occasionally . And while he wasn’t attracted to Ezra, he still felt it more polite to avert his gaze. Having already been dressed in most of his uniform Camden had only to put on the long black cloak trimmed with yellow and adorning the Hufflepuff crest on the left breast. When the train finally came to easing stop the other compartments seemed to erupt with noise as students began pouring out into the aisles. All of them eager to get off the train and head towards the castle where the welcoming feast was surely waiting.]]
[center [size11 The two Hufflepuff boys were herded out with the rest of the crowd unto the station’s platform. The first years were shepherded by the large, imposing figure of Hagrid the Hogwarts gamekeeper and professor of the Care of Magical Creatures courses. Camden’s gaze was drawn away from Ezra as he heard the booming voice of the grounds’ keeper calling out to the first years and seeing the small bobbing figures of the ten and eleven-year-olds. When he turned back, he’d realized that Ezra had been lost in the sea of students. But being so close to the castle he was less stressed about finding someone he knew than he had been on the train. With the weather so nice the carriages were the open-air category instead of covered.]]
[center [size11 Following the flow of students to carriages he walked ahead knowing that the carriages further away from the platform were the last to fill. While other students dawdled, he was able to find an empty carriage further ahead. He climbed in and turned around his seat closest to the front of the carriage staring at the empty space where the creatures that pulled the carriages were standing. By now all the upperclassmen knew that the carriages were pulled by thestrals, invisible horse-like creatures who could be seen only by those who knew death. Not like people who were dead, though he supposed ghosts could probably see thestrals, but it meant those who had witnessed death or known a loved one to have died. Camden, clearly, couldn’t see them and he honestly pitied those that could but he’d seen illustrations of thestrals, and at times wanted to know how truthful the pictures were.]]
[center [size11 Camden leaned over the edge of the carriage reaching out a hand to a creature he couldn’t see. His hand brushed against soft, warm skin stretched over hard bones. Judging by position he was probably touching the tail. The creature still for a moment before it seemed to relax under his touch letting the child pet at it. The small brunette leaned further out of the carriage trying to feel for more of the creature to pet while also not being able to see it. He was attempting to follow up the line of the tail. As he leaned forward he felt his weight shift making him lose his balance. He tried to regain his balance but he didn’t have the core strength to catch himself.]]
[center [size11 Just as he felt he might actually fall and plummet down to the ground beneath the carriage someone pulled him back by fabric of his cloak and sweater. Now safely in the carriage he was able to get a look at the person who’d helped him and found himself blushing. It was the boy from the train that he’d run into.]]
[center [size11 OH Merlin.]]
[center [size11 Camden felt incredibly embarrassed at this moment. Firstly, because he’d stupidly allowed himself to lean out of the carriage and almost fall. And secondly because this student had practically picked him up like he was nothing and put him back in his seat. The boy was towering over him easily by a foot and now that Camden got a better look at him, he was really, [i really] attractive. Part of the brunette wanted to bury his face in his hands and cry from the mortification he was feeling but that wouldn’t really help him feel better because doing so would also be embarrassing.]]
[center [size11 Realizing he hadn’t said anything he forced his mouth to open, [b [#f2da3f “Um, hello again.”]] [i MERLIN]. This was not going well for him. [b [#f2da3f “And, thank you,”]] His voice wavered and lost some of its volume on the last word. [b [#f2da3f “I’m sorry for the trouble.”]]]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/lnXghZR.jpg]]
[center [size11 Matilda kind of hated it when Wells went back to that place. It was like he was the person from before all over again. Sure, it worked. He was intimidating and maybe even a little bit cruel, all under the guise of teasing. But Matilda remembered what he was like before. She had known him then too, before they'd been friends, before he realized what path he was going down. Part of her always worried that he might be tempted to become that person again. She wasn't sure how close he was to that edge anymore. He was such a sweet guy for all intents and purposes, they wouldn't be friends otherwise. At least he'd said something nice about her flying. That always felt nice.]]
[center [size11 Unlike Wells, Matilda knew exactly who she was. She took quidditch seriously enough to know the other teams by heart and where their strengths happened to be. Natalie was a huge strength for the Ravenclaw team, which meant she was a huge pain in the butt for their team. That would be even more evident this year. If they couldn't find a new seeker to rival her, they were screwed, no matter how much the rest of the team rocked.]]
[center [size11 [#d20000 [b "Natalie Porter."]] She sighed, plopping into her seat and dumping her sweets into her lap. [#d20000 [b "She's the seeker for Ravenclaw. A real pain."]] She began the process of ripping open her beans and proceeded to pour a handful into her palm without thinking much about it. After close examination, she picked a bright green one and plopped it into her mouth. To her delight, it was sour apple and not something like grass. This continued for a little while, her putting beans in her mouth and finding out if they were good or not, at which point she spit them back out and disposed of them. When her handful of beans ran out, she realized the conversation had come to a halt.]]
[center [size11 Looking up, Matilda noticed the look on Wells' face. His brows were knitted together and he was chewing like his life depended on it. She watched him for a second and then swung a leg out toward him and nudged his leg with her foot. [#d20000 [b "Hey."]] She wanted his attention on her rather than whatever made him have that look on his face. [#d20000 [b "What's on your mind, big fella? You look like your sweets are giving you indigestion... You're not gonna puke, are you?"]] She drew her foot back again, making a disgusted face at the very thought. The last thing she wanted was to show up at school covered in vomit.]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/L1yLM9F.jpg]]
[center [size11 As much as Vini would have liked to stay and speak with Ezra, he wasn't inclined to talk about business matters in front of other people. Listening ears were a dangerous tool. And when it came to someone as nice as Camden there was always the risk that he might be less happy to keep secrets from those in charge. As far as professors were concerned, Vinicius Spalding was a model student. He had excellent grades and never got into any trouble. The perfect gentleman, if not a little overbearingly proper at times. If word were to get out about his dealings, his entire reputation among the authority of Hogwarts would be tarnished. No, he could speak with Ezra later, and bring snacks next time.]]
[center [size11 Vini's concern shifted effortlessly from probing the Hufflepuff boy for information to spending the ride in the peaceful bliss of Natalie's annoyance. He knew she wouldn't be happy to see him, which made his presence in her compartment all the more enjoyable for him. He saw it cover her face the moment she returned to find him sitting across from her empty seat, just as pleased as the cat who ate the canary. She seemed even more annoyed than usual. Perhaps it had something to do with the Gryffindors she'd been speaking with before.]]
[center [size11 [#070b59 [b "Ah, Natalie, you're in top form today."]] He scrunched up his nose and nodded sympathetically. [#070b59 [b "That time of the month?"]] He doubted she would honor him with any sort of retort. Those that knew his demeanor best knew the best way to deprive him of enjoyment was to ignore him. Banter was his food and Natalie usually did a wonderful job of starving him out. It would be a long, dull train ride watching her read her book. Thankfully, Vini found himself distracted looking out the window, his mind wandering to [i Ezra] of all things.]]
[center [size11 As they drew closer, Vinicius was drawn from his daydreaming by movement from across the compartment. He hadn't really noticed how late it was getting, so he could be grateful to Natalie for alerting him. However, he wouldn't say so. [#070b59 [b "It's so rare for minds like ours to get lost."]] He commented, a shallow smile on his lips. [#070b59 [b "Thank you for ruining it for me."]] Standing up, he reached for his luggage and pulled out his perfectly folded uniform and set it on the seat behind him. He wasn't a shy boy, big surprise, so he didn't mind changing in front of her either. To keep awkwardness to a minimum, he averted his gaze back to the window as he changed.]]
[center [size11 Vini spent a good amount of time folding his street clothes before stowing them away. He sat back down with a slow exhale and brushed his fingers back over his blonde hair to ensure it was still in place. Clapping his hands together, he looked to Natalie. [#070b59 [b "Sixth year already. What are you looking forward to the most, hmm?"]] One last ditch attempt at conversation couldn't hurt. [#070b59 [b "I think I'll most enjoy the addition of nonverbal spells. I've already mastered a few but it's always nice to have the guidance of professors."]]]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/1MZgHUZ.jpg]]
[center [size11 Natalie listened to the Gryffindor girl’s comeback with an arched brow, it was hardly the kind of burning retort that she would get from another member of Ravenclaw but she supposed it was the best they could do. Wells did a much better job than the girl by choosing to use intimidation tactics by rising up to his full height, as a seeker Natalie was already small so the boy dwarfed her. Of course, she wasn’t exactly intimidated by him, there was no way Wells would do anything to her for all his bravado, and if he did, he’d lose his spot on the team.]]
[center [size11 [b [#D20000 “I am sure Matilda could coach you on your flying too,”]] Clearly the boy didn’t remember who she was or he’d know she’d been out flying his seeker the past two years and would undoubtedly outfly whatever new player they recruited that year. And as a seeker she did more maneuvering on a broom than the keeper before her. She kept in a laugh at his lack of knowledge as he gathered up what he’d bought, [b [#D20000 “See you on the field.”]]]]
[center [size11 She smiled with a sarcastic curl of her lips before taking her sugar quill back to her compartment where she found an uninvited guest. Her house mate Vinicius. The platinum blonde boy was a royal pain to deal with. She groaned when she saw him sitting there as if he’d been the one to find the compartment. [b [#070B59 “Great another annoyance. Can’t you go find a rat’s nest to infest Vini?”]] She tossed towards him as she moved back to her bench and picked up her book. [b [#070B59 “I really don’t need someone interrupting my reading,”]] The blonde girl didn’t hate Vinicius or anything but simply found him to be a draining person. The boy was intelligent, as were all their house mates in some manner, but had a knack for getting into people’s business whether he belonged there or not.]]
[center [size11 She reached in her bag and pulled out her robes, they couldn’t have been too far out from the Hogsmeade station now and she had to get into her uniform before they arrived. After being on the quidditch team for two years she hardly cared about changing in front of the boy seeing as she changed in front of the team all the time. [b [#070B59 “Shouldn’t you be getting your uniform on? Or do you plan to embarrass our house by showing up in street clothes?”]]]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/hEg6yI9.png]][center [abel [size15 [pic https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/519f36fa-9903-44c7-9ec3-26e375fed1a1/dajb5zh-3dd9581b-c798-49b2-a496-55712463bd93.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzUxOWYzNmZhLTk5MDMtNDRjNy05ZWMzLTI2ZTM3NWZlZDFhMVwvZGFqYjV6aC0zZGQ5NTgxYi1jNzk4LTQ5YjItYTQ5Ni01NTcxMjQ2M2JkOTMucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0.-HvUQCcMTuYJkruF7W08Yru5ZkVy9-12skKtvMYAGDM]

Ezra shook his head and insisted that his housemate sat next to him. He watched as Vini exited the cart. Ezra was surprised at how lonely he felt when the Ravenclaw left. He didn't think Vini would actually leave. The two of them had a playful banter between them for so long but maybe Vinicius had grown tired of how Ezra treated him. For a split second he frowned. Before letting anyone see it, he turned and smiled at Camden.

[b [#efd900 "Hey don't worry. We really weren't talking about anything."]] Ezra said trying to hide the bitterness in his voice. He couldn't figure out why he was so upset all of a sudden. Hopefully talking to the sweet fifth year would change his mood.

He was amazed that Camden had finished his animagi training over the summer. He knew Camden was talented but the boy was rather shy and he wasn't sure if he would commit to it. When he had inquired about it the year before, Ezra didn't know if he was serious or not. When Ezra learned about animagi his third year he knew it was something he wanted. His teachers were uncertain about offered to help despite Ezra's lonesome demeanor.

[b [#efd900 "That's fantastic Cam. I am really happy for you. We will have to go out and explore together this year."]] Ezra beamed. He had remembered his own training. It wasn't exceptionally hard due to his lack of friends but he assumed it might have been difficult for a sweet guy like Camden.

The sun was beginning to set as the Hogwarts Express slowed into the Hogsmeade Station. Ezra stared out the window as the light tucked its head behind the mountains. He was excited to be back at school.]]]

[center [pic https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/65636dc9-8b61-4bdb-8baf-fdfeecae0613/d9ecvxa-6a83dfbc-4981-4c7e-9ea4-541ba4abda3a.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzY1NjM2ZGM5LThiNjEtNGJkYi04YmFmLWZkZmVlY2FlMDYxM1wvZDllY3Z4YS02YTgzZGZiYy00OTgxLTRjN2UtOWVhNC01NDFiYTRhYmRhM2EucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0.0E-SIk3XOglaaMQ6KyfejW5cV2dC-Kub-EOx88L7ptw]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/8i8xpQo.png]][center [abel [size15 [pic https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/519f36fa-9903-44c7-9ec3-26e375fed1a1/dajarpr-9589f80a-33c4-4137-8cc6-e28e64e2cc5b.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzUxOWYzNmZhLTk5MDMtNDRjNy05ZWMzLTI2ZTM3NWZlZDFhMVwvZGFqYXJwci05NTg5ZjgwYS0zM2M0LTQxMzctOGNjNi1lMjhlNjRlMmNjNWIucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0.PORtp4cJMXiXMztAguIt1yXJw5nHSSG-kPyvVYMH4Is]

Wells smiled his signature heartbreak smile at Matilda as she picked out her sweets. He had missed his best friend and was excited for the coming year.
[b [#741500 "My summer was great. The Irish team was so fun to work with. I have a signed sweatshirt for you just like you asked."]] He gushed. His summer with the Irish team was non stop fun and he was chomping at the bit to teach his team what he had learned. This year would be great for the Gryffindor team. They had a solid winning season last year but Wells wanted Gryffindor to without a doubt be the best team this year.

Just as the Gryffindor Captain stuffed a chocolate frog in his mouth, he spotted a small blonde girl scowling at him. He vaguely recognized her as a quidditch opponent. He couldn't remember if she was Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. As soon as she opened her mouth he knew, [i Ravenclaw.] Her sharp tongue and witty comebacks were classic Ravenclaw. He wasn't sure why she was trying to pick a fight with him. Scratching the back of his head, he swallowed his treat and smiled.
[b [#741500 "I mean if you need some tips I don't mind helping."]] He laughed.
Crossing his arms, his playful demeanor changed. His massive body and tall stature were all the more menacing when he stood at full height. Narrowing his eyes, he bent over so the two were eye level. The chaser was no longer the lovable teddy bear everyone knew him as. He was the ferocious player that had earned him team captain two years in a row. He was Wells Anders, the sixth year that earned himself a place in the Irish National Quidditch Team summer program.
[b [#741500 "I am sure Matilda could coach you on your flying too."]] Letting out a hearty laugh, he scooped up his snacks. [b [#741500 "See you on the field."]]

Following Matilda back to their seat, he was excited to consume mass quantities of sweets. Once the two were seated, he furrowed his brows. [b [#741500 "Hey Mati, who was that girl? I don't think I have ever seen her in my life."]] He confessed with a sheepish smile. Wells didn't mean to be threatening to the girl. He just hated when people badmouthed him or his team.

Wells opened his mouth to speak again but then stopped. James Monroe, the Irish team captain, had offered Wells a spot on the team after graduation. The Gryffindor was torn between quidditch and his new found love for magical creature care. He wasn't sure who to talk to about his dilemma. It should be a no-brainer. The Irish National team offered to train him again next summer and then a try-out. He knew he should go for it but his knack for creature care was holding him back. Sighing, he took a bite of his pasty before slumping back into his chair.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/LOLfxBu.jpg]]
[center [size11 Camden hesitated a bit in the door way, he was rather good at reading people and his initial impression was that Ezra had wanted to be left alone . But seeing as how the other had made room the brunette decided to go ahead. Besides he knew that by now most of the other compartments would have been filled. ]]
[center [size11 [b [#070B59 “Good afternoon, Camden,”]] Vinicius greeted with a worrying smile on his face. Camden wasn’t very familiar with the older boy and something didn’t sit well with him about the way the other smiled without anything reaching his eyes.]]
[center [size11 [b [#f2da3f “Oh, um, hello Vinicius,”]] The brunette greeted back as he sat down in the spot Ezra had cleared for him. He couldn’t help but clutch at his bag which he moved to keep in his lap as if it were a pillow.]]
[center [size11 [b [#070B59 “Actually, we were just chatting about something,”]] Camden immediately felt bad and was going to get up and leave so that they could finish the conversation he’d interrupted, [b [#070B59 “but it can wait.”]] The platinum blonde boy stood up from his spot across the two Hufflepuffs. [b [#070B59 “I hope you have a lovely ride,”]] Camden was grateful that the Ravenclaw had decided to direct his gaze at Ezra instead of himself as he gave a bow which Camden supposed was meant to be humorous. Maybe it was an inside joke between Ezra and Vinicius. ]]
[center [size11 [b [#f2da3f “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation with each other,”]] Camden said turning his body to face Ezra and relaxing his grip on his bag. [b [#f2da3f “If it’s important I can go and grab him and sit somewhere else, I can always talk to you in the common room later tonight,”]] He offered but he felt that perhaps Ezra didn’t want to speak with Vinicius.]]
[center [size11 [b [#f2da3f “I, um, just wanted to thank you for your advice last year, I managed to complete my training over the summer and I’ve been registered with the Ministry as an animagus. So, well, thanks,”]] He said blushing at his own awkwardness in the situation. A month of keeping a mandrake leaf in his mouth had easily been the hardest since he wasn’t supposed to talk about the process of becoming an animagus to anyone so he couldn’t warn people that he wouldn’t be able to speak for a whole moon cycle. Thus, he’d sent out a message to his friends that he’d lost his voice so if they needed to talk to him that they should just message him or send an owl.]]
[center [size11 Though honestly the excitement and experience of transforming for the first time had been worth the silence and difficulty he’d had with the leaf. His father had been exceptionally proud, though perhaps a fluffy cat wasn’t what he was hoping his son would turn into but after his son was sorted into Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor he’d learned to curb his ideal experiences when it came to Camden. ]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/lnXghZR.jpg]]
[center [size11 [#d20000 [b "The autumn shades are on the leaves, the trees will soon be bare."]]]]
[center [size11 A rather petite brunette moved around her small cottage bedroom picking things up here and there that she was sure she would need. As she went about packing her trunk, her voice rang out softly, holding that obvious Irish lilt that she had inherited from both her parents. The words of the song came effortlessly to her lips without so much as a thought. As many times as her father had sung it to her as a child, she could have recited it in her sleep. She turned and strode across the room, stuffing her robes into her trunk with little thought to how they would probably wrinkle by the time she changed into them.]]
[center [size11 [#d20000 [b "Each red-coat leaf around me seems the colors of her hair."]]]]
[center [size11 Twirling on her heel again, she caught sight of a forgotten textbook and skipped across the room to retrieve it. She was fairly certain she'd gotten everything she needed for the year when she went shopping. Sometimes, it was hard to tell. Her mother was the organized one, and she was hesitant to bring her along to anywhere magical. Her parents didn't much understand the world that their daughter was now part of, but that was okay. Matilda still enjoyed telling them all about what she learned and saw, and they listened as if they understood every word she said. She placed the book carefully in her trunk on top of everything else.]]
[center [size11 [#d20000 [b "My gaze retreats, defies my feet, and once again I sigh."]]]]
[center [size11 [#2cd446 [b "For the broken pool of sky reminds me, the color of her eyes."]]]]
[center [size11 Spinning around, Matilda smiled brightly, pushing her long brown hair behind her shoulder. [#d20000 [b "Da, you scared me. Didn't hear you coming, you great lug."]] Reaching back, she closed the lid of her trunk, convinced that she'd packed everything. When it didn't exactly latch right, she put both hands on the edge and hoisted her body on top of it, sitting down as heavily as she could. Her father chuckled with that deep voice of his and crossed the room to her.]]
[center [size11 [#2cd446 [b "Here, let me help ya with that, butterfly."]] He reached her and put his hands on her sides, lifting her as if she weighed nothing and setting her on the floor again. He used both hands to shove the lid shut, forcing it into place so that it latched. Clapping his hands together, he turned to look at her with an almost sheepish smile. [#2cd446 [b "Seems like you're all ready to go again."]] He said, patting the trunk a bit awkwardly.]]
[center [size11 [#d20000 [b "Oh, please don't get all weepy on me, da. You know I'll be back for Christmas."]] She knew how emotional her parents could be about her going to school. They had so much fun all summer long just being together as a family, and now she was leaving again. But Hogwarts was her home too, even if some didn't think she quite fit in there. It didn't phase her a bit. Leaning in a bit, she lowered her voice. [#d20000 [b "I'll bring you back some sweets, shall I?"]] They both smiled brightly at that notion and her father pulled her into a hug that was just the right amount of suffocating.]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/q8bKwoM.png]]
[center [size11 Matilda's parents drove her to the station, just like they did every year. On the way, they sang and talked as if nothing were any different. And then they arrived and everyone grew quiet. Matilda hated the quiet. She knew how much her mother wanted to ask her to stay, and how much her father was holding back tears. They stood with her on the platform just between numbers 9 and 10, her father's arm around her mother's thin shoulders. She gave them each one more hug and accepted many more kisses before she left them behind. And just like that, she crossed over from her very normal life to the crazy, bustling world she had become part of.]]
[center [size11 After checking in her trunk, Matilda rushed to one of the train doors to board. The scarlet engine was a sight for sore eyes and made her heart go fluttering in her chest. She had plans to meet a friend, her very best friend at that, and she didn't want to leave him waiting too long. She and Wells hadn't been so close for very long, but ever since they'd become friends they'd been inseparable at school. They were both on the quidditch team and this year they had a very unique problem to solve. They were in need of a new seeker. She was incredibly excited for tryouts to begin, but first, they'd have to actually make it to the castle.]]
[center [size11 To Matilda's surprise, she couldn't find Wells anywhere, which meant she had actually made it there before him. She took up residence in an empty compartment and sat down, placing the small transportation tank holding her tarantula Mercy next to her. She took a moment to look at herself in a mirror and fixed her high ponytail and straightened her oversized sweatshirt with the logo of Wells 'favorite quidditch team on it that he'd sent her over the summer. It wasn't long before the door opened and she saw her tall, handsome best friend enter with his normal charming demeanor. She couldn't stop herself from smiling from ear to ear.]]
[center [size11 [#d20000 [b "It was fantastic. And yours?"]] Though she already knew from his letters how much fun he'd had. She wanted to hear all about it, in detail, but alas... Wells' stomach protested. She couldn't help but giggle at him. He'd probably forgotten to eat breakfast or something. [#d20000 [b "You know I never turn down sweets."]] She stood and followed him from the compartment, telling Mercy to stay put as they left. It didn't take long to locate the trolley, but before they could dig in there was a slight disturbance in the way of a timid Hufflepuff bumping into Wells. Matilda smiled at him when he greeted her. [#d20000 [b "Hey Camden, how was your summer?"]] But her words fell on empty air as the boy practically ran away from them.]]
[center [size11 [#d20000 [b "That wasn't odd at all."]] She commented, though her attention was quickly taken over by the smell of treats. She pushed her way up beside Wells, completely capable of making her way despite her size. [#d20000 [b "Oh, you're going to regret that offer, my good sir."]] She teased him, glancing over the full stock of delicious goods she could get her hands on. After some consideration, she decided on two chocolate frogs, a licorice wand, and a box of every flavored beans, since those were always great fun. Just as she finished her order, she heard a rather disconcerting voice and glanced up to meet the eyes of Natalie Porter.]]
[center [size11 Matilda's eyes narrowed slightly at the other quidditch player. She was a thorn in Gryffindor's side if there ever was one. And with the loss of their seeker the following year, she was going to be a real problem this season unless they found a ringer. When she made her snide remark to Wells, Matilda couldn't help but speak up. [#d20000 [b "Please, he could eat the whole cart and still outplay the lot of you with a sour stomach."]] Wow, that was a poor retort. Matilda wasn't good at witty comebacks. She wasn't quite good at anything besides flying and being nice. Taking her sweets in her hands, she elbowed Wells on the arm. [#d20000 [b "Come on, let's go sit back down."]] They did have a lot to discuss about this year, after all. And Matilda might have been a little embarrassed with herself.]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/L1yLM9F.jpg]]
[center [size11 Vinicius stood over the perfectly laid out grid of supplies across his bed. Neatly folded clothes, carefully stacked textbooks, potion-making ingredients, parchment, quills... He went over his long checklist once again, switching his eyes between each item as he came to it, assuring himself it was all actually there. It took half the day and six recounts, but he had finally come to the conclusion that he was, in fact, well prepared. With his wand in hand, a simple swish and flick, and a softly spoken incantation, the items spread over his bed lifted into the air and floated to the trunk, each taking its turn to be fitted neatly inside before it latched with a click.]]
[center [size11 Striding across the room, Vini picked up a small picture frame from his chest of drawers, examining the smiling children encased in it. They were hugging each other from the side while the taller of the two held two fingers behind the other's head, giving him rabbit ears. The smaller, more sickly looking child had a wide smile and a shock of platinum blonde hair. At least he'd grown into his body and filled out since then. He didn't look so much like he could break at any moment. Reaching a hand up, he touched his fingertips against the small face of the other boy, with his carrot-colored hair and a ridiculous amount of freckles.]]
[center [size11 [#bcbf06 [b "Vinicius!"]] The sudden yell caused him to tense and he quickly set the portrait down, leaving the boys of the past to giggle and play, frozen in time. He heard the jarring steps of his older brother climbing the stairs only seconds before he burst through his door with a cheesy grin. [#bcbf06 [b "Vini, come on, you're gonna miss the train."]] He slapped him on the back, something that would have had much more impact on him when they were younger.]]
[center [size11 [#070b59 [b "Thank you for your concern, Leander. But I never miss the train."]] He flashed his brother a winning, if not a little tight, smile. The older boy meant a lot to him, but he could be a lot to take. He'd always been vibrant and popular when he went to Hogwarts. He was captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team in his time and always did well in his classes. Vinicius couldn't help but feel a little grateful when he finished school the year before last, leaving him to finally make his own way without being Leander's little brother.]]
[center [size11 [#bcbf06 [b "Oh, of course, of course."]] Leander nodded and pushed his fingers back through his own silvery hair. [#bcbf06 [b "You're never late for anything. Mr. time and place."]] Despite his teasing, he smiled. It was all in good fun and Vini knew that. [#bcbf06 [b "Come on, let's get you downstairs, or mum will have a fit."]] Walking over, Leander hoisted the packed trunk with ease over one shoulder and carried it to the door. Vinicius would have reminded him that he could have simply used magic to get it downstairs, but why deprive him of his shows of strength? Instead, he simply shook his head and followed him out of the room.]]
[center [size11 His mother was a joy, as always. Her hair nearly reached her waist and was blonde as well, though it held a beautiful strawberry tint. She smiled when she saw Vinicius enter the kitchen and practically floated over to him to kiss his cheek, something he had to lean down for her to accomplish. [#ed4cb2 [b "You've got everything?"]] She asked, just like she did every year. [#ed4cb2 [b "And you're sure?"]] She asked once more even after he had assured her, so he did so again. Her smile returned in full force. [#ed4cb2 [b "That's my boy. Now, eat your breakfast, the car will be here soon to take you to the station."]]]
[center [size11 Vinicius did as he was bid, sitting down at the table across from his brother, who flicked a forkful of eggs in his direction. Vini countered by tossing a piece of potato and pegging him square between the eyes, to which Leander snorted and started coughing on his toast. Laughter bubbled from Vini's lips and he put a hand up to muffle it, attempting to restrain himself...]]
[center [size11 [#bd5a1c [b "Really. That's no way to behave at the table."]] Both boys turned their blue eyes to the head of the table where their father sat, leering at them from over his newspaper. They both straightened up immediately.]]
[center [size11 [#070b59 [b "Sorry, father."]]]]
[center [size11 [#bcbf06 [b "My bad, pops."]]]]
[center [size11 The two of them shared a look when he went back to reading his paper. Leander crossed his eyes and took another bite and Vinicius had to clear his throat to keep from laughing again. He ate the rest of his food as quickly as possible and gave his mother one last kiss before walking outside to find the sleek black car waiting for him. Leander carried his trunk outside for him and stowed it in the trunk. [#bcbf06 [b "You sure you don't want me to ride with you?"]] He offered again. They had always ridden to the station together every since Leander's first year. This would be Vini's first time going on his own.]]
[center [size11 [#070b59 [b "No, you stay. I'll be fine. Besides, you have to get ready for Clarissa."]] He smiled when he saw the slight tint of rose paint across his brother's cheeks, the older boy rubbing at the back of his neck. Vinicius reached out and touched his elbow, giving him a reassuring squeeze. [#070b59 [b "I'll be fine."]] He said again, smiling softly. Still, Leander pulled him into a big bear hug, holding on just a fraction longer than necessary before he let him go. Vinicius watched him in the rearview mirror as the car pulled out of the drive and, once he disappeared from sight, let out a slow exhale to prepare himself for the coming year.]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/CtuU9SD.png]]
[center [size11 The platform was bustling with students and parents and Vinicius carefully made his way through them to keep from bumping into anyone. His chauffeur had kindly offered to get his trunk to the check-in, leaving him to stroll leisurely through the crowd. A few people stopped him to say hi, people he'd done business with for years and people who just found him charming and wanted to remind him of their presence. He greeted each and every one of them with excitement as if they were his best friend in the world, and then left them behind with little recollection of what they'd even said. He had a gift for remembering names, but useless information had no place in his mind.]]
[center [size11 Students had already begun to fill the train little by little. As he entered, he noticed a few empty compartments still remained, but he continued on. Vinicius always liked to find interesting people to sit with. The train ride could be awfully boring without conversation. Though he hadn't planned it, he spotted a particularly opportune compartment housing only one other student. The Hufflepuff wouldn't be thrilled to see him, and without his normal offering of treats no less, but he was sure Ezra would allow it to slide just this once. He opened the door and smiled at him, slipping inside and into the seat opposite his... well they weren't really friends. Vinicius couldn't be sure what they truly were.]]
[center [size11 [#070b59 [b "What do I want?"]] The Ravenclaw repeated, scoffing at the very notion that he could possible [i want] anything. [#070b59 [b "I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Ask you how your summer treated you and see if you're looking forward to the new year."]] While all of that may have been true to some degree, Vinicius always wanted something. He wasn't a man of wasted action or wasted words. [#070b59 [b "And I might have wondered if any feelings have changed regarding..."]] Before he could finish his thought, the compartment door opened again. Vini's cool blue eyes flickered over to greet the younger Hufflepuff who looked positively flushed for some reason.]]
[center [size11 [#070b59 [b "Good afternoon, Camden."]] Vinicius greeted him, noting the fact that Ezra willingly moved his legs for his fellow housemate. If he was a different person he may have been offended that the same gesture wasn't extended to him. However, he and Ezra had been playing this game for a long time. He knew the rules by now. [#070b59 [b "Actually, we were just chatting about something, but it can wait."]] Standing, Vini looked between them before settling his gaze on Ezra alone. [#070b59 [b "I hope you have a lovely ride."]] With that, he gave a ridiculously formal bow at the waist and left the two badgers sitting in their compartment to find another.]]
[center [size11 As he made his way down the train, Vini found himself backed up by the sweets trolley. He wasn't a big fan of sweets, but the number of younger students it drew in was incredibly profitable. As he stood and waited, a door just in front of him opened and out came Natalie Porter, another Ravenclaw that wasn't exactly fond of his antics. However, he glanced in her compartment to find it empty aside from her things and felt a smirk form on his lips. As she busied herself picking out a treat and antagonizing a couple of Gryffindor quidditch players, Vinicius slipped into the compartment and settled himself across from where her book was sitting, setting one ankle on his other knee and making himself at home.]]
[center [size11 Yes, that would do nicely.]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/1MZgHUZ.jpg]]
[center [size11 Natalie gave slight pause as she strained to hear anything over the sound of her favorite wizard band, Omens of Macbeth, which was blasting over her headphones. She could have sworn that she’d heard something beyond the indie sounds. Shrugging it off the blonde went back to getting ready. Unlike her two younger siblings, one of whom was starting their first year at Hogwarts, she’d been packed for three days already. Now all she had to worry about was what she was going to wear on the train. She’d get into the Ravenclaw robes when she was on the train and closer to the castle grounds.]]
[center [size11 Ultimately the sixth year had decided to wear all black, a traditional color for witches. She’d put on faux leather leggings and an oversized black sweater that fell off her shoulders with a lace bralette underneath. She pulled her long, curled blonde hair up into a loose, messy, high ponytail before touching up her makeup. ]]
[center [size11 As she was applying another layer of black mascara to make her lashes look longer when her bedroom door slammed open making her jump slightly. [b [#D20000 “Nat! I’ve called you a hundred times!”]] It was Natalie’s younger brother, Steven, a Gryffindor who was starting his fourth year today.]]
[center [size11 [b [#070B59 “Calm down, will you? I’ve been packed for days,”]] She said as she pulled her headphones off of her ears and stared at her younger brother with annoyance. [b [#070B59 “Unlike you, I’m on top of things,”]] A cold smirk curled at her lips when she said this, earning a glare from the fourth year Gryffindor. ]]
[center [size11 [b [#D20000 “Well if you’re [i so] ready then why don’t you get downstairs. Mum is practically tearing her hair out getting Casey ready, and Dad still needs to levitate your trunk to the car,”]] Natalie rolled her brown eyes at the tone her brother was taking. But she could understand why Mum was so worried, Casey was the youngest and it was his first year after all. He’s spent the past month doing nothing but wondering and worrying about what house he’d be placed in and since tradition dictated, they not tell how the new students got placed it only made it worse for the little boy. He’d been chased to tears by his siblings’ refusals to talk about the sorting more than once. ]]
[center [size11 [b [#070B59 “Fine, I’ll find Dad, now go and annoy someone else,”]] She said as she made a shooing motion towards the boy until he reluctantly stomped away from her door. Looking around the room for where she’d put her boots earlier; she found them sitting next to the trunk near to Lufkin’s hooded cage where the old owl was napping.]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/jXDEKXF.jpg]]
[center [size11 Natalie’s parents were so busy saying goodbye to Casey and helping him on the train that the blonde was able to easily slip past them and into the crowd of students bustling back and forth across the magical platform. Luckily her trunk was still with her parents on the trolley and they’d back sure it got to the enchanted check in. Her brother had been pulled away by some of the other fourth year Gryffindors he was friends with. The group had walked off while talking about the upcoming year’s quidditch tryouts and their aspirations for the team. Steven had been up in arms since Natalie had been named seeker two years earlier for Ravenclaw and was determined to land the now vacant position on Gryffindor’s team, regardless of whether or not he had the actually ability which Natalie did not think he possessed.]]
[center [size11 The blonde wasted little time getting on the train and slipped into the first vacant compartment she could find. Undoubtedly her brother Casey would look for Steven or other first years before trying to bother the blonde as she wasn’t exactly the most reassuring or affectionate of their family members. And she was rather confident the little boy would end up in Hufflepuff with his sweet and caring disposition.]]
[center [size11 Natalie spread out on one of the benches, taking up as much room as she could, lounging back onto the cushioned seat and letting her long legs stretch out away from her. She pulled out a book from her bag to keep herself occupied and act as a barrier between herself and anyone who might try to bother her. It seemed to be working as she’d caught sight of a few faces but none had tried to open up the door. After some time, she heard the familiar call of the Trolley Witch calling out to students to see if anyone wanted a treat for the train ride. Natalie had always enjoyed a good lolly while she was reading and though to grab one.]]
[center [size11 Exiting her compartment, she approached the Honeydukes Express trolley and saw a pair of familiar faces, [b [#070B59 “Look, it’s the Gryffindor quidditch team, thinking of having your strategy meetings in hallways where anyone can hear you, now? That should make beating you all the easier this year.”]] The Ravenclaw girl pointed out a marmalade flavored quill to the old woman who manned the cart. Natalie eyed the two Gryffindor players; one was the keeper Matilda who only looked vaguely familiar to the blonde and the other was the well-known team captain for Gryffindor house Wells Anders. Practically everyone knew Wells if only because the boy never shut up about himself, he seemed to have an ego with a size that rivaled giants. ]]
[center [size11 [b [#070B59 “Think you have enough candy Wells? Or are you going for the record of [i ‘most cavities gained in one train ride’]?”]] She said with heavy sarcasm as she paid for her single sugar-quill. ]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/hEg6yI9.png]][center [abel [size15 A dark-haired boy with a petite frame, stood in a lush field with a bucket in each hand. Placing them on the ground, he pressed his fingers to his lips a blew. In the distance, a dozen equine creature picked their heads up and looked in the direction of the whistle. The herd of Thestrals trotted towards him, their hooves thundering against the ground. The male took a scoop and spread the food out in equal parts for each animal. One wandered up to him, nuzzling his chest and nipping at the zipper. Chuckling, he placed a hand on the creature's head an gave him a gentle pat.

[b [#6e9494 "Ezra! Ezra!"]] Called a distant voice.

Averting his attention from the winged horse, he turned his head to the noise. Glancing at his watch, Ezra had lost track of time. Cursing to himself, he said his goodbyes to the thestrals before hopping the fence and running back to the farmhouse.

Inside, a frail old woman was hunched over the sink handing dishes to a house elf. She was humming a familiar tune. At the kitchen table sat a middle-aged woman. Her face was young, the only signs of age were the laughter lines around her mouth and eyes telling the tales of a life full of love. Her ebony hair was pulled back into a bun and she was wearing a pair of worn overalls. She was sipping a cup of tea watching her elder with a smile.

[b [#efd900 "Hello Mum, Gran, Geralt."]] Greeted the boy as he entered the kitchen, kicking off his muddy boots.
[b [#6e9494 "Oh Ezra, are you ready to head to the station? Thank you for feeding the Thestrals. I will send your mum to feed the dragons while you get your things."]] Exclaimed his grandmother as she dried her hands. She handed the house-elf a muffin and he trotted off.

His mother kissed her son on the cheek before exiting the room. Nonchalantly shrinking down, Ezra glowed for a moment before morphing into a grey wolf. He loped up the stairs and silently padded down the hall. Nudging his door open, the canine lept onto his bed. Stretching out, he became a boy again. Resting his head oh his arms, he stared at the ceiling. It was already time to go back to school. Ezra was excited about going back to school he was just worried about his grandmother. She was slowing down. He had lost his grandfather a few years back leaving his mother and grandmother to tend to the animals. Rolling on to his side, he closed his eyes for a moment before deciding it was time to move forward.

Ezra sat crosslegged on the hardwood floor in front of his trunk. He was still for a moment with a hand on the latch. Opening his luggage, his eyes lingered on the words 'Alexander Bollinger' etched into the inside of the trunk lid. He ran his index finger over each letter. Letting out a sigh, Ezra began to pack his things.


The station was packed with students rushing to get on the train. Parents kissed their kids goodbye. Returning kids excitedly greeted each other ready for the returning year. Ezra stared a little too long at a father and mother gushing over their first year. His own mother caught him and smiled. Pulling him in for a hug, she ran her fingers through his messy hair.
[b [#630064 "Ez baby, your dad would be really proud of you."]] She cooed in his ear. Kissing him on the forehead, she handed him a paper bag full of pastries from his grandmother. [b [#630064 "This year will be great, I know it will."]]

Ezra faked a smile in hopes to reassure his mother. Nodding, he gave her a kiss in return before boarding the train.

The Hufflepuff found an empty cart and retreated to a calming silence. Pulling his legs into him, he got himself comfortable before pulling out a sketchbook. He flipped through pages of notes and sketches of magical creatures to a blank page. Uncapping his pen, he began to doodle the threstrals from his home. Last year he started journaling all of the magical creatures his family had been raising. It was an enjoyable pass time for him.

The compartment door slid open startling him. Standing in the doorway was Vinicius, a sixth year Ravenclaw Ezra did occasional business with. Grimacing, he stretched his legs out across the seat so the other male wouldn't sit next to him.
[b [#efd900 "What do you want Vin?"]] Ezra asked dryly knowing very well what the boy wanted.
The Ravenclaw had become a regular customer for Ezra's side business. His third year, Ezra had become well known as an information broker when some students discovered he was an animagus and a keeper of secrets and knowledge.
He watched as Vini took a seat across from him. Just as the male got comfortable, the car door opened again. Slapping his palm to his forehead, Ezra knew he had to give up on his ideal quiet train ride. In the doorway, he spotted Camden, a younger Hufflepuff. Ezra was actually relieved it was him. Cam was easy to be around and the two had become casual friends due to being in the same house. Smiling, he moved his legs to make room.
[b [#efd900 "Hey Cam."]] He greeted warmly.
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[b [#00745a "Ey, Anders, you all packed?"]] Called a deep voice with a thick Irish accent from the door frame. A tall blonde stood leaning against the frame with his arms crossed over his broad chest.
[b [#741500 "Yeah James, just putting a few more things away."]] Replied a slightly shorter male who was leaned over a trunk, folding his clothes neatly. A massive orange cat brushed up against his leg purring violently. Placing a hand out, the feline headbutted his palm.
[b [#00745a "Alright, I will meet you downstairs."]] James grinned. He grabbed a bag that was sitting in the hall and headed down the stairs.

Wells Anders looked at the framed picture he was about to tuck away in his suitcase. The photo was a shot of eight people including him and the boy he had just chatted with. The Gryffindor captain had gotten the chance to spend the entire summer with the Irish National Quidditch Team. It had been an epic summer full of quidditch training under the best of the best, wild wizarding parties, and shenanigans. Wells couldn't believe the summer was already over. James Monroe, the Irish team captain, had been his roommate for the past three months and offered to drive him to the airport. In four hours he would be meeting his own team Keeper to board the Hogwarts Express to spend his sixth year at his favorite place on earth.

After a few trips up and down the stairs, Wells started at the empty room he had called his home for the last hundred days. A wave of nostalgia gripped his heart as he said goodbye and met his friend in the car.


Although the plane ride was short, it felt like it took ages. The Chaser was getting restless. It didn't take long for him to get from the airport to Platform 9 ¾. He had loaded all of his things including his owl and Maine Coon. Once he was on board, Wells strolled down the halls of the train car to find the compartment he had made plans to meet up with his friend in.

Spotting his beautiful auburn-haired friend, his face lit up. Three months had been too long. Gently knocking on the car door, he slumped into the seat across from her.
[b [#741500 "Hey girl, how was your summer?"]] He greeted, placing his carry on next to him. The train began to depart and Wells could feel his excitement build.

The two were interrupted by a grumble from Wells's tummy. Smiling sheepishly, he jumped to his feet. [b [#741500 "I demand substance."]]
Exiting his car, he waited for his friend to follow before locating the food trolley. Wandering at their leisure, the teammates chattered mindlessly. Just as Wells spotted the trolley, his body collided with another. Due to his height and stature, the Quidditch star didn't budge. He watched as the smaller male stumbled forward. Turning towards him, he scratched the back of his head and smiled apologetically.
[b [#741500 "Oh I'm sorry man, I obviously have a one-track mind."]] He laughed a warm laugh and gestured to Honeydukes Express. Before he could say anything else, the boy was gone. Shrugging, he headed back to his mission.

Hovering over the trolley, he licked his lips as he eyed all the candy. The Anders family definitely didn't have any financial problems so Wells helped himself to a little bit of everything. [b [#741500 "Hey Matilda, get whatever you want, on me."]] He chuckled. After snagging a few Dew dew pyschodrops, Popping Pixie Wing Dust, Roasted Chimera Potato Crisps, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean, Bubble Brew, and several pasties he knew he'd be set. Before he finished shopping, he grabbed a few Chocolate Frogs just in case he ran into the boy again hopefully figuratively instead of literally this time.
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[center [size11 The sweltering British summer seemed to have passed in an instant, Camden Moore thought to himself as he packed the last of his things into his trunk. September 1st had come so quickly. Though the fifteen year old could hardly say he minded. Being home with his mother and father had been lovely but he was excited to return for his fifth year at Hogwarts. And honestly, he missed the warm, familiar scent of the Hufflepuff common room. Now he was only a few hours and long train ride away from his home away from home.]]
[center [size11 If he could only finish packing, that is.]]
[center [size11 His bedroom was nearly empty of everything at this point and even with an expansion spell on his trunk it seemed as if he would run out of room in there. He had his books, and supplies, and his spare uniforms, and his casual clothes for Hogsmeade, and, well, everything but his furniture really. It was unlikely that he needed all the things he had packed and if he recalled correctly, he’d not needed everything he’d packed last year either. But whenever he tried to pull something out a little voice in his head made him panic that the item would be absolutely essential to his success and happiness in the coming year.]]
[center [size11 A loud, but not unhappy, screech made the brunette stop his fretting for the moment and turn towards the noise. Circe, his gorgeous barn owl, was staring at him with a seemingly exasperated look. [b [#f2da3f “Sorry, Circe, but you know how I am. I just don’t want to leave anything here that I might need,”]] He said walking over to her open travel cage and giving her scratch under her beak. She screeched again in response. [b [#f2da3f “You’re right,”]] He conceded, [b [#f2da3f “besides if I don’t leave soon, I’ll be late for the train.”]]]]
[center [size11 Though the sun was hardly up the Hogwarts Express left at promptly 8 AM. The boy checked himself over in the mirror. His soft, woodsy brown hair was styled in the most relaxed of ways, by pretty much leaving it alone. Silver blue eyes picked at every detail of his outfit. Since he didn’t like to change on the train he was already wearing a good deal of the uniform. His cloak was folded and tucked away into his school bag as it was likely to draw the attention of the muggles if he walked around wearing something like that. So instead he wore his skinny fit black trousers and a white button up that he left untucked, mostly because tucking it in made him feel a little stiff and dorky, which was underneath his grey Hufflepuff jumper with yellow stripes on the hems. Camden fussed with the Windsor knot on his black and yellow striped tie, trying to make sure it was perfectly straight. ]]
[center [size11 Breathing through his nose and letting out an audible exhale he tried to calm any of his nerves for the coming year. [b [#f2da3f “Mum! I’m finished packing!”]] He called out to his mother, who had already checked on him twice this morning. ]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vvhcsFY.jpg]]
[center [size11 Platform 9¾ was busy with students when Camden arrived, the younger ones seemed unsure and were constantly looking about while the older students strode onto the train to search for either friends or an empty compartment. The brunette left his trunk at the designated spot, in the past years they had installed an enchanted check in for baggage that would teleport the trunks to the space above the student in the compartment of their choosing. Apparently one year one student decided to see what would happen if they didn’t choose a compartment and the trunk appeared above their head once they made the decision and promptly fell on top of them.]]
[center [size11 Camden bade his mother a teary-eyed goodbye before getting aboard the train. The aisles were packed with students ducking in and out of compartments, chatting, and a few couples who were catching up for lost time it seemed. Many of the students stopped him to say hello, like most Hufflepuffs he got along well with the other houses and had plenty of friends from each. He caught sight of a familiar face in one of the compartments; Natalie a sixth year Ravenclaw who had been part of the tutoring groups that he joined last year to prep for O.W.L.s. She was sitting alone in a compartment, practically laying down as she took up an entire side while she kept her nose in whatever book she was reading. A clear sign she didn’t want company. He waved at her though she was too busy reading to notice.]]
[center [size11 As he continued down the aisle, he got distracted by a friend greeting him and wasn’t paying attention to where he was walking. He felt his body come to a jolting stop as he ran into another student. [b [#f2da3f “OH!”]] He exclaimed turning around to see who it was, [b [#f2da3f “I am so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention.”]] The student he ran into was an older Gryffindor boy, Camden didn’t know his first name only his last; Anders. And he only knew his last name because the taller boy was the team captain and star chaser for the Gryffindor quidditch team since last year. Camden felt really rather intimidated by the other boy whose muscular frame loomed over the smaller fifth year. While, Camden didn’t know the boy well he did know the girl he had been talking to. [b [#f2da3f “Oh, hello Matilda,”]] He greeted upon recognizing the fifth year Gryffindor, the two had several general classes with each other the past few years. [b [#f2da3f “Sorry for interrupting,”]] He hastily added as he moved past the two of them, his face a little flush with embarrassment.]]
[center [size11 After that awkward encounter he was a bit more rushed to find some place to sit down so he wouldn’t be in the way of anyone again. Luckily, he spied a familiar face ducking into a compartment. Another Hufflepuff student, though a year older than himself, named Ezra was sitting with a Ravenclaw student named Vinicius. [b [#f2da3f “Ezra! Do you and Vinicius mind if I join you in here?”]] He asked as he stood in the doorframe.]]
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