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[center [i Hello, I'm an old user I use to go under the name Lampachka_x3 but that account is dead because I can't remember the password. If your wondering 'what happened?' and why I have been gone so long. The simple answer life happened.

Obviously, as someone who just got back this is a search thread. I'm open to pretty much anything. Feel free to send me to private message for either 1x1 or group roleplays.

I'm going to be honest as of late I am pretty picky about roleplays. I just can't seem to find cookie cutter plots interesting. Nevertheless, I am willing to accept such a roleplay as long as I have enough freedom to be creative. I am the type of writer where being tightly constricted by a plot can make me lose interest and motivation. Thus, I appreciate those that give me some breathing room.

My writing may have a few mistakes here and there. I am not exactly punctuation savy I might miss a comma in some areas or have a run on sentence occasionally. I am open to critiques and help in this area if you feel like letting me know. When writing in the passed use to consistantly stay at or above 3,000-4,000 characters a post. Of course, this number can drastically increase or decrease depending on the feedback I get in return. For the most part I do try to the rule of giving back what I recieve.

In terms of posting schedule that highly depends on my inspiration or motivation. If I am intrigued by a roleplay I can post multiple long posts multiple times a day, if I am in a rutt posts may come by every other day. In the latter situation by taking more time to reply it's not that i'm avoiding the role-play, it just takes me longer to write something up. Additionally, if I feel like my reply feels half assed to me I will most likely take even longer to write something of substance. Quality of quantity. In general you can can expect the wait to be anywhere between a couple hours after your initial post to a maximum of three days. If posting takes longer due to life or other aspects I will give you a heads up, and I would expect the same in return.]]

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