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[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/3e6258f0a02a9612a387e276d0478b36/tumblr_p0enc8SNiZ1vflkh2o1_500.gifv]]
[center [font "Times" [i where to begin....]]]

[center [font "Times" Hello, and hello again.]]
[center [font "Times" I'm an old user, some might remember. I use to go under name [b Revoltinglysweet] but that account has been long forgotten. And if your wondering [i 'what happened?'] Life. Life happened. Its been quite a few years since I've role-played, but nothing so far has seemed to change from this site. So how hard could this be?]]

[center [font "Times" Now, if you haven't guessed already, This is yet another search thread. I'm open to both 1:!'s and small group role plays, so if you already have something written up - feel free to send me the link through a private message and I'll gladly take a look.]]

[center [font "Times" I'm inspired by just about anything as long as I have enough wiggle room to be creative. Not only with the story line but with the characters as well. The more freedom I have, the more I'm able to give to YOU. if that makes sense. I do appreciate a good romance with a side of angst. And nothing beats a world of vampires and witches... [i 'Oh my!']]]

[center [font "Times" My writing might be a little rough, I wont lie, but that wont lower my standards and my expectations as writer. I use to try and stay above 2000 characters a post but still focus on the quality of it all vs quantity. Good grammar, punctuation, blah blah blah... you get the idea. If long detailed responses are not your thing, then this search thread is not for you.]]

[center [font "Times" Now with long posts comes a longer wait. I do have quite a bit of time on my hand but if the inspiration or motivation isn't there, it might take me a little longer to get back to you with a response. its not that i'm avoiding the role-play, I just don't want to do a half ass job. you can expect the wait to be anywhere between 24-72 hours. if it takes any longer I will give you a heads up, and I would expect the same in return.]]

[center [font "Times" I honestly don't have anything else to go over. If I do, I will most likely edit it somewhere in here.]]

[center [font "Times" feel free to send me any questions or concerns.]]

[right [font "Times" ~ Benson]]


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