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This is a literate, MAFIA related story.
I will post first. :)

If you would like to JOIN - please...PM ME :)

[b There was once a woman, bold, bright - beautiful and ever so passionate. A daughter, who loved her Father very much and taught her everything he knew.]
[b When he died, her world fell apart. The love and lust for life faltered and everything turned the darkest of grey.]
[b It was up to her, too continue the family name.]

[i There was once a woman who was bold, bright, beautiful and ever so passionate.]
[i Donna Mia Rossi. - a woman who was now cold, vile, evil but still ever so beautiful.]

[u I suppose one could say this story is about her deals, the plots of murder and successful earnings.]
[u One could also say this story is also about the man who - from the enemy, falls for her charms - does her bidding and together, they rule all.]

----- NOTE: We can discuss the plot, I am happy with changing things.

What I need from you.

-MALE ROLE of the Male consort.
-LITERACY in writing along with creativity.


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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway Listening to the woman speaking, about how he should change how he dressed, and what not made his blood boil. He wasn't going to be doing what she asked. There was no way in hell and he was going to make it known. He placed the plate down beside her, and took a step back locking his eyes on her's. [#0075D0 "Just so you know, I'm not going to be changing myself to please you. I just won't do it. I dress the way I want. If you want someone else who will bend down and kiss your ass, then you can find someone else. As for the business, you are in [i my] territory, so I will have the information I'm seeking"]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [#0075D0 "You are going to treat me with respect, because then you will get the same respect back. I don't give a fuck if you won't eat the food here, but you will not treat me like a fucking animal. You will give me the information I'm seeking, or I will ask Don himself. He's not happy that you are here, and honestly neither am I. So if you are going to change your mind about treating me with respect, and treating me like a human being, come and find me"] he snapped. He wasn't about to let anyone walk all over him again. He had done that for years, and it pretty much destroyed him.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway He turned on his heel, and stormed back into the room. Don looked up when he walked back in, and raised a 'brow slightly. [b "Everything okay son?"] he asked. Ambrose stopped and looked towards the only father figure he had ever known. [#0075D0 "That spoiled bitch is what's going to be the death of me. She's not going to get her way with me. I'm going for a walk"] he snapped. Don nodded a bit, and looked out towards the blonde woman. Knowing damn well that Ambrose was going to have his hands full with her.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway Ambrose on the other hand, stormed out of the building and out onto the streets. He was fuming, and he knew he shouldn't have talked to the woman like that. She was going to get a huge reality check. He wasn't some fucking dog. Oh hell no. He wasn't some doormat either. If she wanted the protection from the people here, she would have to play by his rules, and not try to change him. He wasn't a suit and coat kinda guy. It made him feel smothered, and he couldn't do anything about that. He shoved his hands into his pockets, and let himself get lost in the crowd.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway As he was walking, he felt a small frame run into him, and his hands flew out of his pockets, and grabbed her shoulders. [#0075D0 "Are you alright?"] he asked. The redheaded woman looked up at him and nodded lightly. [b "I'm perfectly fine. I'm sorry about that. I wasn't watching where I was going"] she said with a small smile, as her cheeks flushed a bright red. The male gave her a warm smile and shrugged a bit. He made sure she was okay, before letting her go on her way. That's the kind of man he was, always making sure someone was okay.]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway He sighed lightly, as he shoved his hands back into his pockets, and started walking once more, heading towards the park near the hotel. The one place he could really clear his head, and try to figure out how to deal with that woman back at the hotel.]
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Throughout the conversation, there were times that Mia shifted her gaze from the men only to look at the male with his arms crossed against chest.
A man leaning against the wall.
A man she had never seen before that did - infact make her want to lick her lips at how delicious he looked.

Mia did infact hold her ground when it came to speaking her mind.
Nothing in the world would make her change that mind of hers, nothing ever did and nothing ever would.
[b "Can we just cut the bullshit? ... Let's just make it simple. DeLorenzo and I will have an amicable relationship for a one time deal..."] she spoke, leaning up and made those long legs of hers that were on the table, back down and slowly moved herself up from the seat.

Lunch was provided.
Food upon carts being wheeled in, food that Mia did not touch as the possibility of it being tainted with poison.
It was a long shot as this hotel was a civil place, no one could harm another - but ... one did not want to play with fate.

Grabbing the glass of liqour, Mia soon wandered off to the side and stepped out onto the balcony - basking in the sun and feeling the nice wind upon her body.
A room full of men.
Intimidating yes and all she needed was a breath of fresh air, one she got only to be interrupted minutes later by footsteps approaching behind.

A clearing of throat.

[i "Looks like I'll be your guard dog while your here. My first line of duty is making sure you eat. I didn't know what you wanted, so don't hate me if I got you the wrong thing"]
[b "I don't eat food from hotels. You're a guard dog, why dont you eat the scraps...."] she replied, turning her head and looked at the man that did - take her breath away.
Handsome and chisled.

[i "Names Ambrose Raymond by the way. So what kind of business do you have with Don anyway?"]
[b "Business that isn't yours to know. Take a little bit of advice, Ambrose. If you can stay out of knowing things, deals - best to do that."] Mia spoke, turning around and lent up against the railing of the balcony, eyes on Ambrose.

[b "If you are to be alongside me, we need to get you decent clothes. Suits preferrably. Cannot have you looking like a slob around me. What would people think of me then, hmmm?..."]
  Mia Rossi / MeisjeKelly / 36d 14h 12m 10s
[font "tempus sans itc" As Ambrose stood there listening to the whole thing playing out, he couldn't help but wonder what Don was getting himself into. He leaned against the wall, and crossed his arms over his chest. He let out a small sigh, as he watched the men talking. As the woman held her ground, he felt like he could handle her in more ways than one. As they were talking, he felt his phone go off and he pulled it out, reading the message. [b [i Are you done with that stupid meeting yet?]] was all the message read.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male knew who was texting him, and he rolled his eyes a bit hitting reply. [#01A9DB [i Not quite yet. There is a blonde bombshell here though, I feel like I might be able to woo her into bed by the end of the night. If not, I might be put in charge of keeping an eye on her. Why? What's up?]] he hit send, and kept his eyes turned down to the phone, waiting for a reply back. Then his phone buzzed in his hand, and he opened the message scanning over it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i Well I was thinking if you weren't busy, you could pretty much escape and meet me at my place. I was thinking about going bar hopping tonight, and I wanted you to come with me. Maybe scope out the babes, and get another good lay.]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#01A9DB [i I mean, it would be fun. I wouldn't mind getting out of the house and away from Don for awhile. I might have to bring the blonde with me though. If I do, it'll be interesting to see how she would react.]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i Doesn't matter to me. I think your ex-girlfriend might be around too tonight. She's been asking about you, but I haven't told her anything. I don't even know what you would even want me to tell her. But let me know for sure. I gotta get back to work.]] The male didn't really want to reply to that. He put his phone back into his wallet and looked up. He realized he had been too wrapped up, that the meeting was put on hold for lunch. The blonde woman wasn't anywhere to be seen.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He took a breath and looked at Don. [#01A9DB "Where did Mia go?"] he asked the male. [b "She went outside. Take something for her to eat. Also, she'll be in your care as well for awhile"] he said. Ambrose knew that was bound to happen. He didn't care though. He grabbed two plates, and put a sandwich on each, along with some grapes, and whatever else was being served. He picked up the plates and carried them out onto the balcony. Sure enough, there she was, her whiskey right beside her. He cleared his throat and walked up beside her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#01A9DB "Looks like I'll be your guard dog while your here. My first line of duty is making sure you eat. I didn't know what you wanted, so don't hate me if I got you the wrong thing"] he said, as he placed a plate in front of her. He held onto the other one, and moved over to one of the chairs. He sat down, and put his plate into his lap. The view before him was breathtaking, and he wished he would look at it more. He sighed a bit looking down.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#01A9DB "Names Ambrose Raymond by the way. So what kind of business do you have with Don anyway?"] he asked. He picked up a grape and popped it into his mouth. He would leave the bar question for later. Right now, he wanted to get into her mind a little bit, and break down her walls. Hopefully she would trust him enough to talk to him. He leaned back into his chair, and popped another grape into his mouth, waiting for the blonde bombshell to speak.]
  мaғιa / HoneyBee- / 60d 12h 55m 24s
[i "No, Mia. You are right..."]

Those words made the woman gently remove the butt of the cigarette from her pouty lips and adjust her eyesight from the tantalizing guard standing off to the left side - too the man that she wanted to see rot at the bottom of the sea wearing nothing but concrete slippers.
[b "What?..."] she muttered, an eyebrow raised. The man actually admitted that she was right.
Never in a million years did she ever think that DeLorenzo would admit defeat and speak words on her being right.

Mia was ready to celebrate, however, this was short lived with a quick smart ass remark.
DeLorenzo was still having a hard ass conversation with the female while the other men looked on.
[b "You aren't weak. You are just an heartless bitch who would fuck any man in a 20 mile radius..."]

Mia's eyes narrowed.
The men at the table kept their silence. A quick short glance towards the man again - made the woman smile.

She was unpredictable.
No one knew what would happen when it came to her, this was a woman who murdered her own sister, after all.

Leaning back against the chair, it swiveled to the side and the mafia queen lifted up both legs and placed the back of her Louboutins upon the marble table and again, bringing the cigarette to those lips and inhaled.
Exhaling the blue whispy smoke, Mia kept those big eyes upon the handsome, rugged guard but spoke words directed to his Boss who dared opened his mouth.
[b "You forgot .."women" ... men and ..[i women] in a 20 mile radius..."]

Giving off a smile, Mia turned back to the moron and gave off a wink to wave off that what was said, didn't harm her at all.
Inside, however, she was furious and DeLorenzo would get his just desserts.

[+blue "Are we done with this hub bub?. Yes? ... Great, now down to business...."]

Twice a year these meetings happened.
And twice a year, Miaa would show up and the events would be boring, dull and a complete snooze.
It was boring knowing that on these days, no one was to harm one another but keep it civil, nice and kind.

This meeting however, with a new man standing on the side lines - was proving to be a good time.
The things she would do to him.
Mia would rip him apart.

As her mind drifted off into a sexual frenzy, it was hearing words of the word discretion that caused Mia to snap out of the daydream and give off a soft laugh. Digging the cigarette out into the ashtray, it was there she stood up and turned around - wandering to the bar, ass jiggling through her thin fabric white pants.

[i "I practice discretion.."] DeLorenzo muttered to Rothstein as Valentina poured herself another sweet whisky, leaving the Help to remain standing still.
One however shifted from his position to help which Miaa placed up a hand to make him stop.
[b "You practice bullshit. Who the fuck are you Arnold?"] she spoke to DeLorenzo, eyes down - watching the liquid fill the glass halfway. [b "aside from a little weasel with a good poker face."] - turning around - leaving the decanter open - glass in hand, she wandered back to the table but remained standing.

[b "Can we just cut the bullshit? ... Let's just make it simple. DeLorenzo and I will have an amicable relationship for a one time deal..."] she muttered.
For several more minutes, they remained talking until at finally..12pm, the meeting was silenced for a break.
Food entered the room to which the men wandered too, to continue talking, while Mia, rolled her eyes and wandered from the table to the outside balcony where she placed the glass onto the ledge before both hands - looking out at the view.
  Mia Rossi / MeisjeKelly / 62d 12h 12m 26s
[font "tempus sans itc" The morning seemed to dawn a little too brightly for the male's liking. Today was when one of the high up families were coming. He had been asked by one of his good friends to attend. How could he saw no to the man? He had after all saved Ambrose from a horrible death when he had been younger. His whole family was killed in cold blood, and Don had been there, and rescued the small child. Since then he'd been taken in under his wing, and was well taken care of. He could have anything he wanted.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That had been when he had met and fallen in love with Evangeline Hilton. She had been perfect for him. The two had hit it off so well, that they had been engaged, and it was pretty much their wedding day when she came out and told him, that she had slept with his right hand man at the time. It had set him off, and he had killed the man. He beheaded him, right in front of a whole town for sleeping with what was his. Since that night, he hadn't seen the beautiful blonde.]

[font "tempus sans itc" In a way, it was a good thing. He would have hurt her as well, if her father hadn't been so high up on the chain. She had protection around her. He shook his head lightly just thinking about it made him bitter all over again. Even though it's been a good four years since it had happened. He shook his head lightly looking over to the woman sleeping next to him. She had been another one of his conquests, and a really good one at that. The night before he couldn't really remember.]

[font "tempus sans itc" All he did remember was when they had gotten back to the pent house, and the way she was touching him, kissing him, it drove him insane. Then they were tangled up in the sheets, and the sounds she made. God that was amazing. He smirked lightly as he ran a hand over her hair. She seemed to stir then. She shifted and rolled onto her back. [b [i "Good morning Ambrose"]] she said lightly, her voice still groggy. That made the male smiled a little bit down at her. [#01A9DB "Good morning Rose"] he breathed back.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i "How did you sleep darling?"]] she asked as she stretched her arms up and out of the covers. The male shrugged a bit. [#01A9DB "I slept alright I suppose. Dreamed about my family again"] he admitted. She was after all one of the many mobster princesses he ended up bedding. She was slightly more awake now. She sat up, and held the sheet against her chest. [b [i "Are you okay? Do you need to tell Don you can't be there today?"]] she was worried about him, and that made him smile a little bit.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#01A9DB "No, I need to be there for him. He's been there for me since I was ten years old, and he's like another father to me. It was just a nightmare after all. That and I was also thinking about my ex-girlfriend as well, so that put more of a damper on my mood"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i "You and your thoughts. I don't even know what to think with you. Would I be seeing you again? Or was this just a once in a blue moon type of thing? Because I do have another suitor asking to take me out tonight"]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#01A9DB "I think this was a one time thing. I have a family coming in today, and I might have to keep their princess busy"] he said with a small shudder. The female nodded lightly. [b [i "I understand sweetheart. Just keep in touch this time."]] she said as she leaned over and kissed his cheek. The male took her face in his hands, and pressed his lips against her's. The kiss was short, and he wished it could have lasted forever. She then pulled away.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She didn't say anything more, as she slid out of the bed. The male slid out of bed as well, and went into the bathroom. He showered and got ready for the day ahead. He was too busy getting ready, he hadn't realized the female was already gone. When he came out of the room, Don was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. [b "Rose told me that you dreamed about your family again. Are you okay?"] he asked. Ambrose nodded and took a breath. [#01A9DB "I'm as okay as I can be."] he admitted.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Don nodded just then. [b "Alright. So jut to let you know about Mia, she's a fire ball. But I know you can handle her. They are going to be here in less than an hour"] he said. That gave Ambrose enough time. When he was alone, he dried himself off, and got dressed. The black jeans was a little tighter than normal, and he made a mental note to get more later. He found his light green t-shirt and pulled that on over his head. He then went and brushed his teeth, and spiked his hair a little bit.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He was finally ready. Just in time too. He had enough time to slide his shoes on, and then he was down in the meeting room. He had his arms over his chest, standing behind Don the whole time. When the blonde walked in, he looked her up and down. He watched her movements, and when her hat was taken off, he finally got a good look of the woman. His breath seemed to catch in his throat at the sight of her. Then they started talking about killing her sister.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He wanted nothing more than to leave the room, but knew it would make him look bad. He stayed where he was, and made sure to keep silent. He let Don run the whole whole. His eyes though, they wouldn't leave the blonde sitting before him. This was going to be interesting, and he knew it. He would have his hands full for awhile, and that's something he didn't mind. He just wondered how quickly he could get her into his bed, now that would be the real test in his book.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He watched everyone around him, and he waited until he was fully addressed. Right now he was just backing up the man who raised him, and nothing more.]
  мaғιa / HoneyBee- / 63d 1h 43m 37s
[b "There was a man once. I don't recall his name. Frequented the billiard palace downtown alot. He made a comfortable living wagering whether or not he could swallow certain objects, billiard balls being a specialty. He'd take a ball, stick it in his gullet down to here and regurgitate it back up."] Mia spoke as she stood on the side of her warm lit study. The fire was the only source of light that casted a sweet - comfortable ambiance. Velvet couches, a magohany table along with a desk that harbored a dark brown leather chair along with a golden lamp with a dark green shield. It was standing off to the side of the room that Mia glanced down - moving her hands. One held a crystal glass while the other - poured whiskey over ice before raising the glass to her pouty lips - tasting the sweet liquor only to place the lid back onto the decanter and slowly - turned around, looking at her dear friend, who sat opposite the brown hair unoccupied. [b "One day, I decided to challenge this man. Ten thousand dollars to do the trick with a billiard ball of my choosing. Now he knew I had seen him do this trick at least a dozen times so I can only surmise that he thought I was stupid."] she muttered, wandering back to the desk - placing the glass down before parking her sweet ass onto the chair, lifting up her legs and rested them upon the desk on the corner only to grab the whiskey in the glass once more. [b "I laid out the cash and he swallowed the ball. It lodged in his throat and he choked to death right on the spot. What I knew and he didn't was that the cue ball is one sixteenth of an inch larger than the other balls, just too large for him to swallow. Do you know what the moral of this tale is, Frank?"]

[+red "Don't eat a cue ball?"]

Mia raised an eyebrow, hearing soft laughter from the room of her men, being amused of the answer.
However the moment her eyes glanced upon them, silence fell. One could hear a pin drop.

[b "The moral of the story is: If I could cause a stranger to choke to death for my own amusement, what do you think I'll do to you if you don't succeed tonight in obtaining information about Torrio? I want to know where Torrio is and I will not stand for being rejected again. Gather the men, we have to send a message."] she retorted, keeping her eyes on Frank who nodded in agreement, unable to say No. Frank stood up the moment the door opened, Mia looked at the entrance.

[+blue "Its time to leave.."]
[b "Yes..."]

Moving legs from the desk, Miss Rossi took one last swig of the whiskey, wandered out and around from the desk - reaching out, grabbing her jacket from one of her men who held it and exited the room.
Her "family" following not too far behind.

Mia was a very...beautiful woman. Blonde. Legs for days and as ass that wouldn't quit. Eyes of emerald green and two breasts perfect.
Men fell for her charm and that face.
Hell, even Angel's wept.

Mia was a woman, hard - raw and evil. Had no empathy and everyone knew it.
But when it came to her business, people wanted her around ..instead of in the ground.

Her Father, Don Rossi, raised her well in knowledge of the family legacy.

Donna Mia.

It was 2 days later that she and her men, arrived at Washington - and wandered up the stairs of the Hotel Monaco.
While her second hand man checked her in - Mia wandered through the lobby towards the conference room.

It was a day of gathering.
A neutral setting of the Don's to discuss business and tragedies that unfolded.
For a shootout not to start - took a lot, but there was a rule and it had to be obeyed.

Two men stood at the door of the room and glanced at Mia, who refused to look upon them.

Wearing a white suit that clung to her body like a second skin - her body and curves were blatantly seen.
A wide brimmed hat covered half of her face while her long blonde hair - down in loose curls glimmered under the hotel lights.
Red lips.
Heeled shoes - the doors opened and Mia wandered in.

Emerald hues scanned the room.
The Don's were here. All but one. Her to which now...she was present.

[+green "Donna Rossi. How good to see you..."]
[b "We all know that's a lie, Don Radolfo. I'll let you have that one ..."] she muttered, moving her right hand to her left shoulder - removing the animal shawl, that of a fox and placed it onto the table, a took a seat at the end of the table.

Eyes glancing to a man, standing behind Radolfo.
A young man.
Brut and handsome.

It was within a moment that a gentleman came to her side - leaning down - whispering in her ear to which she replied.
As he wandered off with her drink request, Mia raised both hands. took out a pin from the hat only to remove it - holding it out to the side to which Robert, her right hand man took, fluffing her hair with fingertips - eyes watching Radolfo standing at the other end of the table.

The whiskey was placed down in-front on a coaster - with 3 cigarettes and a silver lighter.
Grabbing a cigarette, Mia placed the end inbetween her lips and the waiter boy lit the lighter, lightening the stick before stepping back into position.

Taking a drag, it wasn't long until she exhaled - blowing out the blue smoke, letting it fill the room, pinching the end with her middle and index finger, moving it from her mouth.

[b "Are we all going to sit in silence, or is someone actually going to bring up a subject? ... Perhaps, I should start..hmm?...Fine. The brutal killing of my sister, Maria."] she muttered, straightening up taking another drag from her cigarette.
[i "You killed your sister.."] DeLorenzo spoke from the side, to which Mia turned her head - eyed the male who was dressed in the sharpest of suits.
Holding an arm outstretched - the hand that held the cigarette - it pointed to DeLorenzo and she smiled - a smile of knowing what she did - no empathy from killing her own blood.

[b 'That's right! I did, because she was cavorting around with one of your men!. You should teach your men to keep away from my family.. ']
[i "You should of been doing your job and keeping Maria at bay. Away from Michael."]
[b "I did my job. She is now flower mulch...."]

Silence filled the room and Mia lent back on the chair - raising an eyebrow, glancing up again at the handsome male standing behind Radolfo for a moment.

[b "Maria fucked up. And if I were you, DeLorenzo - Michael needs to be wiped ...out.."]
[i "You are not me, Mia..."]
[b "No. I am not weak...."]
  Mia Rossi / MeisjeKelly / 64d 9h 53m 25s

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