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[center [size20 [font times [b [i ➹shot of love➷]]]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/RGEXCq6.png]]
[size10 [b she] is a princess, her only way to become queen being that she marries. already, betrothed to a prince form a neighboring country
[b he] is a body guard, sent to watch over the princess after a recent assassination attempt during the parade announcing her engagement
[b at] each other's side constantly, it's hard for them not to get to know one another. her fiancé is busy overseeing delegations in other countries for the next six months.
[b a kiss] solidifies their attraction, but what happens when you have to decide between your country and true love?
[size10 [b rules.]
-okay, so yeah pretty loose-ish. im thinking this will be a lot of romance and maybe some action. im thinking whoever is trying to kill her wants their bloodline to end you are welcome to introducing that info, or i can and we can both add tidbits
-its up to you to decide who to stay with; your character can be madly in love with both or not interested in your fiance at all

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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Amela continued to hold onto Valentin, even after they had finished.
She held him close to her naked - now tainted body as she breathed heavily, wanting him but could no longer be able to go another round as this rendezvous certainly took alot out of her.

What was she to do?
Her fiance had only just left that same night after a beautiful party was thrown and here she was, in bed with another man's arms around her - twice, having had sex as the two could not help themselves.

[i “I’m a man of many talents,”]
[b "No kidding..."] Amelia replied back, turning her head from the mirror and looked at Valentin as her body was slowly shifted - up and off his body only to made a soft sigh the moment she could feel the male slip out from inside.
Again, fluids from him releasing slowly dripping out down her thighs as she laid down upon the bed, watching Valentin carefully, biting her lower lip - happy and suprisingly - not feeling guilty.

Valentin slowly stood up from the royal bed, naked and looking exhausted just like she as he put on his briefs back onto his body - hiding the goods that made the Princess pout.

[i “It would not be a good idea for me to sleep with you,”]
[b "Fucking was not a good idea but we did it and seemed to enjoy it...'] she replied, giving off a smile then a sigh - knowing she was some sort of a temptation and she too, followed the Guard and got up off the bed.

Wandering into the connecting bathroom - Amelia wiped herself clean before placing on underwear and sleepwear only to walk back out - arms out on either side, motioning on if he was happy she was now dressed.
Suitable nightdress.
Silk teddy that was long, backless with thin straps but it was something to cover up her body.

A knock came upon the door that was locked and secured.
Amelia turned her head to face the sound and listened carefully to a voice behind it.
A woman's voice, older.

[+red "Princess, is everything okay? I heard screaming ..."] Nanna spoke from the other side.
A bite of her lower lip, Amelia shifted from the place she was standing and wandered to the door, opening it up slowly just a crack and looked out at the third person she could trust with her life.

[b "Everything is fine, Nanna. I had a nightmare..."]
[+red "Are you alright? Do you need anything?..."]
[b "No no ....everything is fine. I just had a glass of water. I'll see you in the morning.."] Amelia spoke with a smile to reassure the woman all was okay before closing the door - locking it once more.

[b "You promised to stay..."] she spoke, walking over to Valentin - standing infront of him with a pout, her hands on his chest. [b "Please?..."]
  MeisjeKelly / 9h 9m 54s
She was delectable, here in front of him for the taking and he couldn’t believe still that no one had taken the time to explore her. Every bit of her was tasty, untouched, and warm. The way she said his name, screamed it with no care who heard drove him mad. It was no wonder why it was hard for him to not lose himself inside of her with each powerful thrust, feeling her backside against him as he slapped against her. He had enough stamina where if they had the time, he would want to have her for a full day and explore each open orifice of hers. There was so much potential in the woman, a world of pleasure she had been kept from whether by her own authority or the crown. Though, as a man, he couldn’t see how her fiancé hadn’t held her, touched her, kissed her the way that Valentin had in one night – their first night of being with each other. It kind of boosted his ego in a bit and he was definitely agreeing with her, they definitely seemed to be a good match. He disregarded that thought though, knowing that she was betrothed and he a simple guard. Now the idea f ravaging her body whenever he wanted, [I that] was a different story.
He had barely managed to collect himself, breathing hard then as he held her limply in his arms. He chuckled lazily, “I’m a man of many talents,” he admitted to her. He kissed at her neck, holding her close before realizing this was not to be romantic. He had removed himself from the female, hands gripping her hips gently and placing a little smack to her backside. Th e same one that had beautifully been presented to him momentarily when Amelia had lost her balance.
Standing then, he searched for his shorts, if he was going to sleep with her he was not going to be naked, knowing that it would only lead further to more acts between the two. If he were to properly protect her, he had to get some sleep eventually. He still had to remind himself that Amelia was not a toy, she was a living being, a royal one at that and her life was worth everything. She was tempting though and he knew though a virgin, she knew how beautiful she was. She had a sense of power – inexperienced or not, the woman was definitely not stupid and she could get what she wanted when she wanted it. Slipping into his shorts he watched her then.
“It would not be a good idea for me to sleep with you,” he said shaking his head, already thinking about all he could do.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 17h 34m 21s
There was no love in this room.
Lust, would of been the most appropriate word for it. A great sense of attraction that kept the two in each other's arms.

Amelia, the so called "virgin" Princess was no virgin anymore. She had her body teased, pounded and filled up to the very brim in the very first tryst only for now - the second time round, she was completely and utterly dominated by a man who wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Back against his chest, Valentin' arms wrapped around her body like a snake, keeping her close as his hands gripped at her breasts as he continued to thrust upwards - deep into the Princess that only made her squeal in pure excitement and upmost pleasure.
It was even better knowing they were looking at themselves as they shared this precious moment.

They did look good together.
Like..a match made.

They did look good together and Valentin reassured her that she did not have to wait for him any longer. He was here and he was not going anywhere.
The whole speech about finding a replacement now completely out of the window and this made the girl smile.

With hard pushes upwards, Amelia could not help but fall forward as she lost her balance, back onto all fours before reaching under her body and felt him.
Felt him slap against her.
Felt him slide in and out with her fingertips for a moment before finding strength and lent back up wanting to be near him once more.

All the while screaming out his name, louder as Valentin hit the nail on the head and the Princess could not hold in any longer.
The climax was bigger than the first time.
It made her body jolt, eyes roll back and gripped the Guard's arm with her hand, nails digging into his skin.

Her name came out next.
A big, great lustful Amelia as he released himself deep inside the woman once again.
No protection for either of them.

As the couple called down, Amelia breathing heavily - smiled and turned her head, kissing Valentin's lips softly - sweetly before pulling back, slowing body down as now - utterly exhausted.

[b "Oh...wow...."] Amelia managed to say, still in his arms. [b "You really know how to make a girl happy..."]
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 1d 9h 17m 29s
He had felt her resistance, knowing she would recover and this time wouldn’t be as painful but Valentin would not be as gentle as the first time. He wanted the female and he wanted her his way. The sex was raw, quick and a bit rough. Surely she would have some marks on her that would probably be questioned by staff, but that was a problem for tomorrow. All he could think about was Amelia: the way her breath hitched with every movement, how she shuddered at him saying her name, the way she folded against him so easily. He was but a commoner and she a princess, eager to accept anything he said or do. Surely after being a virgin this long, she was in a wonderland, especially with the dry relationship she apparently had with her engagement. This girl was definitely vanilla no more.
They did look good together and of course it was exciting for the man to bite into the forbidden fruit. It was true, the man was a bit of an animal, always willing to test the limits of the women he had been with intimately, a man who valued everything as long as he controlled it. He smiled then at the woman he held close to him, his eyes staring into hers via reflection.
“Well,” he said feeling how close he was to release, “you don’t have to wait any longer.” Valentin tugged her head back, kissing the woman as he thrusted quicker, not giving the woman time to say anything or maybe she did and he hadn’t been in his mind to think properly. Instead all he could think about was bringing her to the greatest orgasmic experience along with him, growling against her ear, hands gripping her chest still tightly, the perfect rounded pieces of flesh. He’d lost control then, his moans not as quiet as before and finally releasing then, again for the second time that night, inside the woman.
“Amelia!” He yelled, grunting as he held her down, digging deep and not letting his tight grasp go of the woman until he was sure he was finished. Short jerks followed, before the man had finally slipped from the young girl, head pressed against her back as he tried to regain his breath. “Fuck.” He knew he was definitely in the shits. The girl was not only addicting, but certainly didn’t seem like this would be their last time coupling. He was a man with taste, and also a jealous man – as far as he knew, Amelia was his not only for protection, but for his pleasure as well.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 1d 21h 43m 2s
Valentin said her name again.
The Princess loved the way he said it and she wished, he could say all the time and not refer her to title names that had to be spoken.
Maybe, when it was just he the of them and no other ears were around, Valentin could speak it.

She would ask, only in due time.

What they had done, should never of happened.
The kiss in the library.
The touching and the incredible sex that followed that made Amelia a woman, all because of a man who wanted her just as much as she wanted him,

Amelia laid on her back, Valentin beside her with a hand inbetween her legs and slipped digits inside her.
A motion that made the woman tilt her head back - eyes closed and breathed heavily with the pleasant feeling of the fingers sliding in and out, curling on the inside that touched the spot that would want to make her climax.
[b "Im close...you might...want...to ..stop...."] she spoke breathlessly - feeling the fingers pull out to which, Amelia looked at Valentina and bit her lower lip when the male licked his fingers clean tasting her once more.

[b "Taste good?..."] she asked, feeling her body get pulled down on the bed only for Valentin to remove his briefs, not a single second wasted as he climbed ontop of the Princess - slipping inside the warmth that was ready and waiting for him.
A gasp.
A slight wince of her body still being red raw and newly de-hymanated, Valentin grinded against Amelia, having his way with the girl who all she could do was moan out.

Body turned over, stomach down on the bed, the guard who was to protect her and keep her safe came up from behind and had his nasty way with the girl.
Hand slapping her ass.
Hand gripping her ass as the bed moved - back and forth making it squeak that only seemed to get louder when Amelia was shifted up onto all fours, Valentin up straight, hands on her hips and pounded hard from behind.
Face down in the pillow, the girl growled.
Ass up in the air, was dominated before she lent up - having enough on all fours and she lent up.

Back pressed against his body, his arms around her body - hands on her breasts as he thrusted upwards, not stopping or slowing down.
He had become an animal.
Something in him snapped and she could not of enjoyed herself more, then when they were both seeing themselves together in the reflection of the mirror.
Valentin grabbing her long blonde hair and tugged on the strands.

[b "We look good together..."] Amelia spoke.
[i “Is this what you wanted?”]
[b "Oh my god...yes....yes...."]
[i "Amelia.."]

[b "You have no idea how long I have waited for you..."]
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 2d 34m 44s
“Amelia,” He said softly, knowing that she had given him permission, though it still came out with a bit of a shudder as he knew it weren’t proper. She was right though, he was the one carrying on, but how could he keep his hands off her with them being so close to one another?
She was begging him then, begging for him to take her again. “I shouldn’t.” He said softly as their lips touched, Amelia greedy with her kisses and desires and leaning into the male. She had Valentin had no time to think, to stop himself as her words drove him mad. His fingers slipped into her, the other free hand gripping her face and kissing her back now. His tongue coursed over hers, a growl escaping at the feeling of how her warmth accepted him and damn of course he was getting excited again.
“Fuck,” he said when he finally pulled his lips away from the female. Valentin removed his fingers, lapping at the sweet tasted of her before laying the demanding female on her back. He had been a bit nicer in the beginning and she wanted him, this time to fuck her, the word seeming so foreign as it came from her mouth. She wanted him and she didn’t want him to stop until she had her fill. He was already far gone, what more could it hurt if he did this?
Valentin grabbed her by the hips, roughly pulling the woman toward his rising soldier, only removing his shorts to reflect just how excited she made him. He didn’t wait for comfort, didn’t wait for her to change her mind, he just simply pushed inside the princess. His head hung as he tried to get his mind straight, her still tight as the hours before, her spot never touched until this night and by him.
He didn’t want to hurt her, but Valentin could be dangerous when you gave him free reign. [I Don’t stop]. He would give her what she wanted and more. N longer limiting her to just one position, he flipped the woman over, hands gripping hers behind her back. He thrusted once, deep in her to assure the position worked.
He was gone then, his mind simply focused on taking her, his hips thrusting with such ferocity as though he couldn’t have enough of her. Eager, he had drew her up, allowing him more access to her sweet warmth, hands gripping her chest, lips suckling at her shoulder and neck. He wanted to consume all of her.
Valentin found it hard to control himself, his body growing sticky with sweat with each gyration. He was close, but knew he needed to see her face. He’d turned, him still inside her, but both of them now able to see themselves in her mirror. She was not a princess, she was a woman for his own at this moment and desire had warped the male’s mind. Valentin gripped her hair then, deep inside her and not moving, his member jerking to explore as he looked into the member. There she was, trapped by him. “Is this what you wanted?” He asked her with a chuckle, another thrust just to see her squirm as he watched the mirror. “Amelia?”
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 2d 11h 51m 8s
Amelia did not know what else to say.
She did have a fair point. How else would Valentin protect her if he wasn't around?
The only way he could is if he spent one night with her to make sure no one...no one entered the room whether it was from the door or the French windows that led onto the balcony.

[i "Princess..."]
[b "It's Amelia. You said it during sex, you can say it now..."] she replied, keeping her eyes upon the man that soon crumbled, becoming defeated and all she could do was shuffle back to her side of the bed, giving Valentin room with a smile on her face.

She did not even think about the male releasing inside of her.
Sure, she was sticky and seriously wet from both fluids but her focus was on him and not that.

Valentin removed his clothes, just the pants leaving on the briefs that covered the good part.
He was big, a little too big which made the girl wince for her first time and for him to cover up the goods, made her a little....well..sad…

Leaning over, they kissed.
A soft kiss upon the lips that caused the girl to blush and lay back down upon the mattress, head upon the duck feather pillow and looked at him.
Not tired.

[i “Sleep only..."]
[b "Cross my heart and hope to die...sleep...only..."] she replied, mocking the male as she scooted in closer to Valentin crossing her chest before holding up a finger.

She was drawn in closer but his very own hand.
Drawn in quick that made the Princess gasp a little as now - they were in each others space, faces inches apart where one could quickly kiss if wanted.

Valentin's hand however, once pulled away from her breast now glided up from the side of her body to her lower half that was bare..naked and smooth.

[i “Why are you doing this?”]
[b "You are the one touching me, Valentin..."] she replied softly, leaning forward - slipping out her tongue and gently glided it against his lips. [b "I never knew, sex ...could be so fucking good. I don't want to sleep, fuck me....and don't stop.."]
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 3d 1h 52m 34s
Her voice spoke so hard of her wanting him. Valentin tried to not look her in the eyes and yet the male looked up at her, pleading for him to stay. [I Keep her warm].
“Princess,” he said in a soft voice. He was finding it hard to deny the girl. He hung his head, hands gripping his head as though to try to push the thoughts out of his mind. She was giving him every reason not to leave and she was right. All he had to do was make sure that he was through the little hatch that she had showed him – the secret door that separated their rooms.
“Damnit,” Valentin whispered, already removing his pants then, his shirt not even on. Valentin walked over to the woman then, just in is shorts, leaning over to kiss her.
She was sweet, the taste of her unlike any other and Valentin would know from how his tongue eagerly lapped at her between her legs. She was giving him orders technically, and as the princess she was in charge, but if he were to give in to his desires he would have to be smart about it.
“Sleep only,” he said to her, trying to regain some sense of authority over the woman who had a knack for making him weak and already was in a position of power to get anyone to do what she wanted. Valentin climbed onto the bed, over her and wanting to take her again, her presence more than tempting which he had noticed from their first meeting. He sighed, deciding to lay at her side.
He couldn’t help but draw her close, hands reaching for her breasts, only stopping as he remembered what he was here for. Protection right? He wanted her though, it was clear as the growth in his shorts didn’t leave much to imagination. He knew she would probably be sore still from before, but she was pressed there against him – a naughty temptation like a drink before an alcoholic trying to remain sober. He hated himself for it, but he found his hands trailing lower to her nude lower half.
“Why are you doing this?” He asked her.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 3d 2h 24m 26s
The closer Valentin got to her, the more her heart beated faster and faster.
The more he touched her skin, the fight to fend of temptation got harder and harder and all the Princess could do was close her eyes to savor the moment with a bite of her lower lip, lips that just had broken the kiss from the man that gave her a little bit of joy.

[i “I shouldn’t,”]
[b "I know, but I want it so..."] she replied softly, leaning in only to rest her forehead against his own, shifting in closer to the male where he held body close to his own. [b "I want you to stay, show me how much you want me again..."] she spoke once more, only to listen to Valentin's reply. A reply on what if people were to enter in the morning while they slept?

Amelia opened her eyes and looked at the man, raising her eyebrow as she lent back - feeling him slowly peel away from her naked form and left the bed he helped keep warm.
[b "Valentin..."]
[i 'I cant'..']
[b "Why not?.."]

It was all because of a code he had to follow.
He didn't seem to follow when when he was popping her cherry and fucking her on the royal bed momens ago.

Leaning up, naked - her eyes could not shift away from him as he got dressed.
Pulling on his pants, doing up the zipper as he looked around for the remainder of his clothes.

[b "The door is locked. No one will come in tonight unless I call for them..."] Amelia spoke, trying to reassure him. [b "The maids come in at 7am. If you are gone by then, no one will notice. There is a secret door remember?"] again she opened her mouth and spoke. He had a phone, surely he could put on an alarm.

[b "Come back to bed. Get naked and keep me warm..."]

Reaching out, Amelia grabbed Valentin's hand.

[b "How can you protect me when you aren't here..?"]
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 3d 5h 15m 4s
She was trying to convince him that what he did wasn’t wrong. It was true, it was consensual, but their actions wouldn’t be approved by the people, especially not her father or fiancé. He was supposed to be watching the woman and making sure she was safe, not having her riding him. If he was focused so much on her and making sure they were satisfied sexually and intimately, how could he be sure to make sure her attempted killer wouldn’t actually be able to complete the job.
Valentin sighed, his lips stolen by Amelia’s her hand bold and forceful in grip as she drew it her ass, her showing that everything was okay and wanting him to stay. “I shouldn’t,” Valentin whispered against her lips, though he drew the female in close, hers and his body still nude. “What if your staff comes in hm? That would not go over well.” Valentin could feel himself growing inn excitement again and Amelia was so tempting, he had to control himself. If he gave into his desires again it could lead to trouble. He had already broke his oath in the moment.
“I cant.” He said again with a sigh, squeezing her ass before managing to peel himself away from the woman. He groaned then as he pulled away. He stood then, collecting his clothing and placing his clothes back on.
“I don’t mean to be cold,” he told her as he was buttoning his pants, pulling the zipper up. He watched Amelia then, a woman of royalty that any man would want and he had his chance with her. She was a woman trapped in an engagement she didn’t seem too happy with and had for the first time experienced a world of pleasure and excitement with a man that wasn’t her fiancé.
He sighed out then as he was finally dressed. He wanted badly to sleep with her, but Valentin had to stand by the code. He was here to protect her. Though, there was no rule that she couldn’t come to his room? Had she been gone, no one would suspect anything.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 3d 9h 42m 4s
Amelia had been missing out on the greatest feeling.
Sex was upmost incredible, she could only imagine what it would of been like with someone she loved and held dear to her heart.

Laying on the mattress, eyes staring up at the ceiling - all the Princess could do was smile, her chest heaving up and down as she tried to regain her breathing
Riding a man sure took alot out of her, especially since it was her first time, she did not want to under perform.

[b I'm all sticky...] she spoke with a soft laugh..

Turning her head to the side that rested on the fluffy pillow filled with duck feathers, Amelia glanced at Valentin who laid beside her, breathing hard just like her until he finally he sat up, face in his hands that only made the Princess stop smiling anand became worried.
Valentin spoke on being an idiot. Why? Amelia was not sure why and while she slowly sat up, her body shimmied in closer to the male where she lent in and gently kissed inbetween his shoulder blades.

[b You're not an idiot...] Amelia replied only to lay back down once the male turned his head and open mouth - speaking on her finding a new replacement. [b I dont want to find a new replacement, Valentin...I dont want you to leave..."

Valentin turned and lent down - kissing Amelia's lips after apologizing. He whispered words that made her tingle and tremble all over even though it was nothing sexual, his voice made her wet with desire.
[b No .you shouldn't of, but I'm glad you did. If only you knew my relationship with Andrew. Maybe then youd understand why I did..what I did. I dont regret it...] she spoke softly, leaning up only to kiss Valentin again on those lips she just had to have over and over.

[b Sleep with me...] amelia whispered against his lips, her eyes closed as she grabbed his hand anddl gently placed it upon her waist, letting it trail to her ass. [b Stay...]
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 3d 10h 50m 36s
She was afraid of being inexperienced and yet the woman didn’t know what she was capable of. She had to trust her body and Valentin was not a man of violence when it came to women and intimacy, if she hurt he would stop. He meant it when he said he would take it slow, wanting her to only experience pleasure. He held her against him, the silent pop as he had entered her only exciting him further.
He had tried to contain himself, but of course there were moments where he had moved quicker, harder, her body eagerly accepting him. He noticed how she tried to adjust, her own movements mirroring his, a quick learner. Though with time she would be a great lover, though not to him. Valentin knew that he couldn’t do this with the female again. He was her guard, not her fiancé. Yet, that didn’t stop him from taking her that night, hands gripping her thighs, kisses sloppily pressed against her exposed skin. No one other than staff had seen her naked, so vulnerable and there for his taking. Valentin had suckled on the woman’s breast, both of them close to climax and him holding on as long as he could – so greedy he didn’t want to let her go. He rocked against her, the virginal bed now tainted by their love making.
He had looked up to see her, head tilted back and lip biting expressing the euphoria she felt on top of him and that sound of her moaning only increased his excitement before he followed her and without thinking had released into the woman. His grip slackened, Amelia laid gently across the bed where she tried to regain her breath after their coupling. Valentin had stood there before laying beside her.
[I Missing out?] Valentin was slowly sobering, the pleasure now replaced by fear. He had just released into a virginal princess, now he was worrying if he would get her pregnant.
“I’m an idiot,” he said as he sat up then, head in his hands. It was the most pleasure, the greatest climax he had and yet this was dangerous territory. He had overstepped boundaries, a fool and slave to his desires. He looked over his shoulder then, the nude woman laying there and he was mad at himself for being turned on again to want her. “I cant – I should leave. We need to find you a replacement.” His words seemed to make no sense as he leaned over her again, kissing the young woman. “I’m sorry,” he whispered against her lips, “I shouldn’t have done this to you. You have a fiancé.”
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 3d 15h 45m 23s
All of this was fast.
Too fast and yet Amelis was giddy as this was the first time she ever took that step, a risk, an adventure.

Laying on the bed, leaning up on her elbows that pressed down on the soft king size mattress, the Princess gazed upon a man who she found to be ever so interesting. Intoxicating.
The man who swore under oath to protect her and no man would ever lie to the Lord. Right?

Valentin spoke on trust.
Trust to Amelia was a big thing, especially now when she was almost killed due to an attempt on her life. Men and women were not safe when it came to her ability to trust so it wasn't just Valentin.
"I do trust you. You dont want to move too quickly? I dont even know what I'm doing or supposed to be doing..." she replied, watching and feeling lips kiss her inner thighs only to be reassured once again that it was okay to be okay.

The first time often hurt.
Amelias body surely would know what to do. She just needed to trust her instincts.

As tongue glided against her warmth, Amelia closed her eyes experiencing a new feeling up until the moment Valentin stopped and began to undo his pants, letting himself out in the open that caused Amelia's eyes to widen.

First time for a kiss.
First time for oral sex and now...it was the first time she saw a mans appendage.
There was no denying, the girl was scared.

Shifting her body, Amelia made herself a little more comfortable as Valentin climbed onto of her, slowly pushing himself inside the girl.
A pop was felt.
Amelia closed eyes tight and her hands grabbed the sheets - gripping tight as she made a sound of being slightly uncomfortable.

As time went on, the pain subsided and Amelia felt the most pleasure she had ever experienced.
Arms wrapped around her waist, she say up in Valentins lap and together they moved their bodies, moans of the upmost satisfaction left throats.
Lips kissed.
Hands all over the skin- feeling each other, connecting in a way that was enchanting as the two looked into each others eyes as Amelia rocked her body against the Guard who was to protect her.

Soon her name was spoken.
Pulsating she could feel from the inside as valentin was close as so was she.

Body shook.
Breathing fastened until she could not hold onto what was coming and it was not long until she climaxed. Head tilted up and showed off how she felt in a pleasurable scream - a moan towards the ceiling.

After it all, Amelia fell onto the bed, biting her lower lip still breathing heavily with a soft smile on her face.

"Well.... that was, new for me. I've been missing out it seems..." she spoke softly.
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 4d 9h 18m 47s
Valentin could tell she was a virgin, though her cursing was a bit of a surprise, but he was surprised that the female hadn’t realized what his intentions were as he rested his head in between her legs. “You don’t want me to stop?” He inquired again. His hands pressed against her thighs, “You said you trust me, so [I trust] me.” Valentin looked up at her with eyes that he hoped seemed truthful. He smiled at her then and kissed the female’s thighs.
“I don’t want to move too quickly.” She was right in knowing that this wasn’t something they should be doing and yes it was wrong, but how [I wrong] was it? She was a woman and he a man, both with desires that they wished to fall victims to and yet he knew that she was a princess and he knew that’s he was also engaged. He didn’t even know the repercussions of his actions had they been found out. Valentin reached up and pressed his hand against the woman’s chest. “Relax, I won’t hurt you.” He’d kissed there against her chest. Lowering himself back to her warmth where he had kissed the woman. His hands gripping her thighs as his tongue danced against her, readying the woman until he was sure and even then, spread between her legs he tried to think whether or not he should move forward.
“Don’t worry,” he had finally said to her as he lifted then, gently wrapping his arm around her waist as he had begun to unbutton his pants. This could be a one time thing, after this he would promise himself never to touch her again.
Hadn’t she asked this of him ? Was it not his duty to of as he was asked? Valentin had entered her then, a virgin, tight and warm. He gasped out then, she was temptation in physical form, a pure untouched form that he had the privilege of having.
“Trust me,” Valentin had whispered as he kissed her neck, gripping her hips tighter and allowing him to have more control of his entrance, deepening, movements slow knowing she was a virgin and not wanting to hurt her. He wanted her to experience the true feeling of being intimate, of love. He wanted her to know sex could be precious, even if with someone other than who you were engaged to.
Valentin drew her up then, hands laying gentle kisses against her neck, her chest, his thrusts slow and yet with impact, his eyes meeting her own as he held the prize in his hands, wanting to have his way with the female, but not wanting to be rough enough to hurt her. Yet, he couldn’t help the growl that escaped his lips and the increasing speed of his thrusts, she was addicting – and there was something exciting about being the first to have her.
“Amelia,” he whispered against her ear, hands gripping her ass now, himself so close to climax.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 4d 16h 1m 41s
Never had she been touched by a man in the way Valentin was touching her.
Never..had she kissed a man in the way she kissed him. Earlier in the night was the very first time and it frightened her to think..if she was bad at it.
Valentin didnt say anything about it which was either a good..or bad thing.

The only people who had seen her royal body were her Maids.
The women who washed her in the morning and at night along with the ones who dressed her.
Being infront of the man who was sworn to protect her, almost naked apart from a small garment of underwear, Amelia was nervous.

What if he didnt like what he saw?

Valentin soon showed his strength when his hands rested upon her waist and lifted the Princess up.
A motion that she jumped up to help and wrapped her long legs around his waist, holding him tight as they both gazed at each other.
Not looking away.
Not even when Valentin stepped forward to see where he was going before placing Amelia down onto the king size bed.
Laying there, Amelia smiled softly - tilting her head to the side and watched and listened to Valentin.

"Its not right to do this...doesnt mean we shouldnt..." she whispered, feeling Valentin climb over her, holding himself up with both hands before sharing a kiss with the Princess.
Her second time.
Passionate - tongue - soft sighs of wanting more, all the while his hand trailed her body and slipped underneath panties and started to feel up.

"Please tell me to stop..."
"No..." she breathed out.

Inserting fingers was the next move; that made her feel flushed - red in cheeks along with a feeling she had never felt before.
Butterflies in her stomach that made her gasp, tilt her head up to watch the movement of his hands and fingers slip in and out, slow then fast.

"Fuck..." she whispered.
A cuss word.

Fingers slipped out.
Valentin shifted his body down the mattress, face in between her thighs that were spread apart which made Amelia lean up upon her elbows - looking down at him.

"Last chance..."

"Wait...what are you doing?...."
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 5d 3h 25m 44s

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