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Yep, a search thread. It's not even super fancy either. Anyway, I've got a few ideas farther down, but I'm also fine with coming up with another idea together if the ideas don't appeal to you but you'd like to write with me anyway.

But first some more general expectations:

Illustrated/anime pictures only. I’m just not comfortable with real pictures. That said, I’m pretty flexible with the style of illustrated pictures. It can be pretty realistic, I'm just not comfortable with actual photos.

I expect basic literacy. It doesn't have to be big or fancy, I won’t be setting a limit. Typos happen, we all makes mistakes, but be legible please.

I generally give what I get in terms of post length, anywhere from 700-4000+ characters. If you give me long, detailed posts, I will do my best to respond in kind. If you want this to be more casual with a paragraph or two, as long as it’s giving me something to work with, that’s fine too.

The length will also likely vary based on what’s happening. Dialogue often makes for shorter posts. Even so, my idea of a short post is still a couple of paragraphs.

Communication is nice. Have an idea? Toss it my way. Want to put in a twist or add something? Go for it. I don’t bite. Wondering where to go with the plot? We can figure something out.

I’m hoping for at least a post a week, and hoping I'll manage at least that too. That said, I know real life takes priority. I'm not going to get after you for not posting. I may also take a few days to get a post together. If you think you may be gone longer than a week let me know. I'll let you know if I'll be away as well.

Mature things might happen. In fact, I sort of expect it, being that my characters are adults with their own ideas and they will face all sorts of situations. When it comes to most things, like violence and such, I’m fine with it. When it comes to sexual stuff, we timeskip/fade to black. No exceptions. If you feel uncomfortable with anything, let me know. I’ll let you know if we run into anything that makes me uncomfortable.

Now for the plot ideas I currently have.

[center [b Plot 1:]]
The emperor has granted a piece of land to [+red Character A], which comes with a title. Either they earned it through some service or deed, or their parent did but died before getting moving there thus leaving it to [+red Character A] as their inheritance, or maybe they’re a somewhat distant relative of the emperor that the emperor wants to favor. Whatever the case, it is now [+red Character A]’s duty to move there and rule that land in the name of the Emperor.

On arrival they find the actual estate isn’t in the best condition, and also comes with an unexpected guest. [+blue Character B]’s family has been living in and caring for the place ever since the previous owner died decades ago. It's been a struggle with no lord or lady living there, no money coming in except what they earn, and only the few of them to earn their bread and keep the massive ancient estate. Now [+blue Character B] is the only one left, and refuses to leave. Additionally, [+blue Character B]’s parent died before fully explaining every duty, including one very mysterious ritual carried out every year. [+blue Character B] is determined to figure out what that was, and is sure the answer is in the house somewhere.

[+red Character A] decides they have no choice but to let [+blue Character B] stay as a member of the household staff. That mysterious ritual was pretty important though, and it’s neglect over years has been weakening a seal on evil, a seal that will soon break.

So for this plot I’d like us to figure out some things together. You could pick Character A or B, though I was thinking I might prefer Character B, and I have a character in mind I might want to use. I’m flexible though. The setting is also deliberately vague, I want us to decide what kind of setting. From the estate to the land and its location to the country, and magic. I was thinking Character B may have some magic, but how is magic viewed generally and how common is it? As for the sealed evil, I’d like us to figure that out together too!

We can also double up on characters pretty easily. Character A wouldn’t come entirely alone, so we could draw from there or from the locals for more characters if we wanted to double.

[center [b Plot 2:]]
[+red Character A] is the ruler of a kingdom. There have been tensions in the kingdom for a while between elves and humans, and this is one of the few kingdoms with both living together in something like peace. The real trouble is their father was a terrible king before them, and the rebels take it out on [+red Character A] pretty quickly after they take the throne. [+blue Character B]’s family is with the rebellion, but they helped out [+red Character A] somehow anyway.

Then they’re both on the run trying to get [+red Character A] safe and back on the throne, meanwhile members of [+blue Character B]’s family ended up a lot higher ranking than [+blue Character B] could have imagined. Restoring [+red Character A] to the throne would mean dethroning [+blue Character B]’s family.

Let me know if you have questions, but I’d also like your input too if you have any ideas. I sort of deliberately left a lot vague here because I want us to create most of it together. The idea is the rebels are either humans rebelling against elvish royalty or the rebels are elves overthrowing human rulers, I could go either way.

[center [b Plot 3:]]
Things were going pretty normally for our characters when suddenly things weren't so normal anymore.

Somehow they both ended up falling through a crack between worlds, or maybe it wasn't so much they fell as they were pulled. Either way, they're both stuck in a world that isn't their own. Their brief time in the space between worlds activated abilities for them. Magic.

Along with their powers the two quickly discover that they've been expected. There's some kind of prophecy about them, which puts them in a bit of a tight spot. One of them is supposed to save the country. The other, if left alive, is supposed to be responsible for [i destroying] the country. The big problem is no one knows which one they're supposed to kill, and the Oracle that gave the prophecy wants something in exchange for more answers.

I think that just about covers everything. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested in rping still, whether it’s the plot I have here or if you want to come up with something else. :)


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