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[size10 [b you] manage to make it home, despite the crazy storm brewing outside, the biggest storm the city has experienced in the last twenty years
[b you] are watching tv, trying to ignore the harsh winds and pounding rain against your window. that's when the lights go out, power knocked out and yet your tv is still on. you don't have time to figure out what's going on before a portal opens, sucking you into who knows where.
[b now] you stumble out onto the sidewalk of what seems o be your city, except it's different way more futuristic. you don't have much time to process what is going on as you bump into a man, who looks disheveled and like he's in a rush to run away from something or [i someone]
[b he] is a wanted man, a scientist that has stolen, or it may seem, a chip that it is the key to weaponry needed for a future war. she needs him to get back to her time and he can't really find it in his heart to leave her stranded
[b on the run] now, the two embark on a bonnie and clyde adventure of some sorts. he's trying to get off the planet, but grows a love for the woman and can't imagine letting her go. she yearns to return to her time, but not wanting to leave him behind - if he manages to escape the order after him
[size10 [b rules.]
-okay, so yeah pretty loose-ish. im thinking this will be a lot of romance and maybe some action. a bit sci-fi and kind of like a fifth element vibe
-its up to you to decide if you want to stay or go back to your time, so you should have someone or something that would make you want to go back

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures or illustrated havent decided yet
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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Aleks was actively trying not to freak out about all of this. An hour ago she was sat in the living room of her home watching TV and here she was in a different time with a man who was telling her she could get stuck here if she didn’t help him. He didn’t seem like a criminal though, even as the words fell out of her mouth. She looked up at him as he offered her an explanation, although it wasn’t exactly a tight explanation. He kept some things to himself and she couldn’t blame him considering she was a complete stranger to him.

[b “A hero?”] She raised an eyebrow but didn’t question him any further. She flinched slightly when he brought the machine closer to her face but it was soon withdrawn and hovered it over her wrist. Aleks would become a part of this world now. It was her only way home and somehow she would have to blend in and make it seem as though she was from here. She watched as the machine got to work, only flinching ever so slightly at the pinch she had been warned about. He distracted her slightly by giving her his name and she looked up towards him, nodding slightly as the machine was removed from sight.

The plan sounded so simple yet there was something that told her it wouldn’t be so simple but she understood the steps and demonstrated that by nodding once more. [b “How long to you envisage this plan to take? You make it sound as though it will all be over and back to normal by the end of the day.”]
  Aleks Johnson / d1gn17y / 3d 3h 9m 9s
“Criminal?” Harley said with a raised brow, a small smile playing on his lips. “I promise I’m no murderer or anything. It’s all a misunderstanding. In fact, I should be considered a hero for what I’m doing,” he said. He was inputting her information, forging a few details, gaging her age just as an estimate and completely forging her identity, other than for her name. He lifted the machine to her face, taking a picture of the woman there before he returned it to her wrist.
“This,” he said to her, “This writes you into history, makes you a apart of this world.” Harley had then clicked a button, the machine extracting of a needle and puncturing the woman’s skin. Her blood had been drawn and a light then extended over her wrist, a tattoo of some sorts as the white bar began to penetrate her skin.
“Harley,” he said as he scanned the wrist, glad to see that he had successfully hacked the system and so far she was declared a legit citizen. “My name is Harley.” He shoved the machine into the bag of food, figuring by foot it would take them about ten minutes to get to his apartment. He motioned for the woman to follow him as he began to walk out of the alley. “Here’s the plan, I send you some money, we get to my place, and I grab a few materials. I get my ship, you get sent home and everyone wins.” He looked over to make sure she could keep up. He really wanted to get home to shower and eat he had been on the run for a good two days and needed to look as normal as possible. Eventually though, his face would be broadcasted everywhere. He needed a disguise and with the girl with him, someone who was a stranger basically, maybe it would detract attention from him. The plan overall was dangerous, but Harley was sure that if they acted smart, then both of them would be back to safety – back to what they knew.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 3d 9h 39m 13s
Aleks didn’t know what to believe but she did know that there was no possible way that she could still be in her own time. It didn’t make any sense and she certainly didn’t recognise any of the people or even know why everyone seemed to have this white band attached to their wrist. She certainly looked out of place without one and she couldn’t help but feel like this must have been important to this time. Regardless, there wasn’t anyone here she knew and this man was offering to help her in exchange for something and if he could truly help her then she couldn’t really turn him down.

Her eyes were trained on his hand as he took hold of her wrist, his thumb grazing where there was an obvious absence of the white band. She looked up to meet his eyes when he started to talk about what it was that she could do to help him. She didn’t really know how she could help him get off the planet but he seemed to go on to explain some of the logistics. The white band had the ability to track people and apparently she could get into some trouble for not having one. The last thing she needed was to end up in prison in a time that wasn’t hers.

[b “So...how do you get me into the system?”] She asked as he was already pulling out some sort of machine. [b “What does that thing do exactly?”] Aleks held her wrist out to him, not knowing what it was he needed to do but she would help him if this was the only way she could get back to her time. [b “Aleks, Aleks Johnson. Am I allowed to know your name or is that something you don’t tell people because you are a criminal?”] She didn’t know what he took or why, all he had told her is that he could end up in prison.
  Aleks Johnson / d1gn17y / 4d 14h 43m 12s
Of course for someone from the past a lot of what he had said would come off as unbelievable and he didn’t doubt that the woman was on the verge of freaking out. Though, he would admit she had managed to be more composed than others. Harley was even more settled that she was willing to help him out. He reached out or her arm, his thumb grazing over her unmarked wrist.
“I need you to help me to get off this planet.” Harley looked up at her then, his hand still gently gripping her wrist. “Look, I am not going to lie to you. I am in a bit of a bind. You see, I took something that is of great costs and I have a few people after me.” He looked over his shoulder then, trying to make sure that they were still in the clear and hadn’t been followed. “So, I need to get out of here quick, but [I unfortunately] I cant do anything without my movements being tracked.” Harley raised his wrist which showed the white band he had.
“This tracks everywhere I go. Anywhere I check into, so it will be easy for them to find me and put me in prison.” Harley then looked to her wrist. “You however, you are unmarked. I can get you in the system, undetected with a forged code, and have you help me out. Get some money, buy a ship -n and [I also] access into my lab at my apartment. If I can get there then I can work up a way to get you out of here and back to your time.” He let go of her wrist and reached into his pocket to grab the machine he needed.
“If I don’t do this and you’re caught, you could be imprisoned for a long time.” He didn’t want to scare the woman, but hoped that this would lead her to trust him more as he wasn’t just working in his best interest, but also for the woman.
“What is your name?” He asked then, chuckling some as he realized he hadn’t even bothered to ask. It would also help in him forging her a new personality as he began to type in the information. “I promise it wont hurt, just a bit of a sting.”
  harley / SincerelyLily / 4d 15h 3m 37s
Aleks knew that it wasn’t this stranger’s responsibility to help her but she hoped that she had managed to run into a decent human being who could see that she was desperate for answers. If this wasn’t her city, then that meant she didn’t have a place to stay and something told her that this was definitely not her home, regardless of the familiarity of it. Her eyes glanced up to the screen and she noticed Harley’s face appear upon in but she didn’t have chance to see why before he was linking his arm with hers and leading her out of the diner. Perhaps he was famous or something but there was no time to think or even ask. There was an urgency to his movements that she matched as they moved down the street towards an alleyway. If she hasn’t already been freaking out this action alone might have tipped her towards that end of the scale but she was already at capacity.

When he explained what had happened to her, her initial reaction was to laugh. This explanation had to be a joke. There was no such thing as portals and she certainly couldn’t travel through time but when she looked towards him and reached out for his food, she could see the seriousness upon his face and her lips feel from their amused position to a more neutral one. It couldn’t be real but it was the only thing that made sense when she started to piece everything together. This was her home, but in the future, which is why everything looked so familiar and why she had been able to recognise so of the landmarks and shops.

[b “2030.”] She repeated and then bit down on the inside of her lip. [b “2030...how...?”] It didn’t matter how, Harley was clearly in a rush and there was no time to explain anything but he was offering to help her get home and the relief flooded her. [b “You can?!”] Her eyes glimmered with the little bit of hope he offered her. He could send her home and she could simply pretend this never happened, almost like it was a dream of sorts but he wanted something in return and that put her on edge.

[b “What do you need?”] She asked cautiously, eyeing up any of the exit routes in case things were to go sour and she was no long safe. He could ask for anything in return and this alleyway was quite concealed from the public eye if he tried anything.
  Aleks Johnson / d1gn17y / 9d 4h 43m 18s
Harley had paused next to the female, eyes shifting as he noticed the cops had taken a seat in the booth in the corner. If he didn’t get out of here soon, they would recognize his face and he would be gone. He rubbed at his forehead then, starving and tired. He wanted to at least get home, figuring it would be best and safer if he actually went to his parent’s since they probably had a car outside of his building waiting to pick him up the minute he arrived. She looked pitiful and even not knowing her name, he did feel bad for the female. He muddled over his thoughts, thinking back to the fact she didn’t have a band. Maybe, just maybe he could use her to his advantage, at least so they could get a ship. Due to his intelligence, he could figure out a way to get her back to whatever time she was from, and with him already being a criminal for stealing a high class piece of information, well there was nothing the male really had to fear. The only thing had been he didn’t know if he could depend on the woman to keep up with him.
Harley shifted on his feet, looking over his shoulder to find his picture floating against the translucent screen that hung over the counter of the diner.
“Ah shit,” he muttered, reaching out to link his arm with the female’s not giving her a chance to protest. He began them out of the diner, they needed to get away quickly. “Look,” he said as they walked briskly through the crowd. “You, somehow some way must’ve got trapped in some other person’s portal, sucked in now. “I’m going to ask you to not freak out, I’m trying to keep a low profile, but this is the year 2030.” He handed her his food. “Hold this will ya?” He led her to the right into an alley. He needed to be quick, he could install her a hacked chip and that would make it easier for them to get around, him not detected.
“Now I can send you home,” Harley said. “I just need you to do me a favor.” They were in a dark alleyway now, and he hoped he wasn’t freaking out the woman who already was probably losing it at all the information she was taking in.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 9d 8h 11m 43s
Eventually Aleks would come to realise that she had somehow managed to travel to another time. She was right about the fact that she was from here but she wasn’t from this time but while her brain was unable to process anything, she simply wouldn’t be able to grasp the fact that she had time travelled. Such things only existed in science fiction movies and it was so far from being something that man could actually achieve, although there were people who were obsessed with the science behind it. She ran her hand over her face and a shaky breath escaped her and her eyes started to dart around the room again.

Hearing her company exclaim in the way he did forced her attention back to him. Why did he seem have more of an understanding of what was happening than she did? The confusion was still apparent upon her face. [b “Crap? Do you know what’s going on?”] She asked, her voice a little quieter than before to avoid having more attention drawn to her. Aleks could have chosen anyone in the room but she had chosen to speak to him and he seemed so disinterested or was he more distracted?

Aleks tried to follow his eye-line to see who he was looking at and when she saw the cop car, she looked back to him. Was he in some kind of trouble? [b “I’m not going anywhere.”] She said, reassuring him that she wasn’t about to cause any trouble. Besides, she didn’t exactly have anywhere to go even if she wanted to. As she sat at the booth alone she tapped her fingers on the table absently, trying to make sense of what was going on.

[i “Can I get you anything?”] A waitress asked, concern flooding her face.

[b “Water would be great actually.”]

[i “Of course.”] Without a question she disappeared and went to fetch her some water, not even asking about when she was so wet or why she looked terrified. When she heard Harley’s voice again so looked up, glancing towards the cops and then back to him.

[b “But I haven’t done anything wrong...I don’t have anywhere to go.”] The waitress brought her drink over and she thanked her, taking a sip of it, although her hand was still shaking a little but that action did help to distract her mind from the anxiety that was setting in. [b “What am I supposed to do?”]
  Aleks Johnson / d1gn17y / 9d 10h 25m 48s
Harley eyed her further, trying to analyze the woman that sat across from him. She was more than lost, she was petrified and in shock. He was more than curious now as to what was going on with the female.
“You’re from here?” He repeated slowly and a bit under his breath. She seemed to be sure she was from the city, but there was doubt in her voice and as she began to speak more, Harley’s eyes grew wide with shock. He knew exactly what happened and he was not trying to get involved with this. A woman like her brought more attention than he would like. Time traveling was a crime considering no one was allowed to go back in time to change anything or go into the future – this had been a law for the last thirty years since the Wall Street fiasco in which a group of men had went into the future with stock secrets: the biggest insider’s trading fiasco.
“Oh crap,” he finally said then. If she was found they wouldn’t let her go back to her time, she had already been exposed to their world which could have the woman turn mental or into a criminal, at least that’s how the government saw and there was no way to prove who she was, she wasn’t in the new database.
They’d lock her away easily. All paper files had been destroyed and even if she was in the system, her age difference would certainly raise some brows. “Look, you can sit here getting the seat wet all you want, but as soon as I finish eating I am out of here.” He had told her. He could see a cop car that had landed on across the street. Just his luck Frank had arrived, waving him over. He stood up then, looking back at the woman.
“Don’t move,” he said. If she got up all jittery as she was, it would alert the cops that were already walking into the diner.
“Who’s the lady?” Frank asked him, Harley had already explained his predicament and was following the man into the back near the freezer of the restaurant where he was riffling through a box looking for the Detailer.
“Hm?” Harley looked around nervous then. “Oh just an [I old friend]”, he stated. “I don’t mean to bring you any trouble, but I have to get out of dodge.”
Frank waved the man off, handing him the small black device. “Just be safe is all I’m asking,” he let her know. Harley nodded, stopped by the man who handed him a doggy bag of his food. “Can’t have you starving.” Harley smirked, exiting the back counter and upon seeing the cops he instantly drew the bag up to shield his face.
“If I were you, I’d get out of here,” he whispered to the female.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 9d 10h 54m 56s
Aleks looked to the man who did not seem all too pleased she had stopped to talk to him. Perhaps if she hadn’t been so shaken, she might have noticed that he too was filled with anxiety for a completely different reason. Her heart thumped against her chest and her eyes darted from the stranger to the waitress she had almost knocked into, offering her and apologetic look. There were people looking at her, whispering about her as they took in her appearance. It was apparent she was out of place here, her clothes not exactly looking like anything anyone else wore and the fact that she was soaking wet through must have been more confusing since there was no sign of rain outside.

When she heard the strangers voice, her eyes moved back to him and she frowned momentarily when he seemed to joke. Of course he wouldn’t understand her situation and she wasn’t sure that she could just come out and say that she was sucked into a portal. He would think she was insane for sure. How was it possible that she was still in San Fran? It was familiar but it didn’t look the same...the people didn’t look the same.

Aleks didn’t hesitate to sit down when he ordered her to, knowing that it might stop people from staring at her if she stopped standing in the middle of the dinner looking completely and utterly terrified. That was when she took a moment to look him over, his clothes looked more...futuristic and she noticed a white band around his wrist and upon glancing around the room everyone seemed to have one. It forced her to look at her own wrist as though she was expecting to see one there but there wasn’t.

[b “Here...”] Her face contorted in confusion. [b “But not here...I don’t...there was a storm, a really bad storm! I was watching TV and then...”] She trailed off knowing she wasn’t exactly making any sense.
  Aleks Johnson / d1gn17y / 10d 13h 45m 23s
Harley hadn’t had anything to eat in the last twenty four hours and with the anxiety eating him up, the last thing he wanted was a distraction. He had ordered finally, watching as his waitress was nearly toppled over by a female who had wandered in. Her hair was wet, clothes wet and the male looked outside as she spoke, wondering if it had rained maybe while he had entered. Within the past few years due to pollution and government, weather prediction was a bit hard to detect. However it hadn’t been that long since he entered and staring out the window proved that though dark and a bit gloomy, the weather definitely hadn’t called for rain.
He raised a brow in suspicion. Of course, the analyzer within him also made him even more curiouser.
“Earth?” he said with a snort, not really sure of what her question indicated. “Are you lost? Or – I mean I’m sorry, San Fran?” He wasn’t sure what she was indicating with her question, seeing as he had only known of his time in the world he lived in since birth. His eyes trailed her figure and also on the eyes that were trained on her. He didn’t need any eyes on him, did not need the attention as he was sure if anyone managed to recognize him as the wanted man that was alerted to everyone, it could prove problematic. He’d like a proper meal at least if he were going to be detected and taken in.
“Sit down,” he said then to the female, his shifty eyes trying to express urgency and not necessarily control. He was trying to make it seem like the two knew each other. Harley actually took her fullness in then, a beautiful woman yes, but she seemed completely out of place. Her clothing was even a bit different, like she had just had a run from a local thrift store, the clothes she wore no longer even made. Then his eyes gravitated to her wrist, she didn’t have the identifiable white band around her right wrist, which was where the chip you had was implanted. Either the woman was a criminal, which he himself had no right to judge, or she was from a distant planet. “Where are you from?” He asked of her then, trying to stay cautious. This could have of course been a trap.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 10d 14h 5m 55s
The rain was pouring harder than Aleks had ever remembered. As she drive home slowly, wipers moving at a rate that didn’t seem to clear the rain enough to give her visibility, she wished she had listened to the advice to go home early. She had stayed behind to make sure that everyone got off okay and then she closed up the bar before heading home herself. She didn’t live too far away so that drive wasn’t that long, but it felt like it was taking forever since she was driving at a safe pace to match the adverse weather conditions. After another five minutes of driving she was pulling up onto her driveway and running from the car to the front door of her house.

Aleks was dropped wets she walked through the door and she shed her coat at the door and ran upstairs to change her clothes and towel dry her hair before sinking into her sofa with a heavy sigh. The rain beat down against the window loudly and to drown it out she reach for the remote and turned on the TV. She didn’t exactly care what she watched, just that she didn’t have to listen to the constant rain. She could feel her eyes growing heavy as she watched the figures moving around on the TV, unable to process the words as she was suddenly beginning to feel very tired. Perhaps she had fallen asleep, even it was for the briefest of moments but the sound of a lightbulb cracking with a power surge forced her head up and her eyes to widen.

[b “Shit.”] She said as she noticed that her power went out but then her eyes focused on the TV. [b “What the...”] And then suddenly she was no longer sat in the safety of her living room. Instead she was standing in the middle of a street. She looked around, noticing how busy it was and she found herself confused. It looked like her city but there was no rain, in fact it looked like it hadn’t rained here in a while. Aleks still had wet hair and she could see people looking at her as they walked by.

This couldn’t be happening. How could it? She started to walk forwards, taking in her surroundings before stumbling into a diner. It looked familiar but everything was so different. The moment she walked inside she looked to the nearest booth, where Harley happened to be sitting. [b “Excuse me. I- I am so sorry to bother you. But, could you please tell me where I am?”] She asked, the fear and anxiety apparent upon her face.
  Aleks Johnson / d1gn17y / 11d 13h 4m 56s
Harley ran his hand through his hair, shifting through the crowds of people, his hands shoved into his coat pockets. He was keeping his eyes down, only using the dark brown orbs to look over his shoulder and make sure he wasn’t being followed. Secured in his hand was a USB drive a small black device that cost way more than any man could dream of. To him, its safety mattered more than money. He knew that if this fell into the wrong hands, the information on it could be helpful to the right person and harmful to the other side. On it lied the plans for a weapon that could do a lot of damage, it would assist Earth in their quest to finally colonize Mars.
This meant ruining innocent lives, subjecting a whole colony of people to a life of war. He couldn’t allow it and when he discovered what his scientific work was going to be used for, Harley had stolen it. Of course that was a crime and not just against his work, but his country. He was now a fugitive, trying his hardest to get from Point A to Point B. If he could get off the planet, he would be safe and sound. Of course that would prove to be hard, he needed a ship and he needed one discreetly. This meant needing to get money without being detected and having to go into the slums of the city to find someone willing to sell him the vehicle on the low.
Things were different now in the year 2030, you didn’t even need an id anymore, everything was digital and implanted into your wrist. One swipe and your whole history, personal information would be available.
This making it difficult for Harley to even get into his apartment. He needed to find someone he could give his lock code to, someone he could trust, but the life of a scientist was a lonely one and the few friends he did had, he wasn’t sure he could trust or if he would rather put their life in danger. Harley had finally reached a diner, knowing that if there was one man he could depend on, it would be Frank, at least for him to hide out. He headed for an empty booth, taking a seat and trying not to appear so nervous as the waitress came up, Marie who immediately recognized him. He smiled then, taking the menu. Frank could give him an old Detailer, the machine they used to exchange information between people – the machine used when you were born basically to start your history journey of information until you died and even then, the information still lingered – your mark in history permanent.
Get the Detailer, find someone he could trust and well not get caught – wasn’t the simplest plan, but at least there was a plan.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 11d 15h 16s

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