Ravenport Hotel 1x1 (Male character Needed)

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Married for 3 years, Anastasia and ______ Ravenport are owners of Ravenport, a famous hotel. Business is going great. After, they have their first baby, ______ begins to stress out about the company and pay more attention to it instead of his family.
After 4 years, nothing has changed. He barely pay attention to his wife and hardly knows his daughter, Fall, even exist. Anastasia is at her wits end with it all. One night, she tells ______ he has to change or Fall and her are leaving. He tells her he will change and be a better dad.

Anastasia reminds he that Fall's 5th birthday is in 3 days. There is going to be a big surprise party at the hotel. The day before the party, ______ was able to land a big business deal. To celebrate he cancels all of the next day events at the hotel to have a grand celebration. _______ tells Anastasia all about it. She is shocked. What he didn’t realize is that he canceled Fall’s birthday party that she had been working on for weeks. She decided not to tell him this.

The night of the party, Anastasia leaves the hotel with Fall. At the party, ______ wonders where she is. Anastasia's brother, Jackson, approaches ______ with a bag. Her brother had been looking for Fall to give her the birthday present. ______ realizes what he had done and tried to go find Anastasia. He finds a farewell note in his room from her explaining that she has left the hotel forever. ______ leaves the hotel hoping to stop her. However, he ends up in a car crash losing his memory.

Jackson finds Anastasia and tells her what happened. She is devastated. However, she decides to not go to ______. She needs to protect her daughter and her unborn child from more pain. Her brother understand that and decides to help her.

Since _______ and Anastasia were not divorced and she still owned 50% of the company, she had Jackson create fake documents that made it seemed he was _______ business partner and not Anastasia. He would report to her all of the business information going on and she would tell him what to do.

A year later, here is a grand party going on to celebrate the anniversary of the hotel being opened. Jackson convinces Anastasia to go to the party with him.

What will happened?


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