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[size10 [b she] is a princess, her only way to become queen being that she marries. already, betrothed to a prince form a neighboring country
[b he] is a body guard, sent to watch over the princess after a recent assassination attempt during the parade announcing her engagement
[b at] each other's side constantly, it's hard for them not to get to know one another. her fiancé is busy overseeing delegations in other countries for the next six months.
[b a kiss] solidifies their attraction, but what happens when you have to decide between your country and true love?
[size10 [b rules.]
-okay, so yeah pretty loose-ish. im thinking this will be a lot of romance and maybe some action. im thinking whoever is trying to kill her wants their bloodline to end you are welcome to introducing that info, or i can and we can both add tidbits
-its up to you to decide who to stay with; your character can be madly in love with both or not interested in your fiance at all

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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Wrapping her arms around Valentin, Amelia slowly sat down onto his lap as the Guard remained on the edge of the bed that she and he slept in. How the arrangement would be now considering her parents and Andrew were in the same place - was something she was not to sure on.

With them being in the same roof, showing any kind of attention to Valentin was going to be hard and it proved to be hard at dinner when all Amelia wanted was to smile at him, touch him and on occasion - blow him kisses.
Valentin tilted his head and kissed the Princess's jawline, a move that made her close eyes and smile wide from the pleasant feeling.

[i “You want to marry me?”]
[b "Yes, well when you ask me, that is..."] she replied, tilting her head back up - leaning in and kissed the mouth she loved just as much.

The two embraced each other.
The pair touched one another and it started to get hot and heavy until their were knocks on the door.
Valentin groaned but continued to kiss as they both ignored the knock only for it to get louder and louder.

Another groan left him and Amelia shook her head, talking against his mouth.
[b "Ignore it, they'll go away.."] she muttered, kissing Valentin again before being left a little disappointed when the intimacy stopped and Valentin got up from the bed, placing the woman he loved down slowly and headed for the door.

[b "Valentin..."] she spoke, watching carefully only to hear Andrew's voice at the door.
A roll of her eyes, she could feel her body shudder but simply shrugged and nodded at Valentin after he had asked her on what it was she wanted to do.

[b "Let him in. I'll be fine, just stay outside at the door. Keep your ears open, I may need you.."] Amelia spoke, standing up slowly - sighing as the door opened and slowly Andrew stepped inside the bedroom while Valentin kept an eye on the Princess before exiting the room.

[b "Andrew, quite the surprise seeing you at this time. Is everything alright?.."] she had asked - fixing her nightdress as pretending she was going to bed - retreat for the night.
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 10h 38m 4s
Valentin cradled the woman close as she sat on his lap, glad to hear that when it came to a first choice Valentin was obviously her pick. He kissed her jaw then, his lips travelling toward her collarbone and back up to her neck, where he rested his nose. It felt good to have her so close after a day of pretending that they were just employee and employer. Him a simple servant and she a princess, despite how madly in love they were. It was nearly like a fairytale – especially with the drama of the princess’ life being on the line.
“You want to marry me?” he asked with a chuckle, though he was not at all surprised as the princess was even ready to run off and elope with the male before he had talked her into simply talking to her parents. He only hoped this wouldn’t backfire as he wouldn’t just be fired, but also wouldn’t be allowed to step anywhere near the princess. That thought did upset him some and he tried not to think about it and instead focused on the feel of Amelia in his hands. His lips found her own and he was overtaken with passion as he began to kiss her, his hands braced against her back as he pressed her in closer to him. A soft moan escaped his lips then before his lips returned to her neck, sucking ever so slightly as to still give pleasure but to not leave any marks. He didn’t want to seem so obvious before it was officially announced they were together.
Valentin was getting ahead of himself then, but he figured he had to stay hopeful and have faith that things would go their way. He held the princess close then, hands travelling along her backside and gripping tight with another smack before he kissed her again.
There was a knock at the door then, Valentin groaning into the kiss as he did not want to be interrupted. Still the knocking persisted and with a groan he came to a stand, lightly placing the princess on the bed. He adjusted himself as much as possible, but the growth in his pants was not winding down that quickly from how excited he was.
He opened the door to find Andrew standing there.
“I’d like to talk to the Princess. Alone.” He suggested as he looked him over and his suspicions were only growing. Still Andrew was his superior and h had to be professional even if he didn’t like the guy.
“He closed the door and turned to Amelia, obviously irritated. “What would you prefer I do?”
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 23h 30m 38s
She was not comfortable.
Ever since Andrew had come back from the tour, he had been different. A little bit more possessive and Amelia could feel his hand grip her own every time he took it. It as a grip of him not wanting her to go anywhere. A grip that would get tighter if she spoke and said the wrong thing.

Amelia could only imagine the damage he would do once he was by her side ruling the Kingdom and the people.
It had to be stopped and the only way that would happen if she would finally come clean to her parents.

Stepping away from the paper panel that one would go behind to get dress in modesty, Amelia, dressed in her nightdress approached Valentin to who remained on the edge of the bed.
In between his legs, the Princess ran fingers through his hair as she looked down at him.

[i “Think that settles any bad feelings I had. No more talk of him,”]
[b "No, please no more speak of him. He and his name makes me cringe..."] she replied, biting her lower lip as she could feel Valentin's hands slip up the side of her thigh, under her dress and gently gripped those bare ass cheeks he loved to slap and make the color red.

He kissed her stomach then that caused the Princess smile.

[i "When are you going to tell your parents...?"]
[b "Tomorrow? I cannot bare to be with him another minute. Sooner we do this, the better it will be for the both of us.."]

Tomorrow would be the day of confession.

Slowly, Amelia shifted and sat down on Valentin's lap, holding him close.

[b "I choose you, you know. If you asked me to marry you, I would say yes..a million times."]

Wandering down the hallway, Andrew kept his eyes on the door of his Fiancé but did not dare enter.
Approaching - he looked at the Guard as he stood before him and raised an eyebrow.

[+red "Where does the Guard sleep?"]
[+blue "The Guard, sir?.."]
[+red "The damn BodyGuard assigned to protect the Princess?..."]
[+blue "He sleeps in the room, Sir. On the couch where he can keep an eye out for whoever wishes to harm her, Sir.."]

[+red "Does he now?..."]
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 1d 5h 16m 14s
Valentin wasn’t surprised to find that find that Amelia was not as happy or comfortable being around Andrew and it he did feel good about that. He didn’t want to scare her and didn’t want to make any assumptions until he had some kind of evidence that would definitely confirm that Andrew had something to do with the assassin attempts. Sometimes some people could surprise you and while Andrew didn’t look like he had that much bite, his bark did still install something in the male that made Valentin want to watch him vert carefully. Amelia had removed her down then, placing on her nightgown as she headed toward his way.
“Well, he’s out here and I’m with you,” he said with a smirk then, not able to resist falling into her embrace, her fingers soothing as they ran through his strands of hair. Valentin moaned out then, hands pushing up her gown and running over her backside. He gripped her cheeks tight then, biting down on his bottom lip as he looked up a her with eyes that told of nothing but love and adoration or the woman in his hands.
“Think that settles any bad feelings I had. No more talk of him,” he pleaded, his lips pressing against her bare stomach then, eagerly drawing her close to him, lips pressing against her warmth. “When do you plan to speak with you’re parents?” He asked her then, gently massaging her cheeks and looking up at Amelia. He was a bit nervous to think about what would happen once the princess admitted to their relationship, but he just had hope that true love would lead them to make the best decision. Though, Amelia hadn’t even been given the chance to decide who she was going to marry. He hoped there was a chance they would allow the woman to be smart enough to make this decision and for the right reason. It was hard to think though, Valentin more than wanting to just lift the woman and have her legs draped around his shoulders and to fall asleep with her.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 1d 13h 21m 57s
Stepping away from Andrew, Amelia could not take another look at him. Swishing her hips, listening to the dress dance along the ground as she walked - the Princess left the dining room knowing full well that Valentin was walking behind, protecting her like he had always done from the moment their first met.

Amelia had no idea about the two men exchanging glances and she certainly did not know that Valentin suspected Andrew to be involved with the killing attempts.
Even if he did tell her, she would look at him with a face of confusion as there was no way, a weak man like Andrew could possibly pull something like this off.

The pair did not speak as they wandered the hall that held pictures of the royal family on the walls.
Wallpaper expensive with little flecks of gold.
Mirrors and several doors - wooden that had bedrooms behind until final, a hand on the handle, Amelia pushed the door open and entered the room

[b "I can't wait to get out of this dress!..."] she spoke, shifting to the centre of the room, hands behind as she started to unlace herself. [b "My skin crawls. I feel I have him on me..."]

Taking the bodice off, Amelia flung it onto the chair as Valentin took a seat on the edge of the bed, resting his legs as he had been standing for quite sometime.
Removing the rest of the clothes - it was reaching over and grabbing her nightdress from the standing paper divider and placed it onto her body, slipping it down her skin.

[b "He gives me the creeps all of a sudden. It's like...since he has been back - I just get this …..I don't know what to call it.."] she spoke, wandering over to Valentin and stood inbetween his legs - looking down at him while running her fingers through his hair.
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 1d 15h 18m 38s
Valentin didn’t much care for discretion at this point, knowing that eventually the cat would be out of the bag and the relationship between the two would be exposed eventually. At that point there wouldn’t be any need for the two of them to have to sneak around or worry about being caught. Though, he was sure that the fact that the princess was no longer a virgin would soon become a big issue. Valentin did want to spend some time to speak with the fiancé. However, he had to make sure to stick by Amelia’s side and Andrew would still be here. He would find time to pull the gentleman aside, though neither of them liked each other and he knew that would be a not so fun conversation. Valentin was positive as well that the man didn’t think the relationship between him and the princess was as professional as she was leading him to believe.
Valentin turned to look over his shoulder at the male who only glared daggers at him. He couldn’t help but chuckle at his attempt to intimidate him. Valentin was much larger and muscular than the male and he doubted he would last a minute with Valentin if they were to engage in a fight. If anything, Valentin didn’t want to shake the boat too much, he wanted Andrew to be confident enough to slip up and say something that would backfire. He knew Andrew had something to do with the attacks.
He followed behind Princess Amelia, obviously not too happy about having to spend time with Andrew. Valentin resisted the urge of drawing her in while they were walking the hallway, they had privacy but he had to remain consistent. Anyone could come around any second. They had reached her bedroom then, Valentin glad to take a seat on the edge of the bed, giving his legs rest from standing. He ran his hands through his hair, then watching the princess with a smirk, He was glad to be able to watch her without having to worry he was looking too closely and for too long. The possibility of being allowed to touch her, even better.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 1d 18h 24m 25s
This was not fair on Valentin.
The past few weeks Amelia had always put him first whether it was attention or passion and now, with him standing on the other side of the room, it was as if he was on the sidelines.
A wall flower and it honestly broke her heart.

It should of been Valentin who was sitting by her side, enjoying the title of "Duke", enjoying the finest wine and the most expensive of food, but instead, he had to eat in the kitchen with the scullery maids or hardly ate at all.

The King and Queen would soon know about how their daughter felt the moment Amelia actually had the balls to spill the beans. It would happen within the next few days or even the following day.
As the four were enjoying their food, on occasion - Amelia would shift gaze and look at Valentin and her heart would flutter.
My god, how she loved him.

Valentin would be a great Duke and even better King, ruling by her side until they both were longer alive on the planet.

[+red “It was a pleasure seeing you again Andrew. We look forward to breakfast.."] the Queen spoke as she and the King slowly stood up from their seat and retreated to their chambers.
[+blue "Goodnight, your Highness..."]
[b "Goodnight Mom and Dad..."] Amelia replied - watching her parents leave - going through doors and vanishing from sight.

All that was left as her and Andrew with Valentin on the sidelines like a handsome wallflower.
Glancing in his direction, Amelia smiled as she caught a wink from the an she loved, a wink that was noticed by the man who she wanted to abandon.

[+blue "What was that?.."]
[b "What was what?..."] Amelia spoke, hearing Andrew's voice and question - looking at him with a raised eyebrow.
[+blue "The Guard just winked at you. Why?.."]
[b "It is his signal for the coast is clear and safe. Signal needs to be discreet as possible.."] Amelia replied, trying to lie her way through.

Pushing the chair back slowly, the Princess stood up as well as Andrew who mimicked movement.
[+blue "Discreet, huh?.."]
[b "You are being rather rude, Andrew. I smell a hint of assumption in your words.."]
[+blue "I apologize..."] he spoke, bowing in front of Amelia who - having enough of being near him, left his side and began to saunter away towards the door.

Andrew was left standing in the dining room.

Valentin left his post and followed the Princess as that ...what was he was employed for.
Keeping her safe and keeping her close.

Leaving the room, she sighed - shaking a little as she cringed.
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 3d 7h 4m 52s
Valentin had tried not to show how he felt when he saw the engaged couple kiss. He knew it was an act and he was secure with himself to know that Amelia did love him. However, that didn’t mean Valentin wouldn’t get upset. He had fallen for the princess and they had shared a bed together for the last couple of weeks. What they had bloomed in less time than the feelings expected to be for Andrew, which Valentin knew would never come to place. Amelia wanted him and she made that clear. Still, the idea of yoking the male out of his chair was more than tempting. He tried his hardest to keep his thoughts as thoughts and not words, refusing to give into the temptation of jealousy and frustration.
He tried to focus on the future they would have together. He had never been the marrying type and most of his relationships only lasted for a short period of time because of the work that he did. Amelia had already mentioned eloping – marriage was on the female’s mind he figured. Marrying a man that she loved and that she chose, not one chosen for her; forcing emotions she didn’t have. Though if they were fortunately able to change her parent’s minds marriage would of course be on the table. Had you told him years ago that he would be in the situation he was now, he wouldn’t have believed you.
He was glad the dinner was slowly winding down and the night was arriving. Valentin couldn’t handle seeing more of Andrew touch, hold or kiss [I his] Amelia.
“It was a pleasure seeing you again Andrew. We look forward to breakfast,” the Queen said as she came to a stand next to her husband. They were heading to their own part of the home to retire to sleep. Valentin still sat by. He technically could not leave his post until Amelia was ready. He turned around briefly as he had his back to them, not being able to stomach seeing the two together. He looked over at her, winking just briefly which definitely caught the attention of Andrew.
“What was that?” He asked Amelia then.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 3d 21h 39m 46s
The kiss on the hand made Amelia want to make a face of disgust and desperately wanted to yank her hand away quick smart - but she had to play the part of a loving Princess until the time was right.
She had not spoken to Valentin on when the right time would be to confess and come clean, but she would assume it was when she was ready.

This dinner, was not the right time.
It would be speaking to her parents alone without Andrew that would be appropriate.

Sitting down on a cushioned chair, Amelia faked a smile and quickly moved a hand forward and grabbed a glass of wine - bringing it to her mouth and took a sip. A rather large one as she felt she needed to be drunk just to deal with Andrew.

[+blue "I simply could not stay any away a moment longer. I have missed you so..."] Andrew spoke, his head turned and stared at Amelia, to which all she could do was smile but remained quiet. An action that her mother noticed.
[+green "You will not reply, Amelia? You are awfully quiet tonight..."] her mother spoke to which Amelia - who was glancing at Valentin on the other side of the room - broke gaze and looked at the Queen before turning to Andrew.

[b "I missed you too, Andrew. Very much. You should know that.."] she spoke, words tasting like vinegar.

It was a flat out lie but still, she had to play the part, especially when Andrew lent in and kissed the Princess on the lips in front of the Parents, solidifying their "love" since sex was not appropriate.
Pulling back slowly, Amelia turned her head and looked down at the meal that was placed down before Royalty.

No doubt Valentin would of be pissed that another man was kissing his lady.
Another swig of wine, Amelia kept her eyes down - afraid to look at the man she loved.
  Amelia - / MeisjeKelly / 4d 9h 13m 13s
She didn’t need him to tell her she was beautiful but he was glad to be able rile up any emotion in the female that would deliver some sense of pleasure or satisfaction. Together they headed down the hall until they reached the dining area. He wouldn’t be eating with the family at this dinner as this was more of a private affair for the engaged couple. Instead he stood on the sidelines, watching carefully. He watched as Andrew headed toward Amelia, trying to meet her eyes just for a brief moment. She didn’t like it and he didn’t like it but that didn’t mean that it there was something they could do about it at that moment. Despite who cared for it, he still had to watch another man touch and kiss the girl he loved. It was a hard thing to do and especially for a man like Valentin who had not only a temper but a jealous streak. He gripped his hands tight as they were placed in front of him, fists then at that point before turning his attention away.
He occasionally walked the room, watching as Amelia would catch glimpses of him. He was paying attention to the conversation without being obvious, mostly watching Andrew as he suspected he had some connection to the attacks on the princess. Why he wanted her dead was a mystery. Being married to her certainly would give him a title that many men only could dream of. There had to be some other reason and it was surprising to find that there had been no attempt on her life since arriving. He wondered if the presence of her family would change anything at all. He was sure that he just needed to keep an eye on the fellow who scowled any time he saw Valentin. Had he noticed the slight glimpses his fiancé threw his way? That did cause Valentin to give a smug smirk. Had Andrew known what he and the princess did back doors it would surely have driven him mad. The idea of simply having his way with t princess privately while he was there actually excited him. Though in private, he was positive most of the staff was aware. Though they kept it professional in public – there in her bedroom was nothing but loud and passionate love making that all who heard would recognize. There was nothing subtle when it came to the couple in bed, allowed to hold one another without judgement or fear of being reprimanded.
The dinner was coming to an end and Valentin was ordered to give the couple alone time as they engaged with one another in another room. He had to stand outside the door, which was not pleasing to him and he was a tad worried. He couldn’t jump to conclusions though and if he protested an order that would not only seem out of place but could have him fired from his position all together which he didn’t want.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 4d 21h 6m 58s
Throughout the course of there short relationship, the two had hid their affection rather well.
Up until that moment they finally reconnected after eight days where they were somewhat heard when they were in bed together.
The maids in the house now knew that the Princess was no longer a virgin, but due to liking Amelia, they kept the secret but soon - eventually it would be out in the open.

By the make up table, slowly Amelia placed the hair brush down onto the table and kept her eyes on the reflection of Valentin from the mirror, listening to his words.
[i "That's not what I meant..."] he replied. Amelia raised her eyebrow and turned back to view herself and ran fingers through the strands of hair before moving up from the cushioned seat and wandered naked to the bed.

It was not the first time she was nude in front of Valentin and it sure was not going to be the last.
Grabbing the dress that was laid out on the bed and started to put it onto her naked frame as well as lingerie underneath.
That was when Valentin shifted from his space and stepped behind the Princess and snaked arms around her waist.

Amelia smiled and tilted her head to the side - baring her neck to which Valentin kissed over and over that caused the female to giggle and get the sweetest of tingles.
[i “You look beautiful,”]
[b "I love it when you tell me that. Makes me feel so good..."] she replied, placing her hands on her arms at the front.

Valentin was the man she wanted to marry.
To give him a title and one day rule beside her.
To give him a child and little did she knew - she already was that was still forming.

As a knock came on the door, Valentin quickly moved back and away from Amelia while she turned around.
Door opening, a maid entered and spoke on dinner being ready. Together, she and her bodyguard left the left and wandered the hallway and entered the dining room where her Parents and Andrew were waiting.

Andrew got up from his seat and ushered over to Amelia, bowing in front of the Princess before taking her hand and kissing it ever so gently.
Amelia tried ever so hard not to make a face of disgust but held herself together rather well.

Clearing her throat, Amelia pulled her hand away and gave off a smile before turning to Valentina - raising an eyebrow.

Giving him a little look on really not liking him near her.

[+blue "You look radiant..."] Andrew spoke, keeping his eyes on Amelia, ushering her to the table while Valentin stood to the sidelines, keeping a watchful eye on the Royal Family.
On occasion, Amelia would look up and take a glance at the man she loved who remained standing.
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 5d 7h 22m 39s
The both of then had did pretty well complying to his rule of low profile and though it was hard for him to resist, he somehow managed to stick to it. It was different now though with her parents and fiancé being uber he same space as them he would have to be in his best behavior and extra professional. With the King and Queen it came easily and of course Amelia was the love of his life and he had no reason to be nasty with her. However Andrew was a different story. The man dubbed Valentin the ark f way, was stuck up and clearly was not a fan of Valentin or how close he had gotten to his fiancé apparently while away.
“I didn’t mean that,” he said with a sigh. He knew that Amelia was just as displeased and apparently disgusted to be in the presence of her fiancé but at this moment like she mentioned, there was nothing that they could do. For now at least. Soon Amelia would tell her parents of their relationship and with faith it would go well. He had to room his eyes at that, running his hand against the side of his face. He shifted in his seat to watch Valentina then, her beautiful nude frame walking toward where her gown hung, long blonde tresses waving down her back. He had to remind himself he had to keel his cook and staring at the woman before him was the reasoning.
He loved Valentina and he had only grown to love her even more because of the time he spent with her. Doing to a stand then, he walked over to her while she was dressed, hands brushing back the remainder blonde locks to expose her neck. He loosely held her by the hops, eyes closed as he kissed her neck passionately. At least they could enjoy this moment of privacy now. “You look beautiful,” he said then barely able to control his moan. She looked beautiful for a man she didn’t love or want to marry - a marriage she hoped she could get out of and be with Valentin instead. Their moment of privacy didn’t last very long as there was a knock on the door then to which he instantly removed his hands and stood at her side, back turned and with his hands behind his back.
A maid entered, bowing toward Amelia before mentioning that dinner was ready. He wanted to gag right then, a special dinner once more celebrating the engagement. Though some part of him was pleased to know that it wouldn’t go through.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 6d 5h 32m 37s
A low profile.
That was what he said and even though Amelia hated this at first, it was something that needed to be done
However now, he seemed to of thrown that out the window by taking the Princess by the waist and gave her one lingering kiss.

People around were only two but still, two was way to many. The fear of her parents finding out before she spilt the beans started to get to her but as a Royal, she held it together well.

[i “I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.”]
[b "Hunny, you really have to try. I am only following your rules. If you no longer want to put this rule in motion, I am all for it, but you have to let me know such things.."] Amelia spoke as she stepped back from Valentin and slowly sat down onto the seat - her ass cushioned.
Hand reached forward and slowly she poured herself a cup of tea and drank the liquid - carefully as it was hot.
Eyes staring infront of her at the man who took her breath away and loved, admitting it to him.

The two remained seated on the patio and enjoyed each others company and enjoyed each other for the days to come until it was finally the day where Andrew arrived along with her parents.


Andrew as in the house but on the other side in the different wing.
Her parents were wandering the garden just getting space before over looking the china patterns for dinner that night.

Amelia and Valentin were in her bedroom together. The Guard dressed in a sharp crisp suit and was seated, while Amelia was seated down too by the make up table and stared at her reflection, brushing her long silky hair, occasionally - watching Valentin and his movements.

He wasn't happen.
Annoyed and ever so pissed off but she did not speak of it. She waited until he brought it up and it was on that day that he finally snapped.

[i “I’m not happy about him being here,”]
[b "And you think I am? He touched my arm this morning and I cringed..."] she spoke, turning on the seat and looked at Valentin ad his arms crossed at his chest. [b "I don't want him here as much as you do, but what can be done about it?..."]

Slowly she stood up and bit her lower lip - wandering over to the bed and grabbed the garment she would be wearing for dinner.
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 6d 6h 5m 22s
It was true that Valentin had meant for them to keep a low profile, but some part of him also couldn’t resist holding Amelia or kissing her – showing her how he cared and loved her. Just earlier the night before they had finally settled their fighting, Amelia no happy about him not showing her affection and being distant. Now he couldn’t control himself and she was trying to keep appearances. At this point Valentin didn’t care, more so concerned with her safety and happiness rather than remaining professional. Soon enough their relationship would become obvious and he knew that there was no doubt her staff was aware of their relations with one another or how constantly Valentin spent nights in her room.
He sighed out, kissing her just behind her ear before finally relinquishing his hold on her. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.” He told her with a roll of his eyes and a playful grin, taking a seat across from her before. He took a sip of water, eager to eat as they had worked up quite an appetite These moments together would soon become very few as her fiancé was expected to show up and he wasn’t sure if they would still manage to be together once they told her parents of what they had been up to.
Though Valentin was incredibly worried about Amelia and he had hoped that he would be able to complete his mission and find the person that was after Amelia who he suspected to be close to Andrew. Why someone would harm her he had no clue, but figured it had something to do with being next in line. Though he suspected the main person that the assassin want to get to was her father. Amelia was a treasure to her father and certainly with her killed and out of the way, it would effect both of her parents, making it easy to then take over the throne.
This of course meant that Andrew had to be in on it and Valentin planned to watch the man very carefully once he arrived.
[center [b _]]

Time with Amelia seemed to go on for only so long, before it came time for Andrew to arrive, Amelia’s parents to arrive the next day. The staff were getting everything prepared for their arrival, a dinner planned for Amelia and her fiancé which Valentin wasn’t all too thrilled about. Though what could he do?
He sat on a chair in her bedroom, dressed in a suit, though Valentin was not going to be the one who would be having dinner with Amelia. Instead he would be idling by the entrance of the dining room, making sure all was well as Amelia dined with Andrew. It would be much harder for them to have time to themselves. No more sneaky kisses, no more grabbing her ass or long nights of passionate sex. He stood then, walking over to her. “I’m not happy about him being here,” Valentin admitted, strong arms crossed over his chest.
  valentin / SincerelyLily / 8d 19h 16m 21s
Unofficial fiance.
That was what she was in her mind, anyway. Amelia did not know on how Valentin thought however although she wished she did.

He loved her. That was admitted and that was good enough for her. For the time being.

As Valentin wandered out, Amelia got ready with the help of two maids who simply could not help but smile.
This caused the Princess to raise an eyebrow but still could not connect the dots as to why the women were giggling with each other.
Yet, she kept her mouth closed

With the shower and washed body done, Amelia got dressed and her hair.made up to be perfect as that was how she was portrayed to be.
Wearing a periwinkle dress, hair down in loose girls with natural looking makeup on her face, it was not long until she exited the room and saw Valentin.

He was handsome and ever so beautiful.

Smiling softly, the princess wandered past the Guard and tried to act professional. Behind closed doors it was different. Infront of people, they had to be civil.
Opening her mouth, Amelia asked on how the findings of the man trying to kill her was going.

Stepping into the patio, Valentin replied an answer she did not like.
Stopping dead in her tracks by the table that was set up for tea and a light bite to eat, Amelia raised an eyebrow.
"Someone close to Andrew? ....Are you serious?..." she spoke hearing a reply with a nod. "Yes, of course. Talk to him. We need to find this person. I cannot live a life like this, always in hiding..."

The idea of Andrew coming back made her sad.
He was not the one for her. The man who protected her, saved her life and loved her back was the man she wanted to be with.

Within moments, Valentin took the Princess by the waist and pulled her in - giving her a nice kiss upon the lips that took her by surprise.
Both hands, palms down on his chest, Amelia accepted the kiss for a moment before slowly pushing him back.
"What are you doing? .. people are around..." she spoke, smiling as she looked around.

The help minded their own business.
Obviously seeing the pair in an embrace.

"You should stop.." Amelia giggled.
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